tagBDSMThe Slave Ch. 03

The Slave Ch. 03


This story has been long in the making. I've had the idea in the back of mind for years now and I finally sat down to feed it and see how it would grow. It has chapters in several different categories, though mostly BDSM, and group. I highly recommend reading in order. As always, please let me know what you think J



Two months since she had been brought to the compound, only a little over a month since Sir had first visited her, Nika stood in her normal spot watching the sun set. Over the days and weeks she had started a routine that her Trainer had set, Nika requesting the tweak that allowed her this. She enjoyed watching nature's day end. It reminded her of the times she had watched the sun set over the Willamette River.

She sighed as she rose from the white whicker chair Sir had brought for her as a gift. The last two weeks had taught her many things, most of which was patience. Esella still tried her nerves with her mothering but her soothing ointments in the morning made up for it. Sir left her skin red every night before she fell asleep in his lap.

She never complained, and yet she wasn't the model girl in the compound. She still received punishment everyday for slips in routine or protocol; minor though they were. Sir had put her up for service in the compound, not guests quite yet, but to be seen. Nika had been given chores in the library and game hall. She served drinks, and lit cigars; showed guests to chairs and retrieved pool cues.

At first it was awkward, some men ignored her as if she was merely a piece of furniture, some treated her as one of the many servants that walked around them only acknowledging her when needed, while the others pawed her. Pulled in to laps and fondled until a guard came to free her. Not on the menu, a touch or a feel was fine, but Nika wasn't to tasted yet; at lest not until her trainer gave the ok.

The library was her favorite place to work. It was quiet and the mixing smell of high quality cigar smoke and the old and new books was comforting to the senses, plus there was less ass grabbing there. Her required uniform was one her short roman styled dresses, bare feet, and jewelry that matched the ties on her dress. She wore no collar unlike some of the women, when she asked Esella about this, Nika was told that the collar meant they were available to the guests as more then just a serving wench.

Three fire places heated the large two story library. Every piece of wall was covered with dark wood shelves, the windows draped in deep green. The black iron spiral stair case leading to the second level was a tight climb up, but it led to the balcony that held plush brown leather chairs and dark wooden tables. The first floor also had the leather chairs, but scattered around the room were little groupings of leather couches and large pillows laying near by.

The chairs and couches were for the guests, the large floor pillows scattered about the room were for the slaves. Working in the library was the first Nika knew that it wasn't just girls being trained. After her first day in the room, she found out there were five men in the compound that were slaves to the guests desires. Nika's internal shrug at this news was neither comforting nor surprising. Comforting to know that it wasn't just women being brought here, not surprising because men were men and their tastes were varied.

One of the perks of the new chores, Nika met some of the other girls. In the side chamber they talked while getting supplies for the guests. Getting to know one another, they learned their histories and lives before coming. Nika didn't think talking about their lives before was good for them, and she didn't talk often, she just watched and listened. Watching, Nika learned a lot about the other girls. What type of woman they were. Were they the kind and innocent, the strong and tough, the good actress or the kind that wore a mask hiding who they really were.

Since she wasn't allowed to speak in front of men, she did a lot of thinking. Comparing the girls, and the men. Pairing them off in her head. She scowled once when one of the guests left with a girl Nika didn't think would be best for him. She sighed, men never see the right girl, she looked to the girl sitting on a light blue floor pillow on the floor, her long blond hair in braids down her back, even when they sitting right in front of them…

Sir had told her that soon she would have to know what a man would want just by looking at him. Part of her training was to learn the trick. Looking around the room, a gentleman in his mid thirties sat in a chair by one fireplace. A glass of brandy in one hand, his head resting on the back of the chair, his jacket unbuttoned and his tie loosened. He gave off an aura of needing some T.L.C., as if he worked to hard and was here to be left alone; but you don't come to the compound to be left alone. Nika thought about it as she walked over with the brandy decanter to get a closer look.

He needed candle light and a back message. He needed fine wine in crystal goblets and a roaring fire. Tiny nips and gentle kisses. She smiled as she refilled his glass for him, keeping her eyes lowered as instructed.

His hand reached out and his fingers flowed down her arm. She turned away ducking her head to the right to show him her lack of collar. She heard the audible sigh and when she looked again, his gaze was lost in the flames.

Nika returned to the supply closet to find Gloria, one of the staff attendants sitting on her stool going over inventory records, "Gloria, could you answer a question for me?" she kept her voice down to make sure she wouldn't be over heard.

"Of course Nika, want can I do for you?" her Spanish accent so heavy but gentle.

"The gentleman sitting by the fire place on the left wall, what can you tell me about him?" Nika walked closer to Gloria's counter.

Her smile saddened slightly, "He is a widower. His wife came here once, I remember her because she was tall and lively and filled with life. She was a strong woman for a strong man. She died two summers ago in a car accident." she frowned shaking her head, "very sad" she mused.

Nika looked back in to the room at the man. He needed someone to distract him from the pain, not to forget. She looked around at the girls in the room and started to smile when she saw the answer.

Sara. Sara with the blonde braids down her back. Well, the man who missed her wouldn't miss her now. Nika walked over, smiled as she neared the girl kneeling on the pillow in the center of a grouping.

She smiled to the men talking around Sara, nodding and bowed graciously. One of the older men looked to Nika, "What is it gel?"

Nika winked at the man, a regular he was known to the girls for his laughter and gentle ways. She nodded to Sara and held out her hand to the girl. Mstr. Murray looked between the two girls, "You need her fer something? By all means Nika me gel go ahead"

She took the sitting girl's hand, Sara looked up at her in question. Nika winked and kissed her cheek leading her to the widower. She whispered in Sara's ear as soft as she could, "go to him, he needs your gentle touch Sara."

Nika watched as Sara approached the poor man. Sara dropped to her knees in front of him and laid her head on his knee with a soft smile. He looked down at her face and the corners of his mouth turned up just slightly. He spoke, to quiet for Nika to hear, but Sara's bell like giggle chimed across the room to her.

Nika smiled satisfied and returned to her duties. She didn't see the Master standing at the second level's balcony watching the whole thing. The curiosity in his eyes would have only been noticed by someone who knew him well, but it was there none the same.

As she circled the room taking orders and laying out cups of tea and coffee, plates of snacks and lighting the cigars, Nika was surprised when her trainer walked in to the room and motioned to her.

She gave the coffee tray she carried to a near by girl and walked over to the door. Her trainer was smiling though she became more confused to be called away from her chores early. When he had closed the door behind him, his black hair reflecting blue highlights in the sunlight, she looked to the floor and watched the marble tiles beneath her pass by as they walked through the classical wing of the mansion.

"The master saw what you did Nika." he voice was low but still it echoed inside of her, "He was pleased and intrigued, and has decided that you are ready to work with guests. But first you will be given to someone who has earned a reward." he lead her to the doors leading outside. "Go to your rooms, your first guest will join you for dinner."


He wasn't early, the door opened right on time. She stood by the low table on the patio waiting to see who would walk through the door. Michael chuckled when she gasped and scowled at him. "That isn't the way to welcome a guest to your room Nika. You should know better by now." his grin was feral, his eyes hungry as he took her in.

Nika stamped her foot in frustration unable to speak until given permission, she wanted to order him out.

His head ducked slightly, "Speak girl, for the moment"

"Get out you annoying ass, my guest will be here any minute!" she growled low in her throat.

He threw his head back, laughing he stepped quickly up to her and pulled her against him, "Sorry to break your heart sweets but I am your guest." her breath stopped, "Keep breathing my treat, I don't want you to die before I get to taste you."

She opened her mouth to tell him what he wouldn't be allowed to do over her dead body but he laid a finger over her mouth, "Ah, I think that a rule between us should be if you don't have anything nice to say than you shouldn't speak at all." he chuckled and then scowled himself when she smirked and pressed her lips together before turning to back to the table with their dinner.

She turned to him and motioned for him to join her. She may not have been allowed to speak but she voiced her displeasure all the same in her eyes. He sighed and sat down to eat. He had wondered what she would serve a guest, he was pleased at her choices. Baked chicken in mushroom sauce, rice, asparagus spears served with water, wine and… apple juice?

He looked up at her brow raised in question, "Apple juice?"

She scowled slightly but not before the brief blush lit her cheeks, "its better for my stomach."

He looked thoughtful and then slowly ate his meal watching her, "You know I wondered when I'd get the chance to spend some time with you. You may not be happy about it, but hopefully by the end of the night you wont mind to much, " he raised his hand stopping her, "remember what I said about not talking if you don't have something nice to say."

Frowning she ate her meal in spite of the unwanted dinner guest as it was her favorite. The chicken seemed to melt in her mouth as she chewed looking out over the compound. Ignoring her guest she soon was lost in the start of the sun set. Birds flew over head, and once again she remarked to herself on the beauty of the them. Not the little brown sparrows or the large black ravens of her home, but bright bursts of color in the skies.

"You love watching the sunset don't you?" he asked quietly memorized by the pleasure in her face.

She whispered not wanting to break her mood, "yes, it reminds me of all the times I sat on a log that laid along a low ridge on the Willamette river. Watching the waters crash as they rolled along, the white breakers and whirl pools seeming to draw you in. as if you can hear in the voice of the water, 'come, swim with us…'"

At the touch on her shoulder she turned slightly but the pressure he used stopped her from turning completely. "Your not the only one that misses their home. And your not the only one not allowed to go home. Everyone currently inside this place is under strict orders not to leave the compound. Even your precious trainer cant leave with out permission."

"but he can… cant he." it wasn't a question, she knew Sir was able to leave, maybe not at will but he could, and that's what hurt. There were people that could leave. Just not the girls.

"By the look in your eyes, I'd guess you still aren't resigned to your fate here."

"Is that surprising? Should I be?" she sighed in frustration, "are all girls when ready for guests content with their lives here?" she stood and walked to the iron rail, "I wont deny wanting to go home. I miss it. I miss my friends, and my family. But I will not starve myself as Rebecca did. I wont fight this, I wont fight my life here simply because a broken body does me no good. A broken spirit does me even less. I will do what I must here. I wont stand out, but I wont disappear."

By the time she had finished speaking he had risen and walked behind her, so that her last whispered words were not lost in to the night, but held tightly in his arms. "I wont try to be something I'm not. I'm not smooth, you already know that. But that is one of things that I like about you, your fire." his lips lowered to her neck as if to kiss but they stopped a breath away. She felt the brief scratch of his teeth coupled with the heat of his breath.

"You are an asshole… I just want you to know that," she whispered before she turned in to his arms, "I don't want you to think you changed my mind"

Michael's need for the girl in his arms soared. He didn't just want her, he needed her. Since he first saw her standing in the waking room. She hadn't been in hysterics, she hadn't been calm either but she was taking in the situation better than a lot of the other girls. In the community wash room she had spit back at him everything he gave her and she had won his respect.

Nika looked up at her tormenter and watched as emotions flashed in his eyes. Hunger flashed behind a need, something she couldn't guess at. She recognized Michael as a dominate personality but she couldn't guess at what he needed. She watched, the fire in her eyes slowly diminishing as she thought. It only took a moment, but she noticed that as her fire died, so did his. He wanted a fight, to control and take in the most primitive way. She focused on everything about him that drove her crazy and as the anger returned to her eyes she saw that his drive returned as well.

She still hated him. Hated him for what he represented but she knew she had no choice. She had to be with him tonight or else she would be punished and Sir had already held her from service for to long as it was. She was the last of the girls from her entry that still had not entertained a guest.

She struggled in his arms. She squirmed and tried to force his arms to let her go. He chuckled and just gripped her tighter. She growled and leaned forward, biting him on the neck. Instead of letting go as she had hopped, he growled in return, pressing his rock hard cock against her through his pants.

Nika bit down harder causing him to finally release her. She stumbled back to the floor landing on her ass. Quickly finding her feet, she turned and fled the balcony. She looked back over her shoulder trying desperately to impart both anger and 'you cant catch me'. It must of worked because Michael smiled and chased after her.

A chair fell back, pillows were tossed around the room and various items sailed through the air in his general direction before Nika was finally caught in the bed room near the white draped double doors. She stood behind one drape that floated in the night breeze the moon light filtering down to reflect in her eyes.

She smiled the heat from the chase in her eyes. He growled satisfyingly as he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her tightly to his chest. She could smell him. The sent that screams Man, the sent of sweat and arousal all mixing to make her dizzy and in desperate need of him.

Michael picked her up and tossed her on the bed. She laughed and scrambled away to the other side of the mattress brandishing one of the many pillows littering her sleeping area. "Is that how its going to be?" he growled hungrily

She giggled and wiggled her eye brows at him. She squealed as he lunged for her. She swung the pillow as hard she could. He grabbed at the pillow and tossed it out the doors to hit the black iron rail. He reached for her, taking a hold of her ankle and pulling her closer. She fisted her hands in the blankets but missed the edge of the mattress.

"Come on Nika," he got a hold of her wrists and slammed them to the sheets, "these stay here," he commanded. Before climbing over her, he opened the black pants of his uniform. Covering her body with his own to kiss her soundly. She lost her breath and moaned in need pressing her hips up to his own.

"God Nika.." Michael separated the girl's legs and entered her. He growled when she tried to press him away with her feet but moaned when she slipped her feet around and locked them around his waist.

He took her. There was no other way for her to think about it. He took her, she could almost picture the cave man in him, his club resting against the wall. She moved her hands to the sides of his face and rubbed her palms to the back of his head, pulling her fingers back through his hair. He hammered into her taking all that he could. His hand grabbed her thigh pressing it up against her chest. Nika hooked the same leg over his shoulder and returned each thrust of his.

His control drove her crazy. It fueled the heat in her blood, her body's temperature seamed to high. Their bodies already coated in a fine sheen of sweat, Michael took her every last ounce of her passion. Their eyes locked for a brief moment and she saw raw need in his.

The feel of his cock moving in and out of her wet sheath, the friction as it rubbed over the opening. The sound of their breathing, moaning and bodies slapping each other. Her body arched beneath him but he didn't allow himself to finish with out her. She cried out her release as he shuddered in side her.

They collapsed, he tried to keep as much of his weight off her as he could and finally just fell to the side, rolling her with him. The two laid there facing each other breathing deeply. When he reached for her she smiled and turned away.

Moving as quick as she could in her abused state, Nika moved to the head board. He caught her leg and pulled her back. The wrestling match that followed kept them going. And Michael took his captured bird again and again through out the night.


Leaning up against the head board she watched the stars out her window. The white fabric blew in the breeze and the light of the stars was bright in the sky. She looked down at the sleeping form of her tormenter and sighed. The sound filled sadness of chances gone and a home to forget…

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