tagFetishThe Slave Ch. 06

The Slave Ch. 06


Linda was first to wake up. Her thoughts drifted to the night before and she smiled, while she slipped on her robe to go check on the slave. He was still sleeping and his leg was still tethered to the pole on the bed. He stirred as Linda stood watching him. Rolling over on his side, he looked up at her and asked for a shower. Linda told him he would get showered and cleaned up very soon and also that he would be seeing the doctor after dinner that evening.

She didn't tell him that the doctor specializes in urology. She is a "quiet" member of the BDSM/Auction community and very wealthy so she has the means to acquire any slave she could ever want. She is considered one of the top experts in male modification and considering her expert knowledge of male and female reproductive systems as well as all of the functions with each; she is the best in her field. There is no one in the "community" that truly knows what she does with the slaves she leases, but there are many rumors floating about. Some say she is very rough and she doesn't damage the slave, but she has tried. Some have said even if she did damage one of the slaves, she would know how to repair the damage done.

Throughout the course of the day the three ladies showered and got cleaned up then allowed Ross to do the same. He was then required to clean and disinfect the bathrooms and work around the house until it was time to transport him to the doctor's office.

Sara put together a quick meal of spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner with dinner rolls. The four sat together to eat and Ross was then prepared to go to the doctor. He was put back into the shower as Brenda cleaned up the dinner dishes. Linda supervised him and when he was finished with the shower she placed Ross in full restraints for transport. He was blindfolded to avoid any risk of exposing the identity of the doctor or her office. They left the house just after dark to ensure the waiting room in the doctor's office had been cleared and her medical assistants had gone home for the evening. Brenda had a blanket for the slave to keep him warm on the trip.

Ross was taken into the clinic through the doctor's entrance at the rear of the building. He was placed on an exam table, complete with stirrups. His wrists were placed in soft leather restraints just below table level and his ankles strapped to the stirrups. The doctor was informed that her patient was ready. As the doctor entered the room she was immediately aware of this slave's huge cock and balls. She stared momentarily and told the ladies that she wasn't present for the last auction but she had heard about this new slave. She spread the stirrups wide open, locked them into place and then placed a soft leather restraint across the slave's chest and a padded one around his neck, securing his head to the table. Linda could tell that Ross was frightened, his cock was soft and limp but his balls were still swollen, bloated and full, very huge.

The doctor reached for the bright exam light and pulled it down to the slave's genital area offering her a much better and closer look. As she began her examination she was pushing and touching all around the slave's balls. He appeared to be frightened of this exam, however, his cock and balls gave him away. His cock was thickening, getting very fat and a drop of pre cum appeared at the tip. The doctor noticed the change and commented on the fact that the cock and balls "don't lie."

She got quite a bit rougher with Ross since his arousal level had given him away. She poked and prodded every inch of the two orbs in the sac. The slave's discomfort level was obvious from his twisting and the slight gasps from his mouth. The doctor continued the exam as she felt for the tubes and cords that distended to the top area of the balls from deep within the body. Her fingers probed and were almost into the body cavity by way of the slave's sac. Her touch became more hard and firm as she seemed to enjoy the discomfort Ross had displayed. The Slave's cock had become rock hard and a steady stream of pre-cum was spilling over the shaft from the doctor's firm touch.

Turning to Linda, Brenda and Sara the doctor told them there is an easy way to soften a very hard cock. She asked if they knew how to accomplish that and when they told her that they didn't she demonstrated. The doctor firmly grabbed the shaft of the slave's cock and with her other hand, slammed the open palm into the cock head, literally forcing it hard back into the body. Ross jumped and groaned in pain and almost immediately his cock wilted and became soft.

The doctor began to rub the underside of the softened head with her long fingernail. The slave's cock responded instantly by thickening and swelling, dripping from the tip. He was rock hard again. The doctor firmly grabbed the shaft again and she slammed her open palm hard into the head again forcing it hard back into the body. The slave jumped again and let out a long painful groan as his cock instantly wilted and softened again. The three women could tell that the doctor was having fun while inflicting this pain on their slave. The doctor explained that this method of"instantaneous softening" had little or nothing to do with pain, but had everything to do with the element of surprise, or shock to the cock. Males never expect women to slam their cocks.

The doctor continued to examine the balls by palpating each one individually. She began by softly "thumping" each one but gradually working her way from softly to very hard. She claimed to be checking for damage, but Linda surely didn't think that was the case at all. She noted the sweat pouring off the slave and his obvious discomfort from the palpations of each ball. He winced with every thump. It was confusing though as his cock swelled up and stood rigidly for all of us to see.

The doctor stated that everything seemed to be in "good working order." She thought to herself that she could have lots of fun with this slave, and she was already planning on how to accomplish that.

The doctor took a large sample of the pre-cum from the head of Ross' cock and examined it. She told Brenda, Linda and Sara that it appeared to be normal with no blood present. She then squeezed her thumb and forefinger around the base of the slave's cock and performed a squeegee type motion up the entire shaft squeezing all fluids up to the tip. She leans in and closely examined the fluid. She told the women that if the blood they saw was from scratches it would be fine, but if it was from internal bleeding there could be huge problems that could result in serious infection, internal damage or even more serious, death. She continued to examine the slave trying to duplicate the visual sight of the blood that the three women had seen. After several attempts at squeezing a small amount of blood appeared at the tip of Ross' cock, mixed in with his pre-cum. The doctor let the ladies know that it warranted further examination.

Linda overheard the doctor refer to an MRI. She asked why the slave needed such an expensive test. The doctor downplayed it as a joke and just thinking out loud. Brenda looked at Linda and shook her head. The ladies silently agreed that an MRI was not necessary. The doctor thought to herself that she really wished the ladies had not heard her mention the MRI. That was a pleasure the doctor wanted all to herself.

Ross flinched as the doctor continued the exam of his balls. She was beginning to get really rough with them. Her mauling caused concern for the women watching but they stood silently by, observing. Ross seemed to be able to take lots of pain, the doctor's hard probing had to hurt, but he rarely moaned or groaned. He winced every now and then when she was extremely brutal.

She grasped the slaves cock shaft and smeared her hand with his secretions. She hit the head of his cock with her open palm from the other hand and the ladies watched as it with drew back toward his balls. He was instantly soft. The doctor stated she was about to milt the slave and milting wouldn't work if the cock was hard. She slid two fingers down the underside of the slave's cock head towards his sac, with her two fingers still close to the head; the foreskin slips up and covers her fingers as well as the head of his cock. She then took her other hand and got a cupping type grip under the ball sac and held them steady so that they were trapped in her hand.

Her two fingers pushed downward just as if they were sliding down the shaft of his cock. Her fingers were in the foreskin and not inside the mouth of Ross' cock as they reached that very slight area of the sac meeting resistance. Pressing harder her two fingers wrapped in the foreskin slipped with a "pop" into the sac and rested between the two testicles deep inside.

The doctor then began to stroke one of the slave's balls. Her fingertips felt the various muscles, tubes and cords that distended from the body into his balls. She began to rub and stroke them, stimulating the ball to eruption; which allowed the slave's sperm to flow out. Ross was feeling deep arousal evidenced by his panting. They all noticed his stomach tighten and the muscles in his thighs twitch and contract from being pulled so tightly, he was very close to orgasm. She stopped all stimulation momentarily and after a few minutes, she began to stimulate his ball all over again, hard. She waited for a minute and then felt a huge amount of pre-cum and sperm mixed, in the palm of her hand.

The doctor obviously has vast experience in milting because she knew just when to stop all movement around the slave's cock and balls to avoid full orgasm. She was just emptying his balls for now. The women watched closely as the doctor continued the milting process until there were just spasms coming from deep within his cock, but no fluid was being released. She had drained him, for the time being. There was sperm and pre-cum everywhere. Ross was exhausted, drained. The doctor's hands were dripping cum onto the floor. There was cum up on his stomach and dripping down off the exam table.

The doctor explained to Brenda, Sara and Linda that with the presence of any amount of blood she needed to insert a tiny flex camera to locate the cause of the bleeding. Since this had been the third time blood has been seen, she needed to ensure there was no internal bleeding. She wiped the head of Ross' cock over and over again, only to find more and more pre-cum drooling from the mouth. She verified with the ladies that the slave's cock had been worked extensively previous to the auction.

She noted that the opening to the slave's cock was much larger than the average male and she attempted to clean out the urethra several times before taking much harsher steps. She found that the shaft just oozed more each time she attempted to clean it out so she opted for the "wash" prior to inserting the camera. She had to be able to see once the camera was inside and with the amount of pre-cum and sperm in the shaft, it wouldn't be possible.

The doctor grabbed a small pressurized metal head very similar to the instrument that a dentist used to wash your teeth off, with the exception that this one had much more pressure to it. The doctor ensured that the tiny hose was attached firmly to the pressurized head as she began to feed it into the slave's cock shaft. He was in very obvious discomfort as she threaded deeper and deeper into his shaft. She sprayed the warm water each time she probed deeper which actually stretched the urethra a little bit more. The doctor sprayed one last time and the slave was rock hard again. Ross was extremely excited. He was gasping for breath.

The doctor knew that spraying was somewhat painful as it attacks lots of nerve endings. Ross was beginning to pant again from the intense feelings from the sprayer. The doctor pulled the tiny sprayer from his cock and began to insert a tiny suction tube. Deeper and deeper it went down into his cock, actually suctioning his shaft dry as it progressed. He was in torment from the pain and of virtually no fluid and a dry shaft as she pulled to remove it from deep within him. The doctor turned to Brenda, Linda and Sara and elaborated that the slave's urethral opening was huge and it was not in any way like a typical male. She noted it was very unusual and erotic. She was very intrigued and warming up to the thoughts of having that slave to herself.

She took the tiny camera which was smaller than the eraser on the end of a pencil and immediately fed it into the shaft of Ross' cock. He screamed from the pain this time as he was very dry still. The doctor watched what her expert hands were doing to the stretched mouth of the slave's fat cock. He was almost coming up off the exam table, sweat pouring off him as he tried to pull away. He was gasping and groaning but his cock was still very hard.

After several attempts and watching the smooth inner muscles of the slave's cock, there seemed to be no evidence of a cut or tear. She informed the ladies that in fact, there was lots of bruising. She decided to find out once and for all if there was cock damage or internal damage.

She opened a drawer at the foot of the exam table and removed a set of hegar sounds. She explained to Linda, Sara and Brenda that by forcing the inner urethra smooth tissue to stretch farther and farther, it would actually cause any cuts or tears to re-open and bleed, therefore confirming whether the cut is actually in the shaft or in the body.

Linda gasped at the thought of the stainless steel instruments being forced down into the shaft of her slave's cock. She stepped out the back door for some fresh air during that part of the procedure. The doctor placed a ball gag into the mouth of the slave and tightened the straps around his head.

The doctor squeezed the puckering mouth of Ross's cock open. She looked inside for a long moment attempting to gauge the size of the sounds to start with. The shaft of Ross' cock was still virtually dried out, but the doctor knew that the pre-cum would soon rise to the tip all over again.

She selected one of the large gauged sounds and began to insert the nine inch tool into the stretched mouth of Ross' cock. As she gently pushed it into the shaft she felt it smooth all the way. She noted that the slave's hips were up off of the table and he was deathly silent. She glanced to his face and noted his profuse sweating, and the muscles in his neck pulled tight. She knew she was just getting started and felt sure he would not enjoy the amount of torture to come. This process could be extremely pleasurable for the slave as the sound slides in and out, pushing past the head and on down the shaft. As the sound forced the urethra out the slave winced from the hard pain. The ladies noticed that he would vacillate between fun and feeling good to pain, over and over again depending on what the doctor was doing at the moment.

As Ross became accustomed to the size of the sound embedded deeply in his cock shaft, his hips and butt began to rest back down on the table. The doctor took that opportunity to have Brenda and Sara place another leather strap across the slave's stomach and pelvic bone. She insisted they be extremely tight. He was completely tied down with his thighs up and spread wide. Everything was hanging out except the sound which was only exposed out of the head of his cock about a half an inch.

Everyone in the room heard the slave panting around the ball gag as the doctor pushed the last half inch of the sound into his cock shaft. His hips tried to rise up off of the exam table, but the restraints did their job and held him down. His thighs were tight and extremely hard, his toes were curled under and he was sweating even more profusely than before. It poured from his forehead. Brenda gasped and panicked, worried that the sound would not come back out. The doctor laughed and told her that it could be lots of fun getting it out.

The doctor was gently stroking the slave's cock. The sphincter muscle, just inside the head of the cock, was holding the sound in place. There was no way it could come out without some help. On the underside of Ross' cock, the large gauge sound was visually obvious, making the urethra bulge outward. The head of his cock was swollen enormously and completely engorged from arousal, trapping the sound inside with the extreme tightness.

The doctor had a sinister type smile on her face as she probed around under the slave's ball sac. She looked at the ladies and told them to press firmly on the prostrate and as she did, the sound rushed almost completely out of the head of Ross' cock with a thick squishy plop noise. The doctor grasped the sound and pulled it the rest of the way out, with a pop sound as it was released.

She immediately began the squeegee type action on the shaft of his cock trying to push any fluid up to the tip so she could check for blood. There was none. The slave was still panting audibly against the ball gag as Linda returned from outside. Ross' body was almost limp, he was still sweating and the shock of the sound leaving his cock caused it to become very, very soft. The doctor pointed out that working on a soft cock with the sounds can be very difficult, but working with a hard cock was a snap!

The doctor continued to squeeze the shaft of the slave's cock over and over squeezing fluids up to the tip, still not seeing any blood she looked at the ladies once again and declared that she was going to make absolute certain the blood was not coming from the body cavity.

She laid the first sound on the metal tray. The sound was covered in sticky fluid and what appeared to be a small amount of sperm. The sound was nine inches long; the slave's cock was eight inches long which left about an inch inside his body. The doctor looked out over the sounds on the tray and selected the next larger size up from the one she had originally used. The women were shocked and decided there was no way she would ever get that thing to fit into Ross. The doctor was attempting to stretch that soft inner tissue in order to cause any tears or cuts to re-open and cause bleeding, eliminating the concern of internal injury. After selecting the huge sound the doctor began manipulating the slave's ball sac, locating the cords above the left, and obviously larger of the two balls, she found that magical spot and started her gentle pinching and pulling of them.

She pulled them out and away from the ball itself and watched Ross closely for his response. The doctor applied more pressure and pulled on the left ball, the slave's cock was instantly rock hard again and twitching. She stopped the ball manipulation and gripped the cock shaft tightly. She forced the thick foreskin down, stretching it tight and as she did the mouth of Ross' cock opened wide and about three fourths of an inch inside was visible.

The doctor placed the huge sound at the opening of the cock shaft and began to slowly press it into the wide gaping mouth. The slave was resisting already, his hips bounced up and down as much as the pelvic restraint allowed, his thighs were quivering and his head was thrown back as far as the exam table allowed. The doctor loosened her grip on the shaft of Ross's cock and pushed the sound into the swollen head past the first sphincter. The ladies heard a slight "pop" as the sound passed through. Ross grunted behind the ball gag and quickly inhaled deeply through his nose. The sound penetrated about three more inches down into the shaft.

Ross was straining very hard and sweat was literally pouring from his brow. The doctor grasped the sound a bit more firmly and slowly pushed it farther down into the shaft of the slave's cock, stretching that inner tender tissue almost to the max. Linda let out an audible gasp and turned away from the procedure. She just couldn't stand to see her slave in so much torturous pain.

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