tagBDSMThe Slave Ch. 10

The Slave Ch. 10


He was gone when she woke. Sir was very rarely there when the next day dawned but a part of her always hoped. They were never there. Her mates. They might stay the night, sleep with her curled against their bodies but they never stayed to great the sun with her.

Some day.

Nika rolled to her side and looked out the window before stretching and leaving her bed. On her way to the bath she noticed a note on her dresser,

11:30 be ready, Marcus will be retrieving you, He will be waiting...

He? Who could Sir have meant? The clock above her bed showed she was late in her morning's schedule. Quickly showering and dressing she found herself lost in thoughts. Half way dressed she realized that her thoughts were different from what she used to be lost in. No more did she question why she was there, or at lest not allowed. No more did she wonder about her past, her friends, her family. Now she just wondered what her life here was going to mean.

At exactly 11:30am Marcus tapped on her door and entered. He found Nika sitting on her couch reading a book. She stood and he looked over her. The deep royal blue dress in her loose roman style was the perfect color to show off the contrasting red in her hair. Having left her hair to hang loose, even Marcus was pleased to see in her time in the compound her hair had lengthened to just past her shoulders.

Nika was, if only to her self, proud of what the transformation she had obtained in her time here. She was slimmer, happier, and she had been told by Micheal and Sir that her smile even reached her eyes occasionally.

Marcus motioned for her to follow, and she fell in step at his heels. He lead her down and out to the main hall. The sun was high in sky, several girls were entertaining guests in the gardens and she smiled as a tropical bright colored bird swept up to the heavens.

Entering the main hall she was surprised when Marcus stepped into the Master's private elevator. Her eyes widened and she silently prayed that she'd be able to stay calm. As fitting for the Master, no music played in the elevator and Nika tried desperately to go over all of her training before the doors silently slid open.

Stepping out she found her self in a large room that could hold her entire suite. Along the rightwere floor to ceiling windows showing off the front entry of the compound, far into the distance the iron gates. The furniture of the room, a grouping of two couches and several chairs surrounding a solid glass coffee table stood just to the right of the doors, farther back was the Master's giant dark wooden desk.

The Master was no where to be seen. Marcus lead her forward to a sizable slave cushion to the side of the desk, and Nika sank slowly to it, curling her legs under and to the left, her hands resting in her lap. Eyes on her knees she heard the elevator doors slide open and close as Marcus left her to wait.

Several heart beats later the large doors left of the elevator, now on her right, opened and her Master stepped out. She didnt look up. Kept her eyes on her knees and focused on not clenching her hands in fear.

The thought startled Nika so completely she didn't realize he had sat behind his desk until she felt his hand on the back of her neck. She shivered. What did she have to be afraid of, this was her Master.

That was the last touch she felt for some time. The Master worked behind the desk on papers and files for roughly thirty minutes before his phone rang. His deep British accent curled around her, "Good, send them up."

His hand curled up her neck as he fingers became lost in her hair, he pulled her head back gently and kissed her forehead as he whispered across her skin, "Be a good girl Nika"

Her eyes had lowered so as not to make eye contact when had tipped her head back, they closed at the sound of his voice. Nika nodded her head gently in his hands as he stood when the elevator doors opened.

Nika looked up just enough to see that it was a male and female entering. Both in their late forties, dressed elegantly, he had a sparkle of humor in his eye and she looked down at the world over her very straight nose.

Her Master greeted them and they talked of nothing, all the while Nika kept to her cushion as she was not called to move. After a bit they spoke of the compound and what it offered to guests. Ahhh she thought to herself, fresh meat she giggled silently to herself, no one would have noticed and even though she wasnt looking she knew, instinctively that her Master had.

After much laughter and handshaking finally the couple left and her Master returned his chair behind his desk. He ruffled some papers but Nika could hear the distraction in his movements. He stood abruptly and rounded the desk to sit in a sold leather covered chair. He tapped his knee and dropped a near by pillow from the couch on the floor between his feet.

Nika stood quickly and sank to the pillow, resting her cheek on his knee. She closed her eyes and savored the contact.

"My Nika," His voice began, "What has you lost in thoughts so deep that you keep me distracted from my work?" When she didnt answer, he gripped her by the back the hair on the back of her head and twisted her around, gently but firmly, "Tell me, what do you ponder in that intelligent head of yours? Your focus should be on me, not on day dreams"

"I was thinking of you Master" she whispered quickly, her soft voice nearly lost under quick and seaming to her loud breaths. "I stopped wondering a long time ago about why I was brought here Master, now I wonder, why you picked me?"

He was quiet for a moment, she wondered if she had over stepped her bounds, "What do you mean 'why you'?"

Nika nervously licked her lips, "when I came here, I was neither stylish, fit or beautiful. There were girls in that room alone far more wonderful than I"

Her Master's chuckle drifted over her, "Because you dared to defy your pain. Your spirit. You were the only girl to come here that has ever stood before me, refusing to be cornered, but submissive, and in control of herself." He paused releasing his tight grip but not releasing her head. His fingers wove through her hair, gently combing it, "Since then you have shown yourself to be quick, talented, smart and persuasive.

"You've helped steer girls in the right direction, picking them for the men in the library and have even tamed Michael, which is something that I thought could never happen."

Nika breathed a sigh of gentle releaf. She waited for more.

"Nika, your going on a probationary period," as her body tensed he quickly added in his smooth deep voice, "No, not a punishment period, more a trial period. I have need of a personal slave and I'd like to see if you'll do."

He picked up her hand and pulled her to side so she kneeled out of his way. Her Master stood and walked to the doors he had entered office through, she found a bed. If one could call the massive expance of custom built wood, fabric and pillows dominating the room something as simple a 'bed'.

She gulped and walked silently behind him, following around to the side. Her Master had always, every moment she had been around him, a man of few words, but when he spoke, all listened to him. She didnt need words as he removed the white tie from around his neck or unbutton his ice gray shirt. All she needed from him to know her duties was a tap or flick of his wrist. She approached and with out ever raising her eyes above the pulse at the base of his neck she help to remove all his clothes, hang the suit and then silently knelt at his bare feet.

All that time, though, as any warm blooded woman would do, she took stock of his body. She couldn't help it. Muscles, there were none that spoke of weight lifting but there was clear definition on his body. The type found on runners or cyclists but he wasn't skinny like a runner, he was perfect for his six foot two height. Long fingers tipped with trimmed nails graced his long hands and she imagined their touch on her heated skin.

The tip of a finger gently pressed up under her chin and she stood, silently still waiting. A rabbit cornered by a fox came to mind, no a wolf. A rabbit fully aware that was about to be eaten stood before the big bad wolf.

The corner of her mouth tipped just slightly, "What thought makes you smile?"

"I imagined myself the rabbit before the wolf, Master," that tipped corner rising just a bit more, "the big bad wolf"

He chuckled, "Tell me what big teeth I have" and then pushed the shoulders of her dress down till it fell and puddled around her feet. He pointed to the bed. With out lookin to his eys, she climbed up and curled in the center. What came next so suprised her, Nika nearly forgot all her training.

Her Master was the emodiment of reined hunger. As soon as he joined her on the bed, the light soft blanket beneath them bunching, his touch was no longer the controlled, gentle brush. It was strong, his fingers grasped her shoulders and pressed her back, one had taking control of both her wrists, holding them above her head as his free hand skimmed over her body, the fire in his eyes, when she finally looked, made her shudder.

He didnt hesitate, why should he, his fingers slid over every part of her body he could touch. He felt every last shiver as her body responded not just to those fingers but to the feel of his breath across her. His fingers found the crease her legs made and she immediately opened them, exposing her core to that questing hand. He found her clitoris, he ignored it. He tapped it once and then kept his touch for the area around it.

She silently screamed for him to return, to tap it just once, she knew that was all it would take.

He dipped his head down and licked at the pulse. A soft moan escaped her. His tongue and fingers expertly brought her to her first orgasm, her second and then a shattering third all without ever entering her.

As the vibrations in her legs finally wore away, her eyes opened to find his head raised, looking down at her, the look on his face was very wolfish.

He smiled, though it did not entirely meet his eyes, and returned to her body. He never lost control of the hunger in him, but she felt it under his skin. In the way he never let go over her. The whole time they were together on that bed, he never once was more than a heartbeat with out a tight grip on some part of her body. Her wrists, her arms, a leg, and her favorite, her neck. His hand would hold her, tightly, reminding her of his claim, his control so tightly that even when pulled her left leg over his shoulder and she wrapped her knee around behind his neck, they both new who was still the Master.

His grip on her neck tightened just a touch as the head of his cock slid into her. Nika nearly screamed at the feel of him entering her tight passage. No mater how many times she had sex, no matter what size of male had entered her, every time she orgasm-ed she got tighter, so much so that her muscles had pulled condoms off her partners.

She groaned as it seemed her body was refusing her Master's entry. He groaned, the first time any sound had passed his lips as the head finally made it inside. They both sighed and then Nika felt him slide slowly, inching forward, until after what seem a life time to her, he was finally seated deep with in her.

Her Master paused, and then that hunger, banked from the pleasure of gaining mastery over the muscles inside her, roared back to life. Once again only just kept in check. He set his pace and then with out fail slowly built it up, quickening his pace till he was taking her in a way that sent her mind reeling.

She bit her lip to keep from flying to pieces. She counted, she thought of anything but the pleasure that was building inside her body centered around the warmth of her Master's cock pumping into her. When she opened her mouth to beg, the hand on her neck moved to cover her mouth. He shook his head, the devil's glint of sheer perverse pleasure shined in his wolfish eyes.

She shivered, closed her eyes and returned to counting, keeping her screams to herself...

One one thousand...Oh my god Master!

Two one thousand... No! oh my G- No!

Three one thousand... oh please please Master please

Four one thousand... fuck me! (meant in disbelief)

Five one thousand... oh good lord i cant!! i cant, please Master please!!

... He took his hand away from her mouth, his voice rough over gravel, the crispness of his accent pronounced, "Now Nika" and his roar deep from his chest as her body tensed as it exploded. Not literally but if the fire low in her belly was indication of anything that could have been taken literally, the whole building would be a raging inferno.

Her master panted above her. It was the soft pant of a man who obviously could do more, harder, and longer. Nika shivered at the thought.


Nika gave a sharp inhale she came to herself, curled up on her side, she realized she was still in the center of her Master's bed. He stood at the window, with out turning, his voice came to her, a soft command, "You were mine before, you're mine now, and you will always be mine, in every and in any way that I wish. You will not only serve me as you did just now but also as my assistant." he turned to look at her, and by accident, she caught his eye, "Prepare your self Nika, you've just moved up in my world"

Nika shivered and crawled to the edge of the bed. She hopped she was ready for his body's desires, she hoped she could full fill the new duties he was going to trust her with. But the thought at the foremost part of her mind, was probably the most simple, and most complex question she had. Inwardly she scoffed at herself at the very thought, as if she had a right to know...

This man... this man who brought pleasure to the world's leaders, this man who entertained the most powerful men, the richest men... this man who helped to organize treaties and billion dollar deals at his dinner table.. this man who had the most beautiful women at his disposal... who commanded the trust, and faithful service of every man and woman in the compound..

why did his smile never reach his eyes?

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