tagBDSMThe Slave Ch. 13

The Slave Ch. 13


Looking at the wall clock, Brenda knew that the second orgasm had taken longer than the first one but that was to be expected. She had anticipated that. She knew that each orgasm after this one would be more difficult, based on past experience and having seen the unbelievable amount of sperm collected in the catch cylinder; she wasn’t sure if a third orgasm was even possible.

To have extracted that much cum out of one man definitely would have left a toll on his reproductive system; but she thought to herself, it had not been that much effort to do, and besides, Linda and Sara were having fun.

As Linda slowly came back to earth and Sara calmed down, Brenda thought it was time to medically examine the slave. She didn’t fully know what effect the machine and the suction, not to mention the massage, might have done to Ross’ cock. Even though he was their slave she didn’t want to damage him permanently. The three of them enjoyed his cock and balls too much for that.

Brenda announced that it was time to give him a break and clean him up. Sara immediately jumped up yelling “I will, I will, I will”, while Linda slowly got up off the carpet. Brenda instructed Sara to go and get a large basin of hot water, some wash clothes, and a soft towel. Knowing what Brenda was suggesting, Linda volunteered to go get Ross something to drink to replenish his lost fluids and perhaps something in the realm of an ointment or salve.

When Linda and Sara returned to the dungeon, Brenda finally shut off all the suction and noted that the vinyl tubing was totally empty, all the sperm and pre-cum had been collected. With the suction turned off, she gently pried the clam shell cup open. They all jumped when the slave’s squishy, hugely swollen balls rolled out, over the edges of the cup. They were so huge that neither could believe the balls had once fit into the clam shell. Brenda tossed the clam shell to one side and immediately started massaging the misshapen blobs of tissue. Ross moaned gently and pulled inward with his hips, as if trying to protect the bloated balls. They were huge. Each of the girls were surprised, expecting the balls to have been a lot smaller, after spewing out so much of their thick fluids. But they weren’t. There was no way that the balls could have been fitted, back into the clam shell.

Brenda continued rolling and kneading each squishy ball, trying to fashion them back into the original shape. But they were too big. She figured that in time, they would return to normal. Brenda glanced at Linda, saying “well, it looks like he’ll need a nurse, after all. Are you up to the task”? Linda just smiled, already thinking about her ‘treatment’ for Ross. Naturally, Sara liked the look of the obscenely huge balls and wanted to make them bigger.

After working the balls for several minutes, Brenda hesitantly pulled the cock cup away from the slave’s body. The fact that the suction pressure had already been turned off, and the fact that the cock cup was NOT pulling away, freely … worried Brenda. Getting a firm grasp on it, she pulled hard, downward. Each of them heard the loud squishy sucking sound, as inch by inch, the cock slid out. Completely out, they all sat there, staring at it. It too, was huge.

Even without being erect, it was still about seven inches long, and soft. It was so thick that Brenda couldn’t get her fingers around half of it. It actually had an extremely puffy appearance. The skin was still soft from all of the oil treatment, and in all, appeared to be undamaged. They couldn’t believe how huge and thick it was. And… it was still soft.

Not wanting to release the restraints of their slave, and the fact that he was resting comfortably, Brenda had Sara brought the basin of hot water over to Ross. There, as instructed, Sara dipped the wash cloth into the hot water and rung it out. Opening it up, she gently wrapped it around the distended ball sac. As the hot rag soaked the monster balls, the slave jumped slightly, feeling the hot water in the tiny cracks and tears of his sac. Sara immensely enjoyed her assignment, especially when Ross jumped. She rung out the rag again and quickly applied the hot rag to his elongated cock. The slave’s entire body jerked upright as the pain slashed through the overly sensitive cock. Sara could barely contain her delight as she squeezed harder, and forced the foreskin back and up, tight against his pubic bone.

Since the other two hadn’t noticed, Sara began squeezing and rubbing Ross’ cock, frequently pausing to dip the rag into the hot water. Linda and Brenda were talking over near the cabinets so Sara quietly continued her hot water torture, while her other hand probed deep, into the huge ball sac. Amazingly, she could feel the swollen, tubes and parts, attached to the balls; cautiously watching her roommates, Sara would probe deep with one hand, her fingers clutching and squeezing the tubes, cords, and balls; while her other hand firmly jerked hard on the painfully swollen cock. Surprisingly, the slave’s cock was beginning to get hard. Sara continued dipping into the hot water, till her hands couldn’t stand the heat any more.

After giving Ross some refreshment and using a medical solution on his cock, he was refreshed and ready for more. His cock was still largely swollen and tender; they all wondered if he would be so ready, if he could see the elephant sized balls and cock. Both Linda and Brenda agreed that his cock was about the same size as a horse, only shorter.

By now, Linda was just sitting on the floor, watching dreamily. Sara on the other hand, was more animated than ever. After her little water torture session, she was in the higher levels of arousal, and showing it too. She was hot and wanted to play. She announced that she wanted to ‘try out’ the milking machine on herself just to see if it works. Both her roommates laughed at her saying “yea, right, sure.

Brenda agreed, knowing that Sara’s use of the un-modified teat cups would create more suction, once they all were engaged. Since the clam shell wouldn’t be used, that would reduce the pressure, but Sara using the machine would bring the pressure back up. It really didn’t matter, since she had been using only the lowest settings, anyway. Brenda wanted to make sure that the machine had extra levels of power, knowing that it would be used many times in the future. Ross had not experienced any pressure or massage frequency setting, above a three, and the machine controls went all the way up to ten.

Brenda moved behind Ross and began rubbing the warm oil into his cock and balls, while Linda sat and watched. Sara was watching intently, as she applied the oil to her now fully exposed breasts. Her nipples were already hard, in anticipation of using the machine. This was a side of Sara that they had not seen. Brenda continued applying oil to the sac, paying special attention to each ball, rolling it, kneading it, squeezing it gently. Looking down, she saw that the ball manipulation was working, as his cock started to slowly stretch out like a huge snake. She then paid more attention to his cock, gently massaging it in a milking type of motion, drawing more blood to the end of the shaft and the head, causing it to pump up thicker. When Brenda felt his cock become fully erect, she started massaging the oil into just the velvety head. After a few minutes, she could feel it flare out, swelling. The foreskin had pulled back, and with the head fully exposed, she knew that he was ready. Besides that, he was starting that gentle thrusting with his hips.

Brenda quickly moved around to Ross’ front, where she could see him. Face to face, she held his face in her hand. “Baby, I told you that you would enjoy yourself, didn’t I”? The slave smiled at her and answered “yes”. She couldn’t believe it, he actually smiled at her. She leaned forward and kissed him softly on the mouth. To her surprise, he responded back, kissing her longer. Fearing that he would get soft, she quickly returned to her rear position and continued milking his cock with her oiled hand. Once he started to breath hard and the hip thrusting was getting stronger, she stopped. She quickly grabbed the cock cup and put it up against the head of his cock; pushing, she discovered that his cock head would barely go into the tube. It was so pumped up that she couldn’t slide the cup onto his cock.

The three had all agreed that he was a lot bigger than the time they pumped him up, just prior to auction. His cock was thick enough that it was virtually, unusable, to any woman. Holding the cup tightly to his cock head, she flipped the milking machine to on, and turned up the vacuum pressure. She turned it immediately to position number three. Looking down, she could see his cock slowly being sucked into the cup. It had worked. The suction would do what her hands couldn’t. After a few moments, his cock was pulled completely into the cup and was resting as before, up against his pubic bone. She did notice a slight quivering in his thighs, knowing that he was enjoying the suction.

Brenda knew that to continue forcing orgasms out of him, she would have to use her imagination. Just rubbing his cock, after awhile, wouldn’t make him cum. There would have to be more and different things done, to get any sperm out of him; but she had several ideas. After having his cock in the cup for a couple of minutes, under pressure, she turned the massage frequency on and turned it up to level two. Immediately Ross’ back arched and he pushed hard against the stand. She turned the frequency to three and watched as his hips began to thrust faster, as if he were trying to fuck. His breathing had already gone to a pant.

Linda moved to the slave’s face again and started talking to him. Brenda couldn’t hear what Linda was telling him, but whatever it was, he was responding to it. His thrusting become harder and the moans and grunts coming from him were louder. Brenda knew that more stimulation was needed. She slipped on a pair of latex gloves and applied a large amount of oil to them. Massaging it into the gloves, she reached down with both hands, grasping both sides of his bloated ball sac. As expected, his body jerked as she applied pressure to the orbs. Each ball was bigger than her hand could hold.

She started out rough and with a lot of pressure, massaging them, trying to flatten them out. A long, groan escaped his mouth. Linda immediately pressed her mouth hard, to his and started her kiss again. It had been noticed by both of them that Ross responded very fast to hard treatment to his cock and balls, while one or the other kissed him. Odd, but he appeared to enjoy Linda holding his face and kissing him.

Brenda applied as much pressure as she physically could, squeezing each ball as hard as she could. The slave’s back reared up and he tried to jerk his head away from Linda, but she held on. Brenda’s work must have been hurting him, because even being kissed as he was; he was panting and loud with a gasping type of sound coming from him. He was trying to escape both of them at the same time, the ball pain and the smothering. But both held on. Linda released one hand’s grip, only to turn the massage up a notch. Again, the reaction was immediate as he started bucking and jerking. Linda held tight, continuing what was now, a very wet messy kiss. Brenda had let go of his left ball, the less sensitive one, and used both hands on the right ball, trying to flatten it, then squeezing it to round, then flattening it. They all knew that for some unknown reason, Ross’ left ball didn’t feel much, but his right ball was overly sensitive.

Sara was now oblivious to the torture. She had been watching and enjoying what Brenda was doing to Ross’ ‘sac full of nuts’ as she had come to call it. She had placed the first teat cup to her areola and had been immediately sucked in. This had been when the massage frequency had been first turned on. Now, it was at a higher level and … so she was as well. She had quickly placed the second teat cup on, and now both nipples were being sucked and massaged. As she enjoyed the show with the slave, the milking machine working on her, she had slowly lost tract that she was almost totally nude, and that the others were watching her, as her finger worked frantically on her clit. She was so close to orgasm, and was working feverishly to her explosive cum.

Watching Ross’ hips jerk hard, Brenda knew that he had to be real close. He was panting loud and his moans had become frantic. It was almost like he was desperately trying NOT to cum, but the machine was winning the battle. He had no choice. He was going to cum again, whether he wanted to or not. Linda was still planted to his mouth, her right hand moving quickly between her legs. Ross’s panting had reached a fever pitch when Brenda suddenly let go of his balls. She quickly grabbed his right ball, and using her whole hand, gripped it in such a way that it was if she were trying to crush it in half. Ross reared up hard, completely pulling free from Linda. He let out a loud scream as the pain shot up into his stomach and down his legs. At the same time, Linda grabbed his face tight with both hands, sensing that a powerful orgasm was about to explode, deep inside Ross’ balls. She quickly continued the hard kiss, while Brenda quickly pushed an oil coated latex finger deep into his ass.

Just as soon as the finger penetrated him, his whole body started jerking and the panting grew louder. Brenda knew the male anatomy. With her finger buried deep inside him, she curled it back toward the penetrated opening, and downward, feeling for his prostrate. The almond sized lump wasn’t hard to find, with the slave’s arousal level so extreme. It was literally throbbing as she pressed her finger hard, against it. The slave let out a high pitched yelp as his left ball literally exploded, pumping harder than normal to expel the last drops of sperm it held. As her embedded finger dug hard into the prostrate, she let go of the right ball. The way she had been holding it, pinching it a certain way, she had actually blocked the thick vas deferens and in essence, trapped the sperm from being expelled.

His left ball had completely emptied and was still pumping frantically, but the right ball was now quivering so hard it was cramping, trying to pump out the trapped sperm, blocked inside. With pressure building up in the tube, the sensation was that of a small explosion taking place deep inside the ball sac. Once she let go of the ball, it literally erupted, over and over, pushing the last drop or two, out of the cock. Brenda continued the hard digital massage on the throbbing prostrate, forcing the balls to finish their desperate pumping, completely emptying them.

Ross had ceased jerking and bucking, his body almost rigid. His high pitched yelping had gradually stopped, almost in unison with his balls emptying. Even though he was still panting hard, his upper body dropped to the pillows, but only after Linda let go of him. Brenda continued her finger massage, slowing it down, and becoming gentler with each finger stroke. She was watching the vinyl tube, but saw nothing going through it. There was a small amount of pre-cum, making its way to the catch cylinder, but she figured that amount came from early in the session. Looking closely, she could see what appeared to be two small thick white drops, going through the tubing. As she slowly eased her finger from the puckered butt, she knew that his balls were empty. Now she would start her own fun.

Fifteen minutes later, Ross was still barely moving. Linda had to check him several times, just to see if he was conscious. He was lying, with his eyes closed, moaning. Brenda finally turned off the suction, and had long since turned off the massage. Brenda had been concentrating so hard on manipulating his prostrate and the delicate touch that was needed, to locate and pinch off the inner vas deferens; she had not noticed that Sara had pulled both teat cups off of her hugely engorged nipples.

Sara actually had tears in her eyes, from what must have been one of the most powerful orgasms of her life. Sara had started cuming a long time before Ross got there. She had become more and more aroused, watching his body motions and bucking, not to mention what the two teat cups were doing to her, that she had just slowly laid back on the floor, cuming hard. When it got unbearable on her overly sensitized nipples, she pulled the cups off. Sara was now, just lying on the floor, legs splayed wide, still oozing juices from her hard cum.

Brenda knew that the slave was pretty well spent. Under normal conditions, with the amount of sperm that had already been collected, she knew full well that he would probably be able to cum more than five or six times, easily; But not under these conditions. The sperm was literally being sucked out of him, after being roughly manipulated. No male could stand up to that. But the reason she got the machine was for one purpose and that was to see what happened when the male was empty. The fact that she had literally, pulled well over a quarter cup of sperm out of him, told her that he was empty. The last orgasm almost rendered him unconscious, and she only got less than two small drops from him. He was dry, that was one reason that she had left the suction on and the massager going. He was being milked to empty and now he was. This was what she had been waiting for.

Brenda knew that to make him cum one more time, just to see what would happen, she would have to do even more to stimulate him. Apparently Linda’s kissing helped a bunch, but it would take even more than that. She knew what was needed.

Brenda had heard of males having what they called a “dry orgasm”, but not under circumstances such as what Ross had gone through. She knew that there was literally, nothing left inside his balls. It would take awhile for him to build back up any supply of his male milk. But now she wanted to see just what the male went through, when there was nothing left in there and the orgasm was intense. She could only imagine.

Sara was asleep on the floor. Brenda told Linda that she would need her help to coax one more batch of cum out of him. Linda immediately said it couldn’t be done, having watched intently, his last one. Brenda guaranteed that she could “do him, one more time”. Linda agreed and asked what she needed to do to help.

Brenda went to a cabinet and took out one of the girls’ favorite toys: a TENS unit; Also known as trans-cutaneous electronic nerve stimulation, or electric shock. She had already planned on what she was going to do and had already prepared several pieces. She moved to what was becoming her favorite spot, behind Ross’ outstretched legs. There, she gently removed the cock cup and put it to the side. His cock was no bigger than it had been, forty-five minutes earlier. But it was still huge and messy. The oil had been soaking into his skin, giving it a sheen, and helped keep the skin from stretching too tight. The head alone was huge, and because of the entire trauma to it, the mouth was stretched wide open. Brenda figured that the gaping mouth was due to his size, and to the head pumping so hard, expelling larger than normal amounts of sperm. Ross didn’t even move as she removed the cup. The head plopped out with a loud squishy pop.

Linda watched intently as Brenda prepared the TENS unit. First, Brenda attached one electrode to the end of a chrome plated, vaginal plug. The plug had been used by the girls on many occasions, due to the odd irregular shaped head. In essence, the head was so big that the plug could not come out by accident. Then Brenda attached the other electrode to a long, soft copper wire. At the end of the wire, was a stiffer copper piece, looped around and appeared like a very long teardrop. Linda had no idea what Brenda was going to do. Finished with her preparations, Brenda asked Linda to get more “very” hot water, to clean Ross up. Upon doing so, Brenda dipped a wash cloth into the water and immediately jerked her hand out. “Damn, that’s hot”!! Linda apologized but Brenda said that it was a good thing. She laughed, saying that earlier she had been watching Sara, using hot water on Ross, and getting one hell of a hard cock. Linda laughed too, saying that she too had noticed, but thought that Sara didn’t want them to know.

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