The Slavery of Leia


"Yes," she said.

"YES WHAT?" he replied.

"Yes................Master," she whispered.

"LOUDER!" he ordered.

"YES MASTER!" She repeated through gritted teeth, her voice echoing throughout the chamber.

"THAT'S A GOOD SLAVE," he said as he patted her on the top of her head. She sat at the edge of the platform, conquered and subjugated; but only for the moment she thought, only for the moment.

* * *

Princess Leia, the leader of the Rebel Alliance sat at the edge of Jabba the Hutt's platform that morning scantily clad in the exotic slave garb. Like an ornament she was displayed as the various dregs of the galaxy began to enter Jabba's chamber one after another for meetings and instructions. She was perfumed, made-up, her braided hair dangling over her shoulder. She began to ponder to herself that there was extremely important business that she needed to tend to with the Alliance. At that very moment she should have been consulting with Admiral Ackbar and General Madine about the data the Bothan spies had uncovered. However, instead she was trapped in this palace as a prisoner and being exhibited like a vanquished harlot, chained and collared. Nothing but a semi-naked pet to a obscenely obese crime lord.

She would frequently reposition herself on the cushions and awkwardly attempt to drape the silks of her lower garb to cover as much of herself as possible while she sat. Salacious Crumb sensing her embarrassment would often grip the silks in his teeth and try to pull and tear them from the metal plate to which she would instantly pull them back to cover herself while trying to ignore the annoying creature as he cackled. At one point she had placed her hand over to her side too close to him to which he painfully nipped at her finger while laughing with glee. She got into position to kick the little Kowakian lizard but was instantly restrained as Jabba jerked back her leash causing her neck to ache.

"NOW NOW, DON'T TOUCH HIM. BEHAVE YOURSELF MY BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL," He said as Salacious Crumb chuckled and continued to try to embarrass her in front of Jabba's guests by pulling at her silks and exposing her feminine intimacies for all to see. Jabba began petting her as she continually moved her head to avoid his groping while he also stroked her bare skin with the end of his slug tail, gliding it repeately over her exposed legs, belly and cleavage.

He had at least ten business dealings that morning. She understood all of what was being said as 3PO interpreted for the various visitors. The poor protocol droid was quite flustered as Jabba would often strike him in his impatience for translations. She was getting a better idea as to the extent of the unsavory rackets that he was involved in as on two occasions he ordered the guards to take away some of the visitors for execution into the Sarlacc pit for failing him in some regard. Leia sat watching miserably as they would hysterically plead for mercy in front of her, her heart aching with pity.

Leia wanted to leap up to break out of her bondage as she dreamed of what it would be like if she only had a blaster in her hands. Then suddenly an awful thought interrupted her fantasy. The Empire had many spies throughout the galaxy; possibly some in this very palace or among its visitors. Once it had been widely learned that the Hutt's new slave was the princess of Alderaan it would get back to the Empire very quickly. If Luke did not arrive soon she would somehow have to break her chains and escape the palace as soon as possible.

But how could she escape? In the caverns of the palace lurked many disgusting creatures that she knew would be more than happy to kidnap, ravage and even cook her and devour her. Even if she could flee from the palace how could she survive? Mos Espa and the Millennium Falcon were both days away by foot and the searing heat of the daylight would bake and broil her. And at night, she had studied this planet and knew of its nocturnal Sand People/Tuskien Raiders. And even if she somehow avoided them, Mos Espa was a squalid, crime ridden place and she had no weapons. There was no way to contact the Alliance as she would not dare risk endangering their location for her own needs. She put her face into her hands in despair, not knowing that at that moment Lando Calrissian who had already infiltrated the palace was keeping guard of Han and Chewbacca in the dungeon below; communicating with them about their next move and the impending visit of Luke Skywalker.

Jabba grabbed one of the small reptilian creatures out of the aquarium which he kept at his side; it dripped green algae upon Leia's shoulders and breasts as he brought it to his mouth. "NOW IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO DANCE FOR ME PRINCESS." He said after belching. "BOTH OF YOU WILL DANCE," he pointed to Yarna D'al, his longtime favorite. He grabbed yet another snack from his aquarium which dripped more ooze onto Leia's breasts and belly as he spoke with his mouth full. "WE SHALL MAKE THIS INTERESTING. YOU WILL DANCE FOR ME ONE AT A TIME AND THE ONE THAT PERFORMS THE BEST WILL LIVE. THE DEFEATED WILL BE DROPPED BELOW IMMEDIATELY," he said while pointing to the trapdoor. "OF COURSE PRINCESS IT WILL NOT JUST BE YOUR OWN LIFE THAT YOU WILL BE SAVING.

Leia swallowed her pride and honor yet again and resolved that she would have to dance for the Hutt; to save her love Han she would have no choice. She had endured difficult times before; the destruction of Alderaan, the Death Star mind probe and the frigidness of Hoth and she would endure this. She was directed to stand to the side of the audience chamber as the Max Rebo band prepared to begin playing. Yarna D'al took her position in the center of the court, a chain and collar had been placed on her flabby neck.

The fat dancer instantly began to move her body as the band of aliens played and for a woman of heavy carriage she danced quite gracefully. Leia wondered how she could possibly perform better than her as the fat dancer had been a slave for some time while Leia had no experience and knew not how to dance in the manner that Yarna D'al was currently performing in. Only one short dance lesson was given to her before she was brought up to the main audience chamber and the movements were very lewd and undignified. The bizarre music played as the fat dancer continued to twirl around, dancing close to the tables of the audience and then to Jabba. The music seemed to go on for some time as Leia desperately watched and tried to remember every one of Yarna D'al's movements in order to incorporate them into her own impending performance. At one point Yarna danced near to Leia while arrogantly mocking her.

"You will soon die!" she laughed while pointing to the open trap door before giggling and prancing away.

Jabba hardly even watched Yarna D'al perform as he was still much too interested in his new slave who he regarded while smoking his hookah pipe. It had been a very long time since he had seen anyone display so much courage in the face of death or speak to him in the manner which she had. He had previously discarded rumors regarding Solo and Chewbacca joining the Rebel Alliance as ludicrous. He knew Solo as nothing but a smuggler, though a first rate one. Could she really be the leader of the Alliance, hence her interest in retrieving Solo? Was the massive fleet of the Galactic Empire really seeking out this slinky little human female that he had made beg to be his slave and who soon would dance for him at the end of his leash? He chuckled to himself as he found the thought amusing.

What he didn't find amusing was the thought of her presence being discovered for if she truly was the Alliance leader his entire palace was already in grave danger. He might soon look out his balcony only to see imperial walkers on the horizon ready to attack; storm troopers raiding his halls and looting his wealth while blasting everyone in sight in order to locate her. He would make genuine inquiries about her immediately. If true though, he could not keep her as a slave girl, he would have to either execute her or willingly surrender her to the Empire. However for now, this moment, he would enjoy watching this courageous and strong female dance and revel in her submission to him. When the music had finally stopped playing there was much cheering as Yarna D'al bowed to Jabba.

It was now Leia's turn, she had the floor. She removed her boots and tried to focus her mind on what needed to be done. The lives of both herself and Han depended on whether or not Jabba found her pleasing. Yarna D'al stood to the side as a Weequay warrior began to stroke her. She smiled towards Leia and whispered something into the warrior's ear to which he then spoke to the other creatures. Moments later many of the audience members began "accidentally" spilling their greasy beverages; casting them out into splashes onto the main floor as a confused Leia looked about. By the time they were finished twenty separate fluids oozed onto the floor making it extremely slippery. This would increase the difficulty for her greatly. The creatures chuckled in apology for their clumsiness to Jabba who was quite amused. Yarna D'al retrieved her bulky dewback whip and began to giggle as Leia groaned miserably.

The music began to play and it was music that Leia knew only too well for it was the beautiful planetary anthem of Alderaan. She had not heard it for so very long but she quickly became absolutely enraged at the obnoxiously, clownish and sensual way that this band was intentionally playing it. How could she dance to this, it disrespected so many millions who had cruelly perished. Her eyes welled up with tears as the memories of her childhood filled her mind. She looked to Jabba; glaring at him with an indescribable animosity as he laughed. She sucked in her honor and self-respect and refocused as she commenced moving her body and bare feet on the floor.

She had seen strange and exotic dances on other worlds before and she relied on her memory as to how well she could mimic them as well as Yarna D'al's performance. The beginning of her dance was unimpressive as she slipped on the slick floor, tripping over her own chain before falling to a heap on the ground.

"Oh no," said 3PO; appalled by what the poor princess was enduring.

The entire audience chamber laughed loudly. She paid them no mind as she immediately rose in pain from the ground. A tear trickled down her face which she quickly wiped away; not wanting to show any weakness before the sleazy criminals that jeered at her. The fluid from the beverages coated half of her body making her slightly glisten and as she turning and twisted she gazed at Jabba with a sensuous and confident glare which betrayed her true feeling for him. She shook her hips and swayed her body as her gaze never left Jabba's eyes. She demonstrated her flexibility by swinging her naked legs up as she twirled around the floor with her purple silks swaying side to side while her metal bra clinked against her. She tried to dance closer to the tables to keep away from the more slippery areas of the floor. Yarna D'al immediately discouraged her plan by snapping the heavy dewback whip, its sharp, cracking sound echoed throughout the chamber as it struck Leia harshly upon her rear to which she shrieked. The pain consumed her as more laughter was heard. She fled away from the fat dancer's reach and onto the center of the slippery floor, her backside burning terribly.

Jabba pressed a button on his side control panel. An electronic receiver chip on Leia's slave armor beeped once as her metal top unhooked from her neck and back and broke away from her body. Her face burned with shame as she heard her plated top hit the floor along with a multitude of obscene remarks from various tongues. She tried to pay it no mind as her breasts jiggled in the open air; standing out like cones as she spun herself around and moved her hips back and forth. The audience continued to heckle while the deep bass of the music filled the room as well as the roar from the Rancor below.

Jabba was quite impressed. He wasn't expecting much from her but she was already outperforming his expectations. Even though she was clearly just copying the previous dancer's moves he was stunned at how well she was moving as well as her physical shape that allowed her wider ranges of flexibility. Jabba held the leash of this brave leader, this sleek and agile female and felt a surge of power course through him. By holding her leash he could allow her to dance within his grasp or let her prance all about the chamber.

She shimmied and gyrated her soft curves, doing her best to keep her balance on the more greasy areas of the floor as she heard yet more beverages splashing. She increased her pace as the music became faster, causing her to dance more lewdly. She rubbed her hands along her upper body while undulating her belly as a flash of pain filled her mind. She was dancing topless, her breasts bared to the slime of the galaxy. Quickly she once again dismissed these thoughts and concentrated on the work at hand as she raised her arms over her head, stretching the chain above her as she swirled about. The light from the latticed ceiling still beamed down like spotlights onto the floor as she swayed and shook in the light; her milky white skin made golden by the illumination of the Tatooine suns.

Jabba hit yet another button on his console as the silk that draped over her shapely backside fell away from her; a red lash mark clearly visible from the fat dancer's previous whipping. She could feel the draft against her skin but tried to ignore it as she blushed in embarrassment. She fell to her knees and waved her arms about her sides in tentacle like dianoga movements while revolving her head slowly. Her hands touched the floor as she began crawling on her hands and knees sensuously towards the platform while keeping her stare intensely at her "Master," the Master that she swore by all of her nobility that she would soon murder. The silk of the lower part of her outfit trailed between her legs. She crawled about and rose to her feet and continued keeping her gaze upon Jabba, even extending her arm and pointing to him while she danced. Jabba took that as a gesture of an impending favor by her while Leia meant it more as a promise of revenge. The sound of her chain made constant rattling noises against the floor and she was very careful not to trip over it again as she knew that a second blunder would not be tolerated.

A feeling of relief engulfed her as the final notes of Alderaan's anthem were played. She prepared to end her performance only to hear the band immediately segue into the very first notes once again as they resumed playing the anthem from the very beginning to which she groaned audibly. Tears continued to well up in her eyes as the throbbing music mocked her beloved home planet and all the people she had once known who had been killed. The thoughts of that horrifying moment began flooding her mind "Continue with the operation, you may fire when ready." She would never forget those awful words or the terrible radio voice that followed, "Commence primary ignition." Her heart pounded as she felt as if she was reliving the terror; the multiple huge lasers emitting from the Death Star and converging before shooting with tremendous force to her defenseless planet. She could visualize the horrendous explosion right in front of her. She wiped away another tear that had trickled down her face as she writhed and danced while barefoot in the chamber.

Jabba pressed a button on his console yet again and the lower metal plate of the slave outfit broke away from her body taking the silk with it. She tried desperately to hang on to it with one hand to keep herself decent. Yarna Dal's whip cracked loudly through the air again, striking across her completely exposed backside and causing her to release the plate and silk as she thrust her head back and screeched from the searing pain. She was now completely nude save for her collar, leash and the golden arm and wrist bracelets. Humiliation struck every bone in her body as Salacious Crumb laughed in triumph while the audience jeered at her human anatomy. In absolute misery and rage she refocused and concentrated only on her movements.

Jabba was convinced that she danced well enough but it was now time to test her coordination. He clicked another button on his panel as a multitude of trap doors in front of his dias sprang open. As she pranced Leia noticed the floor in front of her was now just a checkered, metal grating with sixteen gaping holes in it divided only by thin floor beams that crisscrossed in front of Jabba's platform. He pulled the chain and Leia with it to the very center. This yet again increased the difficulty for her as she now had a much more limited area to perform as the beams that made up the grating were only slightly wider than her feet. She toed the floor carefully as she continued her performance, knowing that one wrong or clumsy move would cause her to fall into the pit and into the waiting drooling jaws. Yarna D'al repeatedly snapped the whip onto the beams near Leia's toes as she tried to distract her off balance while reminding her to keep up the pace of the dance.

Leia became overwhelmed; the stench from the pit and its proximity was terrifying, the obnoxious music was breaking her heart, her nudity humiliated her greatly, Jabba and his dregs' laughter and obscene comments angered her and the very slick floor and her own chain threatened to unbalance her; yet she continued to concentrate. It was odd but she felt as if something unknown was guiding her movements and calming her shattered emotions. She could clearly see the Rancor as it roared for her below, it was ravenous and greatly agitated from being teased with the fresh meat dancing above it. As she moved along the narrow strips of the grating she felt her balance give way before quickly recovering and leaping over a trap door impressively and landing on another thin beam. She lightly hopped around twisting and turning while keeping alert as not to fall into the blackness as Yarna's whip snapped repeatedly near her toes. Sweat began to pour from her body as Jabba kept her near the gaping holes; enjoying his power over her and her difficulty, misery and fear as she moved her nude, tight little body to the vibrating music.

When Jabba became satisfied by her display of coordination he closed the trap doors and gave her more slack to which she was relieved. She danced in front of the tables of his audience again. As she approached each table various scaled hands, furry paws and tentacles caressed her body. Then she would withdraw to a new table to be stroked, violated and prodded yet again. This was the most difficult part for her; this slime didn't even deserve to look upon her much less touch her. One person from Alderaan or the Alliance was worth fifty of them.

She continued grinding her hips and undulating her belly as the fat dancer approached behind Leia. Yet again she pulled her heavy arm back and prepared to hurl the whip forward at Leia's thighs to bring her to the floor. Despite facing the opposite direction, as the whip hissed forward Leia almost seemed to predict and see the danger and instantly shifted her body sideways. The whip missed its mark and wrapped around the neck of a Jawa. Yarna D'al angrily pulled the whip back harshly causing the Jawa to hurl across the chamber, its high pitch voice crying out.

Leia danced towards the center of the chamber once again. Her nude body was glistening in the golden light of the floor as she gyrated, swayed and writhed. She stroked her breasts and belly in her hands; her flesh burning from where the whip had repeatedly struck. Suddenly the music stopped and she crouched to the floor, ending her performance. There was cheering but she did not smile at all. The pain and shamefulness of what she had just endured as well as her own state of undress began seeping into her mind unstoppably.

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