The Sleeper


This story is based on a fantasy of a friend. It was written for him using his basic ideas. It contains non consent, MMMF, and a wife being used with the husbands consent. If this offends you, read no further. Furthermore if you read this thinking it is all true, please be aware that it set on the planet 'Clean' which is free of STD's and unwanted pregnancies. There are no such thing as cheating slut wives, wimp husbands, and broken marriages etc. etc.

If you choose to read on I really hope that you enjoy it, and will take a second to vote, but you have been warned. Do not bother writing to me to tell me the error of my ways, I know all that! Constructive feedback is very welcome, moralistic nonsense will be deleted!


Early spring and I find myself at the end of a last minute business trip to the States with a few days spare. I could fly back early, but with the business done and an open return ticket I decided to take a break and spend the weekend visiting Terry, an old friend who lives a few miles out of Washington. When I called to find out if it would be convenient, Terry was out but I had a long chat with his lovely wife Yuki who assured me that they would both love to see me again and that I would be more than welcome to stay for the weekend. Before saying goodbye, I gave Yuki my flight times so that she could arrange for Terry to collect me from the airport.

I have to admit that I was pleased that Yuki would be around, she was a great hostess and always made me feel very welcome. She is one of those Japanese women that has all the beautiful features of her nation and is sexy as hell without realizing it. Although I would never try anything on with Yuki she was a natural flirt, and I remember being intrigued a few years back when Terry admitted that she had strayed once with an old friend of his. It took him a while to get over that. I think he went off quietly and evened the score, but I knew that it still got to him occasionally.


Terry collected me from the airport and we arrived at their house around five on the Friday evening. Yuki had prepared a meal, so we had a few drinks and a chat before I was shown to my room, giving me a chance to freshen up and change before dinner. It was great to catch up over dinner, and I was told that they had been invited to a neighbours party a few streets away the following evening, and as I was staying with them, the invite had been extended to include me. As the last few days of travelling was starting to take its toll with me, I readily agreed when Terry suggested that it might be wise if we didn't stay up all night drinking and chatting as we had many times in the past. Just after eleven, I made my excuses and went to bed where I remained in a deep sleep until about eight the next morning.


Saturday was a lazy day, Yuki had gone shopping to buy something to wear that night, so Terry and I met up with Wayne, another friend of his who lived nearby, for lunchtime drinks and a few games of Pool. Later, as we parted, Terry suggested that Wayne call in on his way to the party that night so that we could all stroll down together, Wayne's wife was away for the weekend so it seemed a good idea to go as a crowd.


Evening came and I answered the door to Wayne as Terry and Yuki were still upstairs getting ready. We sat down and chatted over a beer as we waited, and were soon joined by Terry.

"Won't be long now!" he laughed as he fixed himself a quick drink. "Typical woman, spends the whole day shopping then still doesn't know what to wear!"

A few minutes later Yuki came down and presented herself.

"Well boy's, how do I look?" she asked giving us a twirl.

"Wow, just lovely!" I assured her as I took in her outfit, "That makes a pleasant change from the jeans I normally see you in."

"Got to agree." smiled Wayne, "You sure do brush up nicely! I wish you were my date this evening."

Yuki looked pleased with herself, "Thank you Wayne, if you like, I'll walk with you, so Jim and Terry can follow behind and continue catching up with things.

I thought to myself how lucky Terry was. Yuki, who was now in her mid thirties, had lost non of her sex appeal in the last few years!

I have to say that I could feel my cock start to twitch as I watched her move around. She wore a black silk top that was straining over her lovely round tits, and as far as I could tell, no bra. A long full cream suede skirt with a daring side slit fell to mid calf over a pair of black leather high heel boots. The boots made her wobble a little vulnerably as she walked which I found attractive. She was wearing a little more make up than I had seen her wear before, and a deep red lipstick that accentuated her pale face which was framed by her shoulder length dark hair.

We left a few minutes later on the short walk to the party, Yuki took Wayne's arm as Terry and I tagged on behind.

"She's looking good isn't she?" stated Terry as we watched her tight little bum wiggle beneath the skirt as she walked. Wayne towered over her, he was not a particularly tall guy, but Yuki was only about five foot five, and four inches of that were her heels!

"Looks great to me!" I laughed, watching the sexy sway of her hips. "I hope there's going to be dancing at this party, I'd love the chance to give that little bum a squeeze!"

Terry gave me a hard nudge with his elbow, "Behave yourself Jim, bloody English! You can't just turn up here and start groping our women, anyway, your out of luck, it's not that sort of party, just flowing drink and chat."


By eleven that night, the party was in full swing and as I mingled I had lost touch with my three friends for sometime before Terry came looking for me.

"Sorry Jim, but I'm going to have to take Yuki home, she's had a little too much vino and she'll be asleep before long! But you're welcome to stay, you can stroll back with Wayne later."

I thought for a few seconds;

"No it's OK Terry, I'll come back now, we can have a few drinks when we get home."

Terry then found Wayne, who also decided to leave with us, so with Yuki linking arms between them we said our goodbye's and left. Yuki seemed fine walking so I asked Terry why he thought she'd had too much.

"Oh she's not drunk, he laughed, it's just that she passes out cold when she has more than a few glasses, isn't that right Yuki?"

She gave a little giggle, "So you say," then smiling, "I think I just sleep well!"

After a few minutes we arrived home, Terry guided Yuki to the large sofa and Wayne and I joined him in the kitchen where he poured us all a stiff bourbon and ice. We chatted for a while before Terry suggested joining Yuki in the lounge, he went through and put some music on, but by the time we had all sat down, Yuki was out for the count.

"There you are, I told you that would happen! You won't get a squeak out of her till the morning now! That's why I had to get her home while she could still walk, otherwise we would have ended up carrying her."

He put a cushion behind her head to make her comfortable and left her to sleep. As we continued to chat, I looked across at Yuki who had now started to slide slowly down on the leather sofa. Not a problem in itself, but her skirt was slowly parting as she did so, and although I was trying to be discreet, I couldn't take my eyes of the amount of leg that she was starting to show. Also, I noticed that her boots came up just over her knees and I'm a sucker for a pair of sexy boots. When Terry left to re-fill our glasses, Wayne looked across at me and said with a wink,

"If that were my wife laying there like that, I'd want us two out of the way, wouldn't you?"

"For sure," I replied quietly, "I could enjoy slowly unwrapping that little present!"

Terry appeared with the drinks,

"Hey, I can hear you two! I take it she flicks a few switches for you then?"

"Fucking hell Terry, what do you think?" I answered, making a play of adjusting my crotch. "She's sound asleep and still giving us both a hard on!"

Terry laughed, "If I'm honest, I'd have to admit to having slipped her a length when she's like this on the odd occasion!"

Wayne looked at him with a shocked expression,

"Really! Are you saying that she sleeps so soundly she doesn't notice? You're kidding me, surely?"

"No honestly, that's it now, nothing will wake her 'till morning, ... look, watch this."

He walked over to Yuki, picked up her arm and let it fall gently onto her lap. Nothing.

"There you are, I told you."

I watched with amusement,

"That's one thing, but you're saying you can get your cock into her when she's like this and she doesn't stir, I find that hard to believe. I bet as soon as you touched her like that she'd be awake in no time!"

Terry looked thoughtful for a few seconds.

"Alright, one of you give it a try, go and sit next to her for a minute."

Wayne got up and slowly settled close beside Yuki.

"Well, what now?"

"Just do as I say, now, ...put your hand on one of her tits and give it a gentle squeeze."

Wayne looked a little nervous, "Are you sure?" he asked.

"Go on buddy, you're the one with the doubts, try it, I promise you, she won't wake up."

I felt my cock harden as I watched with envy. Wayne carefully placed his hand on her soft breast and gave it a gentle squeeze. Not a murmur from Yuki.

"A bit more," Terry urged, "Get your hands on them, go on ...give them a good grope, it's safe enough!"

Wayne looked awkward, "Hey man, I can't sit here and maul your wife's tits while she's asleep!"

"You telling me you don't want to!" laughed Terry.

"No one's forcing you, I'm just saying I don't mind and she won't know,'s up to you."

Wayne's hands hovered over her breasts as they gently moved up and down with her soft breathing.

"Well if you're sure man, it just seems so wrong, but geeze, but they sure do look inviting."

He lowered his hands and gently began to squeeze her mounds, still not a murmur from Yuki. Wayne became more certain, sinking his fingers into the soft flesh as Terry moved around to the other side, watching his friend have his fun.

"You see," he beamed, "Nothing to it! Hey, listen, why don't you loosen her top and get them right out."

"Yeah, good idea," panted Wayne, his nerves seemed to have disappeared now as his fingers became busy loosening the button on her blouse.

With all the upper buttons popped, Wayne's hands were soon in her blouse easing out her lovely firm tits, her nipple pointing upwards like bullets. I was right, no bra!

"Hey, fucking lovely tits, now they're out, maybe I should give them a little lick and suck, just to see if you're right. But if she starts to wake up, I'm telling you man, I'm outta here!"

"Relax, she won't wake up, believe me," laughed Terry as he turned to me.

"Hey Jim, you not gonna join in?"

I didn't need asking twice, I was off the chair and kneeling at her feet in a matter of seconds. My cock was straining now as gently held her ankles and eased her legs apart. I looked across to Terry to see if he was happy with this, he gave me a nod, so I slowly began to run my hands up over her soft leather boots and onto her legs while watching Wayne lapping at her pert little nipples. Moving slowly up her legs, I suddenly felt the bare skin of her soft warm thighs above the tops of her black stockings. Wow, stockings! My straining cock gave another twitch.

"Fucking hell boy's, can you believe she's wearing stockings! Holy moly, this is getting too much to cope with."

I soon had her skirt up to her waist as I carefully eased my hands up towards her pussy.

As Wayne continued to pull on her nipples with his lips, I hooked her legs over my arms and started to run my tongue along her warm silky inner thighs.

"Hey Terry, is this OK, I mean, is she going to stir if I give her pussy a lick?"

Without waiting for an answer, I hooked my finger inside her panties and pulled them down and to one side, as I did so I noticed that they were laced up either side of her hips. I gently tugged at the laces and pulled the front triangle of the skimpy black material down to expose the full beauty of her little shaven pussy which was now inches from my face and smelling as sweet as nectar. I gazed at it for a few seconds before lowering my mouth over her and letting my tongue slowly probe her soft little lips. Once moistened, I soon found her slit and to my surprise, once inside she felt really wet. I slowly buried my tongue, and as I started to lap hungrily, I started to wonder how far Terry was going to let this go! I moved my hands beneath her bum, gripping her firm round cheeks, and slowly pulled her onto my face, nuzzling her little clit softly with the tip of my nose. I heard a click and looked up to see Terry slowly rubbing his crotch and taking shots with a small digital camera.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I whispered.

"Don't worry Jim, I just gotta take some shots of all this, I've been dreaming about this for years! Here, I'll leave the camera here, so help yourself boys, I've got to have a record of this!"

As I turned my attention back to her sopping little pussy, I noticed Terry undoing his belt and releasing his cock.

"Come on then you guys, who's gonna risk trying to slip their cock in first." asked Terry

Wayne looked up with a shocked expression.

"You mean you're gonna let us fuck her, your wife, now, like this? Wow, Buddy, this is so wrong!"

Terry smiled, "That's exactly what I'm gonna do, I want to see you boys getting off on her lovely little body, I want to be able to slide into her when she's full of your cum, I need to get something off my chest and have some fun as well, so get your cocks out and get stuck in, but it's gotta be on my terms though, just go along with me and we'll all enjoy ourselves!

I had no idea what he meant by that but I was rock hard now, I just had to release my straining rod. I was kneeling between her thighs and just getting lined up with her pussy when Terry spoke up.

"Hang on Jim!" He moved beside me.

"I've got to ease it in for you, house rules, OK?"

"Yeah, whatever." I panted. "I just got to get it in there before I fire a wad all over her!"

The next move took me by surprise, Terry grabbed my cock and gave it a few pulls before nudging it up to Yuki's wet pussy.

"Hey!" he whispered with a pleased look on his face. "That's a good hard one you got there Jim, that'll fill her up nicely!. Now lets get it in."

I slowly lent forward, looking down at her slim waist and the lovely flare of his hips as he teased the swollen bell of my cock around her pussy lips before letting me start to ease into her.

"That's it Jim, nice and slow, come on, a bit more, ... a bit more! That's it fill her right up!"

I was so worried that she was going to wake up, I almost wished I had a smaller cock to lessen the chance of disturbing her!

I could feel the heat of her soft wet pussy sucking me in as Terry controlled me, finally, he moved his hand away, letting me sink my desperately hard cock up to the balls.

"That's it Jim boy, fill her up, nice and gentle now, we don't want to wake her."

I eagerly started to work my cock in and out of that hot tight cunt, slowly giving her full length strokes while my balls swung between my legs.

"That's it, there you go buddy, give her a nice slow ride!"

Fuck, it felt so good it was all I could do not shoot my load straight away. As I looked up I could see that Wayne now had his meat gripped firmly in his hand out and was rubbing it around her slightly parted lips, giving her lipstick a nice gloss coating with his pre cum. Terry continued to click away as he knelt the other side of her offering his cock to her mouth at the same time.

He then offered the camera to Wayne, and as he took it, Terry reached across for his cock. I watched in amazement as Terry then held Yuki's head in one hand and eased Wayne's fat purple helmet between her lips with the other.

"That's it baby!" He whispered, "Taste that nice big cock, you like that don't you? Treat it real nice and I'll let it fuck you soon!"

Wayne gasped as her lips closed over his cock,

"Yes! Oh FUCK yes!! Lovely little mouth, that's it Yuki, suck on Wayne's big sticky cock! Come on baby, that's the way!

Terry looked on excitedly as we continued to use his wife.

"There you are Honey," He panted, looking down at Yuki. " This what you like, isn't it? Lots of hard cock to satisfy you, shame you're sleeping through it, but no matter, we'll make it sure it's good for you, you just lay back and enjoy!"

Wayne was now working himself hard between her lips, flicking his cock in and out with a soft plopping noise. Terry then took his turn and before long she had two excited cocks battling for the pleasures of her hot mouth

I knew this was so wrong and yet felt so good, I had to have a go at that mouth.

"Hey Wayne," I said in a hushed voice, as though it would wake her, you wanna take a turn in here!"

"Hell yes" he replied, as he climbed off the sofa, still holding his rigid cock.

I eased out of her slowly as Terry came down to guide Wayne's cock into her hot little nest.

"Same rules." he panted, "Your cock, but I've got put it in!"

I watched from above as he took hold of Wayne's twitching cock.

"Hey, nice one Wayne!" Grinned Terry as he gave him a few wanks. "This'll stretch her a bit! ...Now, are you ready,...that's it nice an easy does it."

His face was inches from Wayne's cock now as he slowly eased it in.

"That a boy! Fill her up, go on, all the way. Oh yes, that's what she needs!"

He continued to urge him on as Wayne began to groan in ecstasy.

Meanwhile I was more interested in Yuki's mouth. Wayne had pulled her further down on the sofa, so I knelt astride her and using my thumb to push at the base, I gently lowered my spring like cock between her soft red lips. I was hard as steel now and would loved to have just fucked away at her face but I had to hold back in case I gagged her. It wasn't made any easier as Wayne was building up a nice pace urged on by Terry, her body was moving enough to make it feel as though she was really sucking on me, if only!

Behind me I could here Wayne's balls slapping against her bum as he continued to groan.

"Hey Yuki, how's that baby, love having my cock in you don't you, Oh yes, I can tell you're loving it,.. Anytime baby, you just get Terry there to give ol' Wayne a call when he's pissed with you, I'll be right over to teach you a lesson

He kept pumping away with his cock for a good ten minutes, keeping up a nice even pace.

"I'm gonna cum in a minute Terry!" he eventually panted, "You want me to pull out?"

"No way bud, ..just tell me when and fill her right up!"

"Right" gasped Wayne as he began to speed up, "You asked for it, Oh yes, here we go, here we go baby, it's all for you!"

I looked around just in time to see Terry gently grasp Wayne's swinging balls.

"That's it bud, empty these into her, fill her with your cum, let me squeeze every last drop into her!

Wayne was pumping hard now and gasping. "Yes, yes! Oh God Yesss! That's it Yuki, take it all, that's the girl, Oh yes ... squeeze me dry!"

With a final long groan he emptied his straining bollocks into Terry's wife.

"Fuck!" he gasped as he finished, "Fuck ...that was so good! I've been ready to give her that little lot for a long time ...Phew wee! What a great piece of pussy, shame she wasn't awake to enjoy it!"

He slowly withdrew his cock with a quiet sucking sound and waving his cock triumphantly, collapsed on his back, wearing a big grin on his face

"There you go boy's, all ready for you now, hot primed and ready to go!"

With that he started to slowly get dressed.

"You had enough?" asked Terry.

"You bet my friend, I've done my bit, I'm not hanging around for her to wake up. This is too fucking dangerous, I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead!"

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