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The Slightest Opening


I've heard the expression, "be careful what you wish for" but how about, "be careful what you do trying to help out your best friends"?

Rita and Chuck have been our best friends for almost 20 years. We have laughed, cried, celebrated, mourned, worked and vacationed together for most of that time. About 6 years ago Chuck left the financial services broker/dealer he was with and came to work for my husband David in our tractor/trailer rental business and recently David had mentioned possibly making him a partner.

Rita and I have known each other since high school and while in college, she and her boyfriend (Chuck, whom she married) introduced me to David.

After almost 4 years of dating, while we both finished school, David and I married. He is a wonderful man, handsome, kind, very intelligent; a respectful man with a terrific sense of humor and most of all, he's loving and loyal.

He isn't perfect but he is damn close!

There have been times when I would have liked to spice up our love life a little and once in a while we did, but David has been determined to retire comfortably and early and had been working very, very hard for quite some time, especially just about the time when my "do good" nature got me into so much trouble.

It began when Rita called me in a panic one afternoon and, after promising to explain later, she asked me to confirm with Chuck, if he called, that we had been shopping until store closing time at 10:00 PM a couple of evenings earlier.

Rita and I had been shopping that evening, but she left just after 7:00 PM for an "appointment".

As it was, Chuck never did call to ask me, but the following weekend, he did casually mention it while the four of us were relaxing in our hot tub after playing 18 holes of golf. Remembering how frantic Rita was when she called, I answered that we would have shopped till 12 if the stores had stayed open.

I could feel the relief emanating from Rita and I was privately embarrassed at how easily I had lied to Chuck, and in front of my own husband. I justified it thinking Rita had planned some kind of surprise that she didn't want him to find out about too soon.

I was horrified when, in private the following Monday, Rita admitted she was having an affair! Not so much an affair, but a one night stand that was supposed to be repeated at the end of the month. The night I had lied about, when we were supposed to be shopping, she had spent at a payphone talking with this man.

She works for a large retail sales firm and she had met Stan at a company workshop in San Francisco. Same old story, too much to drink, too far from home, too much excitement to let go of too soon, too embarrassed to tell me of her mistake.

I told her how upset I was and that although I wasn't about to run and tell Chuck, I would never, under any circumstances, lie for her again. I asked her to look at herself and her life with Chuck and see what she was risking over this "excitement".

She admitted that she didn't love Stan but that it had been a thrill and that it happened over 2 months ago. Since then, she and Stan had talked on the phone three times. The first two times he had called her at home while Chuck was there and she had pretended to be talking business. She said she was trying, but wasn't sure how, to break it off without letting Chuck find out and without upsetting Stan too much.

She admitted that Stan was going to be in town for the weekend at the end of the month.

Two months ago in the midst of their excitement he had asked her to join him and his associates for a private party at the Marriott here in Atlanta after which she and Stan were going to spend the rest of the night together, but now, realizing she had made a terrible mistake, she was trying to call it off before it got any worse.

It turned out that David and Chuck were scheduled to be in Savannah that weekend for a business meeting so Rita, still caught up in the excitement of the fling, had originally figured she could spend the night with Stan while they were away.

Now she was trying to figure out how to end it without upsetting Stan so much that he would let her terrible secret out. She had even thought of confessing to Chuck and hoping he would forgive her, but she couldn't bring herself to do that fearing it would hurt him badly.

After very little discussion, she agreed that she was risking too much letting it drag on like this and that she would call again and this time, break it off with Stan.

The following day I met Rita and for lunch at the Mall and she was still adamant that she was risking too much by putting off ending it. She had tried to contact Stan at the Seattle branch only to find he was actually in Europe and was not expected back until the end of the month. In fact he was due to connect in Atlanta on his way back to Seattle from his European trip.

Not wanting to raise suspicion by trying to track him down through the Company, she had decided to wait until he got back at the end of the month. She asked if I would go to the Marriott with her while she broke it off with Stan, after which we would go out and celebrate her renewed dedication to her marriage and to Chuck.

Feeling secure that it was best for all, I stood by one evening while Rita told David and Chuck we were going to get together to have dinner and see a movie while the two of them were in Savannah at the end of the month.

I'm not sure what I actually saw as she told them just then, but my best recollection was that Chuck seemed displeased with the idea but I had no idea why and I dismissed it.

Later that night when David finally came to bed after hours of work on the many and varied documents the trucking industry requires, I snuggled up to him and let him discover that I was both naked and wet with anticipation.

Knowing how close Rita was to damaging, perhaps destroying her marriage, I was finding how much I appreciated mine even more.

Once David caught on (about one millisecond after realizing I wasn't wearing a night dress) he pulled off his boxers and spooned his naked body into mine taking me into his arms.

After an extended period of caressing my breasts with both hands and alternating between planting kisses on my neck and shoulders, then trailing his tongue up my neck to my earlobes, he began to stroke my pussy.

By this time his erect cock was poking me in the ass and feeling how aroused I was, he pushed the upper part of my body away while keeping his hips locked to mine. As soon as our bodies were realigned he had me lift my upper leg slightly, then easily pushed his rigid cock into me.

In moments our mutual excitement and the novelty of this unusual position (for us) had us both in the midst of a delicious orgasm. As we came down from that very high level of excitement and extreme pleasure, David drew my body back so that it was once more wrapped in his arms and I drifted off into a much more restful sleep than I had had since Rita had first confided in me.

The following week I called Rita but I got her answering machine. I left a message and she called me back only a few minutes later. She said she had been talking with Janet, a person whom she had met a couple of weeks ago and said she would like me to meet her sometime. She added that she got right back to me in case I was thinking she was doing something she shouldn't.

Cheating tends to develop its own form of paranoia!

I was more than a little anxious as we approached the date she would meet with Stan. I just wanted to get it over and done with, and by this time I was convinced that Rita did too.

On Friday evening we went for dinner with the guys at the airport, saw them off, then went back to our place for a nightcap, agreeing to meet to go to the Marriott the next day.

On Saturday evening I drove over to Rita's at the appointed time, picked her up, then carried on to the Marriott. We checked at the desk for the room information then headed for the elevators, both of us in a hurry to get it over with.

At the elevator we ran into a woman whom Rita introduced as Janet. They talked for a moment and, as we were moving on, Janet asked if we had had dinner. We said no but we had an errand to run first and then we were going to eat and would she like to join us.

Not wanting to commit to an entire evening with Janet, Rita added that we did have a commitment later in the evening.

She accepted and now we were three and somehow I felt a little stronger having the additional person (and witness, albeit unknown to her) along with us. Rita told Janet she had to meet briefly with a colleague from work who was in town and then we would go out to eat.

We reached the room and when we knocked, the door was answered by a handsome young man whom Janet introduced as Jeff, a friend and colleague of Stan's. We met Stan a moment later as he came into the suite from an adjoining room.

I could see what had attracted Rita.

He was a very attractive young man with the emphasis on "young". I don't know for sure but I would guess he wasn't yet 30, probably younger, but certainly no more than 30 at the oldest. He was obviously a little nervous but had a pleasant smile and was immediately solicitous of Rita.

We were about to introduce Janet when her mobile rang and she excused herself and stepped aside to speak.

True to her word, Rita, without hesitation, asked Stan if she could speak to him privately. A look of concern passed over his face but he consented right away and the two of them stepped into the bedroom from which Stan had just entered.

The room was obviously being set up for a party. There were some decorations, an incredible buffet of snack food and a bar showing every conceivable type of booze.

Jeff asked if I would like a drink which I politely declined. It was kind of awkward being there with someone I had just met and it was obvious Jeff was feeling the same way, so we just stood there with embarrassed smiles on our faces waiting for Rita and Stan to reappear.

Relief came a few moments later as they both returned to the room. Just as they did, Janet, apologizing profusely and still talking on her mobile, said she couldn't stay and would not be able to join us for dinner and then she rushed out of the room.

Initially I was concerned as if we had somehow just lost an ally, but Rita, by her look and her smile and with a slight nod of her head, indicated she had been true to her word and had successfully broken it off with Stan. She announced that we too would be leaving and as we did, we were both flush with the relief of having it done and, now that it was, we headed out to celebrate.

We went to a new restaurant not far away that one of David's staff had mentioned to me, we had some pre dinner cocktails, a magnificent dinner, complete with an excellent bottle of wine and an unbelievably decadent dessert with coffee and liqueurs then, realizing we were in no shape to drive, we left my car there and took a cab home, dropping me off first, then Rita.

Sunday, feeling more than a little hung over but a lot more comfortable now that Rita's "issue" was all over with, I took a cab to her place, picked her up, retrieved my car at the Marriott parking lot, then headed for the airport to pick up the guys.

Having been through all that, I was feeling especially appreciative of my husband and decided to show him so as soon as we got home.

Our kids were still at summer camp and would not be back until the following Friday so the "coast was clear". When David headed for the hot tub, as he almost always does after returning home from travelling, I stripped and was into the tub moments later. I had already put a bottle of wine and glasses in the cooler, both easily accessible from the tub.

As I snuggled up close to him he smiled and said, "And to what do I owe this delightful surprise?"

"To the fact that I love you very much!" I answered truthfully.

I somehow felt safe and secure in his arms now that all Rita's nonsense was behind us!

David didn't need any more prompting as he poured us each a glass of wine, pulled off his own swim suit, then settled back with his arm around me, his hand casually stroking my right breast.

Thinking how close Rita had come to damaging, perhaps destroying her marriage, I appreciated the intimacy even more and was becoming strongly aroused. After a while, I began to stroke David's now erect cock and his moans of pleasure aroused me even more.

I turned and kissed him, forcing my tongue into his mouth and as I was already mostly turned, I completed the rotation and straddled him pulling his now rigid member into my pussy. I was now wet, much more from the excitement than the tub.

I sat down on him and began to fuck him as he lay back with a wonderful expression on his face, which, I'm proud to say, was clearly much more than just lust.

What a wonderful feeling to love someone whom you know loves you!

I leaned forward trying to push my nipples into his mouth and he tried to accommodate me, but my bouncing up and down on his cock made it too difficult. I gently pulled back, pushed him back to relax and continued riding him.

"I'm real close Baby!" he whispered not long afterwards.

"Just relax and let it come on." I whispered back.

I had been concentrating on pleasing my man and although incredibly aroused, I wasn't near orgasm but, as I watched David's expression as he came, pumping himself into me, I knew an orgasm of my own wouldn't have felt any better than watching the husband I loved so much, enjoy his.

I love this man more than I know how to say!

After resting in his arms for the longest time, we got up and headed for the shower by the pool to wash off the smell of the tub but, before we got there, David took me in his arms from behind, gently stroking my breasts and making my already hard nipples even more so. He turned me around and lay me back on a lounge chair, kneeling between my legs and taking my pussy into his mouth.

I was already aroused but I have also had this thing about David eating me after having just cum in me. As far as I remember, we had only done it twice before, both times when we had returned from a party and we were both more than a little drunk.

This time, we were quite sober, not having even finished our first glass of wine and the sobriety made it that much more thrilling. I was so close that the first orgasm hit me within seconds, and David didn't let up, resulting in a second orgasm from his continued tongue lashing on my clit.

I haven't cum twice in one lovemaking session since we were in college.

As exciting as it all was, it was wonderfully capped off that night as David snuggled up to me in our bed, his naked body pressed against mine, and he held me as we drifted off to sleep.

David called me from work Monday afternoon to say that he was "tired" and wouldn't be staying as late as usual. Damn, I wish I had made those moves, like I did yesterday and last week, a long time ago! He was home for a delightful candlelit dinner and afterwards we talked with the kids briefly as Monday was "call home" day at their camp.

Not long after that call ended, the doorbell rang and David answered to find a severely agitated Chuck at our door. I had a feeling of dread come over me and I sensed that the shit was about to hit the fan.

They went into David's home office and did not come out for almost 40 minutes.

When they finally did come out, Chuck left without a word and when I looked at David, he was pale as a ghost and, by the expression on his face, I could tell he was in pain.

With tears in his eyes David said, "We need to talk Lisa, right now!"

"I have no idea how to deal with this." He began, "Just let me get it out and please Lisa, if you ever loved me, no more lies!"

"Lies! What lies?" I shouted.

Then he handed me a small pile of photographs. The first was of Jeff and I apparently smiling at each other at the bar in the hotel room that Saturday evening. It certainly appeared as though we were at some sort of party. The next 3 were much the same, obviously taken in a short period of time all contributing to the notion that we were a couple at some sort of celebration.

The fourth was of Rita and Stan just coming out of what was obviously a hotel bedroom and again, the rest were taken in the next few moments.

Janet must have taken them.

I took a deep breath to calm myself then looked David in the eyes and said, "David, I can see what this looks like, but it is not what it appears. I have not been seeing anyone. I am not having an affair. I haven't done anything that would hurt you in any way. I . . ."

Before I could finish David said, "Were you at the Marriott Saturday night?"

"Yes, but . . ."

"Did you plan to go there with Rita weeks ago?"

"Yes, but. . ."

"Did you know Rita was having an affair?"

"I knew she has had a one night stand, yes."

"Did you lie and cover for her?"

"Yes, but . "

"Was that a private party at the Marriott last night thrown by the guy Rita has been fucking?"

"Yes, but . . "

"What time did you get home?"

"About 10:15."

"Which day?"

"Saturday of course!"

There were tears in his eyes and the pain was so strong I could feel it just by looking at him.

"Chuck has suspected Rita for a couple of months. Apparently he didn't pay much attention to a suspicious phone call he overheard a while back, but when it happened again a week later, he was upset. He was about to finally confide in me a few weeks ago when you and Rita said you were going out together while we were away. Fearing Rita might not be the only one screwing around, he hired a P.I. who has been watching Rita and who went with you to the party last night and took the pictures.

She apparently had a personal emergency and had to leave, but took these pictures with her telephone before she did and, when she picked up on her surveillance later that night, she had no way of telling if Rita was home as you had driven, so she checked our place.

Her report says Rita said you had an appointment later and that you never did come home that night. Your car did not reappear in our driveway until you brought me back from the airport on Sunday."

At the time, I must have been in shock as I couldn't respond. There was a long period of silence before David finally said, "You made me the happiest, proudest man in the world on Sunday Lisa. I've never felt so happy! Was I getting sloppy seconds?"

That hurt!

"David, please give me a chance and I'll tell you the whole story."

"Please do." He replied, tears now streaming down his cheeks.

I took a moment to compose myself then told David the whole story in morbid detail not leaving out one single thing that I could remember. My only difficulty through all of it, was the obvious pain, emotional pain, David clearly was going through.

When I had finally finished David said nothing for which seemed like an eternity then finally he asked, "You did lie about shopping with Rita until 10:00 that night?"

"Yes. I'm sorry. I did."

"You told Chuck and I you were going to dinner and a movie when you knew you were going to a private party with these guys Stan and Jeff?"

"Yes but . . . "

"DID YOU LIE OR DIDN"T YOU?" he shouted.

"Yes. David, but I've told you the truth just now. You have to believe me."

David, still in pain sobbed, "You have no idea how much I want to believe you Lisa, no idea how much I want to believe that the woman I have loved for as long as I can remember is not fucking someone else, has not made me into a . . .a . . .cuckold.

I'm afraid I may be some kind of idiot whose wife and her lover have been laughing at behind his back."

"David, I love you! I could never do anything like that to you."

"But you can. . . if fact, you DID . . .lie to me didn't you?"

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