tagNonHumanThe Slow Drawing Of Blood

The Slow Drawing Of Blood


The cold fall air gently whipped me as I turned the corner to go home. For some reason I wanted to go on this particular street, even though the cemetery that lay on it was legendary for housing creeps, perverts and rapists. Just that week a girl younger than I was fingered and almost raped in the same cemetery I was going to pass. But I knew I looked strong, and could kick some ass or balls if I needed to.

As I walked past the cemetery's new gates, inconsistent with the old headstones, I felt the wind get a little more powerful. My notebook was blown out of my hand, and though I got it back, my pencil rolled for several more feet.

I stooped to pick it up, and suddenly I was surrounded by hurricane-like gales in every direction. I screamed and tried to run, but I was held captive by virtual walls of wind. The wind grew even stronger, and I was picked up and lifted above the cemetery. The last thing I saw before blacking out was the aerial view of the forest beyond the cemetery.

I woke, it seemed, an eternity after blacking out. Somehow, it appeared that the wind had torn off all but my white underwear. Feeling extremely nude and vulnerable, I covered my breasts with my arms and raised a bit from the leaf pile in which I was deposited. It was the dead of night, and I doubted anyone would come looking for me now. Suddenly I heard a voice.

"Don't bother covering your beautiful bust. I have been admiring you for some time. I thought you would never awaken."

I saw a figure emerge from the trees; a tallish, black-haired, pale young man, with eyes matching the hair, or so I thought.

He strode over to me and looked down at me. "Were it not for your modest underwear, I could have been gazing at your naked perfection all this time. Let's just see, shall we?"

"Uh, I don't think so," I said, rising to a sitting position. "I've had enough of you perverts and creeps around here. I could kick your ass royally if I wanted."

He chuckled, condescending with a touch of evil in it. "Ah, I picked a feisty little girl," he said with amusement, grabbing my arm and pulling me toward him. Then he whispered quietly, "You won't be so belligerent when I get through with you this night."

I pulled away from him in disgust. "How dare you say nasty shit like that to me? So help me, I will make sure you never have children!"

I turned and started to run, but he grabbed me from behind and held me tightly to his chest, me struggling and fighting all the while as he said, "No one's going to help you now. Everyone's asleep, except for me and you, and I'm not going to let you go that easily."

He turned me around in his arms and said, "Classy but spicy...I like that in a woman. Now, let me ask you this: how many men have you let claim you?"

"No man claims me until I am married to him," I said defiantly, my brown eyes staring fiercely into his eyes. But now I noticed that a strange flame flickered and burnt in the very center of his pupils, and it admittedly weakened me to see it. A tiger's smile curved his lips.

"So...you are a virgin," he said thoughtfully. "And a traditionalist at that. Very classy of you."

I cut my eyes at him suspiciously. "What exactly do you plan to do with me?"

He nodded. "I will do to you what I wish to do, and you will let me," he said, his eyes now burning into mine.

I scoffed. "Tch! Whatever, big man! You can try, but I daresay you won't get far with me."

He chuckled again, this time with more evil. "False bravado...yet another facet of your extremely varied personality. And I know another side of you as well."

"And what would that be?" I asked, crossing my arms and rolling my eyes.

"I know," he said, pacing around me, "that you are secretly excited by this."

"By what? Shit, I can't wait to get away from you!" I said, all the while turning with him and keeping my suspicious eye on him.

"Ah-ah-ah...I know that this setting, this time of night, and the way I am and the way I speak excites you greatly. I know that right now, your body is preparing itself for me. I know that this is one of your deepest and darkest fantasies that your conscious mind won't acknowledge." He pulled me toward him and smiled a toothy grin, revealing sharp fang-like teeth on either side. I gasped.

"You're a vampire!"

"Yes...so glad you noticed," he said with pure evil in his voice.

In one swift move, he pulled at the waistband of my panties with both hands, and slid them slowly down my strong thighs and slim calves. They stopped at my slender ankles, and he stood back a bit and looked at me.

"Oh...you're so beautiful," he breathed, reaching out and stroking from my breasts in to my waist and along the curve of my hips. I shuddered at the cold touch of his long, pale fingers on my bare flesh.

"Oh, don't be frightened," he said with saccharine in his voice. "I will be gentle when I am finally inside you."

My face flushed, and, in spite of my fear, my clitoris began to throb. I cast my eyes downward, embarrassed of my physical reaction to his words, and he chuckled. "Ah, so I finally made you blush a bit." His tone and words were maddening to say the least.

He raised my chin with one finger and held my gaze, and he spoke. "I knew that I excited you with my very presence. I told you so, and now you have proof; your own body responded to me, as I knew it would."

His eyes trailed down to my lips. "Such lips, full and red with blood."

He gazed lower, at my neck. "A neck, so slender and yet strong. Fitting for a woman of your caliber."

He let his eyes wander lower, settling on my breasts. "Your breasts, so round and full and...tempting."

He looked even lower, at my hips. "Such hips, curved, saucy and yet so very virginal."

Then he raised his eyes slowly and put his hands gently on my hips. "And I know you are moist and soft and warm inside," he said, slowly sliding his right hand from my hip to my thigh to between my thighs.

I felt his cold fingers exploring me, and I was shocked out of my reverie, but strangely was struck dumb as I felt one of his fingers slowly slide inside me. He sighed in genuine awe.

"God, you are so...hot inside. So ready for me." He regained his cool composure and chuckled deep in his throat. "I knew it would be so. Now do you believe that I am your fantasy?"

I stubbornly denied him a reply, even though I knew that he was right; it just disgusted me that my subconscious could have such strange and weird fantasies.

"I know you realize I'm right," he cooed gently. "It's all right. You are human, with human fantasies and desires. Stop being so straightlaced, and succumb to me and your human desires."

Still struck dumb, but still able to partially control my body, I pushed him away and tried to regain the rest of my control over my fully aroused self. "This cannot be me; I do not need my fantasies fulfilled to feel good. I have willpower stronger than anyone," I told myself.

Then I turned to look at him, who stood there, a slight knowing smile on his face. "But then," I thought wildly, "why do I have such a compulsion to accept this and go with it? Why am I suddenly all about the body when I've always been about the mind before?"

He broke into my thought by saying, "I know why. You are discovering a new side of yourself...a side I very much like. Let yourself go."

I shook my head slightly. "But I want to stay a virgin. It's one of my priorities."

"Your mind may want that, but your body is telling you much differently, isn't it?" I nodded, sheepishly.

"Listen to yourself, my darling. It is not shameful or weak to succumb to anything; it is human. And your human side is what I find the most...desirable right now."

As he said it, he reached for me and held me tightly. "Hush your mind, and let your body go and enjoy the sensations I will give you..." he whispered, and he lowered me to the ground. Then he lay on top of me, and, to my surprise, my legs opened by themselves. "Not yet, my darling. Let me awaken your senses first before I dive headfirst into them," he said amusedly.

He raised himself on his arms, which were on either side of me. Then, with his face hovering above mine, he slowly kissed me gently. I relaxed visibly and let him kiss me again and again, and suddenly I felt him bare his teeth. I cried out as one of his sharp fangs pricked my lower lip, but he shushed me by taking my lower lip in between his and sucking gently. It felt like I was being caressed from the inside out as he slowly sucked some of my blood.

Then he let my lips rest, trailed down to my neck, and lay kiss upon kiss on the tender skin, not letting his teeth graze me once for blood. I felt him rise from my neck what seemed like hours later and felt him trail down to my breasts. He kissed them gently, then took my left nipple in his mouth and sucked, first slowly, then faster until he had both nipples aroused. Then he stopped everything.

"Are you ready for me?" he asked gently, and this time it was a sincere concern. I shook myself partially out of the dream world he had lulled me into and nodded my approval. He smiled, brought his body up onto mine so that our faces were almost touching, then let his lower body slip between my legs. Then he reached down with one hand and pulled his penis out. I could feel it touching me as I lay there, and a little flitter of fear started up in my heart.

"Don't worry," he said softly. "I'll be gentle going inside you."

He pressed his lips gently to mine, and then he pushed his penis forward. I felt the tip penetrate me, and I gasped softly at the new feeling. Then he slowly slid his penis inside me the rest of the way. My body involuntarily shivered, and he looked down at me kindly.

"I told you I would be gentle." He caressed my hips slowly as he thrust again, and I gasped again, this time out of pleasure. He chuckled at me.

"You see? I'm making you feel good. And to think you weren't going to let me inside you," he said, and he thrust again, harder this time. He sighed and breathed, "You feel so good and warm inside."

He kissed me again, a hungry kiss of passion, and let his lips blaze from my lips to my neck. Then he kissed my neck gently, again and again as he thrust his penis harder inside me. His hands explored up from my hips to my waist up to my breasts, and he cupped both breasts in his hands as he began to suck on my neck, gently at first, then more hungrily. Then I felt him bare his teeth again, but this time I didn't cry out as I felt both his fangs slide into my neck.

I could feel the blood welling up on my neck, and he put his lips over the drops and began to suck hard, creating the feeling of being caressed from the inside out again. Again he thrust his penis inside me, and he started thrusting faster as he sucked, driving me crazy with the multiple sensations. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and caressed him in my pleasure, touching harder as the vibrations of pleasure inside me heightened exponentially in intensity.

Finally he pulled his lips from my neck, gasping. His once-pale face was now flushed, and he smiled at me, his teeth colored a little red.

"Your blood is so rich and thick, my darling, and your body is so responsive to me." I couldn't speak; the pleasure was so intense that I had to cry out a bit.

"Ah!" He smiled at my expression of pleasure.

"I knew I would make you feel good. But you are doing the same and more for me!" He thrust his penis again, harder inside me, and he rose to a sitting position between my legs. I watched and felt as he pulled my hips onto his lap, and it felt as if he was penetrating my very core. Again and again he thrust into me, and I squeezed his penis inside me tightly.

His expression turned to one of surprise, and he cried, "God, you feel so tight and warm!" I squeezed again, this time in pulses. His thrusts grew harder, matching my squeezes in intensity, and he started to gasp as it heightened his pleasure as well. He moved back on top of me and started to suck my neck again, his lips powerfully and easily drawing my blood. He thrust his penis inside me fast, grinding against me fiercely, his passion now fully aroused, and suddenly I felt myself losing control.

I yelled out in my delight, and his yells of ecstasy joined mine as we both hit our orgasms with a force so powerful it shattered the night. I could feel his sperm thundering into me, his body shaking with the pleasure, and I could feel my own muscles contracting and releasing in shock waves like an earthquake. Finally I wound down, and he slowly withdrew his penis, gasping.

As I breathed, slower and deeper, he sighed, then said softly, "You are wonderful, my darling. You took what I gave you in pleasure and gave it back to me twofold."

And at last, my tongue loosened, and I said, "And you gave me the sexual experience of my life...sexy man."

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