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The Soccer Bitch



I had joined my local Sunday soccer league team not too long ago. It was a small county side based team with only 15 players. I joined knowing I had always been a good left winger. This I suspected was down to my small height and slim frame which gave me some pace and a good centre of gravity. I was also very energetic, at 20 years old; I could run and run and run.

It had been going well for me; the men on the team were all friendly - albeit brutish. Most were around 30-35, white, around 6ft with skinheads. The manager, Jay, was no exception to this. He stood however at 6ft4; he had a very athletic body, ripped and toned through years of gym work and sport. He bragged to the other players about his days playing in the conference.

There was one little thing that irked me about the team however; as I was so much younger the team kinda took upon themselves to look after me. Only this meant referring to me as the bitch.

"C'mon Luke you bitch 20 press ups" barked Jay with great pleasure on the training pitch.

This always made me feel hugely embarrassed. What's more I could hear the other players sniggering in the background. I had tried to ask Jay to stop, but he didn't seem to get my concern or anguish. In the end I just put it down to football banter and got on with it. This went on for about a couple of month or so. However it had got to the stage where each week without fail the team would call me bitch, push me around make me lose training drills.

"Bitch, a lap of the pitch, now!" the gaffe bellowed after losing one of the drills on the cold winters evening.

I wearily began on my way slowly, jogging past each member without making eye contact, when suddenly I heard a loud slap sound in tandem with a sharp but sudden sting on my left cheek. It took me a moment to take in that one of the lads had just spanked my butt!

They all roared with laughter! I turned to see who the culprit was but it wasn't clear. After that this became the norm. I would come home from matches and training with a deep red butt from the casual spankings. I'd get my clothes on – spank on the butt. I'd run of collect the ball – spank on the butt. You get the idea, it would have been ok, I suppose, if it was just one person but it seemed to be the whole team. I think the most humiliating thing of all was the laughing each slap got from the group!

I'm sure that if it wasn't for the social side of the team and my enjoyment of the great game, that I'd have been long gone. Thing is I liked going out with the team and socialising . I thought if I kept it up eventually they'd become friends. I didn't have many friends before and didn't get out much before the team, now I was out almost every other week - usually in the clubs.

Chapter One

It was a moderately cold February night, I'd been invited out by the team to the usually pub and then to a club. The lads were partaking in one of their classic ultra-macho competitions to see how many "slags" they could pull. I never really gave, or was considered, any competition. It wasn't for the want of trying, may I add. Girls and I though just never seemed to go. I had had one brief encounter a year ago which ended as inexplicably as it started. I had drummed it into myself that it was because at 5ft7 - I was just too small and skinny to get noticed in places like this.

Jamal used to win these competitions a lot. Jamal was one of the few black guys on the team, he was central defender and Captain. He wasn't too tall, around 5ft11, and his face was bodged from years of being bashed around. Despite this he oozed charisma, which is why, I think the girls liked him.

Jamal never had much to do with me on the team, however he swaggered on over and put his arm around me patting my bum as he did so.

"Sup bitch" Jay said with a wink.

It was then that I had a hideous realisation. It was him who had first slapped me, I could tell from the way his hand gently patted my ass.

"Don't make me embarrass you in training" I said trying to act confident.

Jamal just laughed nonchalantly in response. Since I'd joined the team I'd been doing my best to try being a bit cocky, but the constant torment was really getting to me, and undermined my cockiness.

"You can't embarrass me I have you in my back pocket bitch" Jamal was a bit of a dick, I didn't feel comfortable around him.

"Look stop calling me bitch and spanking me" I tried to say assertively. However I don't think I nailed the assertive tone.

"Ok, I'll make a deal I'll stop it, if you beat me at the teams poker night next month!" Jamal responded much to my surprise.

"Deal" I said as Jamal sauntered on.

It wasn't a great deal, and I still had to deal with him calling me names and spanking for another month.

The month went by in a blur not much changed in the team however we were performing very poorly in the league. We were only a point about relegation, it was March now and there were only a couple of games left. However tonight was poker night and I was determined to beat Jamal.

Poker night was at Jay's house at 8, I made it my priority to be there a little bit early to size up my opponents. I arrived at 10 to 8 and expected a big lavish house with the trophy wife, so you can imagine my surprise when I turned up to a distinctly averaged terraced house – with no wife!

Slowly everyone arrived and the poker game was started each of us put in $30.00. The pot was a very appealing $450. I was no pro admittedly but I was cautious and played it safe. We got started I won a few hands lost a few and it carried on like so. The hours wore on and I was still in. I had few chips left though – but I had made it through to the last three! Jay had the second least and Jamal was winning, the rest of the team sat round having a hearty drink and throwing insult around.

It had got to about 3am now; the rest of the team had gone. By some miracle I was still in, and I had been slowly growing my fortune! Unluckily for Jamal he had just gone all in and got beaten by Jay. Jay roared in delight and Jamal cursed his luck. Jamal headed off home disheartened.

"Goodbye Jamal" I said, and gave him a wink. I had won and was no longer to referred to as bitch or spanked by the captain.

"Just me and you bitch" said Jay.

My happiness was to be premature though as I realised that the manager could still call me it. It had gotten late now it was about 4 am. The alcohol had really taken affect upon me, and after some poor judgement I was down to my very last chip! It was a certain win now for Jay.

"I'll cut you a deal, ok?" Jay said looking at me coyly.

"I'll give you 500 worth of chips to keep on playing. If you win I'll get the whole team to stop taking the piss outta you and spanking you, however if you lose you have to serve me for the night. You know make me dinner, drinks, and stuff".

I should've known better to make a deal with Jay especially when I was quite drunk. In my drunken mind this seemed a good deal, however it wasn't . For one Jay still had a huge amount more chips then me, secondly I didn't want to spend more time with the manager!

More hands played and my drunken state had made me rash, I won the first hand with a pair of 7's but promptly lost the next two. Jay meanwhile was telling me how he liked his food cooked, whilst giving me a smug smile which gave me a bad feeling.

My next hand was dynamite, ace of diamonds and spades, I tried to play it cool, I raised the bet a bit. The first cards were turned a 6 of clubs a jack of hearts and a 4 of clubs. I raised a substantial amount, Jay met my bet. I felt good, I was so sure I had this, Jay didn't look at all confident. The next card came out 6 of diamonds; I had two pairs and was now extremely confident, I raised, based on Jay's uneasy face. Jay matched my bet. The next two cards that came out were a jack of clubs and a 3 of diamonds; I decided to go all in, I was positive I'd win; my hands were trembling with anticipation and excitement. Jay matched my bet, which in hindsight wasn't such a big risk for him, considering his strong position. He now looked confident, the uneasy look was all but gone, and I could feel myself sweating.

We revealed our cards, it seemed to go in slow motion, I looked eagerly at his cards – king of clubs and a two of clubs. I felt a horrible sinking feeling I slouched back in my seat, defeated. A broad grin spread across Jay's face.

"Well bitch looks like you serve me now, for a start you can come here and suck my dick!"

"What?" I said surprised.

"We bet that if you lost you would serve me, now I want a blowjob so come one bitch". said Jay.

I felt sick, I knew Jay was quite sly but this wasn't like him .

"But,... but, I'm not gay". I stammered.

"That's neither here nor there, we made a deal. I've liked your smooth milky skin since the day we met; now I want to see your pink lips around my cock!" Jay said with a wicked smile.

I stood up scared I looked at Jay who sensed I was his and leant back spreading his legs apart to reveal the outlines or his bulge through his trousers.

"Come on bitch get on your knees" he hissed.

I had a clean sight of his door, so I took it and ran for it. I knew I was quicker than Jay; I reached the door and bolted through it. Jay hadn't even chased me, I thought it was weird and wondered if he was just joking about the whole thing. As I fell asleep that night I wondered what the next training session would be like.

Chapter Two

It had been 3 days since the poker night, and the night of training was closely arriving. The whole day at work I had been unable to concentrate. I had the image of Jay's big bulge imprinted on my mind, I was scared he was going to try enforcing the bet on me, and I cursed myself for making the stupid bet.

I arrived for training a bit later than usual but no one seemed to notice, we got into a few drills and all was good.

"Great shot!" Jay said with a raised voice.

He omitted calling me a bitch, I ran back to line no one spanked me. It was weird had he forgotten or was he joking. Training carried on like this till around May.

It was the last day of the season and we needed a win to avoid relegation from the league. I hadn't prepared right before the game, consequently I was very nervous, this wasn't helped by the fact it was a big game too, against our closest rivals. There was a lot of bad blood between the two sides; it was a tense 0-0, we needed to win to secure our safety which only added to the tension. The game was evenly matched – there were few chances. The ball broke for me nicely in the last minutes. I rounded the defender and went to shoot but scuffed the shot wide. It was an appalling miss, and Jamal let me know it. I felt bad immediately.

"What the fuck was that shit! Do you not want to win?" Jamal yelled.

Jamal's eyes were fiery with rage. I wanted the ground to swallow me up. Back in the changing rooms, I sat there disheartened we were relegated from the league. The lads sat in the changing room, heads bowed, whilst Jay was shouting all the while. Something about how shit we were and that he could've played better on his own.

"I'm off now lads, look tonight were all still going out though, end of season partttaay! So make sure you show a better fucking performance tonight then you did out there!" Jay begrudgingly said having finished his rant. And with that he was gone.

Slowly, one by one the lads wondered into the showers dejected and disinterested. Something inside of me compelled me to take a sneak peak at a cock in the shower. I did not know if it was the subconscious image of Jay's bulge imprinted on my mind. I lowered my head discretely and caught a glimpse of Jamal's cock. It was long longer, in fact I looked around some more, and everyone seemed to be longer than mine! I knew full well I was no Ron Jeremy, but I had always considered my 5" tool average.

Jamal's cock was the one that caught my eye the most, it was long probably 7 inches, it looked thick too. I must admit I'd watched a lot of porn, well I had too... I wasn't getting any elsewhere! Jamal's cock looked like porn stars long thick and glistening in the water. As I began to look up and get out I happened to catch Jamal looking at me with a very smug look. He had seen me! I could feel myself blushing a deep red, I was so embarrassed I rushed dressing and left as quick as possible – before anyone else had even came out the showers.

BZZZ BZZZ, my phone went off with a text from Jay. I'd fallen asleep as soon as id got home, it was now 7pm, we were supposed to be going out at 8pm. I didn't really feel in the mood for the torment that would come my way after missing that chance. I opened the text it read "I've decided you're still allowed to come out after that horrendous miss! See you at the pub in an hour bitch". I felt low, I hadn't been called bitch since the poker night, and it looked like it was back. I groaned picked up my phone chucked on some jeans and a white tee shirt and left.

I arrived at the pub just as the cabs were coming to take us to the club. I was greeted by the team Jay gave me a hug, his hands fell a little lower than what a "friends" hug might've. I found this odd, but thought nothing more of it. The club scene was no different for me than usual still no girls seemed interested, I'd had a quite a few shots and was a bit worse for wear by the time we left.

Most of the team had pulled, and there were only 4 of us, including Jay, remaining for the cab home. As the cab pulled up to our neighbourhood I realised I didn't have my keys, I frantically searched around my pockets but they weren't anywhere to be seen.

"Whatchya doing there bitch?" Jay said interrupting my search.

"I lost my keys.." I told him agitatedly.

Jay looked over me, almost eyeing me up before saying as sympathetically as he could - "you can come to my place if you like bitch, can't sleep on the streets". I hesitated for a while, would this be awkward, last time I was there I was ordered to suck his dick. On the other hand he hadn't even mentioned it since, maybe he was over it, maybe it was just a joke. I begrudgingly accepted his offer. This seemed to please Jay a great deal and rendered me quite nervous.

Good!" Jay said.

We arrived at Jay's at about 3 am and I was feeling nervous I was still quite drunk though which probably saw me through the door. Jay walked on behind me and opened the door for me.

"You can have a seat in the living room bitch" Jay pointed me to the left at the living room.

I took a seat on the sofa and sat quietly, hoping this wouldn't be awkward and Jay had forgotten about the bet. However this hope would be short lived.

Jay walked in and passed me a cider and took a seat opposite me.

"Remember last time you were here, you ran away didn't you bitch?" Jay said coldly.

"Don't start with this, I was very drunk, I didn't think that's what you meant by serve?" I pleaded.

"It's just a blow job, if you just give me a blow job, you won't have to serve me, we'll call it quits, ok? I need this it's been long" Jay said this without breaking eye contact. It made me feel nervous and scared.

"Do you promise? I want you to stop calling me bitch too? And show me some respect? Then we have a deal". Jay eagerly agreed motioning me to come nearer to him.

I got up off the couch and began to walk over to him, although only a few metres away it felt like a few miles. I could feel Jay's eyes all over my body. I couldn't believe what I was about to do.

"I'm not gay though, you can't tell anyone" I managed to croak out. Jay just nodded.

"Come on get on your knee's bitch"

I looked at him quizzically and Jay sensed my apprehension.

"Look you said I couldn't call you bitch once you'd blown me, but you haven't blown me yet. So you're still my bitch!" Jay explained.

I felt really low, but knew this would be the end of it. I looked down at his crouch.

"We don't have all day!" Jay barked.

Jay pulled me by my waist down in between his knees. He stretched and sat back into his chair , his hand beyond his head, full of bliss. A stark contrast to my nervous scared face; I wasn't sure what to do. I looked at his crotch area for a while until Jay got bored and without warning stood out of his chair and yanked his jeans off.

"Do I have to do everything myself! Jay exclaimed.

"Now give it a little kiss, right on the head..." Jay teased.

I was static. His cock had looked big in the bulge and here it was only semi hard lying at what must have been about 9 inches. He didn't look thick by any means but he wasn't exactly thin. I stared in fear of it, Jay wiggled it around and it swung and hit me on the cheek leaving a bit of pre cum on my face. Jay had become impatient, grabbing my hair and pulling my face down to meet his cock, which bounced off my lips.

"We both know you're going to suck my dick, bitch, you want this. You want this cock in your mouth, I know you do. It'll all be over; the torment, the bet; and all you have to do it suck my dick" Jay teased.

I felt nervous and blushed; I decided to go for it, after all this was a onetime thing. I kissed the tip like Jay wanted and was greeted by Jay telling me to open up. Clearly he'd had enough of the build-up. I opened my mouth and was pushed down on to Jay's big cock which was still growing; it wasn't as thin as id first thought. I began to panic; I knew I couldn't do this. I tried to get up but Jay just held me in place. He was so much bigger than me, his big 6ft5 inch frame made it easy for him to hold me down.

"Ha, where do you think you're going? "Jay chuckled. "We had a deal. You agreed to this. Let me tell you something, a blow job is getting it down your throat and enjoying it. I want to hear you enjoying my meat. If you don't, I may just not be able to honour our deal".

With that I was defeated. I gave up trying to get away and began to suck. I was so humiliated. His cock tasted soft but was rock hard in my mouth; it was musky and had big veins on it which I could feel with my tongue. His cock was invading my mouth and I felt resigned to take it. It was then that I decided that if I could get him off it would end quicker. So I went to work, doing what I thought was best.

I swirled my tongue over his bell end and in his pee slit, it tasted funny - sweaty, probably from the long night in the club. I tried my very best to get him off, I began to wank the base of his cock – which drew loud grunts from Jay. I kept this up for a while but my hand began to ache, and Jay started to become more vicious. By now he had gotten into a rhythm of thrusting about half into my mouth, making me gag, pulling out to my lips and repeating.

This had gotten easier as time had gone on, my spit had made his cock slippery, so slippery my mouth was practically sliding half way up and down his big cock. I couldn't get used to the taste and the invader in my mouth had caused my jaw to ache, what made it even worse Jay would be making comments such as:

"Oh yeah your lips look so good wrapped around my cock" Jay teased.

"Ohhh, Bitch, you've got a good mouth, we need to do this again" Jay added to the humiliation.

Jay's comments just made me feel even more embarrassed, and he could sense it, so he carried on calling me names.

"You're the best prettiest cocksucker bitch, you should just give me blowjobs instead of playing for the team." Jay said trying to humiliate me.

I felt so low and dirty, but despite this, I could feel my cock twitching – I had a semi! Maybe it was the alcohol I didn't know but I couldn't be enjoying this.

I was snapped back to reality by Jay slapping the side of my face .

"I asked you a question bitch!"

In my confusion I'd shut Jay out. I looked up at him with a pleading expression, Jay looked to be having way to much fun to stop.

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