tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Solitary Arrow Ch. 02

The Solitary Arrow Ch. 02


The smaller orc muttered then scurried off and began gathering up the fallen equipment. The larger orc carried the two some distance back up the scree then through another ravine. He finally came to a cleft in the stone walls of a short sheer-sided cliff. With a mighty heave, he used his shoulder to shove back a stone that blocked the majority of a concealed entrance, revealing a short passage that led to a small cave. He dragged the two in behind him and dropped them negligently to the floor. He liked his secret cave, few other orcs knew about it, and most of them were now dead. He was going have fun with this elf girl for a long time before he killed her.

A few moments later, Snatbug came in with the booty from their adventure and looked at the girl, his red eyes gleamed with lust. "We going to have a go at her, then?" He asked.

"Well, I'm going to fuck her, then when I'm done, if I decide to take a break, you might grab a bit of her ass." The big orc said, taking a swat at his smaller cousin. "Right now, I'm going to go report to the captain that they tried to ambush us and killed the other boys, then ran away." He said. "You go outside and watch out over the fight spot."

Both the orcs left the cave, then there was a grinding sound as the stone was pushed back into place.

A few minutes later, Hyandai's eyes fluttered open. Her head felt like a drum. Pain pulsed with each beat of her heart, causing her to wince. The stench that struck her nose was horrid. She looked around and saw Harlen. He was barely breathing, and blood was bubbling from his lips. He would die soon, she thought. She squirmed in her bonds and managed to get her head pointed toward him and rolled onto her belly. She inched her way, painfully, across the floor.

When she finally reached his head, she leaned over his face and pressed her lips to his. She breathed into him, forcing his lungs to expand. She could hear the sickening sound of his ribs sliding over each other inside his chest but she pushed on. Another deep breath and she blew again, expanding his lungs farther this time. After a handful more breaths and she could no longer hear ribs moving. Her healing breath was repairing the damage as it inflated the punctured lungs, and moving the broken ribs back into place. She exhaled into him a half dozen more times, unsure how badly hurt his insides were, and wanting to be as sure as she could. He seemed to be breathing normally now.

"Harlen, awaken." She said into his ear. He murmured something but did not wake up, he was still groggy from the shock. She bit his ear sharply, he yelled something incoherent and awakened. His eyes popped open as he tried to sit up. But, his hands were bound behind his back, and he fell again.

"Where are we?" He asked, his face panic-stricken

She looked around. "Some cave the orcs have thrown us in. I think they will not be gone long." She twisted her wrists. "I can not unbind my hands." She said, her voice took on a sorrowful note. "I will be raped when they return."

Harlen nodded, grunting as he struggled with his bonds. "I wish I could help." He said, then he fell down again. "I'll keep trying to get loose."

She shook her head. "We need them to think you near death." She said. "If you can free yourself while they are otherwise occupied with me, you may be able to surprise them."

"I can't accept that, Hyandai." Harlen said, still straining at the bonds that securely kept his wrists locked together. "I wish there were some way for me to help you." He grunted through his teeth, pulling on the cloth knots.

"There is not." She said. Then her eyes flashed. "I know of only one thing." She looked at him. "Would you risk your sanity for me? You did say you would risk your life, but your sanity may be a dearer thing."

Harlen nodded. "Of course I would." He smiled lopsidedly. "My sanity is in oft called into doubt, regardless."

She giggled a little at that. "Then look into my eyes, time is short." She could hear the big orc returning, yelling at his subordinate.

Harlen stared into her golden eyes, which was something he liked to do anyway, actually. Hyandai returned the stare, gazing into his fathomless blue eyes. With a last sigh, she let herself fall into them. Harlen's head slammed back, as if he had been struck across the bridge of his nose. He could feel his mind shift in his skull, and felt as part of himself was shoved aside, and then something filled the newly vacated space. 'I am with you now.' Hyandai said, and her lips did not move, for her voice was inside his own head. He faintly heard an echo in the elven tongue. 'Most of me is here, anyway.' She amended. 'I have need to speak. Just relax and let me use your voice.'

He tried to do as she said, and then heard himself speaking elven. Her body responded by saying something back in a happy sing-song voice. Hyandai then looked at him. "You seem a nice man, and speak good elven." She said. "When the orcs are finished making a woman of me, you will lie with me also?"

Harlen, still confused, said "Gladly, beautiful maiden." The body that was Hyandai giggled, then lay there with a look of pleased expectation on her face.

'What did you tell her?' He thought.

She replied. 'I told her the nice orcs were coming to deflower her and to not be scared, it is the normal way, so she now thinks.' There was a pause in the mind-speech. 'She is like a child, Harlen. Only a small portion of me is still lies within her mind. Now, grab your pack and lie still.'

He did as she said again, the stone was being forced aside. Two orcish voices could be heard as they crawled back into the cave. "Okay, you can have a poke at her when I've finished, right?"

Sullenly, the smaller one replied. "Like it'll be any fun after you've taken your club to her. But, a beggar must take what he can get, eh?"

Gorepole laughed at that. "Then bugger her in the ass, like I says. I'll leave it for you, you're a good mate." The big orc came over to the two people. "This one's gonna live, maybe." He said. "We'll have fun with him later, though."

He grabbed up Hyandai roughly by her shoulders and looked at her.

She smiled insipidly and said "Are you the one who is going to make a woman of me?" As he began to carry her to the crudely-built table in the center of the room.

Rather startled the orc said. "You sound like you're looking forward to it, then?" He regarded her with those red eyes. "Your human friend or that dead elf boy out there not fill you up good?"

"Indeed, I am." She said, smiling innocently and happily.

Gorepole shrugged. "Good, because that's what's about to happen to you." He tore her top off with one hand, lifting her off the table until he pushed down with his other hand, it tore asunder, revealing her small, perfectly-shaped breasts. Gorepole grunted in pleasure at their sight. He slid his hand over the smooth skin, then leaned forward and suckled one, drawing blood with his sharp teeth. "Your blood tastes good, I'm going to drink a lot of it before you die." He said, and then sucked the other breast into his mouth, piercing it with his fangs as well. He then stepped back, standing upright again.

Hyandai's body gasped then said. "You are hurting me, be gentler, please."

The big orc laughed. "I'll be gentler, all right." He reached down and ripped her skirt off like he had her halter. The loincloth came with it, revealing her private places. He looked down at her hairless womanhood. "Damn, you elves are smooth down there." He said, running his fingers over her pubic mound and spreading her labia with one. Then he forced one of the thick and clawed fingers into her.

Hyandai's body screamed, and then yelled. "Not so rough!" The orc pulled the finger from her tiny slit, and licked the blood and juices off of it. "You're an unopened bitch, then, eh? Not for long, says I." He mused.

Grabbing some rope he slit her bonds and tied her down to the four corners of the table. Her arms were bent painfully over her head and pulled to the legs at the two corners over her head. Her knees were bent where they overhung the smallish table and her ankles tied securely halfway down the table's legs. He then threw her clothes into the fire burning in the far corner. "You won't be needing clothes ever again." He said, chuckling. "Make, me happy, little elf cunt, and I'll let you live another day. Piss me off, and I'll cut out your little sweet tongue, and eat it right here, then gut you while I ram my cock up your little hole." He said, pulling a knife from his boot.

Hyandai's face looked confused then said. "I will try to pleasure you." She still looked expectant, but most of the pleased expression was gone.

The two orcs only had eyes for Hyandai right now, not that he blamed them terribly.

'I will take that as a compliment, such as it is.' She said in his head. She sounded sad, but resigned, and was just biding the time while Harlen got his wrists free.

He had managed to grab his pack and was digging through it behind his back.

The big orc clambered onto the table, and its timbers creaked under his bulk. He unfastened his belt and dropped his codpiece. His organ was enormous. It was as thick and long as Hyandai's upper arm, and covered in large bumps. These formed a ridge along the upper surface. Gorepole stepped up placing each foot on either side of her narrow waist. He looked down at the pretty elf maiden, and she looked up, her golden eyes locked on the creature's huge rod, and looked fearful. He squatted down and rested his rod on her chest, between her flawless, but wounded breasts, the bulbous head was only an inch or so from her small mouth. "Wet it with your mouth, and maybe it won't hurt so much when I stick it in your little cockslit. Suck me off good, and maybe I will try to go easy on your little hole down there." He said, leering down at the pretty face.

She grimaced at the general smell and the thin, watery gray stuff oozing from the tip. Hyandai lifted her head and opened her mouth wide. She took the head into her, stretching her lips around the massive girth. Her cheeks caved in and began sucking on it. His vile liquid was filling her mouth, and she had to swallow it. It tasted rancid, like old milk mixed with stale water. She tried to pull back, and found that Gorepole had put a hand behind her head. He thrust himself deeper into her instead. She gagged on the thick pole, but couldn't pull back and started to choke. Inch after inch went into her mouth until she gave out a startled and muffled squeal. Then her cheeks puffed out, followed by motions of her neck swallowing something. Thick gray globs of orcish semen flowed out both her slender nostrils, then around her mouth when the pressure was too great to keep it in. Tears were rolling down her smooth cheeks.

Finally, he pulled the organ free of her mouth, and a small flood of the stuff oozed out. She gasped for air, coughing, his vile come filling her nose and most of her mouth.

Gorepole laughed at her, and dipped a clawed finger into the orc-spend. He shoved the digit into her mouth and wiped it on her tongue. "You eat my juice good, bitch." He said, nodding. "You made me go off quick, you're a good cock sucker." He then moved down a step and squatted again. "Now I can fuck you longer in your little cunthole." He said, placed the oozing head of his organ at the entrance to her vagina. He reached up and grabbed her shoulders with his claw-like hands. He looked down at her tiny slit and his huge cock poised to open it. "This is going to hurt some, I hope." He said, patting her shoulder. He grunted as he buried all eleven inches of cock into her. There was no preamble, there was no slipping. One moment it was outside of her, the head opening the tender folds of her outer labia, the next he was grinding his pelvis against hers.

Hyandai screamed and began to thrash and pull against the stout rope that held her. The Hyandai in Harlen's head screamed too. 'Spirits be damned, he is killing me!'

Harlen found what he had been seeking, his small skinning knife. He got it out of it's small protective leather sheath. Gorepole rammed himself into her repeatedly, the girl stopped screaming, and simply made small grunting sounds, like he was pushing the air from her with each thrust. Movement could be seen under her taut belly, his ridged cock moving deep into her. Her limbs had gone slack and her face totally vacant. Gray semen spilled from her slack jaw and was dripping through the slats of the table and onto the floor. Her body gave an involuntary twitch and it arched its back, and she screamed again. He moved his clawed hands down to her breasts, and sank his talons into her pliant flesh, blood started flowing down her chest and off of her in small rivulets. Harlen's knife was slowly cutting through the thick cloth tying his wrists. His range of motion was extremely limited, and he did not have much strength to cut with as he was holding the knife at a very unfavorable angle.

The orc tossed back his head and howled like a wolf, growling at the ceiling, and showering Hyandai in a downpour of spit and bile.

The cloth binding his wrists finally separated, and his hands were free. Harlen inched his hand toward Hyandai's bow, and the arrows scattered on the floor near it.

As the orc stood up, pulling its limp and bloody pole from Hyandai's tiny body with a slurping sound that disgusted Harlen. Gorepole looked toward Snatbug. "That elf pussy is good stuff, grabbed my fuckstick like a silk fist." He said, swinging his flaccid organ in the air.

"Nar, you freak." Said Snatbug. "You'd make a horse feel like a tight new cunt." Then he laughed. He stopped laughing when he saw Harlan stand behind Gorepole, with the elven bow in his hands.

Hyandai wrested control of his hands from him, saying in his mind, 'This one is mine, it is my right.' Harlan let his will fall from his hands. The bow hummed in his hand as he muttered something in elven under his breath. The arrow began to glow, silver shimmers pulsing down its shaft. Snatbag said "Boss, the man is awake!"

The big orc started to turn, chuckling. "Nar, he can't be stan..." The arrow caught the orc in the skull, just below his tiny, malformed ear, his head snapped to the side with a sickening crack, and the orc was flipped from the table and spun to the floor. He was dead before he hit the rough stone.

The smaller creature, his eyes growing round with fear, ran for the cave mouth. His wretched legs only carried him two steps before Hyandai, nimbly using Harlen's fingers, had reloaded the bow and was firing again. Snatbug was hit right in the middle of his scrawny back, the arrow hit so hard, that it slammed him into the stone wall. The arrow must have gone clean through him, as he did not fall, but hung there, like a grisly wall-hanging. His breath squeaked out as if from a bellows with a large rent in the cloth folds.

Harlen stepped forward to the table, and Hyandai was looking up at him with beautiful, golden, but ultimately blank eyes. "He hurt me." She said, the tears on her face mixing with the vile and malodorous semen of the orc. Her breath reeked of the same horrid stench. "It was supposed to be fun." Her expression was one of petulant betrayal. "I am hurting too much for you now, I am sorry." Harlen looked down and saw her womanhood, still gaping open from the rough use it had just received. Thick globs of orc spend plopped onto the table as it slid out of her along with quite a bit of blood. The table between her legs was likewise coated with the foul stuff, and it drained between the slats, dripping onto the floor. Harlen had tears on his cheeks for even the fragment of Hyandai that had just been harmed so privately and totally.

"I know. Perhaps when you are better, then." He said, quietly, patting her shoulder. Harlen cut the ropes on her ankles and wrists, and helped her to sit up. As she did, a huge mass of the orc's semen slid out of her, with an audible slurping sound, and Hyandai groaned as she watched it. "That stuff tastes bad." She said, running her fingers through the foul spend.

He took his blanket out of his pack and draped it about her shoulders. "Here, to warm you."

"You are kinder than the orcs." She said. "You can have me when I am well. I liked you when we first met, and you don't stink." She looked down at the orc spend and blood on the table. "I am bleeding from my opening.'" She said. "More than during my time.'" She looked hurt. "I think that bad orc hurt me inside when he was deflowering me."

Harlen's heart tightened at those words, spoken so plainly and innocently. "I will help you get better." He said to her, stroking her hair, ignoring the gray semen that lay in her tresses in clumps and blobs.

Suddenly, a bolt of pain lanced through his skull, nearly causing him to fall. 'Your mind is beginning to fail, it will not hold us both within much longer.' Hyandai said in his head. 'I must return to my own mind now, loathe as I am to do so.'

Harlen looked down, and there was fresh blood dripping from his nose. Another lance of pain shot through him. 'You must make eye contact with her.' She said, urgently.

Harlen grabbed Hyandai's head and forced her to look at him. "Look at me, darling Hyandai." He said. She did, and Harlen felt a huge part of himself falling into those empty, golden eyes, trying to fill them. For a brief moment, he saw himself, stained with blood from his mouth and nose. He was seeing through her eyes! Then his view snapped back to his own eyes.

Hyandai closed her lids for a moment, and there was one final great spasm of pain through his skull. Blood spewed from his nose making him cough, then the pain left. He felt a bit unsteady and sat on the table. Hyandai's eyes opened again, and she screamed. It was the banshee wail of one who wants to die. Harlen fought through the descending haze and reached to her. When her eyes focused on him, she clung to him, cutting his arms slightly with her fingernails as she clutched her way up him to curl up on his lap and between his arms. Her face was twisted with torment as she wailed into his chest, and her body heaved great sobs as the tears flowed from her eyes.

He continued stroking her hair, and murmuring to her that things would be okay now, that they were safe now. Her condition belied the very concept of safe, and her mind was anything but okay. Her mind spun with the images and sensations that the small portion of her had absorbed. She was being spared the worst of it but it still shattered her. Her insides were ravaged, and her body abused. Her stomach churned with the seed of the orc, spewed down her throat in great ribbons and filling her womb in a massive explosion. Her mind rebelled against all this, it could not happen in a decent world, she told herself.

Harlen started singing as he began to rock her in his arms. His voice was not precisely on key, and the rhythm was a bit off, but she recognized the song.

Avaenelle, cormin sakkatuva perya. - Avaenelle, eleeramin eleuva ilme'a. - Avaenelle, gorgaramin keluva ilyamenie. - Avaenelle, niireamin quantuva dome.

He rocked her in time with his singing of the classic song. It was an old love song, and she had enjoyed hearing it as a child. Her sobs lessened as she listened to him singing it, realizing that he was no elf, and he was singing an elven song, and singing it reasonably well.

She sniffed again and asked. "Where did you learn that song, Harlen?" Her eyes were large with wonder, if reddened by tears.

He finished out the verse and said. "My grand mother used to sing it to me as a child when I would get hurt." He smiled sweetly. "I heard it a lot, as I was a extraordinarily clumsy child." He said.

She could not but giggle at that, and graced him with a small, but heartfelt smile. "Please sing it for me still." She said, laying her head on his chest as he held her, and stroked her, and sang to her. After a few more verses he stopped and asked. "What does it mean in my language?" He said. "My grand mother never knew, she had heard an elven minstrel sing it in her youth and memorized it without knowing the meaning.

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