tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Solitary Arrow Ch. 11

The Solitary Arrow Ch. 11


Hyandai awoke early the next morning, and slipped from bed quietly. She had told Trevir to start the bath to warming early and then to go see his mother, than she and Harlen wished a day of privacy. The lad had seemed suspicious, but agreed. She padded down the stairs and to the bathing room. The tub was steaming with heat, and she slowly eased herself into it, the water was very hot and she enjoyed the warmth it fed her. She selected her oils and soaps carefully, not wanting to wash away the cinnamon scent that Harlen seemed to relish. Halfway through the bath, she realized how excited she was, her hands were shaking, and her breath was already short.

She smiled as she washed and oiled herself, thinking that soon, she and her beloved man would be able to make love, finally. She got out of the tub and finished oiling her lower half. The scar on her thigh was minuscule now, and she did not think it would become a real scar, or if it did, it would be nearly unnoticed unless someone were being pretty intimate with her.

She slowly crept back up the stairs and peered into the bedroom. Harlen was still sleeping, and was now curled into a ball himself, without her to keep him more open as he enwrapped her in his sleep. She sat gently upon the bed and stroked his hair. This was her man, she thought. He had sacrificed for her, risked his life for her, and been wounded for her. She felt her heart clench in her chest as she thought that she had almost lost him, that day with the orcs, as she had lost her maidenhood. He was beautiful in his slumber, his face at peace and his mind resting.

She had promised him herself, and was glad she did. He was a good man, despite his own beliefs on the matter, and he deserved someone's love. The girl considered herself fortunate to be the person who was now charged with giving it to him. She slowly leaned over his head, brushing his hair back from his earlobe.

"Harlen." She whispered, incredibly quietly. "Awaken, my lover, and take what is yours."

His eyes flickered open, then his blue eyes focused upon her golden ones. He smiled softly. "Good morning, Hyandai." He said, whispering himself.

She kissed his brow, then his cheek. "I am yours, my beloved. This morning and for all that may follow." He lips were feather light in their caresses. She did not have any urgency in them, he felt that, she meant this to take a very long time, and he did not mind that.

He reached one hand from beneath the covers and touched her fiery red hair. "You've bathed." He said. "I should, as well."

She shook her head slowly. "No. My lover. I would have you as you are, I wish no pause in this today, no chance of interruption or mishap. For, I have waited as long for this moment as you have, and I will wait no longer, if I do not have to."

He lifted his head from the pillow and kissed her, touching her soft lips with his tongue. "You are my goddess." He said, softly and ran his fingertips down from her shoulder to her elbow. "I don't know I could ever be truly worthy of the gifts you offer."

She giggled a little. "If you, Master Harlen, were not worthy, then I would not be here now, offering myself fullwilling." She laid down beside him, and started pulling down the covers. "This morning you will make me into the woman I wish to become."

Harlen sat up and looked down at her now reclining form, so long and lithe, and with such perfect proportions. She was tiny, indeed, but she was exquisite, like a diamond or a elven-wrought blade. He touched her hair, and began tracing his fingertips down her body, sliding over smooth, oiled skin, over the curve of her shoulder, then the softly rounded mound of her breast, with its stiffening nipple. Then he explored further, across the rippled landscape of her stomach, so tensed, it actually quivered a little at his touch, then lover, past the two small halves of her mound, split with a shallow ravine. His fingers explored her completely, moving back up and starting over and finding new paths. She started to heat up under the steady stimulation of the touches. He could see her eyes softening further, and her glances become more intense at the same time. As his fingers slipped between her trim, well-muscled thighs, she moaned, and spread them apart slightly, welcoming his touch. Her mouth had a faint smile as he let one finger explore into her inner places, moistening itself with her fluids and probing her soft folds both outside and in.

She moved her own hand over his, pushing it gently to her, and holding it in place. Her eyes regarded him with intensity, but not urgency. "Explore me, my lover." She said, as he slid the finger in deeper, and felt her warmth and wetness, she was very slippery inside, and he knew that entering her would be no trouble, at all, so long as he was not too large. She gasped and her legs moved farther apart when he curved that finger and rubbed the back wall of her vagina, then his thumb touched the fold of skin over her clitoris, not exposing the tiny button, but just pressing over that skin, rubbing it through its protective hood. He smiled down as she groaned again, and her hand seemed to urge more depth, and he pushed deeper. Her other hand had found his manhood and was caressing it, her own fingertips moving softly and cooly on his skin. It was his turn to moan as she finally took hold of it, and her fingers squeezed it tightly. Her small thumb slipped over the head, from beneath, and rubbed up over the tiny slit opening, and it felt moisture there, his own precome. His organ was as stiff as a stone pillar, and her opening was as well lubricated as it was ever likely to get.

"Now, that it has come to it, I am somewhat afraid." He said, sliding his finger from her. "I wish to not hurt you."

She smiled a wide open smile. "Then go slowly, but you must go, or the pain I will bear from this bed will be great." She touched his face. "Take me now, my lover, I will wish to wait no longer to feel you take my maidenhood from me."

He moved over her, using his well-developed arms to hold his upper body off of her small frame. Her legs parted farther, and he moved close. He could feel her silky skin on his sides, where her thighs rubbed his hips. In this position, her head was just below his own, and she could easily kiss him or put her lips to his neck. For now, she did neither, just watching him with eyes wide and deeply bronze. The engorged head of his organ was at her entrance, and she quivered slightly at its touch. He felt her push upward a little with her hips, she was eager for this now.

The look on her face lost its placidity, and was now very alert. "Is this my love or her fey?" He asked her.

Hyandai took in air, and said. "We are both here, my beloved, for one is naught without the other." Her voice had a somewhat eerie sound to it, like two voices, almost, very similar, but subtly differing. One had only love in its tone and the other had only lust. She pulled his head down to her, with a gentle touch and the edge of her nails, ever so softly caressing his neck. She kissed him deeply, probing his mouth with her tiny tongue, tasting him, and entering him. As if a cue, he pushed down with his hips a little, feeling her labia part for him, and she sighed into his mouth. He could feel jolts of pure energy shooting through his body, from every point of contact between them, they drove to his mind and then fired outward, like an explosion, filling him all over with pleasure and warmth.

Inward he pushed a tiny bit more. He wanted to enjoy each level of entering her for the first time, and did not wish to rush this. The glans of his organ stretched the tight ring of muscle within her and he could feel it squeezing, unaccustomed to the penetration. Her breath was coming in tiny gasps now, and he could see a bit of anxiety in her bronze eyes. Her whole body was trembling, as if she were cold, and her mouth was open. He swallowed, and slipped another bit into her, the muscle ring was fully pierced now, the head of his organ actually felt the subtle pop of it passing the entry. Her brow furrowed slightly and the look of fear intensified, and a low groan, along with a cut off sound of minor pain.

"I'm hurting you." He said. "Should I stop?" He had stopped moving, and a few seconds later, her face regained its calm.

She smiled up at him, and touched his cheek. "It will avail us little, my lover." She giggled, but her face was still lined with concern. "You will be just as large and I will be just as small tomorrow." Her hands felt along the muscles of his chest. "My body has reacted to the attack as an injury, and it has healed it, but it has left me as a maiden, in truth." She touched his neck. "An elven girl must accept some small pain to betroth a human." She said, her eyebrows furrowing deeper as she adjusted beneath him.

"I could try to arouse you more." He said, thinking furiously of how to avoid hurting her.

She giggled and looked at him with a truly relaxed face. "My cold bottom says I am plenty aroused." She said, giving in to a bit of naughtiness. "We will need to change the sheets after, my lover." She closed her eyes a moment, and seemed to think hard, her brow furrowed more deeply than before, then she opened her eyes again, and she swallowed. "Enter me fully." She said, and took hold of his hips with both hands, and her feet came around him and locked behind his bottom. "Either you do it or I will."

He breathed in deeply and closed his eyes. She felt him tense for a thrust, and relaxed herself as completely as she could to accept it.

He pushed forward and down, and his organ, held in a silken grip with oiled slickness, slipped into her, until his body was touching hers. Her legs clamped around him, and held him to her, and she shouted out, releasing all the air in her lungs in one burst of sound. He opened his eyes, and she was looking at him gently again, her eyes soft and placid. "Sorry, but we had to get past that." She said. "And sometimes I need help with my courage." She was breathing shallowly, panting actually, and her body was now covered in a sheen of cinnamon-smelling perspiration.

He looked down, and saw their bodies converging at the middle, his pubic hair pressed to her mound. She looked down, too, and smiled. "There." She said, then looked back up at him. "Now, my lover, earn that name, and grant to me mine."

He shifted his weight, and she loosened her legs, letting her feet move to the bed again, with her knees bent, her face went through a few contortions with the legs, as his angle of entry to her changed. "By the Spirits, you humans are big." She said, shifting her hips a little, and gasping with every few small motions. "I feel like I'm being spitted for a roast."

Harlen kissed her brow. "If you wish to stop, I will." He said.

She shook her head vehemently. "No." She said. "This is working. It is not so painful, it is more just surprising. I knew your size, but I never fully realized what it meant. Despite my own opinions at worldliness, I am a novice in this."

He pulled about halfway out and entered her again, slowly, and she groaned and inhaled deeply until he was fully within her again, then she let that air go. He could feel her tight muscles in her vagina contracting around his pole and pulling it inward. Her body was not trying to be rid of him, it was encouraging him.

He pulled out again then reentered, and began to stroke that way with a slow, steady rhythm. Her breath gasped out of her with each entry, but the sounds were less and less pained, and more and more satisfied and then pleasurable. He felt the muscles around his shaft relax their grip a little, and her hands began to move again. She brushed his hair from his face and pulled herself up to kiss him, lifting her upper half off the covers. He gently moved his tongue into her mouth and felt her suckle on it gently. He noticed she was using suction and pressure to move his tongue in and out of her mouth at the same times he was entering and pulling from her. She was no longer panting, and was now simply moaning with each entry into her. "The pain is past me, Harlen." She said up to him, smiling broadly in a self-satisfied manner. "Now you can take me as you truly want. I can see it in your eyes."

He pulled to nearly leaving her, then thrust forward with all the strength in his legs and waist. He grunted as he did so, ramming is cock to the hilt into her welcoming entrance. She cried out, saying. "Yes." She accepted his lust now, and he gave freely, driving into her like a mad thing. "Love me!" She cried as their bodies slammed together, sending shockwaves through her and causing her to grunt along with him as she started to lift her hips and angle her pelvis to receive each thrust. "Love me!" She yelled again as she neared her impending climax.

He looked down at her. And her eyes were not bronze, they were deepest emerald, and they seemed to glow in the half light of the room. "I do." He said, thrusting inward, "Love you." He said on the following thrust. Her fingernails were on his back and they were fighting his flesh for purchase, a battle they won, digging into his skin and holding his body to hers as she screamed into his neck, her teeth coming down on his corded shoulder. Her entire body felt like a sheet of metal under him, glowing hot and thrumming with the beat of a hammer. Then she went lax, panting again, and her hips still moving to take him into her as he continued to thrust into her deeply, but the light of lust had left her now deeply green eyes. She was sated, and he could see it.

She seemed to recover from a daze and looked at him softly. "Now, for your joy." She said, and put her hands on his hips, and her feet met on his back again. She was gasping between his thrusts, but seemed to be very intent on something. His penis suddenly seemed twice as long as he knew it was, he felt it moving deeper and deeper into the willing lover beneath him. And he felt his muscles in his groin tighten, preparing to spill his seed into her. As he came, he realized she had been doing it with her muscles inside, moving them opposite to his penetrations, making it seem like he was sliding over more passage than was there. He could feel the liquid jets of his semen flooding into her as he kept thrusting into her opening. She moaned with each jet, not with each thrust, and he knew she felt them fully, and liked them. "I heard that witch say she welcomed your seed to her." She said, whispering into his ear as he kissed her neck. He looked at her curiously for a moment. "I welcome your seed into a fertile womb, my beloved." She said and ran another slow pulse of contractions along his shaft, as if milking him for his seed.

He slowed his thrusts, then stopped, kissing her. He began to pull his organ out, to give her a rest, but she stopped him with her feet, clamping down on his rump and making him stay still. "You think you are done?" She said. Smiling sweetly at him.

"Well, I kind of..." She kissed him roughly and her tongue parted his lips. He could feel her breathing into him, her exhalation sweet with energy and excitement. He blinked a few times, and felt his cock stiffen again, filling her vagina and opening her wide again.

She moaned as she felt it grow, then looked at him with half-lidded eyes. "I told you the elves taught the Sorceresses how to do their magic." Hyandai said, eyeing him with her deep emerald orbs. "I never said they had bettered it."

He laughed and started to push into her again. The lovers held onto each other and enjoyed their passions for a long while. She did not test him, as the witch had, but she did make pleasant use of his body, as he did hers. Every time he flagged, she breathed energy into him, refilling his lungs with her magic, and her lusts. As he spent into her a fifth time, he thanked her fey for that ability, for she claimed that was where that particular talent lay.

Hyandai said, as they laid, both exhausted fully now, "My fey will not let a man's inability stand in the way of its goals." After he had asked why she could do what she had been doing after each passionate grapple. Her eyes were deep green now, and seemed to be wont to stay that way. Unlike the few times they had dallied with one another with hands and mouths, the color held fast.

"You said that could last days?" He asked, looking at her eyes closely.

She nodded, and laughed. "Or weeks." She said. "It matters how much joy I've had, and the depth of that joy." She looked askance at his flaccid manhood. "And your joy was deeply placed indeed." She said, grinning at him.

He said. "You seemed to get used to it." His smile was equally broad, and somewhat lopsided. "At least you acted like you were."

She nodded. "I was, and am now." She said. "So long as we never go long between our lovemaking, it should cause me little pain."

One of his eyebrows lifted. "How long?" He asked, suddenly slightly worried.

She kissed his broad shoulder. "A few days, say three." She said.

He put his hands behind his back. "That won't be an issue then."

She started laughing. "How long were you afraid it would be?" She asked.

"I don't know, I feared it might be a period of hours, like half a day." He said, eyeing her.

She smiled. "Would you make love to me that often if it were required?" She asked, nuzzling his neck.

He looked down at her pretty green eyes and her lustrous hair, and her lovely figure, and smelled her strong scent of cinnamon. "Even though it would mean a large change to my lifestyle, I would certainly try."

She nodded soberly. "A large change, hmm?"

He grinned lopsidedly. "Yes, but I can cut back to that, it won't hurt me much."

She laughed and poked his ribs with a fingernail. "Cut back?" She cried out. "I will make you eat those words, human." She said, laughing. She rolled over and sat atop him, straddling his wide waist with her slim legs. She could not even reach the bed with her knees from atop him, but she did not let that daunt her, she shifted her knees to rest on his body instead. They pressed to the sides of his stomach and lower chest. She leaned over him and kissed him again. "Time again, my beloved." She whispered, and he felt her feed him energy again.

He grinned up at her. "Atop me this time?" He asked. "You are feeling adventurous."

She returned the grin and reached behind her as she lifted her pelvis from him. "You promised me this one." She said, and started pushing downward.

He felt his penis encounter something stiff and unyielding, then it yielded, slowly opening to him. She had not aimed him for her vagina, well ready for him, but instead had positioned him to push into her tight anus. Her brow furrowed again, as it had earlier. "Are you sure you want..." He said and she glared at him with those presently bright green eyes, silencing him. She inhaled deeply and straightened her body out, sitting upright with the head of his organ barely opening her tight sphincter.

She closed her eyes and let her weight carry her down, she dropped to his body in a single second, his stiff pole buried in her backside. Her groan was one of pain and pleasure colliding and entwining like serpents mating. The sweat coating had returned as she drove her body past a painful point again, and into the place she wanted it. Her breathing was gaspy and had tiny moans and grunts layered into it. A long moan escaped her lips as she began to rock back and forth, slowly at first, but then with more speed as she became used to the feeling of being opened in this new way. Each time his cock slipped into her tight ring, she exhaled, then inhaled slowly as she slid forward, letting part of it leave her. He reached down between her smooth thighs and brushed his finger over her clitoris, causing her to gasp and look at him, she nodded, and leaned back a little to give him access to that.

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