The Solitary Arrow Ch. 14


Wendy shyly glanced away. "I remembered you then as a strong and handsome boy that I had a fierce crush upon." She said. "I would not have come back to a handsome, strong, and very respected man and sought friendship."

Hyandai had stood aside while they spoke, gladdened that they were familiar with each another. Suddenly, though, that familiarity scared her, and put doubt in her heart. Had this lass manipulated her into bringing her to Harlen? She wondered. She doubted, now, that she was in control of the situation very much.

Immediately, Wendy seemed to notice the shift in the elven lady's eyes. "Oh, dear." She said, quietly. "Hyandai."

The elf's eyes were furtive as the two humans looked at her. "What is it, angel?" Harlen asked. He, too, could see her sudden discomfiture.

Steeling herself to meet Harlen's eyes. She turned her face to Harlen. "It is little of concern, betrothed." She said.

Wendy, however, took initiative of her own accord. "I should be going." She said in almost a whisper. "I will speak with you both another time. I have a patrol in the morning as duty, and should get sleep."

The huntsman nodded. "It was good to see you, Wendy, sleep well." He said.

Hyandai muttered something unintelligible and smiled weakly toward the girl as Wendy fled from the tent in a bit more rush than the situation warranted. A look of deep unhappiness settled into Hyandai's features.

"I may have just done something terribly unfair." Hyandai said, watching the flap as it settled into place over the entryway.

Coming to her side, Harlen put his arm about her shoulders. "What is it, Hyandai?" He asked.

"I fear I just accused, tried, and carried out the sentence upon Wendy." She murmured.

"What?" Harlen asked; his face baffled. "I don't understand."

Hyandai turned her emerald gaze upon him. "I was bringing Wendy to our bed." She said, her eyes level and her expression was unapologetic. "Or, rather, I was bringing her to you, seeking that we bring her to our bed."

Harlen gaped at her a moment. "Bring her to our bed?" He asked. "As in the three of us?"

She nodded. "It is not unusual among elven couples to share their bed when one is attorsai between them, or both." Hyandai explained. "I should not have assumed it would work with a human mate, or a human third partner." She shook her head and looked at him. "I am sorry for putting you in a spot of discomfort."

Harlen looked toward the flap. "I think, perhaps, Wendy is the one who was discomfited, and you, actually." He said. "It sounds like you were thinking of offering me something most men only fantasize about. What does ator-sigh mean?"

She thought a moment. "It means attracted to both male and females." Hyandai said. "Though I am not sure I am one."

"Just wanted to try it out?" Harlen guessed, eyeing her speculatively.

A slow nod was the only answer she gave.

"Perhaps tomorrow, if we tarry here a day, you can speak to Wendy again." Harlen said.

Hyandai shook her head. "If she returns to Morrovale before we leave for Windir, I will speak to her." She said. "If not, then another time later. But I wish to be starting for town tomorrow, if we can."

A look of concentration crossed Harlen's face. "Yes. It would probably be best to get the Ehladrel out of the wilds." He said distantly, eyeing the elven weapon again.

"I know you do not like the Ehladrel, beloved." Hyandai said. "But please know my people need it, badly. There are matters afoot that demand we have it in our possession."

There was a quiet knock on the wooden beam over the entry flap. "Hyandai?" A feminine voice called from outside. It was not Wendy's.

Hyandai walked to the door, peering out. It was Maegan. Her face was flush with concern and upset. "Wendy says she must speak with you. She is most unreasonable." All traces of the young lady's former inebriation were gone, replaced by this earnest worry.

A quick glance back at Harlen was all Hyandai needed. He nodded to her silently. She quickly donned a set of normal clothes, another short skirt and half top, and asked Maegan to lead the way.

The two other women left as Hyandai entered the tent, casting hasty glances of worry toward Wendy as they did so. She sat upon a small cot, her hands idly lying, palms upward, in her lap. Her head was down and she was weeping.

"Wendy?" Hyandai asked, crouching low in the low-ceilinged tent and walking to the sitting girl.

Wendy looked up. "I asked her not to speak to you of this." She said; her face marked by tears and mild anger.

"She is your friend." Hyandai said. "I thought I was, also. But now I doubt my credentials in that." She sat beside Wendy. "I apologize for that jealousy that surfaced in our tent, sweet Wendy."

Wiping the tears from her cheeks, Wendy said, "It is my own fault. I should have told you about Harlen and me knowing each another, but I did not even think he would remember these years later." She lowered her voice to a conspiratorial whisper. "The truth of it is I am upset that you no longer wished to be with me, nothing to do with Harlen. Not that he is not a fine man, and one I would happily give myself to." She quickly amended.

A broad smile spread Hyandai's lips. "Those are matters easily fixed, Wendy." She said. "Come."

Hyandai rose and held out her hand. The girl looked at it a moment. "No fits of jealousy?" She asked.

She was answered by a shake of the head. "Come." Hyandai said, again.

Slowly, Wendy put her hand into Hyandai's. The elven woman led her from the tent and walked beside her toward the center of the camp. Again, they entered the tent she shared with Harlen. Once again, they also found him sharpening his sword; almost exactly as they had found him an hour before.

"Lom'wanwie." Hyandai said as the two women looked at the rather wide-eyed man. Wendy gave her an inquiring look. "Echo of the past." Hyandai explained.

Harlen smiled wryly, his lopsided smile. "Are we repeating the entire past?" He asked.

Hyandai shook her head, at the exact instant Wendy did. The two young women then looked at each other and giggled. Harlen simply raised one eyebrow.

Hyandai urged Wendy to sit next to Harlen upon the cot, and she sat on the other side of the girl.

"There are certain rules to Nellarim, Wendy." She said. "They are simple, though, and not very restrictive. You must never seek to be with but one of us and you must be prepared to stop if either of the pair decides it is to end."

Wendy nodded, her expression sober.

"And, most importantly, you must enjoy yourself." Hyandai said with a broad smile, stroking Wendy's long, nearly-blue hair. "And enjoy us. As we will enjoy you and ourselves."

Setting down the sword, Harlen turned to the young woman, and, like Hyandai, began to stroke the girl's soft hair. It was rather interesting for both of them to watch Wendy try to look and lean her head both directions at once.

Hyandai leaned forward and kissed the young woman first, though, tilting the girl's head toward herself with a single finger on her cheek. The sight of the two pretty women kissing sent a jolt through Harlen's body, and his organ pulsed to life instantly, thickening and hardening in seconds.

As the two parted lips, Wendy turned toward him, her head tilted back slightly and her eyes still closed. Harlen leaned down and kissed her, still tasting cinnamon on her lips as he parted them with his tongue. There were hands in his hair, and he could hear Wendy's breath sharpening. He peered with one eye to see Hyandai's hands moving down the young woman's shoulders toward her breasts.

Her cloak was open in the front, revealing fair, smooth skin beneath. One small breast was visible to him, and he reached for it, while continuing to kiss Wendy.

Hyandai giggled as Harlen's and her own hands collided headed toward opposite breasts. This caused him to break the kiss and smile as well. Wendy, however simply turned about again, opening her blue eyes and regarding Hyandai. Her body was warming up unnaturally with two very different touches upon her breasts, one strong and calloused, the other soft and feather light. Both nipples hardened like tiny stones under the disparate touches.

Wendy's slender fingers began to explore, one hand moving to Hyandai's bare, silky thigh, and the other to the rough twill of Harlen's pants. Harlen watched as Hyandai leaned down and kissed the girl's neck, causing Wendy to gasp and move her head toward him, stretching the tendons on Hyandai's side taut. Her pretty eyes fluttered open and Harlen kissed her, he thrilled when her tiny tongue darted into his mouth, and he heard her moan softly. And both Harlen and Hyandai felt the girl's grip tighten upon their thigh, sending soft twinges of pleasure up their legs.

As this was Hyandai's idea, primarily, Harlen allowed her to set the pace. She stood, a moment later, gently dislodging Wendy's grip upon her leg. Wendy broke the kiss with Harlen to look at the elven lady. A smile broke across her pretty face when Hyandai untied her skirt and let it fall to the floor, revealing her lower half to the girl. She then slipped the shoulders straps off and let the top join them, exposing her round, firm breasts with their tiny, sharp nipples and pink areolas.

It was Harlen's turn to gasp when Wendy's hand idly moved up his thigh as she watched Hyandai slowly stripping. She suddenly had his manhood in her grasp through the rough weave of his pants, and was squeezing it without even realizing she had hold of him.

Hyandai looked down at the lump in Wendy's grip and grinned, this was when Wendy realized what she was doing and looked herself. Her eyes flashed up to Harlen's and her face flushed pink, but she did not relinquish her hold. She instead shifted her grip down to the base of it, shaping the cloth of his pants to his organ itself.

Harlen smiled as the girls' strong grip took hold of him, and the electric sensation of that touch was making his mind go a bit fuzzy, as it always did with new partners, and with Hyandai, every time, he had found.

Hyandai said. "I see you've found my man's parts.", Her grin growing very wide. Both the others' eyes moved to her, realizing that they had not spoken, any of them, for a long while.

With a sound much like a squeak, Wendy said. "Yes.", Her blush deepening. Harlen felt her grip on him tighten yet again, causing him to gasp in pleasure.

"I would see you hold it for real." Hyandai said, lowering herself to her knees and unfastening Harlen's belt. Wendy let loose his cock and watched Hyandai a moment, then helped the elven woman pull his pants down. Harlen laid back and lifted his rump, allowing the two women to slide the cloth over his rump then off his legs.

Before his pants were fully removed, he felt moist warmth and extreme pleasure engulf the head of his cock. He glanced down and was somewhat surprised to see it was Wendy's lips encircling the head of his pole, her lips stretched around the shaft and her cheeks caved in slightly with gentle suction.

Hyandai's eyes widened as well at Wendy's display of sudden boldness, and her smile, already broad, broadened still farther. She moved forward and applied her tongue to the shaft and to Harlen's scrotum, moving his testicles with her eager flicking tongue.

Harlen was beyond in heaven now, the sensation far better than any he had imagined he would ever feel. Two warm, inviting mouths moved about his genitals, licking here, sucking there. One glance would take in Hyandai's beautiful face as she slid her tongue over the long shaft, another would witness Wendy's lovely countenance as her mouth took a testicle into it and gently massaged it with her tongue. He was unable to restrain himself for long, with such overwhelming visual and tactile stimulation, especially when added to the scent of lilac coming from Wendy's hair and the cinnamon odor from Hyandai mixing to produce a perfume of unsurpassed subtlety that even engaged his nose in the arousal.

He thought his climax was inevitable, when both women stopped touching his organ. With a sound almost like a whimper, he looked down to see them now kissing over the head of his cock, their tongues moving back and forth as their lips did not quite touch. He quickly forgot about his own stimulation and became fascinated at the display of affection between the two ladies.

Hyandai's hand was moving down the girl's belly as they both leaned back. They turned at his knees to face one another directly, both upon their own knees. Wendy's slim hands were moving on Hyandai's body, as well, exploring her curves and gently stroking her skin with soft fingertips and sharp nails.

The two touched for a long moment, their finger moving idly over skin and eliciting moans from each other as they each found spots of interest and touched places they knew they liked to be touched upon themselves. They seemed to avoid each others' most private of places though. Harlen thought perhaps they were too nervous for that step yet.

Hyandai was more than willing, as her thoughts would prove. She simply wished to savor every moment, before moving to Wendy's maidenhood. She let her fingers feel the girl's very smooth, soft skin, almost like her own, save a shade or two darker.

For her part, Wendy was nervous, and awaited Hyandai's lead on moving to more intimate places upon the elf's body.

"Not feeling left out, are you Harlen?" Wendy said, responding to the pitiable sound he had made a moment before.

"Certainly not now." He said, smiling and scooting back on the cot to be sure no part of him came between the two women for the moment. "Please, just keep doing what you wish."

Hyandai turned almost drunken-looking eyes upon Harlen. "Fret not, lover, we will tend to you shortly." She said. Her voice was husky, for Hyandai, and sounded a bit slurred. "You." She looked at Wendy with her eyes narrowing and her face taking on an almost mischievous look. "I will tend to now." She said, and one hand grasped the girl's off-blue hair in knotted fingers.

The elf moved forward, gently forcing the younger woman back and then down as their bodies pressed to one another, with Hyandai on top when Wendy was fully prone upon the floor, with her knees bent back. The elven lady was lying upon Wendy now, kissing and biting the girl's neck, and causing her to gasp and moan by turns. The long thigh that Hyandai pushed up between Wendy's thighs and against her groin rubbed the girl as the elf moved about, causing Wendy to twitch and push to make the touch more or less forceful as she needed at that moment.

"Exquisite." Hyandai murmured as she moved her thigh from between Wendy's legs and replaced it with one of her slim hands. From where he laid back and relaxed, Harlen could see his beloved opening the girl's entrance with her fingers, slipping two into Wendy and causing her to groan loudly and grip Hyandai's forearm with both hands. The elf winced a bit at the clutching grab, as Wendy was massively stronger than her, and it did hurt a bit, but she could not blame the girl for her enthusiasm.

The feeling of wet, slick warmth caused Hyandai to grow more aroused herself, and she wished to pleasure this woman more now. The elf began to trace out a path with her tongue and lips down Wendy's body. This caused both Harlen and Wendy to sit up and watch her. She realized she had an audience and began to really act it out. Extending her tongue to its full extension and leaving a glistening trail behind her as she moved.

Hyandai soon was near her destination, slipping her tongue through the fine hairs of the girl's pubic mound. As she finished that last obstacle to her goal, she pulled forth her two fingers and used them to hold the girl's opening wide. She smiled as she extended her tongue and flicked the clitoris of the young woman. Wendy gasped loudly this time, and her hands both moved down and knitted her fingers into the elf's long red hair.

Harlen secretly wondered how long it would take for Wendy to pull on Hyandai's hair and force the elf's mouth onto her crotch.

About that long. He decided as Wendy gave out a guttural grunt and pulled Hyandai's hair, hard, too, from the look of it, and gasped in relief as Hyandai buried her tongue into her cunt. As Wendy felt her tiny tongue lapping at her inside and out, she looked at Harlen. "Come." She said, her voice completely devoid of shyness.

Harlen sat up and moved to the floor upon his knees. Wendy took hold of his hips and positioned him with his knees just above and on either side of her head. She parted her warm lips and drew his cock into her mouth, tilting her head back and pulling on his hips urging him forward.

Finally, he got the hint and began pumping his organ into the young girl's mouth, still helping him thrust by pulling firmly on his hips and rump. She had totally surrendered her own control of his depth within her mouth and throat, and Harlen was too excited to restrain himself much. He did note, however, that he was actually holding himself back according to the force she was applying to his rump with her outstretched fingers.

He let go of that restriction on his movement and plunged into her mouth, planning to stop when her hands slackened up their pressure. He was instead stopped by her jaw and nose, as his cock buried itself completely into her mouth and throat. He grunted as he pulled it forth, and felt his organ newly slick with her throat's slick lubrication. She pulled once again, forcing him into her and taking him to the base. Soon, though, he had the idea, and her hands once again moved to Hyandai's soft hair. He continued thrusting into her mouth and felt his climax building, even more intensely than before.

With a last, shuddering gasp, he spent himself, ramming his organ completely into her and holding it there for a long moment as it twitched and pulsed inside her throat.

Finally, he drew it out completely, and he heard her suck in air in a great heave. Now her pelvis was pushing up to meet Hyandai's mouth and tongue, and Wendy was groaning loudly with each push.

Hyandai had watched the whole thing as Harlen had taken the girl's mouth and come into her. She smiled to herself, knowing that if this were such as three would be in bed, then she would probably seek it out more in the future. Hopefully, with this very girl. She loved the smooth slickness of Wendy's vagina around her tongue and the smell of lilac was very appealing.

She felt Wendy's grip on her hair tighten and sensed the girl was about to climax herself. Leaving her tongue out of the girl's opening, she concentrated on the nub of her clitoris, lapping and sucking at the little knob of flesh as she slipped the two fingers back into Wendy's cunt.

Wendy screamed, pulling Hyandai's hair painfully as she tugged in ecstasy and closed her thighs upon the elf's head. Her opening contracted around Hyandai's fingers many times as the girl grunted and ground her hips against her mouth and hand. Wendy finally subsided and relaxed letting her fingers straighten, but leaving them in Hyandai's hair.

"One's Praise." Wendy said, gasping for air. "May I do that for you, Hyandai?" She asked, her eyes hopeful.

Hyandai giggled. "I was hoping you wanted to." She said.

Harlen was sitting back on his haunches, watching the two as they sat up again, Hyandai helping Wendy regain her knees. "Sit upon the bed's edge." Wendy instructed and put her hand upon the cot's rail.

Hyandai stood up and did so, happily obliging the young woman. She sat down and petted the off-blue hair as the girl moved to kneel just before her.

"Now, lay back, milady, and let me taste you." Wendy said. "I have sampled half the couple's flavors, and wish to complete the set."

Hyandai smiled as she laid back, moving a pillow behind her head so she could watch the girl's eyes as she lowered her head between Hyandai's thighs.

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