tagMind ControlThe Sorceress' Apprentice Ch. 01

The Sorceress' Apprentice Ch. 01


Unbeknownst to the world at large, magic exists and sorcerers practise it to this day. There is white magic and there is black magic, both having been discovered in India some 8000 years ago, and their interactive influence have covertly shaped the world of men ever since. Of course, the respective wielders of white and black magicks are mortal enemies.

Like all evil-doers, the black sorcerers lust for power. They have allied themselves with the rich ruling class of the Western World, lending more than ample credibility to the conspiracy theories that postulate an occult dimension to the global influence of the richest class; the owners of the multinational corporations (headed by, among others, Disney and Coca-Cola); the men whose names are synonymous with "big business", and whose interests enigmatically but emphatically remain the highest priorities of most high-profile politicians, certainly including virtually all presidents and prime ministers in the capitalist world, as well as all of the mass media. The men pulling the strings behind it all are folks such as Michael Eisner, Rupert Murdoch and many others, all of whom do however report to the evil Magicians' Guild, whose members keep the corporate bigwigs in positions of power through the subtle manipulation of key elements of the general population.

The entire rise of European civilization and capitalism is a result of a shifting of the power balance between the forces of white and black magic. When the last powerful frontrunner for white magic, Leonardo Da Vinci, died in 1519, the dark forces gained free reign to commence propelling the world into the utter submission that we can observe presently if we have but the eyes to see it. Since then, only scattered groups of white sorcerers have made their presence felt, countering some of the efforts of the Magicians' Guild, and waging terrible and often crippling battles on the astral planes of reality, interfering little with what we might call scientific reality.

Of course, the evil forces have often been at odds amongst themselves, disagreeing on the specific distribution of the power they hold, and the results have been war. A rogue sorcerer from the Magicians' Guild was behind Hitler, and look at the amount of damage he caused all by himself, until the American chapter of the Magicians' Guild developed the spells to create nuclear bombs, upon which event their superior power was secured for many decades.

At any rate, the white magicians are few and far between and poorly organized. They have had extreme difficulties in recruiting and training new apprentices, mostly due to the obstacles placed in their paths by the black magicians, who by this time consider it sport to annoy the white magicians as much as possible.

18-year-old Anton Alvarez is an apprentice (and by the way a child of a mixed marriage; black father, white mother). For the dark forces. His mentor will be the 8th level sorcerer Delva Hakshmi, a low-ranking member of the Magicians's Guild, and one of the few female sorcerers. She reports to the head of her subsection of the Guild, the 25th level sorcerer Krishna Azrahmi, who in turn serves the head of the American Magicians' Guild, the most powerful man in the world, the 36th level sorcerer Yeehan Gvadvan. Not your basic White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, that!


Anton Alvarez was being detained by the local authorities in his home town of Huntsville, Alabama, for a particularly creative variant of credit card fraud when Delva Hakshmi, a police officer in her mundane life, noticed in him the affinity for magic that made him a natural choice for an apprentice. She cut a deal with him, having the charges dropped if he would become her apprentice. Anton of course had no idea what he was getting himself into, and Delva wasn't being none too clear about it, either, but he accepted nonetheless.

Fittingly baffled was Anton when it dawned on him that magic was real, and he was going to learn using it. The next few months held fantastic advances in Anton's abilities, and before long he had mastered the basic set of control spells. It was all simply a question of motivating people's various chakras to infuse them with the emotion of choice, and then letting them act on those emotions without allowing their rational will to interfere.

Anton, being a person of very limited moral integrity, and, at first, also a person of very limited imagination, immediately saw the sexual advantages of this subset of spells, and tried it out on Delva. Why not, he thought; she was both beautiful and in close range.

Delva played along, for a few minutes, with Anton's first attempt. She pretended to be under his spell, literally, and amusedly observed his unrefined "technique" as he stumbled across the words in his mock-seduction, and finally gathered the courage to take off her clothes. She played along with this, too, exposing her bodacious brownish nudity to his eyes and hands, right until young Anton intended to commence the act of copulation itself.

Then he found that his penis was missing. Seeing Delva baring her teeth in an evil grin, Anton gave out a horrified scream and started running out of the room; then he made a U-turn, running back to Delva, got onto his knees and, crying loudly, begged her forgiveness, and said that he would do anything if she would only restore him...

Delva couldn't stop laughing. "Don't worry, Anton! Here you go!" He looked again between his legs and dropped down on his rear in sheer relief. It was back.

"Oh, little boy, I just wanted to give you a good scare!" Delva was still laughing. Anton breathed easy again, and after the initial resentment over this nasty prank had subsided, started laughing with her. "God, Delva, I've never been so scared in my whole life! But I guess I deserved it, didn't I?"

"You most certainly did, dear boy! That was some liberty you took there, and all without knowing if I would have condoned it!"

"Actually, I was pretty sure you WOULDN'T condone it... I just sort of acted on a mean streak, I guess."

"You know, Anton," Delva got serious now. "that's exactly the streak we need to work with if you're ever gonna BE somebody! You were taught those spells for a reason. Those who can control others, control the world. If you want your rightful part of the cake, we've gotta cultivate your 'mean streak', and turn it into your most useful tool."

Anton was surprised. "You mean, you actually APPROVE of what I just did?!"

"But of course. That's why I didn't stop you sooner; until you'd had a good look at what you can expect! Always act on what you WANT to do. That's the important thing."

"Hmmmm..." Anton was running the possibilities through his mind.

"In fact," Delva continued, "sexual control is one of the very best ways to learn the more refined aspects of subtle manipulation. So go out and sow your oats, my little apprentice! Do what you want to do first, and learn the finer details as you go along."

"Wow..! You actually WANT me to go out and manipulate people into having sex with me?"

"Absolutely! That's how all great magicians started off! At least the male ones... Start in the arena of the small and obvious, and work your way up to the intricate levels of politics and business. Once your immediate desires are sated, your ambitions will grow until your enthusiasm for the higher levels will propel you upwards seemingly effortlessly! All you have to do is give in to your basest desires, accommodate them, and, when this is done and your aims grow higher, just build on what you learned from your first experiences... and going to the next level will seem so very simple!"

Anton was delighted beyond his ability to express. "That really makes sense! And it's so simple that I can't believe it!"

"You're damn right it is. And you better believe it. Try it out and see for yourself. It will be all the more obvious once you've become a part of the process. - Just one thing, my pet: Don't try anything like that with me again, eh?"

"Are you kidding?! After what just happened? I could never DREAM of trying that EVER again...!"

"Yeah, yeah, we both know that isn't true, little one. Just watch your step, all right?"

"Sure thing, Delva." He grinned at her. "It's just that, you sure do have a great-looking body, you know that?"

She smiled back at him. "Yes. I do. And maybe we CAN fool around sometime. But not until you're older and more experienced. Why don't you go learn a few things from, say, your mother? Ever think about that?"

"You mean, like, sexual things?"

"Yes, of course."

Anton's mind again began to fill with the possibilities. "Actually, yes, I thought about that once or twice. My mother is actually VERY attractive. Blond, beautiful, only in her mid-thirties..."

"Well, then. Go to her, and try out your new talents. And don't limit yourself to just her. Virtually any woman can be yours. All you have to do is want it."

"Ah, yes... and wanting is so easy..."

"It's a part of you. It's the beginning of something bigger. In the end, if you simply follow your desires and do as I tell you, you will become part of the elite that is in control. Nobody can tell them what to do. Everything happens on THEIR terms. That's where anybody wants to be, isn't it?"

"Jeez, I guess so! Yeah!"

"Then get started!"

"I sure will!" Anton jumped up and kissed Delva on the cheek.

"Watch it!" she said, but smiled as he ran off. Towards home.

Anton's father worked as a night watchman, so he was always away at night. His salary was just enough to support his family, so Anton's mother, Joon, mostly spent her time housewifing, and watching television. Despite the fact that she didn't work out at all, and didn't even go out much, the blond woman had a metabolism so amazing that she'd never accumulated any excess fat anywhere on her body; a feature that Anton's father would often commend her for time and time again. Joon retained the body of her youth, and Anton had seen very few women in real life (as opposed to in movies and TV) that were as good-looking as his mother.

A couple of times, when she was wearing only a night-gown or a long shirt or sweater of some variety, Anton had found himself being aroused by her, and he was never really shocked by that fact. He considered it unthinkable that she would ever have sex with her own son, but he himself entertained no moral ill-will towards the idea at all, and would readily think about her when he masturbated, and get off royally when he fantasized about burying his face in her blond-haired crotch. Now, he thought, he had the power to do more than just think about it!

That night, some time after dinner, when his father had left for work and Anton's older sister, Cecilia, was sleeping over at one of her girlfriends' house, Joon was watching TV as usual. Anton had just taken a shower and came down to join her on the sofa. After a few minutes, he used one of his spells to nudge a subtle suggestion into the back of her mind. And Joon felt a sudden desire to take a shower. Which she did, and came back down twenty minutes later, smelling fresh and delightful, and dressed in a loose flannel robe with nothing underneath - another subtle suggestion from Anton.

As they'd watched TV for another few minutes, Anton gathered up the courage to really lay it on. He reached out astrally, anchoring his perception to his mother's fifth chakra. Mentally forming the appropriate channeling spell, he poured into the chakra all the pure suggestion, motivation, incitation and excitation he could muster, rendering his mother ultimately ready to be instructed as to what to do next.

There was no way she could fight whatever he wanted her to do now; in fact, she would only be too eager to comply. So he initially suggested - ordered, actually - that she become increasingly aware of her general sensuality. This made her respond more intensely to every minor tingle of her body; she was suddenly feeling considerable pleasure every time her robe brushed by her naked skin, to say nothing of her tingling nipples.

Next, Anton suggested for her to feel attracted to him; to be sexually aroused by him. As these feelings gradually entered his mother, she started shifting about nervously, sweating and fidgeting and breathing heavily. She didn't know where these feelings could come from, but she couldn't act on them - could she...?

Anton was getting quite turned on himself, and was beginning to exhibit something of a bulge in his pants. He then projected into his mother's open chakra a simple formula taught to him by Delva: an absolute resolve to follow one's emotions.

That did it. Joon turned to him, the sweat of sexual excitement dripping from her brow. She said, hotly and passionately, "But Anton, dearest, you're all hard!" and placed a hand squarely on his erection. "We have to do something about that! Let's see, what can we do... Ooo, I know, let me have a good look at it." Anton stood up so his mother could pull down his pants. He stepped out of them. Joon focused her eyes on his hard penis.

"Oohhh, it's so pretty! Do you... do you mind if I see what it feels like to have it inside me...?" She looked at him almost imploringly. Obviously, she was in some sort of haze, part of her mind having more or less "switched off" because of her suddenly conflicting emotions about her son. Anton frankly doubted if she was even going to remember doing this...

He sat back down on the sofa and motioned for Joon to go ahead and feel. She dropped her bathrobe, sitting naked on the sofa, then moved to straddle the swollen member of her son. Anton got an eyeful as his blond mother moved in close to him, placed her large, firm and hard-nippled breasts in front of his brown torso, started kissing his mouth passionately, and then lowering her delicious, blond pussy onto his yearning penis. Anton broke the kiss to look down - What a sight!!

Anton felt only extreme arousal and pleasure as his virility penetrated and became enclasped by his mother's soft and warm vaginal lips, and she started heaving and lowering herself slowly on his shaft, herself moaning with pleasure and mumbling how good it felt.

"Oh yeah... yearrrh... aahaiii..." Anton had never actually been with a girl before, and he was more exhilarated than he could ever have anticipated at the wet and lubricated feel of the inside of his mother's vagina. He could also smell a rich aroma emanating from her womb; a smell that made him twice as aroused as before.

He started pressing his loins upwards in powerful strokes, eliciting still louder moans from his mother, as their genital friction increased and shockwaves of pleasure propagated through their connected bodies, all the time seeming to snow-ball; to gain still more strength.

The sweet feel and smell of his mother's blond pussy soon became almost too much for Anton to take. He felt as if roaring pleasurestuff was coming out of his ears, when suddenly his body convulsed and the pleasure immediately increased tenfold, making him let out a scream of orgasm that lasted for a full fifteen seconds, as his seed eagerly shot up into the depths of the female canyon.

Exhausted, Anton leaned back and found that his mother was still riding him, quickly approaching her own climax. As her moans increased in number and strength, Anton just took in the glorious sight and feel of his beautiful blond mother straddling him, with her silken sex gliding quickly up and down his tingling penis. Soon, she reached the crest of her ecstasy and let the avalanche of orgasm flow through her as she gave off a prolonged sigh and threw her head to one side and the other, her long blond hair following the movement.

She then fell forward onto Anton's torso and rested her head on his shoulder, relaxing. She said nothing; perhaps she managed to be embarrassed with what had just happened. Anton didn't like the thought that she might not remember events such as this; he didn't want to mess with her memory. So he once again entered her chakras, this time the brain chakra, and simply (if a little awkwardly) removed any tendency not to recall clearly every incident involving Anton.

At this, Joon promptly opened her eyes wide and lifted her head to look Anton clear in the eyes. Now she became fully aware of what had gone on (and was indeed still going on, as their loins were not yet separated), and as she realized that she had done something she would normally never have done, tears came to her eyes and she averted them, but didn't move from her erstwhile position.

She didn't realize that she herself wasn't to blame; that Anton had manipulated her to act like this. In a tormented voice, she said, "Ooh, what am I thinking?! Why am I doing this...?" She moved to heave herself off Anton's still-hard penis, but then Anton nudged her fifth chakra once more, causing the sweet tingle in her pussy to become almost unbearable.

And she slid back down, moaning with both pleasure and regret. She knew what she was doing now, and she didn't want to do it, but it simply felt so good that she couldn't control herself. Without looking Anton in the eyes again, she resumed humping him, her hands placed on his shoulders, her head facing down between their chests, and her hair falling around it like the branches of a weeping willow tree.

Anton was excited again and thoroughly enjoyed his mother's renewed energy. He thrust up into the wetness of her blond pussy again and again, as his moans matched those of his mother. "Ooooohhhhh yeahhh, yessss, ooooooh!!"

And their second orgasm was even better than the first. As Anton felt his passion juices shoot up into his mom, he had a stray thought about what might happen if she got pregnant from this. He assumed she was on the pill; after all, he'd always gotten the impression that she and dad had a very healthy sex life. But, even if she did get pregnant, everybody would assume it was by his father, so Anton really didn't worry.

As they had ridden out their second climax, Anton and his mother separated themselves from each other's loins, and Anton gently nudged Joon's brain chakra into accepting what had happened and not be sorry about it. He couldn't completely negate the influence of her conscience upon her view of the situation, but he could stop her from worrying about it and even make her memory of their love-making a fond one, letting her focus on the pleasure she'd attained, and making her look forward to their next such encounter.

It seemed to work, for his mother bent down to kiss him, saying, "That was truly amazing, son. We'll... do it again soon!", only a barely noticeable tremor of uncertainty in her voice. Anton reached out with his hand to touch Joon's gooey pussy, and moved his middle finger up along her crevice, feeling the soft pubic hairs, and finally slipping his finger inside to once again feel her wetness. What a thrilling sensation to touch those warm, permissive vaginal lips!

"Yes... soon!" he said, and pulled out of her. He got up and went to his room, to savor the experience and consider what to do next. It hit him almost instantly: The girls at his high school! Yes! The hip beauty queens who had never given him a second glance, if even a first. Let's see, there were Chloe... Whitney... Brooke... and Moira!! Oooooh, the very thought of getting it on with sexy ice-queen Moira was enough to send chills up Anton's spine. And didn't she have three sisters who were all famed far and wide for their beauty...? Oooh yeah....

But first, Anton had a sister of his own to look to!

The following morning, as Anton saw his sister Cecilia emerge from a shower, he instantly felt a beckoning in his loins. He'd fantasized about her often, and now he wasn't going to let this chance to realize the fantasy get away from him. Cecilia was just one year older than Anton, and at 19 she'd grown into an extremely sexy woman.

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