tagGroup SexThe Sororities New Man Ch. 03

The Sororities New Man Ch. 03


When I awoke I took a deep breath and I got a big whiff of a sweet lavender smell, I also realized I had a warm body pressed up against me and my hand was cupped around a breast. Then I felt my cock was rock hard and was pressed against what felt like some ones ass which caused me to move my hips making my cock rub up and down the crack of her ass slowly. After a few moments of doing this I gave the boob my hand was holding a light squeeze causing her to let out a light moan, then after another few seconds I did it again and she moan and said a soft "Yes". The voice sounded familiar but I couldn't really place it at this point so I did it again to see if she would say something again. She moaned and said, "Mmm, yes," still soft but slightly louder but I still couldn't tell who she was and it seemed like she was still asleep so I squeezed her breast again and she said the same thing again but with the word more at the end of it.

This time it finally registered who it was, jerking my hand away and moving my hips backwards to separate us I said softly, "Sorry I didn't mean to."

Ashlyn who I thought was still asleep turned over and with a slightly flushed face she smiled and said, "Don't be sorry, you were half asleep anyway."

"Well sorry anyway," I said looking down at her, "What are you still doing here anyway, I thought you were just going to stay to make sure I was ok."

The smile left her face then she said, "I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know you are jerking away from me waking me up."

"Oh, sorry again then," I said laughing.

She giggled then said, "I better getter get back upstairs, hope no one sees me coming out of here so they won't get the wrong idea about us. If they think we are dating then that is going to put a real big slow down in your sex life for awhile, they will all back off until they know for sure what's up."

"Ha are you kidding, from what I gather once someone asks you it will spread like wild fire and every girl will know by the end of the hour," I said laughing.

She shook her head and giggled then said, "Well that is true but no the problem is that it will probably take awhile for one of them to work up the nerve to ask me about it, no one wants to go ask their friend if they are dating a guy while that friend knows you're only asking because you want to know if they can still bang the guy or not."

I thought about it for a second then said, "I guess you're right, you know girls better than I do so I'll take your word for it."

"But from what I hear is that you know girls pretty well to and I have also heard their screams to back up their words," she said giggling.

I looked up at the ceiling and faked a angry face and said, "Oh you know what I mean," then turned to try and tickle her but she must have anticipated what I was going to do and had already spun out of the bed before I could reach her, "Hey get back here."

"No you were going to tickle me, I'm not stupid," she said giggling.

"Fine I will get you next time," I said while she started putting her dress back on, "You can take one of my sweatshirts if you want instead so they also don't question why you are wearing last nights clothes, they might think you had a night out with a guy and are just getting back."

"Oh you're right I should," she said while she went to the bathroom to get to my closet. She came back with a sweatshirt without schools name on it that I had picked up at the book store, "I have one just like this and if they don't notice the size difference they would never know." And while walking towards the door with her dress balled up in her hands she said, "And see you do know a little about girls so there is hope for you yet silly boy."

I turned to reach for a pillow then turned back to throw it at her but before I could she was already out the door and closing it, "Hey," I said.

And through the closed door she giggled and called back, "I told you I wasn't stupid and I know you, see you later for our run."

I heard her walk off as I shook my head thinking about how well she has always known me. I might have spent 100 times more time with her sister Alex than her especially these last few years but she would always knew what was going through my head and sometimes she knew it even before I had even figured out what I was thinking. And for some reason I never thought about that until now, it was sort of weird that she knew me so well, Alex while knowing everything about me couldn't even know what I was thinking or what I was going to do that fast or that often.

While Alex could do the same if she really tried Ashlyn did it naturally and so fast, I guess that's why whenever I had a real problem I would go to Ashlyn instead of Alex even though we were technically closer. It wasn't as hard to describe whatever complex feelings or things that were going to Ashlyn and she almost always was able to help. With Alex I probably would have had to spent an hour explaining it all before she would get it and be able to help, plus it didn't hurt that Ashlyn also let me talk without picking on me at the same time, Alex would spend half her energy listening while spending the other half cracking jokes at me, maybe she wouldn't use them right away if it was something that serious but she would always use them later at least.

I have always had what felt like a connection to each one of them and they were both like my sisters to me since we grew up with each other, I loved them and would hate to go through life without them in it. And now that I was thinking about all of this I also realized how much I missed Alex, we weren't together or anything but I still loved her and she had been my best friend all my life never too far from my side, we did basically everything together. I think that if her sister Amanda hadn't already taken my virginity we would have probably lost ours together instead of it only be me taking hers not that she minded, she said she was kind of glad that Amanda had already trained me since then at least one of us knew what they were doing. And laying here thinking about her I realized that if it wasn't for Ashlyn being here giving me the same kind of connection while it felt slightly different than with Alex it was just masking how much I missed Alex.

We had talked a lot about me going away for college the last few months and we were both cool with it but she was my best friend, my partner in crime, we did everything together and to go from that to only talking to each other every few days I started to think this might be a real hard year to get through. So I decided to call her, I wouldn't talk about the missing her part as she would probably just make fun of me for it but I still wanted to just talk with her and catch up, it would be early afternoon back in Texas already so I called.

I spent the next half hour talking to her letting her know what I have been up to, leaving out the part about the fun with multiple girls I was having, but I filled her in on things like what I did last night and how cool it was to be so close to the beach and just other random things I had been up to and she did the same. Towards the end of the conversation I started to feel the hangover that was probably already there I just didn't notice it but my head started pounding more and more as time went on. Of course when I told Alex this she decided it would be fun to laugh loudly then scream into the ear piece causing me to wince in pain. After telling her what I was going to do to her the next time I saw her she told me to go take a shower and find some aspirin for my head.

After I hung up I hopped in the shower hopping that the hot water running over my head for 20 minutes would help with my headache but of course it didn't help nearly enough. I got out and dressed and went to the kitchen to find some pills, when I got there Sasha was already there mixing something up in the blender. I walked to the other side of the counter and she gave me a slight smile and then turned off the blender, "Hangover," she asked. I just nodded while she turned back to the cabinet and came back with two glasses, then she filled both of them up with some orange greenish looking stuff and pushed over a glass to me and said, "Drink it will get rid of it, trust me."

While she started to chug hers I brought mine up to my lips and took a sip and then immediately started gagging while setting down the glass. She set her empty glass down laughed then said, "Come on you pussy it isn't that bad."

"Like hell it isn't, it tastes like shit, no wait I bet it probably tastes worse than shit," I said looking at her trying to figure out if she hated me or something.

"Ok fine it doesn't taste good, I'll give you that but seriously trust me, it will take your hang over away."

"Yea how about some aspirin, you know the normal way to get rid of a hangover," I said back.

"Fine look at it this way, take the aspirin and be hungover all day feeling like shit not wanting to do anything, ORRR, chug this shit and feel fine if not amazing all day and then feel like having sex with me later today," she said grinning.

I got the hint and picked the glass back up and chugged it without a second thought, it probably helped that I was ogling her boobs that were looking extra perky today in her tight tank top, they kept me distracted from the foul horrible taste of the drink she is bribing me to drink. After I finished it I slammed the glass down and gagged a few times before I got it under control and looked back up at her just standing there and smiling at me. "That's a good boy," she said laughing.

"What in the hell is in that," I said pointing to the still half full pitcher.

"Oh a little of that and a little of this with a touch of midol," she said grinning.

"What, am I going to start growing boobs or something now," I said grabbing my chest out of reflex.

Rolling her head back and laughing, "No you won't I am just joking, even if you did take midol you wouldn't grow boobs, it doesn't work like that or I would be taking a bunch more of it," she said grabbing her boobs.

"Hey your boobs are just fine, I like them anyway at least," I said smiling which made her smile, "So no midol in this stuff right."

She giggled then said, "No it is really just some recipe one of our sisters from long ago brought over from the islands she was from. It is just a bunch of fruits and veggies thrown together with a few shots of liquor and over the years we have added a dash of prescription strength migraine medication to make sure the headache gets taken care of, and it works quick too."

I was already starting to feel better before she even answered and my head was pounding less too, "Well that's cool, but does it have to taste like shit," I said laughing.

Rolling her eyes at me she started for the door then right before she went out she said looking back at me, "Hey you won't be complaining later when you are feeling like you are walking on a cloud or when you are buried balls deep in my wet tight pussy later this afternoon," then she winked at me and walked through the door.

My cock had grown hard at Sasha's teasing so when Tiffany came in right after she left I turned to the table to try and hide it for some reason. "Oh thank God she made the cure, you didn't drink it all did you," she asked me walking over to the other side of the counter.

She saw the half full pitcher and that was all the answer she needed while she got a glass and poured her some and then proceeded to chug it down fast. She slammed the glass back down and shuddered for a second before taking a deep breath with her eyes closed. After standing there what seemed to be 10 minutes but actually more like 2 she finally opened her eyes and grinned at me, "Feel better," I asked.

"Getting there, now if you let me suck your cock so I can have some of your cream I will be feeling even better than I am right now," she said with eyes that looked to be on fire.

I gasped at first but the air in my throat sucked in some saliva too causing me to cough instead for a second. When I collected myself I said, "Uh right here in the kitchen or in my room."

"Oh right here for sure," she said walking around the counter towards me, "It would be much hotter that way and don't lie and say you're not horny, I saw the hard on Sasha gave you as soon as I came in, now drop the pants and give me your cream."

After Sasha's teasing and her saying she wanted me to whip my cock out so she could suck it and swallow my cum I was hard as a rock. So who was I to deny this girl what she wanted and I dropped my sweat pants I was wearing to the floor. Not 2 seconds after I did was she on her knees in front of me diving straight onto my hot rod, she took into her mouth until I hit her throat and then she backed halfway off then slammed back down pushing me into her esophagus.

I was gasping from the pleasure as she quickly turned them into moans as she started fucking her mouth onto my cock. Again she was going crazy with her tongue sending all kinds of good feelings to my brain to interpret and I was pretty sure there were plenty of them it couldn't even decipher or just plain couldn't keep up with. I was in heaven at that point, if the drink wasn't already halfway there with making me feel like I was on cloud 9 she had me the rest of the way there in no time flat. And as fast as I think I have ever orgasmed she had me throwing my head back and grunting while I shot off into her waiting mouth in less than 4 minutes.

When I was finished she pulled off my cock then opened her mouth while looking up at me showing me my cum on her tongue then she closed it and swallowed it. After that she licked off what was left on my cock getting it all clean again. When she was done she stood up said thanks and just left while I was still standing there with my pants down wondering what the hell just happened to me. Whoever ended up being her boyfriend or husband is going to be one lucky guy I thought to myself. Just then I heard something come from the other door and then giggling on the other side of it, great now someone saw us I wonder how long it will be before everyone in the house knows I thought shaking my head while I left to go back to my room.

I sat down on the couch and flipped on the TV to sit back and relax for a bit but before I could finish finding something to watch I noticed I was feeling a lot better. Dang that shit tasting hangover cure was actually working and before I knew it I was bursting with energy and feeling great. I put on my running clothes and went to the door to go find Ashlyn but as I opened it she was standing there in her running clothes with her hand up and ready to knock, before she had a chance to react I said, "Oh hey I was about to come find you, do you want to go for a run."

"Yep, that's what I was about to knock about," she said smiling.

Once we got out side and running down the road she said, "I take it you had some of the hangover shake stuff."

"You mean the shit shake, yeah I had some, Sasha made me drink it but she was right about it because I feel great right now," I said picking up the pace.

She giggled and said, "Yeah I had some to just before we left, I like to go running before it kicks in so in the middle of the run I start feeling great and then I can just make believe that it was the running that made me feel better."

Laughing I said, "I'll have to try that next time, either way I feel great right now so let's race to the beach."

"Are you sure it was the shake or the blow job Tiffany gave you this morning that is making you feel great," she said giggling.

I missed a step and stumbled a bit which caused her giggling to turn into loud laughing, "Damn it will anything in that house go unnoticed."

"Don't count on it, we might not like to gossip with the outside world but inside the house it's game on," she said grinning at me.

"Well this should turn into an interesting semester," I said, "So you want to race or not."

"Sure, my shake is kicking in so I'm in," she said, "On 3 ok, ready, 1, 2..."

She took off running full speed before she got to 3, "HEY" I yelled at her while taking off in a flat out run myself. I almost had her caught when we were rounding a corner coming off the trail through the woods but she picked it up another notch once we were almost to the beach and she was already sitting down by the water trying to catch her breath when I finally caught up. "You were just toying with me on the trail weren't you," I asked while sitting down next to her out of breath.

"Did you forget I was on the track team," she said grinning at me.

"No but I was keeping up with you on the trail then you just took off and left me in the dust after that," I said.

"But if I would of ran as fast as I could the whole time you wouldn't have been able to stare at my ass most of the time," she said smiling at me.

"Hey I was not looking at your ass," I exclaimed even though I knew I was, fact was I didn't mind running behind her.

"Yeah sure sure whatever you say, I know when you lie remember," she said laughing then standing up she grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet, "Now come on let's take a swim then run some more, then you are taking me for a early dinner before the party tonight."

"Ok," I said, dinner was news to me but I didn't think much about it as I ran after her into the water after she tried to push me over while I was taking off my shoes. We splashed around goofing around with each other for almost an hour in the water then ran for another hour along the beach before we returned home for a shower. I pulled out my ipod dock and set it up in the bathroom so I could listen to music while showering and was thinking about how glad I was that things weren't akward with Ashlyn and me this morning, there was no mention of it and neither brought it up so hopefully it would be left at tha.

I was in the middle of my shower when I heard the shower door opening. I didn't even hear my bedroom or bathroom door open over the music and with me singing along to it and I turned to see what was opening the shower door but before I could shake the water out of my eyes I was slammed up against the wall and a pair of lips were on mine. I kissed back while bringing my hands around them and started rubbing their butt and back. She broke the kiss and looked at me and said, "I'm so horny right now, please fuck me."

Sasha didn't need to give me anymore invitation, I leaned forward kissing her again while I lifted her up off the ground with my hands on her ass and turned us until I pressed her up against the wall. I was already hard and was humping up against her trying to find her hole when she reached down to line me up. As I pressed forward into her tight wet pussy and she moan while bringing her hand back to grab my head to pull me into the kiss harder. I started moving in and out of her, "God you are so hot down there already," I said.

Giggling in between her moans before answering she said, "I've been waiting for you to get back but I got tired of waiting so I started without you."

"Well sorry to keep you waiting, I'll make it up to you," I said then I picked up the pace. I was pounding her so hard I thought for a second I was hurting her by crushing her against the wall over and over like I was but she just kept yelling "Yes" over and over so I kept going. Her first orgasm she didn't scream out but she did almost choke me to death with her arms around my neck and probably bruised my hips with how tight her legs gripped me, I lost some momentum with her restricting my movements but once she let up I continued to pound her like before.

Her second one she did the same with her arms and legs but this time she almost broke my ear drum with her scream, she almost had me off without me even moving in and out during her orgasm since her pussy walls felt like they were having a seizure or something around my cock, combined with her extra hot pussy today I was about to pop when all of a sudden she just went limp. I had been holding her up this time but when she went limp she started to slip a little without her hanging on as well. I tried to keep her up on me but with our bodies being wet she started to slip down me.

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