The Sororities New Man Ch. 04


She gasped then grunted at the sudden invasion but she didn't complain and as I started pulling back out she started saying no while trying to push back to get me back into her but I just grabbed her hips and held her still as I gave her ass a light smack, "It's my turn to be in control now just shut up and take it."

I normally wasn't so forcefully but it seemed like it was something she would be into and her moan she let out after I said it just enforced my thinking so I just slammed back into her after I pulled almost all the way out of her. She moaned again so I kept it up, I would pull almost all the way out before I slammed it all back into her over and over for a few minutes and as her first orgasm started to overtake her I started slamming in and out of her fast and hard causing her to squeal then scream out as she came even harder than she was going to a few moments later.

I kept up my fast and hard pace for two more orgasms and as she collapsed onto the car and resting her head on the hood after her last one I pulled out to a wine from her. I roughly pulled her back to stand up letting her panties fall to the ground before I turned her and lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around me. I walked us to the side of her car and then laid her back onto her hood with her ass hanging off the edge then I buried my cock back into her and resumed my pounding while I locked lips with her. She screamed into my mouth as she shook through another orgasm but her pussy spasms took all control I had left as I slammed back in her as deep as I could go as I started to empty my load into her.

She was kissing me fiercely and passionately as we both had our orgasms and we continued our making out for a few more minutes before we broke apart and I stood up as we tried to catch our breath. She finally started to get up off the car and started giggling, "What," I said.

"Nothing, I have just always wanted to have sex on top of my car and this is the first time I have done it outside to," she said smiling.

"Yea me to, well at least the car part, I have done it while camping in the woods before though."

"Yeah well I might be dragging you up here again because that was pretty hot," she said grinning.

I laughed then said, "I don't think you will be having to drag me, get to drive a fast car then get to have sex with its hot sexy owner on top of it, yep I don't see any reason you would have to drag me."

She laughed at that and then we started cleaning ourselves backup before we got back into the car and made our way back to campus. She had me let her out by the side door then I went and parked the car back in the garage. I went inside and was about to jump into the shower when I got a knock on my door, I opened it and it was Ashlyn standing there in her running clothes with her hands on her hips, "Ready for our run," she said. I groaned then she said, "Don't tell me Amanda gave you a hard workout because I have seen someone after they get that boost shot so I know you aren't out of energy."

I thought about it for a second and she was right I wasn't tired at all, "Fine," I said as I followed her out of my room, "But for the record it was a hard workout."

She giggled at that as we took off for our daily run. We chatted about nothing really important as we ran around campus for the next hour. She wanted to show me a few other places on campus so we didn't run to the beach like we normally did. We got back to the house and both went to take showers before we went to try some other restaurant she wanted to show me for dinner.

She took me to another burger joint that she had to order at but this time it was because I couldn't understand the menu, it was pretty good and we had a good time talking and joking around. It was about 8pm when we got back and we were planning on watching a movie in the movie room but as soon as we walked in Sasha ran up to me and grabbed me by the hand and started pulling me down the hallway, "Come with me," she said.

I looked back at Ashlyn to see if she knew what was up but she didn't know either so she asked, "Where you taking him, we were going to watch a movie."

Sasha turned back and said while grinning, "I am going to go show him the fun room down stairs."

Ashlyn looked like she was going to say she was going to but then a look of realization crossed her face while she said, "Oh ok, have fun Drew, come find me for that movie if it doesn't get to late."

I said ok as I was dragged by Sasha to the stairs that led downstairs and once down there we crossed the what I would have that she meant by the fun room since it had pool tables and whatnot down there but we went to the door that had a pad lock on it. She waved her wrist band over a sensor and I heard the sound of the door unlocked as she reached down and opened it. She led us into a small black room with another door on the other side of it, "You have to close the main door before the other one will open," she said as she closed the door and I heard its lock activate again, guess the pad lock was just for show or something.

She waved her band next to the other doors reader and this one popped loose without having to turn the handle like the side garage door did. She pushed it open and my eyes took in the large room, it was dimly lit by small lights that lined the walls every few feet while there were a few circle lights built into the ceiling to, while it wasn't that bright it was bright enough to see the whole room clearly, "This is the fun room I have been waiting to show you," she said.

I looked around in wonder, it was a fun room indeed, the flooring was some kind of rubber type floor that was soft yet firm still, there were also rugs that were here and there throughout the room but were mostly by large plush like couches that could be considered almost beds to some people with how large they were. There were a handful of those couches around the room as well as a few regular looking ones, there were other weird looking couches, benches, and chairs in there too though from the look of what was by the far wall I doubted that they were technically meant for sitting. The room had a few large mirrors hanging on the walls here and there but the back wall was lined with them, there was also some lining the ceiling above where these contraption looking things were and I also noticed a few other large mirrors on the ceilings by themselves mostly above some of the large plush couches.

And by the back wall stood two things that even without all the stuff I was seeing on the back wall its self I would have still understood what this room was for and why it was called the fun room and not the other. These two things looked like they were the 4 metal beams with small holes throughout the length of each of them, the ones that were multipurpose weight benches but they were farther apart and there were more metal beams attached to the top that could be used to attach different things to and hold.

The one on the left was bare but the one to the right had 4 straps coming down that were attached to what looked like a flat piece of thick cloth that it suspended above the ground. And laying flat on her back on it but naked was Tiffany with her large boobs and large hard nipples sticking up like mountains on her chest. Her head was hanging off the edge or it while facing us upside down and she smiled as she noticed my cock start to tent out into my pants. Sasha was looking that my face the whole time reading my expressions this whole time so she probably saw when I noticed Tiffany and knew I was done looking at anything else for awhile so she said, "Those two things were bought by Sam of course and some like Tiffany like to use them with Sam every now and then. Tiffany has been going on all day about wanting to fuck you that I told her I would get you to if she let me fill in for Sam tonight."

I looked over at her and grinned then started walking towards Tiffany, I stood in front of her face and admired her body and large tits, her nipples were large and pointing straight up. Her legs were spread apart and looked to be tied to the two straps that held that end of the flat hammock type thing she was one, her arms were free though and she was already pulling my pants down and grabbing onto my cock. I groaned as she pulled me forward and into her mouth and started to suck me, she moved me in and out of her mouth using her hands on my thigh and ass. After moaning from me and her as she took me deep into her through pulling me deep with her hand on my ass she got a rhythm going then let go of me and letting me take over.

Sasha went over to the wall of toys that they had either hanging on hooks on the back wall or on shelf's, she came back with two nipple clamp looking things and proceeded to attach them to each nipple. Tiffany's body went stiff after the first one went on but after the second one was clamped on she let out a long moan around my cock. When Sasha was done she said, "We won't go all out tonight with this stuff, I am no Sam plus you are really what she wants tonight so we will just give her a little of the other stuff and a lot of you, now start fucking her face like you mean it."

I looked at her with shock on my face, "I don't want to hurt her or anything."

She giggled then said, "You are not going to mind letting him fuck your face now are you Tiffany."

Tiffany let out what sounded like a no around my cock and she also shook her head side to side to confirm it. "And I am sure she will let you know in her own way if you are hurting her if not she will say her safe work," Sasha said.

To illustrate this point Tiffany let her teeth scrape along my shaft as it was going back in which caused me to stop, she then added some pressure with her teeth, "Ok I get your point," I said.

Tiffany released her teeth and giggled around my cock as she used her hand on my ass to pull me farther into her mouth urging me to continue. So I did just that, I started with the slow pace of before but I picked up the pace a little faster after about a minute. Sasha was along the back wall looking for something and when she found it she walked back with a grin on her face. When she came back she had her lift her bottom up off the hammock thing a little as she slid a strap under her, then she brought it around and snapped it then pulled it tight around Tiffany's stomach. Then on the small metal bar that was attached to it that hung down towards her pussy she attached a small rubber looking thing to it before she spread Tiffany's pussy lips and placed it on her clit. It was small and fit perfectly between the top of her lips and with a small piece of clear tape she attached it across the bar and onto her stomach lower down by her shaved pussy to ensure it would stay in place.

Then Sasha flipped a switch on the rubber thing over Tiffany's clit and a small light lit up to show that it was on. Sasha looked up at me and then with a grin she held up a small remote and pressed a button on it, the sound was unmistakable as it started vibrating on her clit and Tiffany's moans around my cock let me know exactly what it was doing to her. I started to pick up the pace a little and started to deep throat her now, I would go down her throat for 5 or 6 strokes before pulling almost out to pause while she took a breath through her nose. Sasha told me to pick up the pace and really fuck her, she also said to stop worrying when she got a breath as she would get air when she could and if she couldn't she would push me off so I started going to town on Tiffany's mouth.

It was amazing how she didn't have a gag reflex, not once did I hear or feel her gag, it was all sounds of her moans being cut off when I went into her throat though even then they were just softer. The vibrations from her throat when I went deep made me want to just stay in there but I knew she had to breathe some time and she was taking small breaths of air through her nose when I pulled out. I did leave myself buried deep in her throat a few times but after 20 seconds or so she would push my back a little with her hand but she never made me exit her mouth completely.

Sasha was pulling on her nipple clamps and fingering Tiffany this whole time and from the look in her eye it seemed like she was really horny so this came as no surprise to me when she said, "Ok that's enough, come over here and fuck her so I can use that end."

I pulled out of her mouth and Tiffany made a sound that let us know she wasn't happy but once I was on the other side of her between her legs she started wiggling her hips in anticipation. I placed the tip of my cock at her entrance and gave a slight push but pulled back before I could pop it, I did it again right away and she let out a long sigh and said, "Put it in already damn it."

I saw Sasha's hand come up with the remote again and as she pressed the button I heard a zapping sound followed my Tiffany's scream as she lifted her body up as far as she could be dropping back down and shaking a little. "Mind your manners slave," Sasha said harshly.

"Sorry mistress Sasha," Tiffany said in a quiet voice.

I looked at Sasha with a raised eyebrow to which she held up the remote shook it then said, "It can give pleasure as well as give pain, that is what you get when you give Sam a credit card and tell her to stock this room with toys."

I laughed then lined my cock back up with Tiffany's wet waiting pussy but before I did I thought stuck me, "Hey I thought you said you were on your period."

She groaned then said, "I was lying, I wanted to wait until I was sure I was safe with the shot and if I would have let you eat me the other night I would have most likely told you to fuck me that night to."

I thought about it for a second then nodded at Sasha, she was quick with knowing what I wanted and pressed the pain button again, "Hey," yelped after she let out a slight scream.

"That's for lying," I said then with one hard thrust I buried my cock all the way into her tight pussy. She let out another sound that sounded more like a yelp combined with a moan and I said, "And that's for making me wait."

Of course I didn't really mind that she made me wait since it was always better to be safe than sorry but I wanted to give her a reason for what I was about to do to her. I pulled back out until just the tip was left in her then slammed back in with all my strength using the straps that supported her into the air for leverage. She let out a yelp again then moaned and then I did it again 3 more times before I really started fucking her, I fucked her as fast and as hard as I could and she was screaming and moaning and letting all kinds of words out that I couldn't understand so I looked at Sasha and said, "Will you please shut her the fuck up."

Sasha grinned big then said, "Gladly." She dropped her pants and stepped out of them then positioned herself right above Tiffany's mouth that was hanging off the edge of the hammock thing. She reached down in one hand and put it behind Tiffany's head for support then slammed her pussy down onto her waiting mouth. The noises from Tiffany died out to a soft sound but the room was quickly filled with Sasha's moans instead.

And so that is what I did for the next 30 or so glorious minutes, I fucked this hot chick hanging on a suspended flat hammock type thing while another hotter chick roughly road her face. Every once in awhile I would reach down and give her nipple clamps a pull or twist causing her to yelp or scream into Sasha's pussy, and I rode her roughly through 4 orgasms and each time she screamed into Sasha's pussy Sasha would giggle and say that it tickles. Sasha had 3 orgasms herself, they didn't seem as strong as the ones I could give her with my mouth let alone with my cock but they were just as satisfying to her as she had to sit and take a break for a few minutes after her second one.

As for me I was enjoying what I was doing to this sexy girl with big boobs, other than the other night with Sam I never really was one to just pound away and defiantly not this long. I was still going strong on the shot and felt like I could still run a marathon even after all I had done today and after spending over 30 minutes keeping this insane hard and fast pace I was fucking Tiffany with. But this is what she wanted so I was giving it to her and it didn't hurt that I loved every moment of it. I struggled a few times to keep from ending up shooting my load into her but each time I distracted myself like I had been taught by Ashlyn's sister so I could keep going but all good things must come to an end and I was rewarded with great pleasure when it did. I couldn't hold back this time so I just gave in and let myself go, I didn't burry myself in her and spurt, oh no I was so worked up I just kept fucking her at the same pace I had been while I started to shoot off what would be 7 spurts of cum. I threw my head back and yelled out a loud "Yes" as I started to cum which turned into a loud growl as I continued, I shot cum deep in her, just inside her pussy, and everywhere in between as I kept pounding as I came.

My growl was so loud if it wasn't for her pussy muscles going crazy all over my cock I would not have known Tiffany was cumming to which just made my orgasm feel that much better. I slammed back into her to the hilt as I shot my last rope of cum into her and then with a moan I lowered my head to take in the sight of her sexy body and the mountains that rose up from it that were her tits. My eyes worked their way up towards her head as I took in how hot Tiffany looked right now, her head was hanging off the end and it was then I noticed Sasha wasn't there anymore.

I pulled out and made my way around to the front of Tiffany to find Sasha panting on the ground in a post orgasm daze herself, I hadn't noticed but seeing both of us explode in orgasm sent her into another one of her own. She must have sensed me standing over her because she opened her eyes and looked at me with a grin on her face, I grinned back but then gasped at the warm wet feeling I felt as Tiffany noticed my semihard and took it back into her mouth for a cleaning. I was still looking at Sasha and I saw her eyes dart down to take in what was now happening and she got a even bigger grin on her face, she looked back up at me and said, "Well I better go do some cleaning myself, she can't have all the fun."

She then got up and walked over to the pussy side of the girl I had just fucked, I moved to face that direction as she made her way around which gave Tiffany a better angle at sucking my cock as well as she was now able to take it all into her mouth now. Sasha now standing in between Tiffany's legs bent down removed the toy and then proceeded to suck my cum out of her which caused Tiffany to moan right along with me. It was always something to watch another girl eat my cum out of the girl I just cummed in and I don't think I would ever get tired of seeing it and I was soon rock hard again which Tiffany made good use of as she was working me in and out of her by moving my hips with her hands. I was so lost in watching what Sasha was doing but after a few moments that Tiffany was fucking herself my moving me back and forth, I smiled down at her and then started taking over the pace as she let her hands fall from my hips.

I stopped fucking Tiffany's mouth when Sasha popped her head up from her and then started crawling up on top of Tiffany until she got to her mouth. I was then treated to the sight of Sasha leaning down and letting some of my cum flow down into Tiffany's open mouth, after some had fallen out into her mouth Sasha bent further down and started French kissing Tiffany. I let out a moan as I watched what was happening right in front of me, I reached down and started stroking myself while I watch and after a few minutes Sasha broke the kiss looked up at me and with a grin she said, "Now get back there and fuck both of us."

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