tagFirst TimeThe Sorority Sisters: Cathy No. 01

The Sorority Sisters: Cathy No. 01

bySassy Susan©

THE SORORITY SISTERS – Adventures In Domination/Submission,

Cathy No. 1 – In The Library With A Virgin


Cathy is a charter member of the Sorority, a group of submissive women who have given me some control of their sex lives for our mutual enjoyment and growth. All of the Sisters are volunteers, and all agree to let me publish their accounts of the things they do for me.

In this early event in our relationship, Cathy was carrying out simple dares, usually exhibiting herself and/or having brief sexual encounters with strangers. In this account, Cathy relates how she met and seduced a shy young man in the public library.



I think I succeeded in accomplishing one of your goals. Well, I may have gone farther with it than you wanted, but I couldn't help myself.

When I was at the library I noticed this nerdy looking kid looking at me. Unfortunately I wasn't dressed for flashing. I had on jeans and a tee shirt. But I wasn't wearing a bra so when he wasn't looking I tweaked my nipples to make them noticeably erect.

I found the tax stuff I needed and went over to sit on the opposite side of his table to "look through" the tax booklet.

He was taking notes in some kind of science book. I asked him if he knew anything about state taxes. I claimed I was new to the state and that I never had to do state taxes before (I told him I was from Florida when he asked. I've visited there and know that they don't have state tax).

He said that his dad helped with his taxes so he didn't know much more than the basics. He kept looking down at my tits so I began letting my left hand drift up to my right tit to caress it every so often. Thanks for that idea.

He was a skinny kid and was very timid. I guess having an older woman playing with her tit while talking to you can do that to a boy. He said he was studying for a class he's taking in community college and that he had a test later that day. From looking at him, and how he acted, I was guessing that he'd probably never had a real girl friend in his life. He's the kind of guy I never would have gone out with back when I was his age. Actually, I probably wouldn't have done anything more than tease the hell out of him right then had it not been for your dare. So I thought that this might be my lucky day, or more importantly, his lucky day

Here I'd been looking all over trying to find someplace where I could meet someone like you described and he falls into my lap! I was feeling the beginnings of that little rush I get when I know that I am going to have this kind of fun.

It was obvious that he wasn't comfortable talking to me, but he couldn't keep his eyes off my chest no matter how hard he kept trying to do his work. I would leave him alone for awhile, pretending to read my tax booklet, then speak to him again, asking him about anything from the weather, to his classes. I asked him if he had a girl friend and he actually blushed before saying that he's "not seeing anyone right now." I wanted to laugh at that. This kid was so fucking awkward.

Since you'll ask for details I'll stop right here and give you what I can. His name is Ronnie. He's just a little taller than me, but short for a guy and very thin. He has light brown hair that either needs to be cut or styled. I really wanted to just go around the table and do something with his head to fix that. He wears glasses and has blue eyes. And an awkward looking face, to put it nicely, but not ugly. With a little effort he would be a decent looking kid. He said that he was almost 19.

When he was ready to leave I walked out with him. When we got outside I told him that I noticed he had been staring at my nipples a lot. He blushed and didn't say anything. I told him that it was OK and that I enjoyed knowing that a young guy like him would find me attractive. When we got to his car, an old Toyota -- I'm talking 80's or something -- I asked him if he wanted to see more of them. I thought he was going to start stuttering the way it took him so long to answer me. I offered to get in the passenger seat so he reached over and unlocked the door. I got in and adjusted the seat so I could lean back. The rush was building and I could feel myself dampening. I took a deep breath and then pulled my shirt up over my tits.

His eyes got big as he just stood there staring at my naked breasts. I told him he could touch them if he wanted to, and he reached over and started squeezing them one at a time with his right hand. It felt really good to have his hand on me, and my nipples got hard and tight.

Then I asked him if he was horny. I offered to suck his dick and he said that he had to go. I told him to calm down, and assured him that I wasn't after money or anything. I said I was just excited over the way he had reacted to me. I had to offer two more times before he finally unfastened his pants.

That's when I realized that he really was a virgin. Because when I slid over and took his dick in my hand and began stroking it, he started cumming almost immediately. I couldn't have stroked him more than three or four times before he erupted.

I jacked him off the rest of the way, getting it all over his shirt and on the back of my hand. Then I leaned down and sucked him a little, cleaning up the residue on his cock, and licked his overflow off my hand. His cum was salty but sweet, and I savored the taste of him. He began to get hard again as he watched me.

I could tell he was embarrassed about cumming so fast. And probably upset at missing out on a blowjob. I told him that it was OK and that all guys cum fast their first time. Then I said, "This is your first time, isn't it."

He didn't answer at first, but then said that he had received handjobs and blowjobs before. I don't know if he was telling the truth, but I didn't really believe him (Or at least I chose not to). But no matter what he may have done, at least he admitted that he had never been fucked. And I'm betting that I'm the first woman to even touch his dick, let alone make him cum. By now my panties were soaked and I decided that I wanted to give this kid a real memory. So I told him that I was horny as hell and asked if he wanted to go someplace where we could fuck.

He looked at his watch and said that he really did have a class soon. Susan, I honestly had no intention of fucking him at first. But I just couldn't help myself. So I had him move his car to the far end of the parking lot on the other side of the recycle containers. That area was empty and anyone going there could be seen way before they got to us. I had him put the back seat down so we could crawl back there.

I had Ronnie lie on his back and I took his cock out again. He was fully recovered. I struggled out of my jeans and wet panties, climbed on his erection, and gave him his first pussy. He was so fucking excited that he came almost immediately after I started fucking him, and once more before I had my own orgasm. That's the one thing I remember most about young guys, especially when they have little or no experience: they can come so often at that stage.

After my orgasm I got up, put my pants and shoes on and thanked him for the opportunity to be his first fuck. I grabbed my panties and tax papers and got out of the car. I waited for him to pull his pants on and drive away before I went to my car, so he couldn't see what I was driving or follow me.

I wonder if he ran to school and tried telling his friends about the older woman who picked him up at the library. If he did they probably won't believe him, especially since he can't even give them my name because I never bothered to tell him, although he could make one up.

Susan, it was fun, and I needed a good fuck after coming off my period (well, I'm almost all the way off). And that boy will never forget today. Who knows, maybe it will get more young men involved in going to the library and reading if they believe his story.

Hope I didn't take it farther than you wanted me to. But I couldn't help myself. Thanks for the dare.



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