The Spatulas


Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I'd love to hear some feedback as per usual. Please feel free to leave me a comment in the COMMENT Box at the end of the page. You see those big empty stars too? Maybe bump those up to five full ones? We wouldn't want them to be empty now would we? All alone like that? You're not a monster are you?

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I'm Blackjack, and that's why I drink. I came up with the title after coming up with the premise of the fic. What do you use spatulas for? Turning things! Eggs, pancakes, gay guys...

Author: Blackjack

"I'm telling you Pen. I seriously think I may be gay." I casually revealed to my friend. I placed the camera and my own personal Mac book down on the small, wooden table to the left of me and pressed down on the power button to turn the expensive piece of equipment on. My best friend, Penny Lane, an attractive enough girl walked in behind me and placed her make up kit next to my stuff.

She had her long blonde hair tied up in a ponytail high up on her head. A big red scrunchie kept it in place as the tail swung from side to side as she walked into the expensive room GQ had hired for us. We had both graduated from a fairly none descript college myself with a photographer degree and Penny with a degree in arts which she had turned into working as a make up artist. While we were a team, Penny was probably the more successful out of the two of us. She had worked on various Hollywood movies as a make up artist while my career was in danger of being eradicated due to various hipsters with Instagram on their iPhones. I took great pleasure in being known as a photographer and these shit heads with their moronic facial hair wanted to claim they were as good as me.

Still, I was earning a pay cheque tonight and I was looking forward to it. We had been hired by GQ to do a centre fold shoot for two of the sexiest stars on TV. Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs from NBC's 'Community' were here to do a shoot in lingerie as GQ was a 'man's magazine' the usual buyers didn't want to see them in frumpy sweaters. They wanted to see skin and the girls seemed to be more than happy to oblige. The girls had been fantastic, Alison had shown more skin that Gillian in her career so had lots of great ideas.

Alison would be clad in black lingerie for the shoot while Gillian would be in virginal white. As the shoot progressed, Alison's dirtiness would 'corrupt' Gillian who would end up being in black as well. But, as I took a practice shot of a long, luxurious white couch my mind wandered. Shouldn't I be eagerly anticipating seeing the girls in barely anything? I mean, Alison in stockings and garters was a hot image. Surely enough to get a guy hard right? Wrong. I'm not sure why but I just hadn't been attracted to girls lately.

"So you think you're gay because you haven't got laid lately?" Penny asked me as she opened up her Mac book and double clicked on an application for the photos. "Porn do anything for you?"

"Jesus Pen!" She looked up at me and gave me a 'What?' type of look. I suppose it shouldn't have surprised me. There had been a bit of flirting between the two of us during college but eventually we decided that we should settle into each other's own personal friend zone. Since then, we've been able to talk about sex with each other in a more personal manner. "Well, I've looked at some and it kind of gets me hot but I've never got rock hard over it."

"So, have you tried being up close with another girl maybe that's it. Oh! Do you think that may suffer from a performance issue? Because that's not totally uncommon."

"I haven't and I don't know. I've never had performance issues before, that couldn't be it could it?" I asked, pressing the power button on my camera I took a few test shots as Penny linked up my camera with the computer.

"Could be. Were you pretty well sexed before you started feeling like this?" Penny asked, twisting the Mac book around so I could see the shot. I nodded in approval and planted the camera down on the table next to the laptop.

"I wouldn't say well sexed... I got enough you know?" I said, casting a quick glance around the room to make sure that all of the lighting was OK for the shot.

"Well, if that's all maybe you are just having some performance issues. I really wouldn't blame it on being gay."

"You're gay?" A third voice entered the fray as the two actresses stepped down and walked into the main room of the house. Alison Brie was the culprit, tossing her brown hair over her shoulder she narrowed her eyes at me.

"I'm... I'm not sure. I think I may be gay." I replied,

Alison had been joined by Gillian who hadn't been listening to the conversation, she looked to be busy on her phone.

"Alison's gay? Big deal. Like you wouldn't be able to tell with the way she's been ogling me!" She teased her brunette co-star, playfully bumped her hips against Alison's.

"Tease!" Alison retorted by pursing her lips and blowing a kiss at her friend. She grinned and shook her head. "Not me! Though you certainly would tempt me blondie! Nah, it's this cute guy here!" Alison accentuated the point by gesturing to me with an extended finger.

"You're gay? That is a real shame!" Gillian said with a smirk as she looked me over. Suddenly feeling like a piece of meat, I shook my head and extended my arm like they should join me and Penny in the front room.

"I think I may be gay!" I replied with a grin. As the girls were about to say something else, I quickly interrupted. "So, where do we want to start?" I asked, bringing my camera up to shoot the two girls. The girls walked into the main room with me and Penny, it was then that we got to look over them.

Alison had on a sheer lacy 'jacket' that ran down along her arms and onto her thighs. Covering her chest was a black sequinned bra that was almost a half cup, while covering her chest but not really. Completing the bottom half, she had on a pair of lacy underwear that covered her groin attached to the panties was a set of stockings that covered her legs. She also had on a set of black shiny heels that elevated the cute brunette a few inches off of the ground. Her make up had been done perfectly by Penny, it was dark and alluring, the type of eye shadow that if you looked at it for too long you'd start to go mad with lust.

Gillian meanwhile, had on a pure virginal white matching bra and panties set with a set of sheer stay up stockings that ran from her thighs all the way down to her feet and white heels. The blonde also had on a white lacy waist coat that only ran down to her tummy, but still looked great on her. Completing the look, there was a thin black hair clip keeping some of her silky blonde locks back over the right side of her face. Her make up was minimum but still looked great on her.

"Well, I guess we're going to strip down to our bra and panties right?" Alison asked, cocking her head to one side as she and her blonde friend glanced over at me.

"Right." I confirmed with a nod of my head.

"Well... Should we get some shots of us losing these?" The blonde, Gillian, asked this time. She tugged at the lacy sheer 'jackets' they were wearing over their chests. I shrugged and nodded my head.


Both me and Penny moved into the room and watched as Gillian and Alison moved so they were next to each other. As we were about to take the first shot, Penny, the second blonde in the room clicked her fingers as if remembering something.

"How about Alison, you strip off Gillian's top but you keep yours on?" My friend asked, rubbing her chin lightly as she pondered the scene. The two girls on the other side of the camera glanced at each other and shrugged.

"Sure!" The brunette actress, who played Annie on the hit NBC show 'Community', beamed at us. "Should we get the shot of my taking the top off now?"

"Fine by us."

The girls giggled with each other, the blonde wriggled the lacy shirt down her arms so Alison could take hold of it. Gillian bent at the waist so we could get a decent enough shot of her cleavage, one quick flash let the two sexy actresses know that the shot had been taken. The brunette then slipped the the item of clothing off of her blonde friend's body and threw it into the air. Alison twisted as she did so, while Gillian moved away as she did so, there was a big grin on the blonde's face as Alison slowly licked her lips and smiled. Gillian lifted her hands in the air as if to say 'Ta-dah! I've got no shirt on!' while Alison threw the item to one side.

I looked into the viewfinder of my camera and nodded my head, I caught my reflection in the window and saw I had a steely look on my face. See, if I wasn't gay shouldn't I have a shit eating grin from ear to ear? I ran my hands through my hair and looked up at the girls.

"Perfect. OK, what's next?" I asked, recalling that both Alison and Gillian had worked out a plan for the shoot.

"Well, if I'm going to make Gillian my bitch..." The brunette started but was playfully slapped by the blonde.

"We both get to be the bitch." The blonde pouted playfully.

"How about I tie her up?"

"Well... I don't think we've got anything like..." I started but was quickly silenced by Alison producing a long, white piece of string. She then extended the rope and grinned as she tightened it.

"I do."

"Well Okay then!" I looked around the room and saw that the couch may be a suitable place to shoot the pictures. "OK, Alison, why don't you kneel on the couch and start to tie Gillian up? We want you looking fierce and in control, Gillian you need to look scared. Like you're afraid of what she's going to do to you."

"Mmmm sounds hot!" Gillian said with a grin as she knelt down in front of Alison. The blonde then crossed her arms over at the wrists and watched her brown haired friend with a big smile as the silky scarf was tossed over the the crossed limbs and then under to form a knot. As the girls got to it, I bent down on one knee and started to take shots of the blonde who was now tied up in bondage.

Gillian kept looking at me and getting a sly smirk on her face before going back to looking helpless. After taking several more shots, we decided that that was enough.

"Okay. Anything else?" I asked, stepping up and helping Alison to her feet as well as Penny undid Gillian.

"Well... We did get an idea using this!" Gillian said with a wicked grin, producing a silver hair brush. "How about we get some shots of us spanking each other with it?"

I looked at Penny who now had the shit eating grin on HER face.

"I bet GQ would just loooove that! How about we do the costume change after that too?" She added, casting a look over at me. That made sense I guess.

"Sure, OK. Gillian, you're changing right?"

The blonde nodded her head in the affirmative.

"Cool. Okay, let's go." To my surprise it was Gillian who sat down first. While she had been playfully vocal with Alison's encouragement she hadn't struck me as the dominant type. Alison giggled and then got onto her knees to the left of the tall blonde, she then hauled herself up and crawled along the bed with a cat like grace. She stopped when she was above the blonde's lap and presented her rear. Gillian ran her hands along Alison's body before sliding herself out and getting to her knees. Keeping a foot on the floor, she bent her knee that was on the couch to give her a better base. She then hooked her finger in the back of Alison's bra and lifted the strap up as if to keep the brunette in place.

They both looked at me and smiled when I nodded my head to show I was ready.

"Okay, Gillian you're in charge now so a great big cocky smirk. Alison, the power's shifted so we need to have you looking scared." I looked up from my viewfinder to see the girls had done as I had requested. "Perfect! Okay, let's take five smacks from Gillian then switch over?"

"Sounds good to me! Your ass is mine Brie!" Gillian said with a teasing tone, lightly smacking Alison on the butt.

"Yeah yeah, keep dreaming blondie. Let's go James."

We took the first shot of Gillian raising the back of the brush, true to form Gillian had a big smirk on her face while Alison looked scared. We took a couple more shots before I stopped. "Okay, Gillian? Why don't we take a couple of you looking down at Alison? Like you're claiming your prize or something?" The blonde smiled and nodded her head, she looked at the back of Alison's head and lay down another pretend smack, one after the other we got shots of it mid air and as if it had made contact with the latter's rear.

"Perfect! All right, let's swap over." Alison climbed up off of the couch and sat down next to where Gillian had been sitting. Gillian sexily slid her leg under the brunette's, she then lay across Alison's knee and presented her ass to the brunette.

We took another couple of shots of Gillian looking petrified while Alison dominated her with several smacks on the pretty blonde's bottom. Finishing up, I stood and nodded my head.

"Okay, that should be more than enough! Should we get that last shoot done then?" I asked, looking at the three ladies.

"Sure!" Alison said with a playful chirp in her voice. Gillian and Penny left the room leaving me and Alison by ourselves. The brunette looked over at me and smiled.

"So... Gay huh?"

"Yep. Well... Maybe gay."

"You know. Back in college, I had a friend who thought he was gay. I soon got him straight again though. Do you need my help?" She asked, stalking towards me with a detirmined look in her eyes. Suddenly, I felt out matched and out gunned by pure, sweet, innocent Alison Brie. She looked me up and down and made a cute face as if she was estimating what I'd do next.

She smiled and stepped backwards, walking around she faced me again and stretched outwards. Her arms lifting into the air and pushing out her chest, she bit on her lip and smiled as she moved her arms down, accentuating her cleavage while she did so. My eyes seemed to hover on her cleavage, making the brunette giggle, which in turn made her chest shake.

"You like them don't you?" When I didn't reply, that seemed to give Alison more inspiration to talk dirty. "I bet you'd love to slide you big fat cock in between my titties and fuck them all day long wouldn't you?"

That certainly seemed tempting to me. I was about to respond when Gillian and Penny entered the room, the blonde star of NBC's Community was now dressed in a set of matching bra and panties, similar to what Alison was wearing sans the gloves.

"Everything OK here?" Penny asked, observing me and Alison. Catching my reflection in the mirror, I saw I was beet red.

"Yeah... Yeah, we're good."

While I straightened everything out with Penny, Alison had slipped the gloves off and tossed them to one side, although she kept the lacy jacket on. There was a white fur rug in the corner of the room that everyone seemed to have ignored but Alison was drawn to it. She lay on the rug and motioned for Gillian to follow her, the blonde complied and then straddled the brunette. Linking her fingers with the actress who played Annie, Gillian beamed up at me and nodded her head.

"Okay, we're ready to go!"

After several exciting shots, it came to the time to upload the pictures to the computer so we could get to editing the shots. Penny and I walked over to the shots as the girls on the floor giggled with each other, I shot a look at them and smiled.

It was an entirely hot image to see a tall blonde straddling a small brunette while they were clad in only sexy lingerie. Still think I'm gay though.

"Oh I don't believe it!" Penny exclaimed as she looked through her handbag, once, twice three times!

"What is it?"

"The USB cable. We don't have it again!" Penny sighed, dumping her handbag's contents onto the table, she rummaged through it but still couldn't find it.

"Damn it. Want me to go and get it?" I asked as Penny slid all of the contents back into her handbag.

"It's fine. I'll go get it. Ladies, you don't mind hanging out with James do you?" She turned to face the two actresses who shook their heads.

"What's wrong?" Alison asked, Gillian cocked her blonde head as Alison climbed off of her friend and stood up.

"We need a cable to upload the shots. The one particular cable we don't have is the one we need. We're always getting it mixed up!" She laughed, looking back at me she leant up and kissed me on the cheek. "Behave OK?"

That made the girls giggle, I cast a look at them and smirked as well. "Sure Mom." I dead panned, she grinned and planted a kiss on my cheek.

Penny walked out of the room and we could hear the sound of her engine start up and then drive off. I turned around and saw Alison and Gillian sitting on the couch, the brunette, Alison, was whispering to Gillian who was giggling as she did so.

"Something funny?" I asked as the two girls jumped, almost in shock of being caught.

"No! Not funny, but... Interesting." Gillian said, sliding along on the couch. Alison beamed up at me and patted the space between the two of them. Shrugging, I sat down next to them, they were close to me. The brunette scooted a little bit closer and started to rub at my shoulder as Gillian smiled at me. I could feel Gillian's breath on me as she stroked at my cheek.

"Are you sure you're gay? Because you're getting awfully uncomfortable..." Alison giggled, her fingers gently massaging my shoulder as she cast a glance over me and Gillian's still lingerie clad body.

"Well... It's kind of..." I started, but the blonde interrupted.

"I know! Let's see just how gay you are! Unzip your pants!"

"Pardon!?" I must have misheard her. I simply must have.

"Unzip your pants and take them off!" Alison repeated what Gillian had said but added the part about taking my pants off. "Come on. If we're walking around in barely anything you can too!"

That seemed... Pretty reasonable actually. I nodded my head and unbuckled my belt, slipping it down from my waist the girls could see my dark blue boxer shorts and reasonably hairy legs.

As my pants hit the floor, I slipped out of them and looked at the two expectantly.

"Now... Let's see what turns you on..." With that, Gillian climbed onto Alison's lap and kissed her co star. It was a really deep, hot kiss. The type you'd only see in a movie. Alison moaned and cupped the blonde's ass cheeks, squeezing them as she slipped her tongue into the other's mouth. They moaned against each other passionately as they explored each others mouths.

A few seconds passed and their lips parted, a thin trail of spit moved from each others lips as the girls separated and slowly opened their eyes looking at each other. They looked at their lips and the spit and giggled happily at the sight.

"That was a good kiss Alison!" Gillian complimented her brown haired friend as the spit smacked against the brunette's jaw.

"Yeah! Saliva trail and everything! Hot wasn't it James?" Alison asked, looking over at me. I simply nodded my head, a tent had started to form in my pants. The first one in a long time. The girls eyes drifted down my body and glanced at my boxer shorts getting tighter and tighter.

"Looks like you've still got it..." She whispered to Alison, observing the erection in my shorts.

"Yeah. I guess so..." I said with a smirk. Gillian levelled a shot at me though.

"Not you. Her." Gillian said, squeezing Alison's ass making the brown haired woman moan with pleasure.

"Huh? Am I missing something?" I wondered aloud as the girls kissed each other again.

"Back in college, I used to turn gay guys straight. Looks like I've done it again." Alison said with a smile, her groin started to slowly rub along the length of Gillian's stocking clad leg making the blonde smile while the brunette, Alison, close her eyes and moan in pleasure.

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