tagIncest/TabooThe Sperm Donor Ch. 05

The Sperm Donor Ch. 05


"Oh my god, Anju. You say that Vinod actually wrote this?" Helen Grimwald asked.

It was a few weeks later. Anju never did raise the courage to speak to her son about his disturbing habit of trying to spy on her when she took her baths. Though more than once she did find evidence of his secret activity.

Finally, in frustration, she turned to her best friend since secondary school. Now she was in her friend's house watching her read Vinod's Sperm Donor story.

"Yes." Anju finally answered as she waited for that sign of disgust, or comment of judgement.

Instead her friend gave her a smirk and said: "Well he's certainly got an imagination. Listen to this:

'Suddenly images of his mother sprung in his mind. He could picture himself naked on a bed with her equally naked, gasping out loudly as she pistoned herself up and down his hard aching prick. Her tits were stuffed in his face as he fondled them.

"Oh you are so bloody big. Cum in me, honey. Give your old mother a baby!" she was groaning.'

"It's not funny, Helen." Anju said indignantly. "You can't imagine what it's like to have your own son having thoughts like that about you, let alone have them written out for anyone to read. Gods, if Rajesh found out."

"Anju," Helen quickly interjected. "I can only imagine how you must be feeling but this is a STORY. Twisted maybe but it is still a story. He's simply a little of track..."

"A little?"

"Okay a lot," Helen continued, "but this is Vinod we are talking about. Little sweet Vinod who wouldn't say 'boo' to a goose let alone anything else. He is no monster."

"I know." Anju said. "But what do I do? I - we can't keep living like this. His school tells me that his grades are started dropping and you know what he was like in school."

Helen nodded. "Well let's look at it from Vinod's prospective. He's now at that age where's he's full of hormones and he has discovered the opposite sex. Back in our day, he would start collecting a horde of dirty magazines to cope with his erm appetites. Of course today, it is easier to get that sort of thing of the internet."

"I understand that." Anju said, her frustration building. "If that was the case, I would be okay. I just don't understand why he has this 'thing' about me."

Helen gave her friend a hug.

"Well you know what boys of that age are like. They would fuck a goat if they could."


"Well they would. Jeez. You remember what Jim was like in our last year of school. He couldn't keep his hands off me then. You know how that turned out."

Jim was Helen's boyfriend in school who then suddenly had to 'move away' after finding out that Helen was pregnant. Subsequently she had an abortion.

"What would you may not have known was that Jim had other girlfriends at the time and I weren't the only one caught out. At least you don't have to worry about that with Vinod. Gabe on the other hand..."

Gabe was Helen's son who was the same age as Vinod as well as his friend. A thought suddenly struck her.

"You don't think Gabe knows do you?"

She watched her friend think for a moment. "Of course not. Could you imagine Vinod saying: 'Hey, Gabe. Guess what? I've got the hots for my mum."

Anju mulled it over for a moment. "No I suppose not."

"Anyway, I don't know why he feels the way he feels, Anju. Maybe it's because you two have been really close. Certainly a lot closer than Gabe and I have ever been."

What was Helen implying?

Obviously Helen saw the look in Anju's eyes and quickly added: "I am not saying that there was anything wrong with that. But when your first husband Darpak died, it was only the two of you. You were bound to have a closer relationship."

Anju knew that in the past, Helen had always been a little envious of her close relationship with her son. That she had always wanted Gabe and her to be closer. She doubted that she thought that anymore. Not after today.

"Nor did it really change when Rajesh came on the scene did it?" Helen asked.

"I suppose not." Anju admitted. "Rajesh has never been that loving of men and Vinod... well Vinod has always been my Vinod."


"And I suppose that's the reason why he is the way he is?" Anju could see that this conversation wasn't getting her nowhere.

"I don't know, Anju. All I do know is that he's shy around girls, he has never had a girlfriend. So from his point of view, you are the only 'girl' in his life though..."

Her friend paused.

"What?" Anju asked.

"One thing I don't understand." Helen said.

"Just one thing?"

"You say that you found evidence of him spying on you. When you took your baths I mean."

"Erm...yes." Anju said nervously.

"And you definitely know it's not Rajesh."

"Come of it, Helen. We both know sort of man Rajesh is."

"So if it's Vinod's, what I don't understand is why doesn't he clear it up afterwards."

"What?" Anju asked, not fully understanding her friend's meaning.

"Well, you would think that once he has 'done the deed', he would want to hide the evidence so that he doesn't get discovered." Helen lifted up the papers in her hand. "And then there is the story. How did you find it?"

"I told you. It was under his pillowcase."

"Why did he do that? Why would he hide such a story under his pillowcase? A place where it was certain that you would find it? Unless you never change his bed?"

"Of course I do!" Anju snapped.

"Well then? Why would he do that?"

Anju found her cheeks flushing. "What you are implying? That Vinod WANTED me to find that story? That's..."

"Outrageous? Disgusting?" Helen finished. "Maybe. But think about it. This is only a couple of sheets of paper. Vinod could have easily put in a place where you would never find it. On top of the wardrobe for instance."


"Come on, Anju. We both know that Vinod is a clever kid. He may make a mistake once but this many?"

"Gods!" Anju found her shaking as the realisation dawned. "And you really think that he actually wants me to know?"

"Now I think about it, yes." Helen paused and leaned over, touching her friend's hand in an offer of support. "As I said, he is a boy full of hormones and desires. You are the only woman in his life. I suppose it make some weird sort of sense."


"Think about it. He wants to be with a woman. He's terrified of girls and there's you. The woman that he trusts and loves."

"It's sounds like you are saying that he actually wants to have sex with me, his own mother?"

"Exactly. My God, Anju. I thought that's what this whole conversation had been about."

"Yes but I thought we were talking about his fantasies. But to actually want to have sex with me."

"I think he does." Helen said, sitting back into the chair.

"Gods!" Anju moaned, covering her face with her hands. "This is getting worst! I'll have to tell Rajesh."

"You can't Rajesh." Helen stated. "You know what he will do and he is your boy regardless how he feels."

"I-I suppose." Anju said reluctantly. If Rajesh could be more understanding perhaps. But what man would understand the concept of his stepson wanting his own mother?

"And you cannot just leave it. From what you tell me, this obsession will only get worst."

"So?" Anju pressed.

"I suggest you should confront him."

Anju froze. "You mean I should talk to him?"

"No. I mean confront him."

"Sorry, I don't understand."

"Anju, the boy's got an unhealthy fantasy about you." Helen reasoned. "Call his bluff and that will give him such a fright that he will never think of it again."

"And what if he isn't frightened?"

"Then you are in for a good time."

Ignoring the smile on Helen's face, Anju took the comment at face value.

"You-you mean I actually have sex with my son?!"

"No. I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. I do think that by bringing his obsession into the open, it would allow you both to deal with it."

"What did you mean by the 'both of you'? You REALLY do think that I should have sex with him."

"Oh for Chris sakes, Anju. Yeah! Maybe you two should have sex. Maybe it would do you both good. Who knows? He may even be better with girls and you wouldn't be so uptight all the bloody time."

In a surge of disgust, she leapt to her feet.

"I can't believe you just said that, Helen. I'm going."


Although Helen tried to stop her, Anju stormed out of the house.

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