The Spreading Darkness Ch. 02



It was late. Darkness had fallen and Tom was tired. It had been a difficult day and he was glad it was all over. He carried a cardboard box containing the few personal possessions he had in the office. A frenzied day trying to sort out all his work and pass on whatever he couldn't do to the appropriate people. They had been surprised and even a little bit put out by his decision. But, more than that they envied him getting out of that boring, tedious job. A new start. A new wife and a new job. Could life get any better than this.

He opened the front door of the apartment open and stepped inside, dumping the box beside the coat-stand. The lights were on so he knew Barbara was home. The thought of seeing his new wife again caused an anticipatory twinge in his trousers.

"Hey babe, I'm home," he called as he took off his coat and hung it up.

"I'm in here," Barbara's voice replied from the living room. A few steps later found him at the entrance to his living room.

Barbara stood there in the centre of the room waiting for him. Tom's jaw hung open in surprise. She wore a very tight grey sweater that hugged the curvaceous contours of her body, a barely decent black miniskirt and long thigh high black high heeled boots. Emblazoned on the sweater, between her breasts, was a large circular logo with a Z in the centre. Behind her, two other men stood at attention, similarly dressed in turtlenecks with the same Z insignia. Tom's mind reeled in shock. He was trying to comprehend what this meant.

"Wha..." he stammered, utterly confused, staring into the cold eyes of his wife.

"Obey now," she barked harshly. Barbara's eyes almost seemed to shimmer in the light of the room.

It was as if his mind had been suddenly switched off. Tom stood there, rooted to the spot, his mouth hanging open. He couldn't move a muscle. Tom stood helplessly before his wife, powerless to form any sort of resistance.

"Did you leave your job today as commanded?" barbara questioned.

Tom spoke in a dull, calm voice. "Yes, I have left my job."

"Good," barbara replied, a slight smile curling upwards from her lips. "What did you tell them?"

"I told them that I had received a new job in a new company and would be starting tomorrow."

She smiled again. "Very good," she went on, "how did they react to this news?"

"They accepted this fact. There were no major difficulties."

With the small part of his brain still able to notice these things, Tom registered the fact that his wife's smile seemed to have broadened even more.

"Good," barbara purred, "very good indeed. You have done well. You have been a very obedient boy Tom. Now there has been a slight change in plans. Instead of starting your new job tomorrow Tom, you're going to begin tonight."

Tom stood there barely able to comprehend the words his wife was speaking to him.

"Hold out your hands Tom," barbara now ordered before making a small gesture towards one of the men behind her. Instantly, Tom found his hands thrust forwards, palms up. One of the men, the taller of the two slipped a pair of metal handcuffs around his wrists while the other locked a matching metal collar around his neck. Tom stood still, completely unable to resist. A chain ran from his collar to the handcuffs, completely restricting his ability to move his arms.

Stepping forward, barbara produced a leather leash and clipped it to the front of the collar that now encircled Tom's neck. Tom stood there, frozen, powerless, obedient. The familiar scent of his wife pressed against his nostrils. Again with that small part of his thinking mind that was still working, Tom noticed that beneath the turtleneck, barbara was wearing some sort of high collar around her neck.

With a tug on the leash, barbara broke his immobility. "Now my obedient little slave, it is time for you to learn how to obey our Goddess properly. Come, lets go from here."


She was kneeling, one of a group of male and female slaves performing their daily ritual of devotion to their Goddess, Lady Izzabelle. Around her, barbara could clearly hear the chants of her fellow slaves as their minds pulsated with pure adoration and worship of the supreme deity that they all lived to please and obey. They had once been colleagues, co-workers, even friends, but now they were all unified in slavery. Her fellow slaves were like brothers and sisters to barbara now.

She had never felt more at peace, confident or relaxed since she had committed her mind and body to Lady Izzabelle. All the cares, worries and concerns of her former meaningless existence had disappeared forever. Lady Izzabelle had reached into her mind and scrubbed it clean of these trivial matters.

Her eyes fixated on the image of Lady Izzabelle that filled the entire wall, barbara's voice chanted in unison with her fellow worshippers.

"Lady Izzabelle is my Goddess," barbara proclaimed proudly. Her eyes remained fixated on the shimmering image of her absolute deity.

"My existence is to worship, adore and please my Goddess of Darkness, Lady Izzabelle," she chanted in time with the others.

"Lady Izzabelle controls my mind and body," the enraptured slavegirl recited without hesitation.

"Lady Izzabelle's control is pleasure. Pleasure is Lady Izzabelle's control," announced a very aroused barbara.

Like her fellow slaves, her pussy burned with desire and lust at the very thought of her Dark Goddess. The cocks of the male slaves bulged forward beneath latex or leather clothing they wore while the female slaves dripped with passion. The flame of Lady Izzabelle's control blazed brightly within barbara's mind and body.

Arousal grew and grew within the slave's sex, driving her onwards to ever higher and higher levels of worship to her Goddess. It gnawed at her all the time, but as a slave, barbara was not permitted the ability to release that pent up passion. Lady Izzabelle controlled her orgasm. Only through being a devoted slave to her Goddess, would barbara ever be allowed to experience the euphoric ecstasy of raw, primal pleasure.

The holy Orgasm of Sweet Darkness was a manifestation of Lady Izzabelle's total control over Her slaves minds and bodies. No matter how they ached, no matter how raw the passion, no slave could cum without permission.

Finally, the ritual complete, the group of slaves stood up. As one, their minds glowed with adoration and worship to their Goddess of Sweet Darkness. The small group of men and women, all wearing various items of black latex or leather clothing made their way from the Altar of Worship.

Here, on the secure second and third floors of the building there was no need to conceal their true slave identities. On the ground floor, the work of the company went on apparently as usual. A newly invigorated staff set about making some very profitable decisions and pursuing new lines and avenues of business that would allow for future expansion. Of course, any profits made belonged to Lady Izzabelle.

barbara made her way down a narrow corridor lined with closed doors, all marked with numbers. She had been tasked with a function that she must perform once the ritual of obedience and devotion was complete. Her mind empty apart from the certainty of obedience, barbara strode onwards until she reached the appropriate door and entered.

The room was small and dark. It was one of the conversion chambers where new slaves were initiated into the glory of service to Goddess. A massive screen filled the wall facing the door. A spiral swirled lazily onwards, drifting on and on into nothingness. There were two other people in the room. She could see clearly the form of a man, upright, his arms and legs bound into a solid metal frame shaped like an X. Powerless to resist, the naked man hung from his bonds staring at the circling spiral.

barbara immediately recognised the other figure in the room, jennie, who stood beside a control console. jennie had been tasked as the chief overseer of slave conversion in this facility. jennie had been carefully trained to melt down the minds of Lady Izzabelle's possessions and recast them into ever more subservient, more submissive and obedient servants to their Goddess.

barbara approached her fellow slave, noticing how alluring jennie looked in the glistening latex tube top and leggings that showed off her hard, firm body. The rubber glistened so much that barbara wanted to lick it with her tongue. The magnitude, direction and limits of barbara's sexual imagination had been stretched and twisted by her Goddess to a stage inconceivable to her previous self.

"This male is being enslaved," jennie announced, breaking barbara's sinful thoughts and returning her immediately to obedience. "His mind has received initial slave programming and he is now obedient to Goddess."

"Yes," barbara acknowledged.

"The residual memories and emotions remaining within the male slave must be broken. Nothing must be allowed remain that might interfere with obedience to our Goddess," jennie continued.

"Yes," barbara replied. She knew and accepted that every last scrap of resistance must be erased from a slave's mind. Goddess demanded total control.

"You slave, will stimulate the male anally while his mind is wiped clean" jennie ordered. "Goddess wills it so."

barbara's entire body stiffened automatically as she replied, "The will of Goddess is my will."

barbara took the black leather harness that jennie offered and buckled it tightly over the skimpy latex thong she wore. Once the harness was secure, barbara methodically screwed the long, sinister looking dildo to the front of the strap-on harness. Her task complete she stood, awaiting instruction.

jennie nodded, satisfied at her fellow slave's obedience. The warm, comforting arousal of obedience was building within barbara at the thought of obedience. Directed by jennie, she marched over towards the helpless captive and stood directly in front of him, blocking his view of the spiral.

Slowly the man's eyes came into focus as he became aware of somebody blocking the view of the spiral that his mind had been lost in for so long. He hung there, blank faced and thoughtless.

barbara stood in silence. She waited. The mantra of obedience to her Goddess ran over and over inside her mind. She was a tool of Goddess. An extension of Her divine will. She was to enslave this male, to bend him to her Goddess' will. The throbbing need grew within her pussy, but she stood still.

The man was becoming much more aware she could see his mind beginning to work and try to break free from the endless brainwashing that had held him for so long. He stared on. A tiny spark of recognition glowed in his eyes and then grew within him. barbara could see his mind working, trying to form a coherent thought of his own.

Finally, with much effort and will power he managed to gasp a single word in a desperate voice. "Baaar...baraaa..."

The slave girl reacted immediately. She knew what to do. It was all designed to purge the slave and remould him into the corrupted dark creature her Goddess desired.

Her voice thundered like the crack of a whip. "There is no Barbara. Barbara was erased," she barked. "i am a slave of Lady Izzabelle. i have surrendered my mind and body to Her power."

The man's jaw hung open in shock as he reacted to the words of his former wife. Helpless and bound his body sagged as he collapsed further into his restraints. Whatever puny resistance he had offered was disappearing. He knew there was no escape. His fate was sealed.

"You will be enslaved. You will become a slave. You will worship and obey our Goddess of Sweet Darkness, Lady Izzabelle," barbara announced in a firm clear voice. The man's eyes were glassy. The spark of awareness and individuality had been swiftly extinguished. He now reacted to the slave's words automatically. This deep into his conditioning, he was already quite compliant.

"Yes.." he whispered, "obey..."

"Louder slave," barbara commanded. "Speak louder. Tell me what you are and what you will do."

His eyes were glazed as the trance took over. "I am a slave. I must obey."

"Who do you obey slave?" barbara pressed on.

Automatically, Tom's cock stiffened and sprang forth as the brainwashing took over. "I obey Lady Izzabelle. Lady Izzabelle is my Goddess of Sweet Darkness."

jennie now appeared alongside barbara holding a pair of heavy black headphones. Her pussy throbbing with obedient arousal, barbara now walked around behind her former husband. jennie slid the headphones down over his head, covering his ears completely before sliding his very aroused cock inside a tight suction sheath which gripped it tightly. Tom bucked involuntarily in the restraints and moaned softly. But the trance held his mind tightly.

barbara lubed the dildo generously and put her own headphones on before coming into position behind the bound slave to be.

barbara stood, aroused and obedient. Slowly the spiral on the screen changed. The vision of their Goddess slowly appeared before them. The sultry, seductive voice of her Goddess of Darkness whispered to her from the headphones. Both headphone wearing spouses emitted a low moan of pleasure as they automatically went into trance.

Skilfully and methodically, barbara positioned the tip of the strap on over her husband's ass before thrusting it in deep inside him. His body spasmed in pleasure as Tom registered this intruder within him. He gasped. The suction machine was merciless, teasing and tormenting his engorged manhood. All the time his Goddess was assaulting his vision and hearing, teaching and instructing him.

Fucked both physically and mentally Tom had no chance to resist at all.

Careful to maintain a slow, even tempo, in time with the programming barbara pounded the ass of the new slave. She thrust on and on, without pity or mercy. The pang of sexual arousal consumed her as she listened to Goddess talking to her through the headphones. barbara worshipped Her. Every fibre of her being was dedicated to serving and pleasing her Goddess.

By now Tom was speaking aloud, chanting in a voice that consisted of an equal mixture of both pain and pleasure.

"i am a slave of Darkness," he proclaimed. barbara thrust onwards, sliding the dildo inside his anal passage yet again.

"i belong to Lady Izzabelle," tom yelled aloud as his cock was teased by the suction machine again.

"i submit my body and mind to my Goddess," he screamed as he felt the hard rubber cock slide forward into him again. The never ending pleasure and arousal consumed him completely. But he couldn't achieve release. Tom knew he could not orgasm no matter what happened. He was powerless. Lady Izzabelle controlled him now.

"i exist to serve and please my Goddess, Lady Izzabelle," the new-born slave sang with all his heart. Finally he understood everything. It was so abundantly clear. His life's purpose and desires all became crystal clear. There was no ambiguity. His salvation was at hand.

From the control console in the corner, jennie registered this change in tom's brain activity. She looked up towards the two slaves, both dripping with lust and arousal, bodies writhing in perfect time with each other and was satisfied

The deep seated yearning for Lady Izzabelle bloomed within jennie's mind as she watched the two rutting slaves. She dared to hope that her Goddess would be pleased. Perhaps she might even be allowed to experience the overwhelming flames of the Orgsam of Sweet Darkness that even now kissed her pussy.

The End

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