tagBDSMThe Stairs

The Stairs


She waits at the bottom of the stairs. Kneeling and naked. She hears him walk up behind her.

He leans forward and whispers in her ear, "Good girl, you followed my instructions perfectly."

She leans back into his body resting her head on his thigh. He crouches down behind her and wraps his arms around her body.

"Look at the stairs in front of you. You will walk to the top of the stairs. You will stop on each stair for a minimum of one minute. I will keep track of the time so you don't rush it. As you walk up the stairs I will be right behind you, touching you, kissing you, and playing with you anyway that I feel that I want to. With each step I will increase my play. Somewhere near the top, I'll turn on the vibrator."

As he says this, she feels it pressed against her naked back. He runs it along her back and up to her neck. She presses back against it and moans.

He continues on, "If you feel like you are going to cum you will take a step backwards. I will stop playing with you...but I will also give you 10 hard spanks. If you cum before you reach the top I will take you outside, naked, and spank you on the front lawn so the whole neighborhood can see. Do you understand?"

She nods her head slowly. He watches as her eyes light up with excitement, anticipation, but also nervousness. She is worried that she won't be able to wait and soon the whole block will know what a whore she is.


"Yes, Sir."

She slowly raises her right foot and puts it on the first step. Her mind races wondering what he will do to her, how will she resist cumming, and then she begins to count the stairs in her head.

Before she can finish, she feels his hands on her hips guiding her to the first step. His strong hands and arm around her legs. She can feel her pussy starting to get wet. She picks up her left foot and puts it on the stair. He moves his hands up her sides to her chest. His fingers softly surround her tits and begin to squeeze.

He whispers into her ear, "One minute starting now."

She gasps as she suddenly remembers the challenge in front of her. Her pussy gets wetter as time passes. That had to be a full minute already? Is he going to tell me? She starts to count the stairs again.

"OK slut, you can take another step," he says directly into her ear.

She picks up her right foot again and moves it to the next step. He moves his hands from her tits up to her neck and slowly wraps his hands around it. She picks up her left foot and feels him squeeze. He knows how much she loves to be choked and she can feel her pussy pulsate with excitement but she realizes that she can't hold her breath for a full minute. She gets light headed and is worried she will pass out. He lets go as she gasps for breath, then he squeezes again. She doesn't fight as his hands get tighter around her neck. She gets light headed again and is thinking of taking a step back when he says "next step" and let's go of her neck.

She steps up again with both feet. She feels his hands move from her chest to her hair. With one hand he wraps up a fist full of hair and starts to pull.

She moans out loud as he slowly pulls harder. And harder. And then harder. Her head is pulled almost entirely back and she is staring at the ceiling. She feels her body giving in to his control. Having him pull on her hair is a reminder of who is in control. He owns her body and her mind.

He taps her on the shoulder, "Next step."

She gingerly puts her foot onto the next step. She feels his hands release from her hair. She waits for him to touch her, anywhere. But she feels nothing. She anticipates his hands or body touching her. But nothing. She slightly turns her head back to see if he is still there. She feels the sting of his hand on her ass.

"Eyes forward slut."

She quickly turns her head and looks back to the top of the stairs. She wonders if she did something wrong. Did she react badly to his game? How did she upset him?

"Next step." His voice breaks the silence and her thought. She moves both feet to the next step. He reaches between her legs from behind and rubs her clit. She moans and throws her head backwards.

"You will always remember that I know best. I always have a plan and you will always trust me. Understand slut?"

Unable to speak she nods in agreement. She feels her body giving in completely in to his touch. She wants nothing more than to feel him inside her. She would do anything for him.


She hesitates not wanting him to stop. He stops rubbing her clit and pulls his fingers away. Before she can catch her breath he grabs her by the waist and pulls her back a step.

"But, I didn't step back," she protests!

"And you didn't walk forward either," he snaps back. She looks down at the ground.

"I am sorry Sir, I did not follow directions. I was enjoying your touch too much."

He lets go of her waist and says, "Yes, but there is never an excuse for not following directions. Now, bend forward and present your ass to me."

She bends forward leaning on the stairs and waits patiently for his hand. She hears him moving around to get better footing before spanking her. Then she hears a sound she recognizes before it strikes her. It's the sound of his belt racing through the air towards her ass. She winces before it hits her but it still stings and she screams out loud.

"You didn't think that I would make this punishment pleasurable for you?" Before she can answer she feels the belt striking her again. She screams out again. "I don't hear you counting slut."

"I'm sorry Sir," she meekly whimpers and then says "2." He spanks her again. She lets out a quiet "3."

"It's hard to hear you my little whore, I wouldn't want to lose count," he tells her.

"Sorry Sir, 3," she yells out.

He continues to spank her with his belt with her counting each one out loud until finally, "10, Sir." She finally allows her body to relax and really feels the pain that the belt has caused.

"Now remember that pain as you are fighting your body from cumming," he tells her in a scolding voice.

"Yes, Sir. I am sorry, thank you for punishing me Sir."

He pushes her back up the step. "Next."

She quickly places her feet on the stair to avoid punishment again. She feels his hands part her legs again. This time she feels a finger slide into her pussy. She gasps and thrusts her body back towards him trying to fuck his hand with her hips. He slides a second finger inside of her. She is grateful to have any part of him inside of her. His fingers slide in and out as she pushes back onto his fingers. She grunts as his fingers fill up her pussy.

"Next step," he suddenly says.

She steps but can't believe that a full minute passed already, she was enjoying him too much. She is disappointed as his fingers pull out of her pussy. She feels his arms wrap around her body and pull her back towards him. She feels his lips on her neck. He is kissing her as his hands explore her whole body. She is taken fully by surprise by his sudden affection. She grinds her body into his, and for the first time she can feel his hard cock through his clothing. She gets even more turned on now, knowing how much he is enjoying this. His lips move across her neck kissing her softly. He kisses his way to her ear. Playfully licking the bottom then engulfing it with his lips. She desperately wants to feel his kiss on her lips. His hands move from her hips to her chest to her thighs. His lips kiss her neck again and then he gives her a playful bite.

"Next step."

She moves to the next step in a somewhat dreamy state. She did not expect him to be that caring and she has no idea what he will do now. She waits patiently and then she hears it... and her knees go weak. It's the loud hum of the vibrator he bought for her. As each second passes she gets more excited. She waits for him to touch her with it. More time passes and yet she doesn't hear the vibrator getting closer to her.

She realizes that he isn't going to touch her on this step. He is just teasing her. Knowing this doesn't help her want it less. Him teasing her like this makes her want it even more. She feels as her pussy gets wetter waiting for the vibrator. She feels it begin to drip down her legs. She tries to concentrate on something else instead of the humming. She looks up and notices that there are only 4 steps left.

She waits impatiently for him to say "Next." She jumps as he suddenly presses the vibrator against the naked skin of the small of her back. He does this just to tease her more. Touching her without touching her where she wants it the most, where she needs it at this point

"Next step."

She steps up and thinks in her mind, "Only 3 more." He turns the vibrator off. She wants to turn around to see why, but she has learned that she had better not. He pushes her body forward and she leans on the stair above her. She feels the hard plastic of the now dormant vibrator dragged across the back of her legs. He pushes it to the opening of her pussy, teasing her but not pushing it inside. She tries to push back onto it but he pulls it away, toying with her. Then, without any warning, he shoves it inside of her very roughly. She yells out and squirms as she feels it move in and out of her. She grinds her soaking wet pussy onto it. She is way past moaning. She is screaming out his name over and over again, knowing that he is doing this to her.

"Next," he says bringing her back to earth.

She nearly jumps to the next step, only 2 more. He pulls the vibrator out and she is anxiously waiting for him to turn it on. But instead, he orders her to turn around. When she does, he guides her to the ground until she is sitting. He opens his pants and he pulls his hard cock out. She looks at it greedily, wanting it in her mouth. He moves it closer to her face and slides it into her mouth. She sucks it enthusiastically, trying to please him. He leans his head back and moans. Knowing that he is enjoying it entices her to try harder. She opens her throat and takes all of him in, deep-throating him. She looks up at him and watches to see the enjoyment on his face. He reaches into her hair and she holds still knowing what is coming next. He begins to thrust his hips forward fucking her face. She lets him use her mouth as he pushes his cock in and out of her mouth.

He pulls it all the way out and then lifts her onto the next stair, still facing him. She thinks that he is going to keep fucking her face while on this step. Instead, he leans down and starts to lick her pussy. He doesn't hesitate to surround her clit with his lips and suck harder. She screams as he expectantly eats her pussy. His tongue moves down away from her clit and he licks her opening. Then she hears the vibrator start again. As he is licking her hole, he presses the vibrator against her clit. She screams out and nearly cums. She quickly remembers the punishment and realizes that she has to move down a step or she will cum. She tries to move down, but he holds her in place. She feels an orgasm growing in her body. She wants nothing more than to give in and cum, but she knows better. She keeps trying to push past his body, but he is too strong for her. She starts to panic and breathe even quicker than she was. She arches her back and starts to beg. "Please Sir; please let me down the stair, I'm going to cum."

"Remember the punishment slut."

"I can't wait any more, please please please" and she then udders something that resembled English, but she was unable to form real words.

"Do you want me to spank you?"

"Yes Sir, please spank me with your belt, please just let me by, I'll do anything." He roughly pulls her down the stair. She feels her already sore ass hit the hard stair.

He turns the vibrator off and pulls her to her feet by her hair. "Stand up slut."

"Yes Sir," she replies. She stands and without being told sticks her ass out for punishment.

He looks at her and says "What a well-trained whore you can be when you try."

"Yes Sir, I'm sorry Sir."

She waits knowing that his belt will strike her at any minute. Not knowing when it is coming is almost as bad of punishment as the spanking itself. After what seemed like an eternity, he struck her with his belt. "1," she yells out.






"10, Thank you Sir".

She looks up and sees that there are still only 2 stairs left. The excitement returns and she feels her pussy start to drip again. He spreads her legs from behind and starts to fuck her pussy with the vibrator again. She feels her knees starting to get weak and she has to hold onto the railing so she doesn't fall. He suddenly turns the vibrator on while it is inside her. She feels her body almost stumble as her arm has to support her. She grunts and bounces up and down on the vibrator, letting the toy fill her pussy. He takes his other hand and reaches around her legs and rubs her clit with his fingers as she fucks the toy.

She feels herself getting closer and closer to finally cumming. He looks at his watch and sees a minute has passed. He lets go of her clit and pushes her up to the last step. She quickly moves and keeps fucking the toy. She knows she is close to cumming. He leans forward and starts to whisper into her ear, "Do you want to cum, do you want it slut? Do you? I know you want it. You're so close aren't you? You would do anything to cum wouldn't you? Do you want to be my little whore and beg to cum?"

"Yes Sir, please let me cum, please, please please, please!" she pleads to him.

"Do you want it bad?" he asks her.

"Oh my god, I want it so bad Sir" she screams back.

"Maybe I shouldn't let you cum" he playfully asks her.

"Please Sir, Please????" She asks dragging out the last please almost crying. He laughs knowing that he owns her body and her orgasm. She has fully given in to him.

And then "You may cum my slut."

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