tagGay MaleThe Start Ch. 02

The Start Ch. 02


In Part 1, I told the story of how I sucked my first cock. Part 2 relates how I moved very quickly to find out what being a real bisexual meant by getting fucked by a man. I just had to know what it felt like to have a cock sliding in and out of me.

I asked Ron (whom I had just sucked) if he would like to fuck me but he said he was not into fucking men. He said he had a friend who would like to fuck me and could set something up if I would like him to. I said I really wanted him to and he went to his phone and made a call. He talked to the guy on the other end of the line and set Friday as a time for this guy to take my anal cherry.

Then we called Renee. After Ron told her what happened, he gave me the phone. Renee wanted to know how I liked giving my first blowjob. I told her it was all I hoped it would be and more. She said she had enjoyed having Frank fuck her and I would enjoy him too. She asked me if I had ever been fucked before. I told her that Frank would be the first. She told me I had better prepare my asshole for his cock. She told me to get several sizes of butt plugs and dildos to get me used to having a cock in my ass. Once we hung up, I got dressed and left.

I remember thinking that just two days earlier I was a totally hetero man. Since then I had sucked my first cock and made a date to take my first cock in the ass. I just shook with desire and anticipation. I called my secretary and told her I would not be back and headed for the nearest adult bookstore. I walked through the shelves of sex toys. I was so hot. I could barely concentrate. I noticed the video booths in the back of the store and decided to check them out before I decided on my purchases. I got some tokens from the attendant and head back to the booths. The hallway was dark, but I could still make out several men standing around. I went in to an empty booth, locked the door and put some tokens into the video player and scanned the channels as my eyes got used to the light. I found a channel where there were three guys sucking and fucking each other. I settled into watching the video while playing with my cock. I heard someone enter the booth next door to me. When I looked to my right, I noticed light from the next booth. I had heard about "glory holes" but had never seen one. I peeked into the next booth and could make out a rather nice size cock being stroked. I just stared at the cock being stroked when the cock was turned towards the hole and the guy pushed it through the hole. I knew what I had to do and I did not hesitate. I took the cock into my mouth and began to suck it with abandon. I could not get enough cock in my mouth and all I wanted was for this guy to fuck my mouth and cum. I worked as hard as could, licking the bottom of his shaft and sucking on his cock. He could not take it any longer and came forcefully into my mouth. I savored the flavor of his cum and swallowed the whole load. I licked the head a couple of times and he withdrew his cock, put it back in his pants and left.

I went back to watching the video and stroking my cock. I was really enjoying the taste of cum in my mouth as I watched these three guys suck each other's cock. It wasn't 3 minutes before another guy entered the same booth next to mine. He did not waste anytime. He pulled his cock out, stuck it through the glory hole and told me to suck him like the last guy. I was a little shocked that he assumed I would just begin to suck, but then I realized that the other guy must have told him about me. So I went at it again. He was much more vocal, telling me to "suck my cock" or "take it you bitch". I gladly obeyed and sucked him as hard as I could. His cock was not as long as the first cock but it was much fatter. He just grunted, talked to me dirty names and fucked my mouth. He lasted 10 minutes or so before he came.

I was sucking his cum down my throat when I heard a voice from behind me telling to hurry up. I looked behind me and saw a rather large black cock sticking through the glory hole from the other booth. I quickly cleaned up the cock I was sucking and turned to the black cock behind me. I was so hot by then, I would have sucked a horse's cock at that point. I took the black cock into my mouth and the guy just growled, "suck it bitch". I sucked his cock for all I was worth. I couldn't believe it. Here I was on my knees in a booth sucking the biggest cock I had ever seen hoping that it would spurt its load soon so I could swallow it. I really went to work on this cock. I just had to have his cum load. He just grunted and pushed his cock further into my mouth. I swallowed all I could and licked his shaft. He started to grunt even louder and fuck my face quicker and then he just exploded into my mouth. I swallowed as fast and hard as I could. He eventually slowed down and I finished him off. I loved the feeling of this big cock in my mouth. When he was finished, he pulled his cock out of my mouth with a plop.

My mouth was really sore by then and I got up and put my cock in my pants and went back out to the store. I picked out three butt plugs and a big black dildo and paid the attendant. He smiled as he handed me my package and asked me if I had fun in the back. I blushed a little and said yeah. He told me to have a nice day and come back with the emphasis on the come.

When I got home, I was just exhausted, yet high on sex. I had sucked 4 cocks today and was ready to start stretching my asshole so I could take a cock up my ass. What in the world had happened to me? I took a shower and then laid down for a nap. When I woke up, I had a hard on and was ready to try my new toys. I went into the bathroom and pulled out my enema bag and gave myself a long, warm enema. Once I was cleaned up, I took the smallest butt plug, lubed it and my asshole up and gently pushed it into my ass. It was quite an amazing feeling. I felt full and impaled at the same time. When I was used to the size of the butt plug, I moved it around in my asshole to see what it felt like. The butt plug moved against my prostrate and it made me feel like I was going to cum. I then took the small plug out and lubed up the medium one. When I tried to push it in my asshole, there was considerably more resistance before my sphincter finally allowed the invasion of the butt plug. WOW, was I ever filled. My asshole felt so stretched, I could not image anything-larger fitting into me let alone fucking me. I decided to stop there and let my body get used to the mediums butt plug's girth. I spent the night walking around naked with this butt plug in my ass. It became very comfortable to have that plug in my asshole. As I lay in bed trying to sleep, I kept repeating in my mind what had happened that day and what was going to happen. I could not keep my hand off my cock. As I stroked it and fantasized, I knew I could not keep from cumming. As I came, I could feel my asshole grab at the butt plug. It was an incredible feeling. Of course, I licked up my cum and then fell asleep with the butt plug in my ass.

I woke up thinking about how nice my asshole felt. I reached back and felt the butt plug firmly embedded in my ass. I knew I had to get to work, so I jumped up and began to get ready. I decided to leave the butt plug in place until I got dressed. Once I had finished with my preparation, I knew it was time to take out the plug and get dressed. Then the thought came to me. Why not leave it in and go to work. I was excited and scared at the same time. What if someone noticed it? What if I had and accident and had to go to the hospital. But wow, what a rush it would be. I decided I could take a chance and leave it in. If I had to, I could always take it out. So I got dressed and went to work. I was in a state of arousal all day. I could not concentrate. All I could think about was the butt plug in my ass and what it was going to feel to have Frank's cock sliding in and out of me. I called Renee after lunch and told her what I had been up to and how the butt-plug felt in my ass. She told me I was such a slut and that I would really enjoy getting fucked. I could barely make it to 5 pm, but I just about bolted out of the office.

On the way home, I decided to stop by the adult bookstore and pick up some porn videos. I went directly to the gay and bi section and found three pretty interesting videos, one gay and two bisexual themes. It was all I could do not to go back to the booths and suck a cock or two, but I had other plans. I checked out the videos as the attendant gave me a strange look. It occurred to me that he might have been the second cock I sucked the day before. I left and just about flew home. I knew I only had one more night to acclimate my asshole to what I hoped was going to be a nice large cock.

Once inside of my house, I stripped down and ran to find the other toys. I quickly lubed up the largest butt plug, pulled out the plug I had in my ass and positioned the largest one at the entrance of my asshole. As I pushed it in, I could not believe how big it felt. I was sure that there was not anyway I could take this large an object into my ass. Just the same, I just had to have it in my ass. So I just gently kept pressure on my asshole with the butt plug as my asshole slowly but surely relaxed enough to accept it. I could not believe I had done it. I felt like there was a baseball bat inside me. It almost took my breath away when it finally slipped past my asshole and into my ass. I just stood there trying to catch my breath and getting used to the massive object reamed into my ass.

Once I had steadied myself, I loaded the VCR and sat down to watch some cocksucking and butt fucking. The videos were what they advertised, professional studs and sluts sucking and fucking. My cock was hard and I was enjoying the video when a scene developed which had this guy getting fucked while sucking a nice big cock. It really set me on fire. I knew I had to know what that guy in the video was feeling as his asshole was being sawed by a nice fat cock. I got up and lubed up the black dildo I had purchased. I knew I could not fuck my ass with a dildo all by myself, so I bought the dildo style with a wide base that can stand up by itself or attach itself to a smooth surface. I put the dildo on the table in front of the TV. I took the butt plug out of my ass and squatted over the dildo. My heart was pumping and I was sweating, I was so excited. I knew if I put that dildo into my ass, I had gone over the line. I just let my asshole down on the dildo and let my weigh keep the pressure on my asshole until again my asshole gave way and the head of the dildo slipped into my ass. Unbelievable was all I could say. I was impaled on something as close to a cock as you could get and I was in heaven. I kept pushing to get more and more of it in my ass. I was consumed with the desire to be fucked by this black cock. The dildo had attached itself to the table. As I tried to lift up and have the dildo slide out a little the table lifted off the floor. I finally figured out the pace I could use to fuck myself with the dildo. Once I did that, I started watching the video again. I could not help but stroke my cock as I fucked myself and watch the guy get it in both ends. I kept thinking I was him as the black cock slid in and out of me. I finally lost control and came into my hand. I watched the guy on the video take the cum load of the cock he was sucking into his mouth and I did the same. I slowly slid the dildo out of my ass and cleaned myself up. I knew I had to keep something in my ass for the night, but did not think I could handle the big plug. So I lubed up the medium butt plug and pushed it easily into my ass and went to bed totally used up.

I woke up without the alarm clock the next morning. I immediately thought "this was the day". My heart jumped as I thought about what I would do that night. The butt plug in my ass felt really good. I knew I was ready. I just had to get through the day. I got up and got in the shower with the remnants of my morning hard on and turned on the water. As I began to shower I thought about that black dildo I saw on the sink edge where I had left it after I had washed it the night before. I knew I just had to have it one more time. I leaned out and snatched it up. I pushed it on to the wall of my shower about asshole high, pulled the medium plug out of my ass and moved up to the dildo. I leaned back and to my surprise the dildo slipped past my asshole easily and right into me. Wow, I was getting used to having a fake cock in my ass. I was possessed. I fuck myself hard and fast. My cock got really hard with out me touching it. I took hold of it and stroked it hard and fast as I fuck my ass hard and fast with that dildo. I just could not hold out and I came into my hand. I licked it up quickly and disengaged myself from the dildo and continued to shower. When I was done showering, I left the dildo stuck to the wall of the shower stall. It looked wild. I quickly finished getting dressed and left for work with the medium butt plug firmly in place in my ass.

I was even more useless at work that day then I was the day before. All I could think about was the butt plug in my ass and what was going to happen to me that night. Renee had called to tell me what time her and Ron were going to pick me up that night. She asked me how I felt. I told her I could not wait to feel Frank's cock slide into me and fuck me like the cum slut I am. She just laughed and said he surely would do that. I stayed in for lunch and finally had to leave around 2 pm. I just could not wait any longer. I was so hot, I would have fucked or sucked just about anyone or anything. As I drove home, I knew I had to cool off. Where better to cool off than at the adult bookstore. I just about sprinted in to the store and bought some tokens. I walked straight back to the booths and entered one. I did not lock it this time for some reason. I found a gay film and took my cock out and began to stroke it.

It was not 5 minutes before the attendant slipped into the booth. He did not say anything at first. He just took his cock out, pointed it towards me and said, "You liked this two day ago". I was right. He was one of the cocks I sucked. I eagerly took his cock into my mouth. He grabbed my head and fucked my mouth as I played with my cock. He kept saying, "Suck it you bitch" and "you like this big cock you cocksucker". I just grunted and tried to work my tongue on the bottom side of hid cock shaft. I knew that would eventually get to him. He started grunting and pumping his cock into my mouth. His cock swelled and he spurted his cum into my mouth. He told me to swallow his cum (like he had to do that). I swallowed it all and then cleaned his cock off. I kept stroking my cock. When he saw that I still was stroking myself and told me to keep going. He said he wanted to see me cum. I did not last long and spurted my load into my hand. He told me to lick my hand clean and I gladly did. He told me I was really a cum slut and was welcome to suck his cock anytime. I had cooled off by then and put my cock back into my pants.

I left the store and headed home to get ready. Ron and Renee were going to pick me up at 7 to take me to Frank's place. I stripped and decided to give myself an enema. I wanted to be real clean for my first fucking. Once I was clean out, I stepped into the shower. There, still stuck to the wall was that black dildo that had reamed my ass out last night and this morning. By now I was so excited about what was going to happen, I just stood and stared at it. I knelt down and took the fake cock into my mouth. Hmmmm, do I love the feeling of a cock in my mouth. I was hard again. I just naturally stood up and turned my ass towards the dildo. I just backed up to it and push the head past my asshole and in to my ass. I had never had anything in my ass before two days ago and now I was slipping big black dildos into it like it was as normal as taking a drink of water. I pushed it all the way into me and just stood there taking in the feeling of being fucked by a big cock. I came to my senses and slowly withdrew off the dildo and finished my shower. I thought it would be a good idea to put a butt plug in to keep me stretched out and put the medium one in and got dressed.

I did not have to wait long for Ron and Renee to show up. Renee seemed particularly excited. She said she really wanted to see me with Frank's cock sliding in and out of me. She said it really turned her on. She said that she had talked to Ron about him sucking a cock or taking one up the ass and he was not interested. Ron confirmed that emphatically. We drove above 20 minutes and entered a nice apartment complex. We got out of the car and Ron led the way. He knocked on a door and this tall, slender black man answered. I was taken back a bit. I had not imagined Frank as a black man, but once I got used to it, I was really excited about it. He welcomed us in and said to me "Well, this must be my bitch for the evening". I blushed a bit but acknowledged that I was his for the evening. He smiled and made us drinks.

After some small talk, he asked me if I was ready. I nodded my head and he told me to follow him. Ron and Renee got and followed also. Renee said, "Boy, I can't wait to watch this". We got to the bedroom and Frank told me to strip, which I did. He said he liked his sluts naked when they took care of him. He walked up to me and pushed me to my knees and told me to take his cock out. I unzipped his pants and reached in. He was not wearing any underwear, but his cock was sure there. I hauled it out and was mesmerized. It was long (eventually 9") and smooth and rather slender. I relax because I knew I could fit it into my ass. He wanted something else first. He grabbed my head and guided it to his cock. He told me to open my mouth and suck his cock. I gladly did just that. I sucked it in as far as I could and then just started bobbing my head. Frank gasped a bit and told Ron that I was really good. I took that as a compliment and really went at it. I wanted his cum right then. It did not take long for him to give in because 4 or 5 minutes later I was given the biggest, sweetest load of cum I had ever received in my brief career as a cocksucker. I licked his cock and cleaned it off as he backed away.

He fell back on the bed with a smile. He told me that Ron had told him I had just started to suck cocks but that I must be a natural, as good as I had sucked him. He looked over my shoulder and asked Renee if she was ready. I looked at Renee and she was naked. I looked at her with a questioning look. She just smiled and reached into her bag and pulled out a large black dildo with a harness on it. She said that it was her job to loosen me up for Frank's cock. By then, Franks had slid up the bed and told me to 'assume the position" on my hands and knees on the bed. I did and heard Renee slip the harness on and tighten it up. I felt her kneel on the bed and then she pulled the butt plug out of my ass. She asked me if I was ready and when I nodded yes, she put the head of the dildo at the entrance of my ass and push it gently into me.

Frank told Ron to come over to the bed and get some of me. Ron came over and took his clothes off as Renee worked her dildo further and further into my ass. Ron slid on to the bed with a semi erect cock and told me to get to it, just like in his office. Renee snickered as I took Ron's cock into my mouth. Renee was feeling good in my ass and Ron was hard almost immediately in my mouth. I decided to concentrate on Ron's cock. I sucked him hard and with allot of tongue on his cock shaft. He started moaning and pumping his cock up into my mouth. He was really hot and did not last very long before he pumped his load into my mouth. I swallowed it and licked his cock clean.

I had no sooner cleaned Ron's cock off then Frank told him to get out of the way. He slid in front of my mouth and told me to get him hard. He kept telling me to do a good job if I wanted a good fucking. Renee said she thought I was ready and Frank got up and moved behind me. He told me to get on my back which I thought was strange, but I did as I was told. Frank pushed a pillow under my ass and knelt between my legs. He looked me in the eye and asked me if I was ready to become his fuck slut. I just nodded my head. He pushed my legs up to my chest and told me to reach down and guide his cock to me asshole. Then he made me tell him what I wanted him to do to me. I begged him to fuck me in the ass with his beautiful big black cock and cum in my ass. He smiled and told me to guide his cock into my ass. I felt his cockhead at my asshole entrance and then he just pushed it into me. I was flushed and excited all at once. He asked me how it felt. I just grunted and smiled as he slid his cock all the way in and rested his weight on me. Now I knew how a woman felt when I was sliding my cock into her from above. I was amazingly comfortable as he started to fuck me with a slow rhythm.

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