tagIncest/TabooThe Step-Daughter

The Step-Daughter


My wife, Victoria, is a very beautiful Italian woman. She is about 5'8" and weighs about 135 pounds. She has some of the most amazing curves that I've seen. Her black hair is long and soft. She takes great care of it. Vicky's breasts are a full C cup and they are some of the perkiest tits I've ever laid eyes on. There is next to nothing wrong with her. If it wasn't for her nose she would be perfect. It's not huge, but it is a bit bigger than my idea of a perfect nose.

I first met her in a bar at the beginning of my junior year in college. She was the tender age of 19 and in her sophomore year. I found out on our second date that she had a kid. Her daughter, Alexis, was only 10 months old. I was a little worried about the extra baggage, but thought I might get some action and then turn tail and run. I was just looking for some fun and she was hot. After several dates I found that I really liked her, and her daughter was a doll.

The night after I graduated I asked her to marry me. We didn't set the date until Vicky had graduated. The wedding was in a small church in my home town. Alexis had just turned three and got to be the flower girl. After the wedding we went on a cruise for our honeymoon. Vicky's parents took care of the kid for the week. We had a ball lounging around during the day and having wild sex at night. Sex with an Italian woman is the best. Years have gone by since then and our relationship has been wonderful, but the fire has died down a bit after sixteen years of marriage.

Around fourteen Alexis started to mature. She brought her first boyfriend home when she was sixteen. It didn't last very long. When she turned seventeen I really noticed a change. She began to look a lot like her mother. The only difference was she had her father's nose I guess because it wasn't Vicky's. There wasn't a thing wrong with the girl; she was breathtakingly beautiful. She had her mother's lean body and sexy curves and the voluptuous C cups. Her hair was hotter than her mother's as well as her ass.

I noticed her come out to the pool in a bikini when I was tanning once. She looked me up and down. I had sunglasses on so she didn't know I was watching her check me out. My chiseled abs and chest glistened in the sun. I didn't know what she was thinking but I had an idea.

Alexis's eighteenth birthday was a big deal. Her mom wanted to throw her a big party and have all her friends come over to the house. Everyone started to arrive around eight that night and didn't leave until about three the next morning. It was a pool party so I spent the evening hanging out by the pool making sure no one got hurt and checking out the young eighteen year old girls in their skimpy bikinis. Alexis was definitely the most attractive girl at the party. I overheard a few of Alex's friends talking about how hot her dad was. It made me smirk a bit. At least I still had "it" at thirty seven. One of them even said my name and something else, but all I heard her say was sex and pool shed.

After everyone had left, Vicky headed up to our room to get ready for bed. I found Alex passed out asleep on the couch. I scooped her up in my arms. She threw her arms around my neck and snuggled into my chest. I walked up to her room and set her down on her bed. I looked down at her chest. Her tits looked perfect. I gently pushed one side of her top aside so I could see her little pink nipple. I touched the tip of it with my finger, and she moved a bit. I jerked away quickly. When she settled back in I put her top back. As I was reaching for her blanket I looked at her bikini bottom. It was only held on by strings tied on her hips. I gently pulled one of the bows loose. When she didn't react I undid the other. I waited a second to make sure she wasn't going to do anything, and I pulled the bottom off and found a bare pussy with a clit ring in it and a little star tattooed on the left side of her pelvis. She had to have gotten this done the day she turned eighteen because her mom would have never signed for either of them. Both the tattoo and the piercing looked quite healed.

I touched her little button and she whimpered a bit. The sound got my dick hard instantly. I undid my pants and let them fall to the floor. I picked up her hand and wrapped her fingers around the shaft of my hard cock and began stroking it. I touched her clit again and this time rubbed it softly. I could feel her twat heating up. Juices began to gather on her pussy lips as I rubbed her. The sight of her wet cunt made me wild. I put her hand down and walked over to the door. I checked the hall and didn't see my wife. I closed the door and turned back to Alex still asleep on her bed. I took off my shirt on the way back to my step-daughter's bed. She looked ready for me. Her legs were spread open and her pussy was soaking wet. I looked down at my naked cock and spit on the tip. I rubbed it over the head as I crawled on my knees on top of her. I guided my dick to her pink lips and rubbed the head against them but not penetrating. I watched her face as she moaned a little. She even made faces like her mother.

Her moans made me even crazier. I slid slowly into her tight cunt. I met no resistance inside her. The naughty girl had obviously done something before. As I was pulling back her eyes opened slowly. I clapped my hand over her mouth quickly. She was startled by my presence and pushed on my chest when she realized that I was still inside her. She stopped squirming, and when I thought that she wasn't going to scream I cautiously removed my hand. She looked into my eyes. After a good thirty seconds she kissed me. Alexis passionately drove her tongue into my mouth as she held onto my shoulders and back. When I got this reaction I slid back into her pumping in and out as we kissed. I could hear moans escaping her mouth until she couldn't keep kissing me. Alexis moaned so uncontrollably that I clapped my hand over her lips again. I pulled out and sat up on my knees. She sat up and took off her top. Her perfect eighteen year old tits looked amazing. She turned around and positioned herself on her hands and knees so that I could insert from behind. I fucked my step-daughter hard for a good fifteen minutes before she came.

Just as I was about to come I pulled out and she quickly turned around and took the head of my cock into her mouth. A few tugs from her dainty hands and I blew my load in her mouth. I knew at this point that she had done all of this and more. I didn't know how long she had wanted to do this, but it seemed as though when she realized it was me at the beginning she was ready. I got dressed and walked out of the room. I went to my room and got in bed with Victoria. I spooned up to her and went to sleep.

The next morning it was like nothing had happened. There was no weird interaction between any of us. The rest of the weekend was no different from any other weekend except for Sunday afternoon my wife went to the mall with a friend and I got a blowjob from my step-daughter. She gave head better than any woman I had ever been with. I have a continuing sexual relationship with Alexis, and we have done almost everything imaginable. Luckily her mother hasn't found out and hopefully she won't. I want to continue screwing her daughter for a long time.

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