tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Stick Figure Lady Ch. 03

The Stick Figure Lady Ch. 03


- Author Note -

Apologies to all for the delay, there are numerous reasons for it, not all of them good. Mostly I have been having trouble deciding where exactly I want this story to go, in large part because I found myself investing more time than I expected in research. This chapter should give you a good idea of the potential direction the story may take. But there is a lot more yet for Jacob to learn.


When Jacob awoke his first thoughts were of Brea, and the fact she was missing from the bed. He'd fallen asleep with the comforting weight of her draped across him like a thick blanket. Undoubtedly he would have been left numb and sore after a time with even her slender form on top of him, but it had been a good feeling all the same.

Along with Brea most of the candlelight was gone as well, leaving the room in shadow, with just the dim light of a single candle to see by. Jacob was relieved to see Brea curled up in a chair beside the shifting flame. And amused when he saw that she was wearing his discarded t-shirt.

Bill Murray would probably be happy to know that his face decorated such wonderful breasts.

One of the trays of food rested on a small table beside her, and she was happily devouring its contents, ignorant of Jacob's eyes on her. He took advantage of her distraction, drinking in the sight of her, open and unguarded. There was nothing special about it, she merely ate, but in Jacob's mind every movement, every expression was fascinating.

And she eats with her mouth closed!

Which is clearly more important than sharing a common language.

Jacob shook his head at his thoughts, the movement drawing Brea's eyes. She smiled around the piece of bread she was eating. She tore another hunk off the bread still on the tray and threw it to him.

Jacob reached up to catch it and found his hand closing over empty air. The piece of bread darted around his hand, curving mid flight, coming to an abrupt halt directly in front of his face. He jerked back from it, surprised and stared at it hovering there.

And it was hovering there, floating in space unsupported. It started to spin, then began moving in random directions, causing his eyes to dart rapidly to follow its movements. Apparently it made an amusing sight because Brea began laughing at him.

"Are you?" Jacob asked her, tearing his eyes away from the bread, "You are! How?"

Brea fought back her laughter at his wide eyed expression and raised her hand to point at him.

"You now," she said simply.

"Me?" Jacob uttered softly, face blank for a moment, forcing down his sudden burst of eagerness.

"Yes," Brea replied, and the bread dropped from the air onto Jacob's chest.

It sat there on his chest, rising and falling with his breath, his mind racing with the possibilities. He almost didn't want to try, as he felt the sudden fear of failure, that the impossible that had become possible before his eye would suddenly be impossible once more.

"How?" he said softly, even as his mind bent to the task.

It can't be as simple as willing it to move, there has to be more...

The bread lifted off his chest the moment he started consciously thinking of it doing so. And it was utterly effortless, he pictured it moving with his mind and it did so, as simple as if he'd used his hand. Easier even.

Another impossibility. This entire world is impossible.

Yeah, but you've got to admit this is beyond awesome.

Jacob made the bread dart around the room, marvelling at the fact he was moving something with his mind, marvelling at the fact there was so much he had yet to understand about this place he found himself in.

"Is there more? Can we do other things too?" he asked Brea, bringing the bread back to rest in his hand.

She shrugged at him, it was obvious that she didn't quite understand, or did not know how to convey the message to him.

"Okay so I'm going to have to wait to find out. Unless," Jacob said to himself, looking down at the bread, "Movement. Kinetic energy. Heat?"

Even as he spoke his mind was working, a very rough image forming of molecules moving within a small part of the bread. Heat was essentially movement, if he could make things move, surely he could make them hot.

He pictured them moving faster, hitting each other. It was more the concept of molecules rather than an exact form, but it was enough.

A flame appeared from the bread as the heat caused it to spontaneously combust. Jacob was suddenly glad he had only pictured that tiny part in his mind and not the whole piece, as he quickly blew it out before it could burn his hand.

"Jacob," Brea breathed the name, her eyes wide and shocked, coming to stand beside him, taking the bread from his hand.

His shirt was too large for her slender frame, too long for her height. But that just made it hang down just far enough to hide what lay between her legs, but not far enough that it did not hint at it. Jacob was painfully aware of that fact, eyes locked on the fabric that threatened at any moment to reveal her to him.


Brea grabbed him by the head, bread crushing against his cheek forgotten. She pulled his gaze to hers, eyes pleading with him for something.

"You didn't know," Jacob said, as the realisation came to him, "You don't understand."

Brea nodded to him, understanding his tone if not his words.

"How Jacob? How?" she asked, voice soft but urgent.

He paused to ponder that himself. It wasn't that he'd imagined heat, or fire, that wouldn't have worked or Brea would have been able to do it.

It was that I understood it. That I understood what heat was.

And there is no way I can explain that to her. Not with mime.

"I'm sorry Brea, I can't explain," Jacob told her, holding her hand, "I want to, but."

"English," Brea said angrily, a frustrated sigh escaping her lips.

"Yes," Jacob replied, "I'm sorry."

She paced the room, muttering to herself in the strange patchwork language that separated them. It was one of the very few moments that Jacob had witness where she was not smiling. So he decided to change that.

Brea squeaked when she lifted into the air, but calmed immediately, shaking her head at him as he floated her into his arms.

"Jay-cob," she said playfully, poking him in the chest with her finger. The poke became a caress as she traced his bare skin with that finger.

He kissed her, pulling her body to his chest and trapping the roving finger. Her mouth tasted of something sweet, and she moaned into him.

"Jay-cob," Brea breathed when their kiss broke, "No."

She patted his chest regretfully as she said it, she clearly did not want to stop.

Why...? Oh.

"How are you feeling?" Jacob asked, sitting down on the bed and simply holding her.

Brea snuggled into him, not answering his words. Jacob brushed her hair back from her face and kissed her forehead.

"Feel better," Jacob whispered, lips brushing her skin.

They sat like that for a time, Brea comfortably snuggled against him as he rested against the headboard. It was still hours before dawn, but after their two naps neither was tired enough to sleep again. Brea floated the tray of food over to them and they shared the assortment of bread, fruit and cheese.

So that's why she looked at them, to see if the food was hot.

So a hot meal would have been more important than sex? Girl likes her food.

Jacob grinned at her, laughing at the puzzled expression she gave in response.

In between being distracted by the remarkable woman in his arms, Jacob managed to spare a few moments to think about the latest revelation in his increasingly bizarre life. What exactly were the limits? Clearly he had done something Brea could not, did that mean there was more still?

He contemplated experimenting, but decided it might be more prudent to wait. When the difference between a piece of bread catching fire, and a ball of superheated plasma was a thought, care was definitely warranted. Still he did come up with an idea that he just could not put off.

The sun was just beginning to lighten the sky when Jacob gently shifted Brea so he could stand.

"Brea," Jacob said, taking her hand, "Follow me, I want to give you something."

He led her back into the other rooms, looking for something he'd spotted from the corner of his eye on his rushed trip to the bedroom. A small fireplace affixed one wall in what he expected was a room he did not know the proper name for. It had chairs and a window that was facing what could be considered east on this world. At least, that's where the sun was rising.

The coals barely glowed, but Jacob was still careful when he picked up a small black hunk of burnt wood. It was warm but not uncomfortably so. Grinning he turned and placed it in Brea's hand.

The look on her face was priceless. He could not put a name to the expression, and he doubted she would be quite able to either. She stood there holding it for a moment and looking at him, trying to figure it out.

"Jay-cob," she said, tilting her head to the side and waving the piece of coal at him.

He took it back from her, then set it floating between them, she looked from him to the coal, face a mask of patience that her eyes did not quite match.

"Close your eyes," Jacob said, doing just that to demonstrate.

Brea did so, but peeked out a moment later, closing them again when he shook a finger at her.

It was a simple thing. Just a mix of the two things he'd already done, with maybe a little half remembered highschool science thrown in. He crushed the coal with his mind, heating it and forming it into what he wanted it to be. It was fascinating to watch the end result coming into being before his eyes.

"Open them Brea," Jacob said, less than a minute later.

She did. And gasped as she saw what he'd done. In between them, floating where the coal had been, and in a way still was, was a diamond. An utterly flawless diamond if Jacob had pulled off what he'd been imagining.

It tapered towards the top, forming a teardrop. It was not rough like a natural diamond, Jacob had forced it into the shape, imagined the perfect atomic structure, uniform in content. Everything that wasn't pure carbon he'd burned away.

She half reached for it, hand frozen mid way, not quite believing what she was seeing.

Another new thing. Well I hope they like diamonds as much here. I'll be set for life.

He'd made the stone with a hole through the top, a way for it to be attached to a necklace. There was a cord tying back the curtains beside the window that looked like it would work, if a little thick. Again using his mind he untied it, pausing for a moment to think how to cut it free.

Well, if the air becoming dense and solid, then...

The cord dropped free, dangling from the end he 'held' it with.

Okay I know that I don't have a periodic table in my brain, so how exactly did I manage that. Maybe... I just used what was there, but didn't have to know exactly what it was.

Jacob brought the cord closer, Brea was still staring at the diamond in amazement, the sunlight had caught it, making even Jacob stunned at the way the stone shined. It took barely a thought to unravel some of the cord to discard, leaving a braided length behind thin enough to attach the diamond to.

Brea watched in silence as he threaded the diamond onto the cord. He'd already made sure the diamond was roughly the same temperature as the room. He didn't want to burn or freeze Brea's skin by accident.

He held the necklace in his hands now, looking at Brea watching him with a small measure of awe. She was stunning, but the t-shirt did not do her justice. He pulled it off her slowly, and she raised her arms without protest. Nor did she move as he tied the necklace around her neck, draping the stone between her breasts.

It was Jacob's turn to be awed. She was stunning. She'd been beautiful in the candlelight, but in the sunlight she robbed him of his breath, stilled his tongue and made his knees weak.

"Jay-cob," Brea uttered softly, her hand touching the necklace against her skin, "Jay-cob I-"

"Brea," Jacob cut her off, "It's yours. No arguments. I know we barely know each other. I know we can barely understand each other. But you are special to me, and I want you to know that."

Then he kissed her. It was full of passion, but without the lust that their previous kisses had held. It was not the promise of something more; it was simply what was, the moment, the feeling between them.

Whether she understood his words or not, Jacob was damn sure she understood that kiss.


After their kiss Jacob and Brea explored the rooms they'd been too busy the night before to truly appreciate. The rooms were open to each other, there were no doors separating each area from the rest. The room Jacob had decided to call a sun room led directly back into the living area, the bedroom a few short steps away. But it was the last room that was both a surprise and delight.

Brea had exclaimed happily when she'd walked in behind him, discovering the gleaming copper bathtub that dominated the room. As ornate as the other décor in the manor, the tub was large enough for two comfortably. The copper had been polished to the point that it worked reasonably well as a mirror, and the surface was flawless, not holding any bumps or imperfections.

The metalwork alone made Jacob pause and realise that it either had to be cast whole to be so perfect, or someone had used the telekinetic power to shape it. The fact that it had fully working plumbing was merely a mild surprise after that realisation. Brea took to it all with a familiarity that surprised him, after seeing the farm he didn't think she would be used to running water.

And hot water at that. I half expected to be washing from a basin or something.

They might not have cars or electricity, at least from what he'd seen, but when Jacob sunk into the water he was pleased they'd managed to work out indoor plumbing. That feeling rose exponentially when Brea slipped her naked form in after him.

She lent back against his chest, idly toying with the diamond necklace.

"Thankyou Jacob," Brea said, tilting her head back to look up at him.

He wrapped his arms around her, running his hands across her stomach, leaving wet trails behind as the water slowly rose around them.

"Your welcome Brea," he said, eyes fixed on the water line that was slowly climbing up her beautiful skin towards her breasts.

The shifting water made the light reflected from the burnished copper split and shimmer. That alone would have drawn his gaze, but with Brea naked and submersed in that same water burned the sight into his mind. The lust he'd been fighting all morning came back, and promptly pressed itself into her lower back.

She shifted when she felt it, looking up at him with that mischievous smile he was beginning to know all too well.

"Jay-cob," she said his name with that sultry softness that made him want to rip her clothes off every time. Except when she was already naked; when it just made him want to throw her onto a bed and keep her there for a few hours.

Her hand found him beneath the water, stroking him. His breath caught, as she bit her lip watching his reaction, feeling him jerk slightly at her touch.

Clearly I need to consider that this might be the afterlife. God she is beautiful.

Jacob turned the taps off, and returned his hands to her body. Her breasts were floating slightly in the water, thrust up by the way her hand was curled behind her back. They felt soft, warm and wet beneath his hands; her nipples jutted out from the water, hard from her arousal or the air, either way she shivered in pleasure when he rubbed them.

Her fingers fuelled his passion for her, his desire to see her moan and writhe. She did moan when he kissed her neck, rolling her nipples between his fingers as he pressed his mouth hungrily into her. She pulled away, turning quickly in the bath, water splashing carelessly over the side. Her lips found his as she turned to face him, her hand a blur beneath the water.

"Brea," Jacob moaned into her mouth, "Oh god that's good."

His hands ran down her sides, her breasts momentarily forgotten as he twitched beneath her touch. Her tongue flicked between his lips, before she pulled back from him, green eyes staring into his own as she leaned back, still stroking him.

"Jay-cob," she said again, her tongue licking her lips as she stopped stroking, instead pulling on him steadily.

"You want me to stand," Jacob guessed from the way she was trying to drag him out of the water by his manhood.

She bit her lip at the sight of him standing above her, water flowing down his body and back into the tub. Her hand stayed wrapped around him, not letting him escape as she knelt in the water in front of him. She looked up at him with her green eyes, hand moving up and down his shaft, her small fingers looking so tiny wrapped around his straining erection.

Jacob closed his eyes, revelling in the sensations emanating from his groin, groans coming to his lips unheeded. So it came as a complete surprise when he felt her mouth on him, her lips and tongue trailing up and down.

"Brea," Jacob uttered, stiffening his suddenly weak knees.

His hands found her head of their own accord, trailing lightly through her hair as he looked down at her. She stared back at him, watching the expressions he made, the desire for her that kept building.

His desire wasn't the only thing that was building. She grew bolder with her actions, slipping his cock into her mouth, her hand stroking his shaft as her lips and tongue played across the head. Every time she looked up at him he felt himself jerk, something she noticed too. Her other hand had crept down between her own legs and she moaned with him in her mouth.

The sight of her playing with herself, enjoying herself licking and sucking on his cock quickly became too much for Jacob.

"Brea, I'm, going, to," Jacob gasped out between laboured breaths.

She moaned in response before pulling back, her hands moving faster.

"Jay-cob," she moaned, body shuddering as she looked up at him, eyes pleading.

He let loose with a groan, his orgasm taking all the strength in his legs with it. He shook and forced himself to stay upright as white fluid flew past Brea and well over the edge of the tub. The next spurts were closer, but only the last fell on Brea, dropping onto her chest as she leaned back to watch.

Jacob lowered himself back into the tub, legs wobbling. Brea was laughing at him.

"Hey, if I remember correctly you were even worse last night, so hush," Jacob said to her when he got his bearings once more.

Brea merely grinned back at him, before looking down to where he'd sprayed her chest. There wasn't much there, and Jacob wondered where exactly the rest had ended up. Clearly Brea had the same thought; she turned around to look behind her, pointing it out to him when she spotted it.

"That's your fault you know," Jacob said, following where she was pointing to find the furthest deposit a few metres away.

They managed to finish up their bath without making a bigger mess of the room, and Jacob managed to get enough strength back in his legs to stand again. Brea had a boundless energy that had her up and about while he was still shaking the post orgasm haze from his mind. Although seeing her naked form as she dried herself and bent over to clean up the floor helped.

When she saw him staring she darted out of the room quickly, before poking her head back in to smile at him while shaking her head.

"Okay fine, no more. But later on I'm going to make you scream you little minx," Jacob said, only mildly regretful, his legs weren't quite up to it just yet.

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