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Who stole the stories from Here's one answer.

Huang Meili had a rare place for an eighteen year old girl--she was a Senior Research Fellow at the National University of Defense Technology in Chengsha. Ostensibly she was a database manager, developing software for better tracking spare aircraft parts and maintaining records for naval personnel. Her real job was hacker extraordinaire.

Mathematical genius, like musical talent, exhibits itself earlier than others. One can become a novelist at forty--a master hacker at forty is an old-age pensioner. Eighteen year old Huang Meili was already a mature artist, at the height of her powers.

A Central Committee talent spotter found little Meili at age five, eager for more math problems. Sent to the proper school far from her home village (her parents' wishes being of no account), she had mastered calculus by age seven, and was writing encoding software before she was nine.

Now her job was intelligence-gathering. She was a hijacker on the Information Superhighway: if it was there, she had it.

She spent one idle evening, recently, hacking into the United States Navy Naval Air Systems Command's top-secret website, and walking away with all their railgun data. Some of her fellow Fellows had been trying to break in for a week, unsuccessfully.

As a prank, the next evening, she hacked into the United States Military Academy's website, and flunked Robert E. Lee and Douglas MacArthur in basic mathematics, and gave them record numbers of demerits. She corrected her prank so as to disguise her break-in, but printed out the altered transcripts to prove what she had done.

Sex was not on Huang Meili's agenda. Girls did not interest her, and boys were too shallow, having no real understanding of the algorithms of hacking and only being interested in what mouth, anus or vagina they might next penetrate. Her true love was Mao the Magnificent, the supercomputer located under tons of concrete in an obscure hamlet in the southwest corner of her country. To enter Mao and use her (Mao was in Meili's eyes always "she", her other self) was a delight, matchless. Surfing the internet for pornography took a distant second place.

Meili's prowess assured her of her continued use of the apartment, the Mercedes, and the food and travel benefits exceeding those of the Chief Officer of her University, though her nominal stipend was commensurate with her nominal rank. Her rank as General in the Peoples' Army Special Weapons and Tactics Branch was a secret.

Her tastes in wines and tobacco, however, required a certain amount of cash. Her Green Marlboros and Trockenbeerenauslesen had to be paid for, and the price was high. Renminbi would not do--one needed euros or dollars. These were easily enough stolen from online bank accounts (JP Morgan Chase's computer security was such a joke at the Uni that an easy fuck was known as a "Morgan"). But after a few such pranks resulted in the bank trying to fix its problems, a directive went out from the General Commanding

that anyone caught trying to bust bank accounts would be posted as a private soldier to a labor battalion on the Korean border.

This cooled all but the most ardent, and he soon found out that private soldier's bunk in a labor battalion on the Korean border was no luxury hotel.

Meili's porn-hunting went on, her mood made worse by a reduction in available attitude-adjusters, such as Marlboros and Bernkasteler Badstube TBA. Then the perfect solution fell on her, like the apple on Ike Newton., whose site she had hacked and shut down for four hours as part satisfaction of the entrance exams at the Uni when she was eleven, sold e-book pornography for small money, but paid on the spot and no questions asked. She had easily stolen a few e-books, using credit card information she had stolen from JP Morgan Chase and establishing an e-mail address in the name of a party whose information she had stolen from the same place.

She read the stuff. It was rather poor, but it sold. One could do better, she thought, but why bother? Why not steal better?

Cruising for cheap product, she found Decent stuff, mostly, allegedly copyrighted (but what was that to her? Copyright meant less than https, and that sort of site she cracked in under ten minutes) but easily snatched, dispatched, and cashed.

She needed a bank account and an identity. She took the stolen e-book lady, Elizabeth Summers, of Raleigh, North Carolina, wherever the hell that was. All the info Meili needed to set up a bank account at Citibank in Elizabeth's name was right there, and a branch of Citibank was not far from the Uni.

Steal the product from Literotica, publish it on Amazon, send the dollars to her Citibank account by ACH, write a check and cash it at her bank, and done. The amounts were so small no one would notice.

It worked! Soon Meili had stolen from Sir_Nathan in New Zealand, dweaver999 in Western Australia, and Penn Lady in America. She even submitted stolen stories from other sites, and fooled some clown named estragon into quibbling them. Waltz onto the Literotica site, and without even registering as a member she could drag and drop whatever she wanted.

Six USD a throw, and even a few dozen sales would yield enough for a case of Marlboro Greens, and a smash hit would pay for a case of TBAs from the Mosel. And she could always use stolen credit card info to buy her own books and charge them all to the stooges.

Even when her theft was discovered, who cared? Let the dumb Americans chase the air! If Amazon shut Elizabeth down (and doubtful that they'd bother), there were lots more where ol' Elizabeth came from--Marti Schachter in St Louis, Missouri, or Kimba Woods in Oak Ridge, Tennessee--if you bought anything from Amazon ever, Huang Meili owned you.

Of course, the stooges got 1099s from Amazon and spurious charges on their credit cards--but let them sort it out. They could fight the IRS and JP Morgan Chase bank, and good luck to them!

Meili was waiting for the day when China ordered her to mount the ultimate cyber human wave attack, and bring down the United States in half an hour. That was her good night wank-thought. Who the fuck needs to fuck a person when you can fuck the whole fucking internet?

Until it ended.

Back in the US of A, Huang Meili was beginning to grow what she didn't want--a tail. In an obscure room in the Pentagon, a DAC (Department of the Army Civilian) named Jo Cumming was getting Meili in his sights.

Jo shaved his blue chin down to the veins. His hair was long, his Adam's apple prominent, and in his off-hours he preferred sundresses and plunging necklines. He was the definitive guide to the gay bars of Our Nations' Capital. He was a dresser, Mary, not a crossdresser--he didn't cross anything, you homophobic bitch.

Jo was a counter-hacker. Like Meili, his mathematical talent showed at an early age. His parents sent him off to boarding school, but his college matriculation was postponed. It was postponed until never, because at age twelve he had hacked every Department of Defense website and posted pictures of his genitals in obvious places.

Given the choice between jail and the Pentagon, the latter won in a close race.

Jo had seen the hacking of JP Morgan Chase bank through one of JP's security people who alerted DoD. He ran a few software programs of his own, and traced the hack through Mao (which he had hacked on business a few months before) to Meili. Running forward, he found the Navy hack and even got to her West Point hack. He admired that one, not for its complexity but for her inventiveness.

Jo realized that in Meili the Chinese had a good one. She was the Airborne Ranger Scout of the National Defense Uni's Special Weapons and Tactics team. He managed to get her personnel file online, and actually whistled when the translation came back from Wong's desk. "Give the bitch credit, Mary," Jo told the Colonel, "she's as good as it gets. If she had a cock she'd be goddlemighty."

"Take her down," snarled the Colonel.

"Mary, I don't fucking swim in that pool," said Jo, and wiggled his ass.

"Don't be cute with me, pantyboy, take her fucking down!"

"Oooh, hostile work environment, I'll sue your elderly ass!"

"Get the fuck out of here and do it!"

Jo went home to think. Malware or spyware was out. Meili would have every scanning software in creation. Use Citibank's online banking to take the money from Meili's account, close it, and lock the Elizabeth Summers alias out of Amazon? Easy enough, but that would start a cyberwar, as Meili would figure out what he had done in two minutes, and then retaliate. And while Jo thought he could win that war, the Colonel would be pissed as hell.

Travel to China, find Meili and rape her up the ass? No, he didn't swim in that pool.

Dump all her info in the Uni's provost marshal's inbox? That would shut Meili up for good--or at least until she found a counter.

The adventure continued.

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