The Story of C Ch. 02

byParis Waterman©

Christine leaned in closer, peering over her sister's hip at what I was doing. "Damn, honey, I knew you were good at that, but watching you... I mean, you're fantastic."

"He is... isn't he!" Amy gasped as I attacked her clit then brought a finger into play.

She groaned happily at its intrusion into her love nest and I quickly added a second and then a third, filling her for the moment. Amy's pussy gripped my fingers strongly. I settled into a quick rhythm gently finger-fucking her in time with my clit-licking. Her moans rose in volume; her breathing went from shallow to heavy as the clock ticked away the time.

Her pussy got very wet around my fingers, and the wetness spread around so that my lips, my tongue, my senses were flooded with her essence. Twice she seemed close to coming, but then gradually relaxed again. Or perhaps they were small orgasms - really, what did I know about what was going on in her body? All I knew is that she loved what I was doing to her.

Christine's face was just inches away, watching intently.

"Kiss me." I heard her say, almost a whisper.

Smiling, I lifted my mouth; she leaned down and kissed me. During our last time together, I had suggested that we try this. Christine had wrestled with the idea and only now capitulated. I loved the fact that it was she who suggested doing it, and now there was an urgency about her as she strove to lift her sister's taste from my tongue.

"Try this," I said, pulling my fingers our of Amy's pussy and offering them to her.

"Mmmm, yeah... okay. I love it," she murmured taking my hand and slowly sucking each finger into her mouth. Her eyes met mine, staring at me as she sucked them clean.

"Very sexy, sweetie," I said.

She smiled at me, and released my hand. Amy gave a moan of frustration signaling that I was ignoring her. I returned my attentions to her pussy, and quickly had her back on track, moaning her way towards orgasm.

"Put a finger in her ass," said Christine.

I did, and Amy's moans kicked up a notch. With the copious wetness running from her pussy, I had no trouble getting a second finger in and was gently fucking her sphincter with them; my mouth on her clit, relentlessly sucking and licking, never stopping.

Gradually, her ass relaxed. Feeling daring, I began working a third finger inside. Suddenly, the orgasm was obvious. It rose and fell, and rose again. It might have been more than just one; she couldn't, or wouldn't say when we asked about it.

"Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!" Amy shouted while her hips vaulted toward the ceiling.

Her climax lasted two full minutes.

"Wow, Christine said, "That was intense; it reminded me of that video we made on our honeymoon, where you made me come repeatedly. I love watching it. I love seeing myself come. But I usually don't come that hard."

Slowly, Amy scooted back against a pillow and sat up. I sat up as well, and both of them looked at me expectedly.

"So, we're open to suggestions; whatever you want," my wife said with a broad smile.

My cock pulsed. I forced myself to take a deep breath, as we all looked at each other. "I'm afraid I'm on a hair trigger right now. I'm so turned on that if I fucked either of you, I'd come in seconds."

Christine laughed. "Poor boy, what a problem! Maybe you should just come quick and get it over with. You'll last longer the second time."

"I've got a better idea," I said, scooting back against the headboard. "Usually, I last longer with a blowjob. Amy why don't you start it off? Christine, come over here and kiss me, maybe help your sister out?"

Christine said, "Sure," and they both scooted into position; Amy on her hands and knees, crawling over and taking me in her mouth. Christine scooted next to me. I put my arm around her, and we kissed gently. Part of what makes a blow job good is just how hard and ready and sensitive your cock is, it makes a soft mouth feel even nicer. I was super hard and oh-so-ready.

I moaned.

"God that must feel great." said Christine, watching her sister's mouth slowly moving up and down my shaft.

"Mm-hmmm," I agreed as our mouths worked feverishly against one another. I just let it happen, our tongues lazily slipping around each other. Amy took me slowly deeper, deeper into her mouth.

I broke the kiss. "Now I'm going to ask, and you can say no."

"I'm sure I'll say yes." smiled Christine.

"I want you to get down there and kiss her, and then..."

"And then?"

"Then both of you suck my cock, together."

"Yeah, I can see how that's your fantasy." She gave me one last peck on the lips. "No problem."

She left my side, scooted over and tapped her sister on the shoulder. Amy lifted her mouth from my cock, and looked quite surprised as Christine eagerly kissed her and then reached for my cock, wrapped her fingers around it and slowly stroked it as the kiss went on.

I admired the symmetry of their faces, the small differences in the way Amy's tits seemed tauter than Amy's which had a slight sag, although I mean that in the nicest possible way. Perhaps I should have said slope instead of sag, but....

Then Christine broke the kiss, and they had a quiet little conversation from which I was excluded. Amy nodded then looked up at me with a smile.

"You want a double header... from us." she said.

I nodded my head.

Their hands and mouth went for my cock.

Christine sucked it first, giving me some nice head bobbing, then pulled back and teased my head by flicking the underside of my cock with her tongue. Amy watched, then took her turn, imitating the tongue-teasing, then sucking me deep, far deeper than Christine had.

"How does she do that?" Christine wondered out loud, watching.

"Suck my balls?" I asked.


I lay back and watched, as Christine took one testicle gently in her mouth, as her sister firmly sucked my shaft. It was a beautiful sight. I deliberately closed my eyes, just feeling the sensations. I could tell when they switched, with Amy moving down to my balls. Unable to take me deep, Christine sucked just the head of my cock, and used her fingers to stroke my shaft, basically masturbating me into her mouth. I was right on the verge of coming, but managed to hold out long enough for them to switch places a couple more times. Trying not to come was like exquisite torture.

"When you come, do it her mouth, OK?" Christine said, "Not mine."

"Uh-huh," I answered, not really knowing what I was agreeing too, for I was so lost in the exquisiteness of their combined fellating that comprehending the spoken word was beyond my capabilities at the moment.

My climax built slowly; creeping up on me like shadows at dusk. Christine was jacking my shaft with her soft fingers, and she had just yielded the head of my cock to Amy's hot mouth, when I started to shoot. My hips jerked and I gasped while Christine stroked me faster and burst after burst of jizm flew from the mouth of my cock onto Amy's protruding tongue. Besides my heavy breathing the only other sound I perceived was that of Amy swallowing.

Christine leaned up to kiss me, gently, as my orgasm finally receded.

"You are going to fuck us, aren't you?" she asked softly. "Don't tell me today is just about oral sex."

"Yes, I am," I croaked. Where's the fucking Viagra?"


There happened to be a fine Cajun Café two blocks from Amy's place and we ventured out with Christine wearing only a borrowed raincoat... I mean only. Her left breast kept popping out during the meal, and I over tipped the waiter because he was gallant beyond what passes for normal comprehension in that he continued serving our food without a mishap both times her tit was fully exposed. I give him top marks as the second time it happened he was pouring our wine Amy reached over and replaced her sister's tit for her.

On returning to Amy's apartment, I suggested we make a sandwich.

"But we just ate," Christine said as she shrugged off the raincoat and stood nude before Amy and me. I ignored her and continued, saying, "Amy's in the middle."

"OH!" both girls said, "That kind of sandwich!"

We promptly squeezed Amy between us, and I grabbed her throat and kissed her. Christine went to her knees and worked Amy's sundress up and over her head.

"Is that the way those dresses come off?" I asked.

"Not usually," Amy laughed. "I guess Chrissie's in a hurry, but I can't imagine why."

I was tugging at Superman's cape (actually I was dropping my pants and peeling my T-shirt off.) And eventually we were all naked again.

We moved back into the sandwich position and Christine began rubbing her body against her sister's while I was slipping a finger into her. Amy got hotter than a $2 pistol on a Saturday Night and dropped to her knees with sucking my cock foremost in mind.

Christine put a stop to that, however, telling Amy in no uncertain terms that the time was for fucking not sucking cock.

"I think... maybe the bedroom...."

They both agreed with me and we moved to the horizontal landing strip and both women laid back, opened their legs and spread their pussies for me.

Christine's left leg went over her sister's right leg as they spread for me, each using both their hands, fingertips gently opening their labia. I admired the sight, then bent forward to plant a kiss on Christine's exposed clit, then one on Amy's.

I slipped two fingers from my left hands into Christine, two fingers from my right into Amy.

"God, you're both so beautiful. I think I'm the luckiest man in the world." I said, swirling my fingers in both their pussies.

"Mmmm, too bad you don't have two cocks." said Christine. "But I have the marriage certificate. Do me first."

"Then you're first," I replied while Amy groaned in frustration.

I settled into the Missionary, replacing my fingers with my cock. After all the teasing and oral sex, it felt wonderful to finally be deep in a pussy. I began to fuck her steadily. With my right hand, I tried to keep fingering Amy, but soon I had to give up, it was just too complex to attend to both pussies at once. I brought my hand up to Christine's face.

"Do you want this?" I said offering my pussy-juice coated fingers.

"Oh yeah, it's kinda like a desert." She opened her mouth to accept my digits and sucked then clean. Once I got my hand back, I was able to prop myself up better and move my whole body to fuck her strongly. She rocked her body and tilted her hips to meet my thrusts, loving it. For a few minutes, we were just lost in our fuck, Amy almost forgotten, even though she was leaning against our bodies, watching intently as my hips slammed my dick into her sister. I noted with interest the lustful and envious expression her face.

I kissed my wife, then sent my cock all the way into her then swiveled my body to the right. Now I was in position to kiss Amy and did so while I rocked my hips to fuck Christine.

It was a nice sensation, kissing one and fucking the other. I shifted my attention back to Christine.

"I can ask you to do anything?"

"Sure, ask away... but ... oh, keep doing that!"

"I want to watch you two kissing while I fuck you."

"Mmmm, good idea. Amy?"


"Gimme some tongue."

Amy looked a little surprised, but pressed her tits against us as she kissed her sister. My cock pulsed, and if I hadn't already come once, I probably would have lost it. I sucked one of my wife's tits while watching them go at it.

I've long been a proponent of porn. I've watched at least a thousand different women kissing one another and always thought it was kind of staged. There was nothing fake about how Amy kissed my wife, or how Christine returned the flavor. In the throes of sex, with my cock making her pussy sing, this kiss wasn't just about putting on a show for me. I learned that she truly enjoyed kissing another woman. I don't know why I'm limiting my comment to Christine; Amy was certainly into it every bit as much as she was, and it showed in the passion both brought to the kiss.

The kiss ended and I brought my actual fucking to a halt, but left my rock hard shaft lodged in my wife and suckled at both their tits for a while. Neither woman seemed to mind.

I briefly considered asking Amy to take my place nipping away at Christine's nipples. Nipples were a "maybe" in the rules, I remembered. But I didn't push my luck. Instead, I got another idea... something I knew we would all like.

I lifted myself up, so that I could keep fucking Christine from a sitting position.

"Amy..." Christine croaked, "Come down here, bring your face down here to watch us fucking."

Amy scooted down, her face just a foot away from the spot where my cock disappeared into her sister. She gave me a lewd grin and tickled my scrotum, giggling inanely as I plowed steadily into my wife's pussy.

"OH... Lucas!" Christine called out.

Not wanting her to come just yet, I pulled out and presented my dick to Amy's face.

"Suck it."

She sucked, eagerly, not caring that it had been in her sister's cunt moments earlier. I heard her moan in pleasure as she sucked furiously, her cheeks hollowing out every other thrust. Christine moaned too, but at the loss of my meat, and I capitulated, denying Amy further oral gratification and sink back into my favorite home port.

I started to slam it into Christine, and began chanting: "Come for us!" over and over again. This was my stupid way of including her sister in our little fuck-fest.

It took me a moment before I realized that Amy's chin was now resting on Christine's belly, inches from her pubic hair, watching intently as we fucked.

"Come for us!" I said again and again, until she did, sweating and quivering uncontrollably Christine flattened out on the bed; her body was undergoing random spasms as she squealed and her body suddenly tightened, her vaginal muscles clasped at my cock and her orgasm smashed into her.

"Jesus Christ!" Amy swore, astonished at the magnitude of her sister's climax.

I pulled out and started lashing away at her extremely sensitive clit with my tongue. That brought on another climax almost as fierce as the first, causing my wife to claw at her hair while her legs rotated in the air above her sisters head as she thrashed about in ecstasy.

A stream of incoherent babble flowed from her mouth. Then Christine lay almost comatose on the bed.

Amy wasted precious seconds before mounting my mid-section and filling her hole with my cock.

"Are you gonna cum?" she asked. There was a pitiful look on her face as she bounced up and down on me.

My cock was buzzing, but I had staying power, thanks to the Viagra. "Not for a while yet. I'm thinking of things to try with the two of you." Amy was frigging her clit as my cock savaged her pussy, trying to hurry her orgasm.

"Really? You can think at a time like this?" Amy said, not believing a word.

"Fuck harder," I said sternly, just to see what she would do.

"Yeah, sure..." she replied and did, and one of her breasts slapped me so hard in the face that I immediately regretted telling her to do it.

Well not really. She was getting the both of us off. I mean, the truth of the matter was that I wasn't doing much. My job was to remain rock hard and let Amy do the work. She certainly appeared capable of that function.

Christine was sitting cross legged, watching us. Her hand was between her legs, I took a wild guess as to what it was doing there and then rejoined the fuck in progress with Amy. I took charge, changing the angle of my dick with her downward plunging. The effect was immediate on Amy.

"Whoa!" she bellowed. "Again! Please do that again!"

I did it again and she started to come.

I rolled her onto her back, raised her legs and gave her the All American slam.

That seemed to finish the job. Amy started jerking and shaking like a demon had taken possession of her soul. But to everyone's relief it was only her body reacting to a tumultuous orgasm.

"Christine," I gasped, "I want to fuck you again."

"Goody-goody! How do you want me?"

"Lie down, right here, on top of Amy, and I'll fuck you doggy." I pulled out of Amy and scooted back, giving her room.

Christine was laughing like a loon. "On top of her?"

"Yeah, you can do it. See how her legs are spread a little? Straddle her hips, and I should be able to fuck both of you."

"Oh yeah, I see it now."

Amy moaned, "hey, what the fuck?"

"Exactly," I said, causing untold confusion all around.

"Wow, Lucas, I would never have thought of that, "my wife said, and my chest puffed out in pride at my genius.

Christine came down and swung her leg over, settling down on top of her sister. They lay belly to belly. There was some jostling as they got comfortable. I ran my hand between their legs, feeling how their pussies were only inches away from each other. S

cooting in and lining up, I pressed my very hard cock into Christine.

"Oh... welcome home, baby!" she croaked then fell forward onto Amy's body, breast to breast, mouth to mouth.

Amy reached around Christine and hugged her as I gave Christine's pussy a nice solid doggy-style fuck. Feeling in no hurry, I fucked her for a minute, delighting in her hot, wet, and surprisingly tight pussy. Then I pulled back, let my cock slip down a couple inches, and slid right into Amy's saturated cunt.

Several strokes later I realized the girls were kissing one another. I kept pounding away until Amy's pussy contracted and she started coming again. I switched pussies, ramming my dick back into Christine and fucking as hard as I could for a full minute.

It nearly killed me. I stopped. Christine begged me to, "Stay in me. Please... just stay there a little longer."

I obliged her.

"Want me to put a finger up your ass?' Amy inquired, so discreetly that it took me a few seconds to realize just what she had said.

"I might come from it... yeah, do it," I heard my wife reply.

I felt Amy shift. Felt Christine jerk from her sister's thumb as it entered her rectum, and was sufficiently motivated to renew my humping.

I didn't manage to fuck her as fast as I wanted to. For me at the time that was impossible. But I gave my all and thank God it was good enough. Christine screamed her climax into her sister's neck and thrusting wildly, I emptied my sacs into her vagina and then some. The rush overwhelmed me, and when I came to my senses both women were showering kisses on me.

Then Amy had her tongue in my left ear and Christine was licking my balls.

"I think we got every bit of cum out of you," Christine said.

I remember Amy headed toward the shower and Christine trying to suck me hard again just before I slipped off into a stupefying slumber that I maintain was well earned, although both girls claimed the next morning that I had short-changed them.

"So eat each other," I moaned and pulled the pillow over my head.

To my great surprise, they did exactly that.

But that's another story.

The end

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