tagLesbian SexThe Story of Two Sluts

The Story of Two Sluts


Stacy and Jen had been best friends all throughout high school. They had discovered that they were both extremely sexual girls, and they were seemingly horny all the time. They used to sleep over each other's houses all the time, and often they would masturbate together while discussing certain boys at school or their favorite male actors. It was all quite innocent until something happened that would change their lives forever.

One night, when they were eighteen, they were having one of their usual sleepovers at Stacy's house. Stacy's parents had gone out for a night of dinner and dancing, so the girls were home alone. They decided to look through Stacy's mom's closet to find some shoes to try on. Inside they saw a rather large box, and thinking there might be shoes in there they pulled it out.

When they opened the box they found not shoes, but a veritable treasure chest of porn paraphernalia. There was enough merchandise in the box to open up a small porn shop. Since the two girls were always horny anyway, this was like finding the Holy Grail. They started rummaging through the box with excitement. There were boxes and boxes of movies with covers featuring the dirtiest acts they had ever seen. Up to this point the only exposure to porn the girls had had were a few soft-core cable movies. But these movies had titles like "Cum Slurping Sluts," "Ass Stretching Whores," "Gangbang Bitches," and "Filthy Throat Gaggers."

"Oh my God, Stace!" Jen exclaimed. "Your parents are perverts!"

"It sure looks like they are," said Stacy. "I can't believe I never knew. But I'll tell you one thing... these box covers are making me horny as hell!"

There were pictures on the porno boxes women getting fucked up the ass; women with their faces and tits covered in huge sticky loads of cum; women deepthroating giant cocks with long strands of drool dripping of their chins; women taking cocks in all three holes at once. Without even realizing it, Stacy and Jen started absent-mindedly rubbing their pussies through their pants while they were looking at all the movies.

"We have GOT to put one of these on!" said Stacy.

"Uh, FUCK yeah," said Jen.

They chose a movie called "Anal Creampie Addicts" and popped it into the VCR. As the movie started they looked through more of the things in the box. There were dozens of dildos and vibrators and beads, all of varying shapes and sizes. Although the two girls had never seen any of these things before, it was pretty easy looking at their shapes to figure out what they were. They came across some buttplugs and were baffled.

"What do you think those are?" asked Jen.

"I don't know," said Stacy. "I mean, they're obviously sex toys, but they don't look like the rest of them."

Meanwhile, the movie on the TV was showing two girls getting gangbanged by about twelve guys. These women were getting used like a couple of fuck toys, passed around from guy to guy, and they were clearly loving it. Stacy and Jen sat on the couch and gave the movie their full attention. "That is a LOT of cocks!" said Jen as she slipped her hand down her pants and into her panties. It was not uncommon for them to masturbate together; neither of the girls ever hesitated to finger her pussy if the mood struck them. And this porno was doing the job.

Now the two women in the movie were on their hands and knees next to each other and all the guys were lined up to fuck their asses. One by one the guys would walk up, shove their huge cocks up the girls' asses without any resistance, and pound away for a couple of minutes. All the while the women were screaming about how much they loved cocks up their asses and begging the guys to fuck their shitholes harder. Each time a guy was done his turn in one of the girls' asses, he'd pull out, walk around to the front, and shove his dick into the opposite girl's mouth. The girls were sucking and licking each other's asses juices off of every single cock.

"Wow," said Jen. "That is so fuckin' nasty!"

"I know," said Stacy. "And it's just about the hottest thing I have ever seen!"

"I agree! I gotta fuck myself so bad here. Whaddya say we try out some of your parents' toys?"

"No way! What if they find out?"

"They won't find out. We'll wash them off when we're done and we'll put them back exactly where we found them."

Stacy didn't need much persuading, since her pussy was already soaking wet. They each went to the box and grabbed a couple of dildos and vibrators. Then they stripped down and sat back down on the couch right next to each other. Now the movie was showing the two women with their faces pressed against the floor and their asses up in the air. They were holding their ass cheeks wide open with both hands, and their assholes were gaping like crazy. You could see right into them. Then the guys started walking up to the women one by one and jerking their cocks off into their asses. Each guy would stand next to a gaping asshole and blast his jizz right inside it. When the last guy had finally cum, the two women got into a 69 position. They began to lick and suck all of the cum out of each other's oozing assholes.

This was the sloppiest, filthiest, nastiest thing that Stacy and Jen had ever seen. They each came several times while watching the movie, and by the time it was over they were dripping with sweat and pussy juice.

Over the next few months Jen slept over Stacy's house almost every weekend. As soon as Stacy's parents would leave, they would break out the porn box and watch another movie. The nastier it was the more they enjoyed it. Eventually they saw a movie where the women in it were using buttplugs, and they knew they had to try them for themselves. They both started with the smallest ones, but after weeks of practice they were able to get the medium to above-average sized ones up their assholes. They loved having their asses filled so much that the first thing they always did when getting ready to watch some porn was shove a buttplug up there.

Stacy and Jen also discovered a giant double-headed dildo in the box, and loved to ride it together while watching some porn. Sometimes they would lie on their backs and they would each insert one end of the big toy up their cunt. Then they would slowly move towards each other until their pussy lips were touching and they were completely impaled on the huge rubber dong. That way they could fuck it while at the same time rubbing their clits together. Later on, after they had gotten used to having things up their asses, they would often get on their hands and knees with their butts facing each other. Then they would each shove an end up their tight poop chute and slam their butts together, with the sound of ass flesh slapping ass flesh filling the house.

By the time Stacy and Jen were ready for college, they realized they were just as nasty as any woman they had seen in those porno movies. In fact, their goal in life was to become nastier than those porn stars. After taking showers and cleaning themselves out with an enema, the girls loved to do anal play. They would constantly dare each other to shove more bizarre things up their ass. One of their favorite games to play was to stick all kinds of vegetables from the fridge up their ass, and after they were done orgasming they would use the same vegetables to make salad. They loved the fact that they were so nasty they would actually eat a salad made with food that was covered in their ass juice.

Of course, there was only so much two girls could do with each other. When they went off to college, they decided they would become the nastiest, filthiest sex sluts that anyone had ever met. Stay tuned for some more of their adventures.

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