tagGay MaleThe Story of Us

The Story of Us


The day of The Dance finally came. Actually, come to think of it, it was not a dance at all! It was just a huge party that was held annually at one of the mansions in the neighborhood and everyone was invited to it. Nobody knows when the exact date of The Dance was. Hell, none of us knew who the organizers were because the mansion where The Dance was held had no records of any owners, dead or alive. The mansion stayed empty throughout the year, except for one night, the night everyone looked forward to. Whoever the organizers were, they threw a heck of a party because it would be, without a doubt, the most talked about party before the next one, hence, the name. All of us would only know about The Dance the day before, when posters of it would be plastered everywhere around the neighborhood with the details of The Dance emblazoned on its' black background. This year The Dance had the theme of a Costume Masquerade set out. And that was where the problem laid.

I had been thinking of coming up with a decent outfit with the clothes I already had, but everything that I matched together was just not good enough. I could buy a costume, I had seen an amazing Knight costume at the store, but I was saving up for university. I worked as both a barista at Starbucks and a roofer. Ever since my parents split up, I had been living independently in my own apartment. I sighed. I guessed it was just fate that I would give this year's a miss.

I walked into the bathroom and stripped my clothes off my body before stuffing them into the laundry basket. I stood in the shower, turned on the tap and there was a loud gushing noise as a torrent of warm water rained down on me from the shower head. The torrent cascaded down my body and I could feel each and every water droplet race down my torso, taking away all the tension as well as stress in my muscles, leaving nothing but comfort. I stood under the shower for awhile and let the warmth of the water seep into my skin. When I figured I was warm enough, I stepped out and towelled myself dry.

I entered my room in a cloud of steam and put on a pair of black Calvin Klein boxers. Clad in my boxers, I took out a bottle of absinthe from the mini fridge in my room and I could feel my eyes widen in delight as I feasted my eyes on the emerald green liquid. I walked back to my desk and pulled open a drawer. Nestled in the deep soft folds of black velvet was a single flute glass as well as a slotted spoon that had a dragon motif cut out through the centre of it. I took both of them out and placed them on the desk. I reached deeper into the drawer and took out a small sachet of sugar cubes that had been soaked in absinthe for eight weeks earlier. With all the materials I needed, I was ready for the ritual.

Some called it a gimmick, but it worked fine for me. I closed my eyes and centred my breathing, slowing it down to the steady regular beat of my heart to form a harmonious melody. I siphoned my mind of any thoughts, clearing any unwanted stray thoughts, leaving behind a black void of nothing. I opened my eyes, ready. I did everything slowly and patiently, not rushing into it. I wanted the ritual to calm me and centre my inner being. I unscrewed the bottle of absinthe and measured a shot of it into the flute glass, watching the green liquid swirl in the flute glass. I placed the slotted spoon on the rim of the flute glass and placed a single soaked sugar cube on it. I stroke a match, brought it close to the sugar cube and watched it catch fire instantly. Calmly, I dropped the sugar cube into the flute glass and the alcohol in the absinthe shot caught on fire. Tongues of green flames leapt up from the flute glass as the alcohol burnt brilliantly. I kept my breathing slow and steady as I waited for all the alcohol to burn, watching the dancing emerald flames. When the tongues of emerald flames were extinguished, I took the slotted spoon off the rim and swirled the flute glass thrice. I brought the flute glass to my lips and took a sip. I closed my eyes.

I rolled my tongue all over the sip, tasting the Holy Trinity as they sang angelically on my taste buds. They serenaded with delight and my heart sang out with pride as minute explosions of flavors exploded onto my tongue, tasting grande wormwood, green anise and florence fennel. I swallowed the fiery concoction and I could feel it leave behind a trail of blazing white fire on my throat as it slid down. I opened my eyes. Now, that was good absinthe. And that was when it hit me. I knew what to wear for The Dance. It may not be the best outfit out there, but it was a showstopper, at least I hope it to be.

I put on a tight fitting black shirt and slipped into a pair of black running tights that ended just before my knees. I laced up a pair of white Nike sneakers and pulled on a pair of black fingerless leather gloves. Finally, I put on a black Venetian masquerade eye mask before appraising my twenty-two year old reflection in the mirror. I was quite pleased with the end result.

The tight fitting black shirt I had on was able to capture the amazing body I had underneath as the soft black fabric subtly defined the contours of each and every one of my abdominal muscles, bringing a smile onto my lips. Not being egoistic or anything, but I was proud of my body, it was all natural, not a result of something pharmaceutical, unlike some of the gym rats I knew. The black running tights I wore hugged my legs like a second skin as they showcased my calves in honor, they were my pride and joy. My silky smooth chocolate brown hair, like warm hot cocoa frozen in time, was neatly spiked up on the crown of my head. I was blessed with alabaster white skin that had neither a hint nor a speck of imperfection, making me look, as my friends described, like I had been a marble statue in Greece that had been brought to life by the hands of a skilled artist. I have a Greek nose, perfectly straight with no curves or hook like shape, and I guessed that enhanced the descriptions my friends gave me. The mask hid the fine outlines of my cheekbones but it did place a much bigger emphasis on my angular jaw. I guess the only thing that gave my identity away were my eyes. I have mismatched eyes as a result of a rare birth defect, yellow on the left and gold on the right. Growing up had been a wild ride for me.

I was bullied in school for my sexuality and my eyes. I remembered when I was young, especially in my teens, I used to be ashamed of my eyes because I was teased about it in school. Weirdo, alien, freak, those few words continuously echoed in my mind, haunting my sleeps as I was bombarded by them every day. I remembered wearing sunglasses to school, hiding my eyes from the world, yet I was still taunted about it. As time passed, I learned to embrace them, shedding my sunglasses and boasted them to the world. It gave me a sense of individuality and made me feel unique. As for my sexuality, I remembered being labelled "Queer" in school, being bullied in more ways than one to the point that I even contemplated suicide. But then, I thought to myself, if I did just that, I would let them win and I refused to bow down to them. So, I chose to ignore them, putting on an expressionless face when they insulted me, being stoic to their tease. And you know what? It stopped. I took all of it, my strengths, my weaknesses, my sexuality, everything into my stride and accepted them because they made me who I am today. I learnt that it was these small imperfections that make people different and beautiful in their own way.

I finished the rest of my drink and I could feel my insides burn as the rocket fuel ignited my body, keeping my body warm. Satisfied with my outfit, I left my apartment without a backward glance and made my way towards the mansion. I was the only person out on the streets at night. I guessed I was one of the late ones, but who cares? When it came to partying, time ceased to exist. I calmly walked towards the mansion, enjoying the winter night time scenery with nothing but the heat of the absinthe keeping me warm. Before I knew it, I reached the mansion and could hear Rihanna's "Where Have You Been" blasting out of speakers as splashes of neon lights as well as strobe lights illuminated out of the mansion's windows. I made my way into the mansion and headed straight for the open bar, pushing through dancing sweaty bodies, as they jumped to the next fist-pumping up-beat techno music.


"Watch it, ass!"

"Dude, what the fuck?" Those were the kind of eruptions I heard behind me as I shoved my way through the throbbing mass of flesh but I did not care. I was just a nonentity in the dark fabric of time. I finally reached the open bar and saw the bartender looking at me as he took in my outfit. He was garbed in a black hooded robe and was wearing a skull mask as he held onto a fake bloodstained scythe. I smiled at the thought of looking Death in the eye.

"Not bad. What'll you have?" he drawled in a thick Southern accent. Unfortunately, the open bar did not serve absinthe for that year because of its' high alcoholic content and made people pass out too early last year, destroying the fun of The Dance. Disappointed, I decided to order the Seven Deadly Sins and did not regret it.

It was chocolate served seven different ways, it could not get any better than that, now, could it? It was chocolate liquor served in a glass made out of Belgian dark chocolate and it came with a straw of the same make as well as a Swiss milk chocolate mousse swirl floating on the liquor. It was garnished with a drizzle of homemade dark chocolate ganache, a thick blanket of chocolate powder and a rain of Swiss milk chocolate bits. I took a sip and it was as though I had been lifted off my seat before being whisked away to Heaven. The drink was simply the epitome of decadence. I worked my way through it slowly, letting each piece of chocolate interact with one another as I committed the Heavenly sinful treat to my memory, savoring every bite and crumble as I licked the plate clean. It was every chocoholic's dream and I enjoyed every moment of it.

I turned my back towards the bar and looked onto the dance floor, eyeing for a treat as I felt the aphrodisiac working its magic, spiking my blood as well as my inner being with testosterone. I could feel the pain in my groin build up as I felt my erect cock grow hard, forming an obvious bulge in my black running tights. I needed a steal, I figured, something that would make me remember the night.

"Enchante," a voice called out to me. I turned to my right and realized I was so caught up in finding a treat that I had not seen one slide up to me. He was wearing a soft black turtleneck that subtly hinted at the body he had underneath and a pair of black baggy jeans that managed to delicately outline his muscular legs. He was wearing a pair of black leather gloves as well as a pair of black combat boots. I would have been able to see his face if he was not wearing a black ski mask and where his eyes were, sat a pair of black mirrored wraparound sunglasses, masking him in a shroud of anonymity that exuded an immense amount of power as he analyzed me, taking in every single detail as he committed them to memory. Somehow, his entire being stirred something within me and I could feel my tights growing tighter at certain areas. I squirmed around, trying to hide my cock that was increasingly getting harder and forming a huge bulge, but it was no use, the bulge was way too apparent. I could not help it.

He was my darkest fantasy realized, one that prowled my sleepless nights when I would stroke my own cock to it. I could hear his light regular breathing, a stark contrast to mine that was hard and rapid at the close proximity between us. I gasped sharply when he grabbed my bulge and massaged it sensually with a black leather gloved hand as he leaned in close to my ear.

"Do you need a hand?" he asked and I could almost hear the smile in his voice.

"Yes," I gasped out hungrily. He took me by the wrist, firmly but softly, and I felt my skin buzz with electricity at the feel of his black leather gloved hand on my skin. He led me deeper into the mansion, bringing me through the labyrinth of corridors. Doors leading to endless rooms past us as the music of the party slowly ebbed away before totally disappearing, leaving us in silence except for the sound of our breathing.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked. He stopped before a door and turned to look at me. I tried to decipher the eyes behind those black mirrored wraparound sunglasses but all I got was my reflections staring back at me.

"Hell," he replied. I opened my mouth to reply but he grabbed my arms and we burst through the door. He threw me onto the bed roughly and kicked the door closed behind him. We peeled off each others' clothes off but he left me in my black Calvin Klein boxers only. I left him in his black Armani boxers and kept his ski mask as well as his black leather gloves on him. Damn it, he was beautiful. He had skin the color of warm caramel and it was so flawless that it put mine to shame as it glistened with his natural oils. He had large pectoral muscles on his chest, but it was really his abdominal muscles that stole the show, they were beautifully cut and majestically ripped as they gleamed in the moonlight. He had huge arm muscles the size of baseballs, flaunting the immense power he had in them. He had magnificent leg muscles that looked so succulent as they rippled gracefully with every move he made, surely he was the envy of every guy and the yearn of every woman. Tonight, my fantasy would be truly realized.

He held my hips down onto the bed and slipped the black Calvin Klein boxers off my legs, letting the smooth cotton play across my skin as my body rocked with lust. He released my cock like a wild animal from its' cage and it stood in the pristine white moonlight that filtered through the window, all eight inches erected proudly before him as he rolled up his ski mask, just enough to reveal the soft tender full lips that he had been hiding underneath, as though he had been anticipating that very moment. Without any hesitation, he leaned in, his soft tender lips, that looked so luscious in the moonlight, parting. The next thing I knew, I was lost in hot wetness and suction.

Better than any weed I smoked, better than any of my regular fucks, or jacking off sessions with my friends, for that matter, his oral abilities were absolutely amazing! I could feel thin rivulets of my own precum slide down the length of my shaft only to be licked by the soft mass that was his tongue. He wrapped his tongue around my shaft slowly, letting the soft caress of his tongue and the skin of my cock merge into a single being that made me moan with desire repeatedly. He pressed the tip of my cock onto his tongue and it sent endless waves of passion down the length of my spine as it sent lecherous pulses to every point in my body. My God, that was amazing!

I felt my eyes rolled up in sheer ecstasy as I felt every pulse hit every erogenous points within me. He returned to my cock, slowly sliding himself in and out of me as he sucked eagerly, making me harder than I ever was before. I gasped at the pain but it only fuelled him further, his speed growing faster and faster. I felt it building up within me, a warm sensation that slowly spread through my body, like a dragon slowly unfurling its' wings in all of its' majestic glory. "I'm about..." I panted, and still he went faster. I exploded into him, hot spurts of my white hot precious cum entered his throat. "Mmmm..." he sighed as he licked all of it up.

He slid out with a slurp and crawled onto me as I panted from my explosive release. I draped my arms around his neck and he held my arms down onto the bed as we leaned close to each other, our lips inches away. Suddenly, I felt a warm spray all over my face, jarring me out of the moment. I thought he had swallowed my cum, but he had only collected it in his mouth and had sprayed it all over me. He leaned down into my face and I moaned with pleasure as I felt him trail his swift tongue along my entire face, licking up all of my cum again as he slobbered all over me, setting my whole face ablaze wherever his tongue touched.

I felt his soft tender lips sucking on the skin of my neck and I sighed with concupiscence as my body spasmed in his strong arms. I pulled him off my neck, peeling him away from my neck as he flicked out his tongue hungrily at me. I planted a huge kiss on his lips and we danced in each others' mouth. I chased him in his own mouth, touching every crevice and fissure with my tongue, making sure that I left my mark in his mouth as I explored the foreign land before me. He tasted heavenly, of my own cum, and what a deliciously sweet erotic flavor it was! It fuelled our salacious drive as we carried on. He managed to gracefully evade my capture multiple times. I pushed his head deeper into me and slipped my tongue into his throat, letting the tip touch the back of it before sliding down into it. He gagged slightly and it gave him newfound energy to conquer me. He slowly wrapped my tongue with his and I moaned into him as he sucked on me earnestly. We parted and I saw that his lips were swollen, as was mine.

"Fuck me," I told him greedily. "Fuck me senseless, please," I begged him. He grabbed a fistful of my hair in his black leather gloved hand and I winced.

"When I'm done with you, you won't be able to walk, asswipe," he snarled in a husky whisper. I gulped. I have to admit, that was frightening. He flipped me onto my stomach, exposing my ass towards him. He slapped them and I felt pinpricks of pain explode onto my skin from the sting as they turned a bright scarlet.

"Nice ass, kid," he told me, but all I managed to reply was a moan. He slapped my cheeks repeatedly, going harder and faster with every slap he landed on me, turning my moans of pain into ones that were of joy. My cheeks stung and I could feel them vibrate after the torment, but I did not care. Suddenly, I felt a soft mass probing my hole and I sighed into the sheets as he excavated every nook and cranny within me with his tongue. I felt him spread my cheeks wide as he drove deeper into me and I pushed my butt into him. His long tongue touched my special spot and I kicked my heels with euphoria as I let a long moan escape my lips. He landed another blow to my cheeks, the hardest one yet, and I cried out in anguish as he rubbed them sensually with his black leather gloved hands, soothing me.

"Yeah, nice and sweet, just how I like them to be," he told me. He reached under me and brought out my hard cock. It was then did I realize he had taken off his black leather gloves. I could feel it throb with the thirst of an orgasm in his fingertips and I knew he had noticed it too.

"Look at that sucker go!" he purred and he began stroking me sensuously, letting the silky soft cool skin of his fingertips unite with the skin of my cock to form a whole new entity that made me sigh as I kicked my heels, an attempt to quench that lewd thirst, to sate that lascivious appetite. He gradually increased his pace and before long, I knew both my cock as well as his hand was gleaming with my precum as I heard the squeak of his rhythm against it. I felt the familiar sentient build up within me, feeling the dragon slowly unfurl its' wings in all of its' majestic glory within me as the warm sensation spread through my entire system. I found myself sliding myself in and out of his grasp and I realized how badly I wanted it, how badly I wanted him.

"Ahh..." I let out as I felt hot spurts of my own cum shoot out of my system and onto the sheets. Just as relief washed over me, I felt an agonizing explosion of indescribable pain burst out within me as he shoved an entire fist into my hole. I let out a scream of agony and it was quickly stifled by a clamp of his glossy hand over my mouth.

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