tagHumor & SatireThe Strangest, Worst, and Best... Ch. 01

The Strangest, Worst, and Best... Ch. 01


The Strangest, Worst, and Best, Halloween I've Ever Had

PART I ~The Initial Shock

Have you ever had one of those nights when you went to a party and had such a great time that you remembered only the highlights? Well, that's the way Halloween 1998 went for me.

My fiancé and I handed out candy 'til around 9:00 pm. It was a big evening we had about 100 or so trick or treaters that night. We gulped down a pizza between doorbells and started to try and get ourselves dressed. We had been invited to a costume party. And we were going to be leaving home for the party around 9:00.

After an hours drive to the home of our parties host, we parked on the curb and started up the walk. We had to go through a graveyard of tombstones, zombies and ghouls to arrive at the front door. We knew that this night was sure to be unforgettable, at least that is what the invitation lent us to believe. Have you ever been invited to a clothing-optional Halloween costume party? Us either. We were interested to get inside and see this curious event for ourselves.

Ushered in the front door, we were immediately given the grand tour of the house, top to bottom. We knew that the colleagues throwing the party were professed Pagans, whatever that is...we thought! Well, we were soon to find out. As we entered their bedroom, it was full of black and blood-maroon crushed velvet and satin. There were animal skins for bedside rugs, and the bed itself was of black iron with a pentagram in the center of its headboard. There were ceremonial knives and pewter candleholders in the shapes of skulls on each of the bedside tables. There were pictures of maidens with black leather and red lips adorning the walls. With dungeons and priestess and wolves of pure white.

Hanging above the bed was a black iron chandelier, one that held real candles, from which wax had clearly been dripped...no doubt on the nightly occupants of the bed. From the four iron posts of the bed hung many things of interest. Chains, whips, collars of spikes and leashes. And from the other an empty Dom's mask with a zipper flap for a naughty smile stared deeply into my soul. Who are these people I thought to myself...and how did I end up here, in this their crazy lair?

After the tour we were escorted out the back door, bypassing the hot tub and heading for a roaring fire. There were at least 30 other people standing in a circle around a concrete fire pit made into the ground. It made my mind wonder what other rituals took place out here when it wasn't being used for just a friendly Halloween party.

At that very moment when we were left to mingle with the other guests as our hosts went back to greet more new comers—my fiancé and I looked at each other...

"Time to start drinking?" My guy asked.

"OH...HELL YES!" I quickly replied.

It was colder than normal for Halloween that year. It was only about 48 degrees or so outside and quite breezy. My tiny skirted, V-cut to my belly button Spiderella costume and fishnet and black satin hose didn't do much to block the wind. Hubby had gone as a gangster, white hat and tie included.

We stood there watching all these weird people mingling and talking, we knew only the couple who had hosted the party—not a single other soul there. As the breeze blew up my tiny skirt and hit my g-stringed ass—my hand lifted my bottle to my head. I was so cold I was pounding down those little bottles of white zinfandel. I drank at least 8 with in an hour.

Finally I needed to pee and we needed to get more alcohol from the car...so we slide back through the house making a pit stop at the restroom. As we were walking out to retrieve our booze I asked my fiancé if he had seen what the girl standing next to him had been wearing...

"No. Wasn't paying attention to her even though she was trying to strike up a conversation with us." He replied.

"Why? What did she have on?"

"Basically nothing..." I replied. "Unless you count the g-stringed chain male thing that was under the cape. She was standing there with her tits hanging out the entire time we were talking to her! I can't believe you missed it."

"Guess that's what the invitation meant by clothing optional..." He laughed.

"God knows I couldn't be out here in the cold with bare nips hanging out...that's for sure I can hardly stand it in this skimpy little costume." I complained.

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