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The Strip Club


My friend Karin invited me to go out with her and some of her friends on Saturday night. She wanted to go to this new club that everyone heard was good. Of course the girls forgot to mention to me that we were going to an alternative strip club.

When we walked in I quickly realized that I was tricked. I tried to leave, but Karin used her feminine persuasive skills and I agreed to stay for one drink while she was going to get herself a lap dance. After that I was catching a cab home and letting the girls have their fun night out by themselves.

The other girls headed straight to the dance stage to wave dollars at the young stud dancing in a thong. While Karin and I decided to go sit in a booth and get a few drinks. I headed over to the bar and when I returned, Karin is chatting it up with one of the dancers. I slid in next to Karin and hand her a drink.

Karin turns to me, pats my thigh and says,"This is Tony," she says, "and he wants to give you a lap dance in the back."

"Me? I thought you wanted a lap dance?"

"I do, but first I want you to get one."

I was confused and tongue tied. "But I don't ...."

Karin quickly cut me off saying, "Oh come on, it'll be fun. You'll get a kick out of it. It's not like anyone else is going to know about it. Do it for me, baby. It'll be our little secret."

"Your friends will know"

"Nooo.. they'll think I'm getting one. We'll go back together. Come on let's go. Bring your drink."

Karin stands up and pulls my hand and leads the way.

I tried to think of some excuse but nothing came to me. So all three of us head into the back rooms behind the stage. We walk by Karin's group of friends and they all smile and giggle as we walk by. I hear one of them say, "She really got him to do it?" My face turns flush red when I realize that they had all probably talked about this before hand.

We walk back down the hallway to a little side room with a padded bench in the back and take our seats. Karin and I both sit down while Tony goes to put on some music.

I nervously sip my drink and look at Karin, whose giddy with excitement. The music comes on and Tony starts doing his thing. First off is his tshirt, then his little shorts and before I know it, he's gyrating his hips in front of me wearing only a red thong.

Despite my reservations, or maybe because of them, I feel myself getting aroused. I'm confused, and a little bit unnerved by the experience, but Karin seems to be in high heaven. To me, it just seemed wrong, but that's kinda what I found arousing about the situation.

"Mmmm.... that's hot Joey. I knew you'd do it for me. Go ahead grab his ass."

I didn't know what to do, so I just listened to Karin. My hands cupped his ass and he slowly danced his crotch up to my face. I was flushed with fever at this point. My dick was rock hard by now and straining at my pants. My breath was short and I was feeling flushed with sweat.

Arousal was in Karin's voice as she told Tony that I was a closet bisexual and that this was my first time with a guy. Tony's eyes lit up. I think that fact turned him on immensely. He went from just dancing for a few dollars to being totally into it. Karin's hand was up her mini skirt, teasing herself.

Tony's gyrations were becoming more erotic by the minute. He had the idea that he was going to try and pop my cherry this evening and he was going to enjoy every minute of it. His clothed cock was being pressed against my chest as he moved to the music. The thong barely covered his package and every now and then, I'd' catch a peek.

With her free hand, Karin was rubbing the back of my head, massaging her fingers through my hair. She looked down and saw that I was totally hard, "Oh... somebody likes this. I knew you would, you're so easy to read."

Tony started to move his crotch up closer to my face. He was standing on the bench towering over me with his thong dancing inches from my face. Karin's hand pushed my head forward, while Tony moved his hips closer and soon my face was pressed against this thong.

Karin was moaning to herself as she pressed my face into his covered cock. I was totally stunned and out of my element, but I slowly opened my mouth and felt Tony press in harder to my face. At this point I was all flushed and nervous and turned on. I opened my mouth more and stuck out my tongue while he swayed his hips back and forth and my tongue licked his thong.

"That's it baby, do it for me...." Karin repositioned herself and started to rub on my cock through my pants. Precum had stained my pants with a big wet spot and Karin was eagerly massaging more out every second.

By this point I had lost all my inhibitions. I pulled aside his thong to watch his thick cock bounce out and slap me in the face. It was just what I wanted. I was panting and my mouth was open. I was bobbing my head trying to take his cock into my mouth, but Tony kept teasing me and pulling it away.

He could tell I wanted it bad and he grabbed his cock and pulled it away from my mouth. Instinctively my head leaned forward as if to suck it back to me. Karin laughed. She was right, I was a cock sucker. I tried to deny it for so long, but now with Tonys cock right in front of me I didn't care what any one called me, I just wanted him in my mouth.

Tony held up his cock to his stomach and looked down at me and said, "Say please...."

"Please.... please let me suck your cock." I whispered in heated lust. He pushed his now rock hard cock down to my mouth and I kissed it right on the head. His glistening precum made me lust for more, fortunately he was ready to give it to me. Slowly and seductively, he pushed his hardening cock between my lips.

His taste was incredible and the feeling of a full mouth was driving me crazy. I was bucking my hips into Karin's hands as Tony was fucking my face.

Out of nowhere he started to fuck my face with wild abandoned. I kept my mouth open as his balls slapped against my chin and his trimmed hair pressed into my nose. He thrust deep into my mouth causing me to almost gag, but he pulled out quickly and I caught my breath.

Karin stopped massaging my cock, but kept her hand there. She knew I was close to coming, but I didn't want the feeling to stop. So I kept pushing my hips into her hand while Tony grabbed the back of my head and continued.

"He's a good little cock sucker." He said to Karin.

Karin smiled and replied, "Well he's been sucking on my strap-on for long enough, so I think it's time he had the real thing."

The word strap-on got Tony excited. "Oh, so he likes it in the ass then?"

Karin laughed, "No he doesn't like it, he looooves it. I make him beg for it actually. Don't you, baby."

I replied with moans through a mouthful of cock. Tony pulled himself out and said, "Well maybe we should give him a treat. What do you think Joey, do you want me to really pop your cherry?"

My body was tingling all over with lust and I nodded my head. This suprised me as I this was my first time with a man, yet I wanted to go all the way. Not just sucking, but fucking too. I figured, that if I was going to do this, I wanted it all. I've already passed the herterosexual boundaries, so why not just go all the way. If I was going to be classified as 'gay' I might as well enjoy it all, right?

At this point, everything started to be a blur. Karin's hands moved to my pants and undid my belt while Tony step away and removed his thong.

"Get on your knees, Joey. I want to see you get fucked. I know you want it. I can see it in your eyes. Tonight I'm going to make you my little gay boy toy and I'm going to love every minute of it."

My pants were pulled down and I turned around on the bench. Kneeling on the ground with my ass in the air, I felt Karin massaging my ass cheeks. Tony got behind me and I turned to see Karin slobbering spit all over his cock, getting it nice and lubed up for me. Even through my fog of lust, I could appreciate this act of kindness, because Karin never really did like sucking cock. Then she spit on my asshole and Tony started to rub his cock up and down my crack.

"This is too hot," Karin said, "I need to get some pictures." She pulled out her phone and steps back to take some shots. "Look at the camera and say cheese." I turn my head around at the exact moment she flashed a shot of me on my knees, pants down around my ankles and Tony the stripper getting ready to penetrate my ass.

I was too lost in the moment to care and when Tony started pressing his cock into my asshole, I started pushing my hips back to meet his thrusts. His cock was full thick and I felt him stretching my hole. It hurt at first, but it was a hot sexy type of hurt that I loved.

Karin was egging us both on, "Look at you, Joey... you're suck a faggy slut. Push back into him, you know you want it deeper."

"I do... I want it so bad..... fuck me. Fuck me hard." I was so turned on. I totally forgot about this being gay sex. For me it was just hot and dirty and I wanted more. Precum was leaking out of me as he massaged my prostate. His thrusts started getting more intense. I could sense that he was on the verge, when I thought he was going to come, he pulled out and told me to turn around.

Like a little cum slut, I obeyed and found myself kneeling down in front of him while he stroked his cock. I looked over at Karin and she was now taking a video of the whole scene. I didn't think about who she was going to show this to or what she was going to do with it. I really didn't care at that moment, I only wanted Tony's cum in face.

My hands were on his hips and ass as he let loose a torrent of cum all over my face. The first gush shot in my open mouth, but then he kept on shooting cum all over my face. It tasted delicious and my tongue was out licking it off my lips while the rest of it dripped off my face and onto my shirt. Gush after gush shot all over my face and hair and I reveled in the dirtiness of it all.

Karin moved in with her camera, "Smile for the camera! How's that feel, faggy?"

"Incredible.... and delicious." I said between deep breaths as I licked my lips.

"That was so hot, Joey. You got me so freaking wet."

Tony, started to get dressed up and said that this lap dance was on him. With a quick 'thanks' he was out the door.

Karin started to wipe the cum off my face with her fingers and feed it to me. I greedily sucked her fingers cleaning them off. "You realize that now you're gay, right? Like they say, suck one cock and you're a cock sucker for life."

"Whatever... Karin. Let's get out of here. I want to go home and rip your clothes off."

I pulled myself up from my knees and pulled up my pants. Karin handed me my pants and I noticed a huge wet spot on my crotch from my precum. "Karin, I look like I've just been fucked. I can't walk out there. My hair is a mess, my clothes are wrinkled and there's cum on my pants"

"Oh, it'll be fine, no one will notice or even pay attention." I could tell she was lying, but there was nothing I could do. As we headed out, we walked by the table with Karin's girlfriends. Karin told them that we were going to head home and that she'd call them later. They all looked at me as if they knew what happened. I thought I heard Karin say, "I'll send you the pics tomorrow." I realized that I had been set up and I was totally humiliated, but at the same time, I wouldn't have changed a thing about that night.

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