The Student


The girl that showed up was pretty, but all I could think about was comparing her to Linda, and there was no comparison. Unlike Linda, there was no doubt that she was a whore; she fucked Jimmy in front of all of us. She started by tying his hands to the chair, supposedly so he couldn't touch her, but it turned out that it was just part of the act. She wasn't bashful about anything, sticking her nipples in his mouth, going down on him and then mounting him right there in the chair. She did him cowgirl, then pivoted around and did him reverse cowgirl; in both positions we were all in a position to see his cock disappear in her pussy. She fucked him until he came, and then standing on the chair facing us, she bent over and leaned back, putting her pussy and ass right in his face, forcing Jimmy to lick her cum filled pussy. Later after a short break she untied him and laid him on his back where she got him into a 69 and then fucked him again after she got him hard.

Ray had apparently paid for 2 hours with her, when the time was up she said she was leaving and Ray went over and talked to her. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I heard "Everybody?" and then Ray turned and hollered to the room, "Ok guys, she'll suck any cock for a hundred bucks before she leaves." Ray took her arm and headed to the bedroom, I vaguely remembered him coming out and one of the other guys going in before I passed out.

We got Jimmy to his wedding on time, which was all that counted. Whether he ever told his wife about his last night as a single man I have no idea -- some things are better left unsaid. The wedding was great; I danced and flirted with a few single women, but didn't hook up with anyone. Thoughts of Linda kept popping into my mind. With the hour long drive, by the time I got home and got to bed it was well after midnight and I was exhausted.

It was about 11 o'clock the next morning when the phone rang. I was still in bed -- catching up from lost sleep and too much drinking from the last two days. I'd woken horny and had jacked myself off, a Kleenex on the bedside table now smelling of my semen. I didn't even look at the caller ID -- just answered.

"Dr. B?" I immediately recognized Linda's voice on the phone.

"Lin... uh, Brook?" I said, immediately catching and trying to correct myself.

"No, Dr. B, you had it right," she giggled. "This is Linda. Brook only exists at night, she doesn't go to college, and she'll never call this number." There was a lot of important information in those few words; I'd need to think about exactly what they meant.

"Good Morning, Linda. What's up?" I realized in my mind I'd never again be able to see Linda, the sweat-shirted co-ed on the right, two seats back from the front. Never again would I be able to look at Linda in class without seeing Brook, the sexy stripper who'd been lying naked in my lap, who hadn't protested or slapped me away when my hand had found her pantied bottom or naked hip. The thought flashed through my mind, wondering if I'd begun to let my hands wander where she would have stopped me. Ray asked if I'd gotten my hand slapped, for some reason I was glad I hadn't.

"I just wanted to say hello, and thank you again for keeping my secret life that way." My mind wasn't concentrating on her words as she was talking; it had flipped over from thinking about stroking her naked body to our conversation. I almost missed it in retrospect, but suddenly her words popped into my mind. And I thought it was only the other way. She'd said that in response to my saying that I was attracted to her -- which meant that she'd been saying that she was attracted to me. Why hadn't I picked up on it the other night? She hadn't minded when I'd touched her, but yet she was a stickler for not letting others touch her, another clue that just hadn't clicked.

I had no idea what I'd said in our conversation with her on the phone to that point, but suddenly knew what I wanted. "Linda -- have you had lunch?"


"Neither have I. Breakfast either, and I'm hungry. Would you like to get a bite to eat with me?"

"Oh, Dr. B that would be nice, but I've got my daughter and..."

"All the better. Bring her along, we'll go to the park and let her play."

"Really?" It didn't take long to convince her I was serious, and in twenty minutes I was dressed and on my way to her apartment.

I knew the area, her apartment building was far from being upscale, but not the worst I've ever seen by a long shot. I found her apartment, a one bedroom, upstairs. I didn't see anything except the living room and kitchen and the door to the bedroom, but it was enough. A desk took up one corner of the living room, school books filled the well-used bookcase beside. A glance showed everything to be clean and well organized; from what I knew of her life -- it had to be.

Linda's daughter Lori was a living doll. She had her mother's good looks, but had paler skin than her mom. "Are you my mommy's teacher?" She asked when Linda introduced me.

"I was. One of several teachers that she had."

"I'm not sposed to embarrass her 'cause she likes you." I just smiled, even managed to refrain from looking up at Linda.

"That's good because I like your mother also."

"Thank You, Lori. That's quite enough." Linda interrupted, reaching down and putting her hand out for Lori to take. I led the way down the stairs where we debated about taking my car and transferring Lori's car seat to my Acura or taking Linda's well used beater. My Acura won out, and a few minutes later we pulled out of the parking lot. We stopped at a local Submarina for sandwiches, taking them with us to the local park. Lori ate a bit, but she was more interested in the playground than food. Linda and I sat at a table adjacent to the playground equipment where we could keep an eye on her as we ate our sandwiches.

Linda was very pleasant to talk to. I found out that, just as I'd thought, she was 22, about to turn 23. She told me about herself, I told her about me, with occasional interruptions to play with Lori. When we finished our sandwiches we both went over to the playground and played with her; pushing her on the swing, playing teeter totter, spinning her on the merry-go-round. Linda and I talked freely and easily, as if we were lifelong friends rather than friends that had just met, or more importantly, that we were student/teacher. When Linda said it was time to take Lori home for her nap, I asked if she'd like to come over to my house for a while.

"I don't know..."

"It'll be okay," I assured her," we can put her down in the guest bedroom." She waffled a bit, but finally agreed and moments later we were in the car on the way home. Lori was more than ready for a nap; she fell asleep on the barely ten minute car ride to my home.

My mind was not on the ride home, but rather on what was going to happen when we got there. I couldn't believe what was happening, that I was in the process of seducing one of my students. There had definitely been some mutual attraction going on with everything we'd done. And, if there was any reciprocation from her at all -- I was soon going to be kissing this beautiful creature beside me at the very least. I didn't know what would happen, but I knew if nothing else, I wanted to see her again.

I picked Lori out of her car seat where she immediately cuddled into my shoulder as I carried her into the house. I directed Linda to the guest bedroom where we put Lori onto the bed and backed out, closing the door.

"She'll sleep about two hours. I need to get her up by then or she won't want to go down tonight."

"That's pretty typical, sounds like my sisters youngest." I really didn't want to talk about my sisters kids, so changed the subject. "Let me show you the house."

I stepped back to the living room, where I showed her the combined living room and family room, where my own desk - replete with papers and grade books, resided. I let her look out the sliding door to the small back yard with the wooden deck and spa, and pointed out the kitchen and pantry, before moving back down the hall to end at the master bedroom and adjoining second bathroom.

I stopped in the hallway outside the master bedroom waiting for Linda to come back out. When she did, I reached out to take her hand, and she looked up at me. It was one of those magic moments, when you know you're going to kiss. I bent to kiss her, her eyes closed and mouth tilted up just as I got there.

It was just a sweet kiss to start, I didn't hold it for long, but her hand went behind my head and returned it fervently. I pulled away. "So is what Lori said true, that you like me?" I teased, my voice uncharacteristically gruff, my body responding to the woman in my arms. There was no need to answer, nor did she.

The sweet first kiss of a moment before this time was hot and passionate. Hands weren't going behind my head, they were stroking my body. My hands for the first time found her breasts, a moan of approval emanated from her mouth as they did. Her hands were pulling at my shirt, mine at hers. Unspoken, in mutual agreement, we were going to bed also.

We shed our clothes between the door and the bed. A shoe here, a shirt there; pants followed by bras and panties and underwear. By the time I laid her back onto the bed, she was more naked than she'd been in the strip bar -- she didn't have her shoes on.

We didn't need any foreplay, that first time was pure passion. I grabbed a condom from the bedside table; it fell out when I tore open the foil. She took it and began unrolling it onto my cock while I slipped a finger between her pussy lips; she was already wet and waiting. "I don't need that," she moaned, "Just fuck me." And I did.

We started in a missionary position, Linda's hand guiding me into her most intimate spot, her hand staying to rub her clit as I stroked in and out. Having jacked off just a few hours before, the pressure was off and even though I was fucking my co-ed dream girl, her legs wrapped around me forcing me into her pussy. I wasn't going to come fast, but she was, her body squeezing and convulsing around my cock as she came.

Just because she came didn't mean she was done however. If anything, she was that much ready for more. She rocked to one side to roll us over, so we did. I stayed inside her, she showed her limberness by bending her legs up underneath. "Oh god, I wanted your hands on me so bad last night," she said as I fondled her breasts from the Cowgirl position. "I've wanted you all semester. I've wanted to fuck you ever since I walked into your class."

"Oh God Linda, you're so fucking sexy." I responded in kind, not even realizing what I was saying. "I masturbated this morning thinking about you. You've been on my mind almost all year. I've wanted you too." She rode me in that Cowgirl position until I could tell she was about ready to cum again, when she rose up, pulled off and turned around. Holding my cock with her hand she slid back into position in a reverse Cowgirl. Apparently the pressure was perfect; she came for the second time just moments later.

Taking control from her after she'd settled down again, I pulled out, flipping her over onto her hands and knees. I ran my hands over the perfect skin of her beautiful ass, cupping her cheeks, feeling the flawlessly perfect skin. I hadn't gotten a chance to relish how perfect her bottom was at the strip club, but alone in my bedroom I could see and feel what a masterpiece of art she was. I ran a finger up her ass crack as part of my fondling. She'd purred and pushed against my hand as I'd stroked her bottom, she didn't particularly respond either way as my finger stroked her rose bud. Some other time we could explore whether that was pleasurable for her, but for now I slipped by cock between her legs and inside her slippery pussy which definitely elicited a moan of pleasure.

At first, slipping easily inside her, her pussy gripped and caressed my cock from all sides, but as I began pounding into her hard, doggy style, she collapsed, laying her chest and shoulders onto the bed. The effect was to tilt her vagina, the head of my cock now sliding continuously against the back while the bottom of my shaft was sliding against the base of her clit. Every forward stroke was greeted by a quiver of pleasure from her and a thrust backward from her hips causing me to bang hard against her bottom. By this time I had quite a sweat going; when Linda's quivering voice begged "Please Dr. B, make me cum!" I barely heard it, and although it didn't take long for me to finally cum, I managed to continue a few more strokes, fighting against the too intense pleasure of my glans sliding against the back wall of her vagina until she too cried out in orgasm.

Spent, I just stayed there in place, my cock remaining semi hard. As Linda relaxed, falling forward onto the bed, I slipped out. Taking time to walk into the bathroom and dispose of the condom, I returned and crawled onto the bed beside her. Still face down, she slid easily into the crook of my arm, her glistening sweat covered body molding against mine, her head on my upper arm.

We lay there not saying anything for several minutes, the pounding of our hearts easing, and the heat of our bodies dissipating. Linda's hand began running back and forth over my chest, I looked down -- my eyes meeting hers.

"I'd forgotten how much I need that," she said.

"Been a while, huh?" I offered in response. It had been about a month or so since the last time I'd hooked up with anyone, but in comparison to the way our bodies had just responded to each other, that had been "just sex." Unconsciously I'd assessed that as a stripper, a gorgeous, sexy, stripper; she could and did have sex whenever she wanted. Surely there were men galore that were willing to hide their salami in her hiding hole, all she'd have to do is say so.

"Three years," she answered simply. It took a second for it to register what she'd said. I was shocked.

"You haven't had sex since Lori?" I'm sure I didn't, I couldn't, hide the disbelief in my voice. "But you could have any guy..." I stopped, realizing what I was saying.

"You're right. All I had to do was say the word and I could have been with any of dozens of guys a night. But I didn't want just any guy, and I'm not a whore. Casey's a whore."

Huh? I thought for a second, and asked, "Who's Casey?"

"At the club, the girl in back that was standing with the guys hands on her ass? That's Casey."

I remembered; she'd been straddling the guy standing on the couch. "Looked like the guy was about ready to eat her pussy?" I asked.

"He probably was." She was very matter of fact about what she said. "She'll let you finger or tongue her for $20, she'll blow you for $50 and she'll fuck you for $200 if you want to wait until after she gets off. She's got somebody waiting almost every night." I didn't say anything, she eventually continued. "Everybody assumes that if you're a stripper you're a whore." She rolled over, slightly away from me, raised up on one arm and propped her head on her hand.

"Do you know what I did before I stripped the first time?" I thought about it, shook my head no. "I went into the bathroom and threw up. I went in the bathroom and threw up before I started every day for a week." Her hand was still on my belly, I moved mine on top of hers; I traced the outline of her hand with my forefinger.

"What happened after a week?" I asked.

"Linda quit going to work." I rolled my head to the side, looking directly at her again; I shook my head with a questioning look on my face. She'd lost me. She pulled her hand from under mine. Reaching up she touched the bridge of my nose, slowly traced her finger down over the tip to my lips. I kissed it when it got there, then she continued tracing her finger down the centerline of my body. She dipped it into my belly button, and then continued down. The back of her fingers touched my cock, but just because it was in the way of her fingertip running itself over my skin. She traced around my cock, but her hand flipped over and filled itself with my balls where she stopped, just holding them gently in her hand. "I sent Brook instead."

I thought about what she was saying, although I was highly distracted by the feeling of a line of fire that had been drawn down the center of my body. I was going to say something, but she continued. "Brook is a fantasy; an exotic dancer who takes her clothes off so guys can look at her. She can go into the back room and rub her titties in their faces and sit on their laps and rub her pussy against their hard on through their pants, and slap their hands and makes really good money." She was speaking softly, and paused, the Brook explanation done. "Linda... can't do that. Linda is a woman that has a baby girl. Linda's a girl that goes to college. She wonders what it would be like to go on a date again, and daydreams about her hunky teacher and is someday going to be a damn good doctor." She paused, I saw a hesitation as much as heard it before she continued. "Linda is real, she's been hurt before and she's afraid of being hurt again." Her face had once again turned up to mine, her hand still cupping my balls. She smiled wistfully at me, her soul naked. "Don't hurt me Dr. B" she whispered. I just leaned into her and we kissed again.

This time was slow and sensuous. Just as her finger had left a line of fire as it had traced down my body, it burned now as it moved everywhere. I pulled her to me, my mouth finding her chest, her neck arching in response. I followed the arch, moving my kisses to her neck, following the path of least resistance, finding her most sensitive spots when I did. She turned her head so I moved my lips to the side of her neck; when she tilted her head I moved to the soft spot just behind her ear, bestowing it with a kiss of its own. I moved my nose to her ear, my mouth finding her earlobe -- which elicited a sharp intake of breath. Breathing through her nose, I could hear her breath, soft and sensuous, sharp intakes when I hit sensitive spots. Her earlobe was one, the soft spot just beneath and behind it another. When I revisited it again, she moaned -- which coming out while she was exhaling sounded just like a cat purring. I kissed up her face, kissed her eyes and nose. I stopped, my face inches above hers, and reached up with my hand to stroke hers. Her eyes opened and I just stared, losing myself in the depths of her green eyes. "My god, Linda, you're so beautiful." The tip of her tongue slithering across her lips registered through my peripheral vision; I closed my eyes and dipped my lips to hers, kissing her again.

I could still taste a touch of her sandwich on her breath, I'm sure she could on mine also, but it didn't matter. Our bodies melded together, a long sensuous full bodied kiss. Her hand relinquished its hold on my balls, moving up to my still soft but responding cock as we sucked each other's tongues. I slid my hand between us, finding and squeezing her breast, her nipple hard in my palm. Her body responded to my touch directing me in an unspoken way. Stroking my hand down her side to her bottom, when I slid it over onto her belly she didn't open her legs so I stayed away for the moment, just appreciating the smooth softness of her lower belly.

"Do you know what I did when I got home that first night?" I shook my head back and forth, I had no clue. "I woke up my apartment manager. It was three am, and I woke him up and gave him the four hundred and twenty five dollars he said he had to have before morning or I was going to be evicted. I was a month and a half behind. I was flat out broke and was going to be evicted. And then I went back to my bathroom and threw up again." I just listened, she needed to talk.

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