The Summer I Became Mom's Lover


I was pretty sure he was up for something tonight and figured mom had been going for that effect. From the tiny bikini she was wearing, Mom had changed into a pair of tight denim shorts that were so tiny I could see the cheeks of her ass. On top she was wearing a little white tank top that left her stomach bare and was tight to the point I could see her nipples, because to my surprise she was not wearing a bra. That became painfully obvious at dinner as she sat across from me and I had to keep looking away from her. Between the nipples poking out and her constantly getting up and strutting around the room, I'd begun to feel uncomfortable.

At first I'd wondered what was up because if anything Mom, despite her damn good figure, always dressed pretty conservatively. In fact I remembered over hearing dad asked her why she didn't show off a little more. I'd been in middle school at the time and Mom's answer was that she wanted to dress proper because she didn't want the teachers or other parents to think she was slutty. She said she was worried about Dad's reputation and didn't want me getting any ribbing from boys about my 'hot mom'.

That was one of the many things that made mom special, most women would get a kick out of teasing guys my age, but even now she never showed herself off much. Until today that is. That was when it dawned on me that she was doing it for dad, letting him fully enjoy his trophy wife as he always called her. Mom had seemed unconcerned with the fact her son was seeing more of her than he needed to and was more affectionate than usual, hugging me several times and at one point, sitting on my lap at my father's request for a picture. As dad fiddled with the camera, Mom hugged me tightly and I was acutely aware of her ass planted directly on my cock. Her hair was in my face and smelled pleasantly of her raspberry shampoo.

My arm was around her shoulders and her skin was warm and firm to the touch. We were eating on the deck and in the heat I wasn't wearing a shirt and when dad asked her to turn into me a little more I felt her nipple poking through the shirt and into my chest, her hard nipple. Mom was giggling at something dad had said and placed a soft kiss on my cheek as he finally snapped the picture. A very soft kiss, the kind that reminded me of the ones Jen used to give me after we'd messed around and were lying in bed.

I'd turned to look at mom and she'd given me an odd smile, it was kind of sweet, but a little shy as well, like that of a young girl more than an older woman. At that moment I'd had the insane thought that it felt as if she were....flirting with me. I'd brushed that lunacy aside quickly, but did make it a point to slide her off of my lap. As I did, my hand was on the small of her back and her ass did indeed slide across my cock, which to my dismay seemed to be stirring a bit. I chalked that up to friction, but uncomfortable nonetheless, excused myself and went into the parlor to watch the Sox get their ass kicked and give mom and dad some time alone on the deck.

Snapping my phone shut, I muttered, "Real funny dad." And started to get up from the small recliner I was sitting in. I stopped when I heard the door to the right open and saw dad come out wearing just a pair of shorts. The sensor light clicked on, lighting up the deck and I started to open the door to say something to him, when Mom came out after him and I froze. She was wearing a red silk robe that was so short, that, as with the shorts, I could see the cheeks of her ass. Dad had turned around and Mom walked up to him, threw her arms around him and kissed his neck.

She began rocking her body side to side and reaching around her waist, dad grabbed the bottom of the robe and flipped it up to expose the fact she was wearing nothing beneath the robe. I took a step back from the door and almost fell backwards into the chair when my legs hit it. I caught myself with my hand on the arm and eased myself down into it. In front of me, Dad had dropped the robe and pulling away from him, mom grabbed his hand and led him to the front of the deck.

When they reached the two chairs that sat just in front of the railing, Mom gave dad a kiss and with a laugh pushed him back down into the chair. Mom took a step back and as I watched, began to gyrate seductively in front of him. I blinked and turned my head to the side. I don't know what the hell I was supposed to see tonight, but I must have missed it, because this sure as hell wasn't...I sat straight up in the chair as my father's words echoed through my head. "That no matter what you see, you keep watching. You don't look away or close your eyes, you watch." My father wanted me to watch him have sex?

I looked back to the front when I heard dad whistle. Mom had her arms over her head and had taken her blonde hair up with them, she slowly swayed in front of him working her way down then back up. Dad reached out to grab the tie to her robe, but with a surprisingly little girl like giggle, mom stepped back from him. Smiling, she untied the robe and opened it partway. I started to close my eyes, but saw she had only opened it far enough to show some cleavage and was teasing by pulling it open a little more, then closing it again.

I started to relax, then gasped when Mom suddenly yanked the robe open to expose her tits. I immediately looked away again. Dad was off his rocker. What the hell was he going to do tomorrow, ask me what my mother's tits looked like?

"Come on Cyn, don't tease." Dad said.

Cyn? I'd never heard him call her that before, but had to say it sounded kind of hot.

"I never tease baby," Mom whispered in a sultry tone that caused my eyes to widen, "I'm just playing, you know your dirty girl always gives you what you need."

Dirty girl? I looked up again to see mom standing in front of dad with her hands on his shoulders, her robe was still on, but hanging open and unable to help myself I stared at her tits which were nothing short of amazing They were on the small side, but high and perfectly round. Her nipples were small and from where I was sitting appeared to be light pink. I could see that they were hard, and leaning forward, Mom started shaking them back and forth in Dad's face. She yelped when he reached up and grabbed them in his hands and started fondling them.

I was starting to sweat and told myself to forget what Dad said and do the right thing and close my eyes, he wasn't right in the head these days. Regardless of what my mind said, my eyes stayed glued on the scene in front of me. Dad was now cupping Mom's small tits while his thumbs stroked her nipples. Mom released a soft moan and reaching around, grabbed the back of Dad's head and brought it to her tit. From where I was sitting I could only see dad's head, but I could still see Mom's other tit in his hand. Mom moaned again when he switched to sucking the other nipple.

Mom lifted her leg and bending it, rested her knee on the arm of the chair. Dad's hand left her tit and slid between them. Mom gasped then released a low moan as Dad was now fondling her. The moan drew my attention to her face and I saw her eyes were closed and her lips parted as she started rocking back and forth. Dad's arm was moving and I could imagine that he was thrusting his fingers into her. I swallowed and could feel my heart beating faster. This was wrong, but I was no longer even making an effort to look away. It was like staring at a bad accident, you knew it was wrong to look, but had to anyway.

Mom pulled away from dad and putting her hands up on the railing pushed herself up until she was sitting on it. Lifting her legs, she placed her bare feet on dads shoulders and opened her legs. Dad paused to slide the chair forward a little and immediately leaned in and buried his face between her legs. Mom let out a moan that was much louder than before and again grabbing the back of Dad's head, shoved it against her pussy. I blinked at that thought, the words mom and pussy shouldn't be crossing my mind at the same time.

Mom was starting to moan softly and as my eyes widened she let go of Dad's head and began to play with her nipples. I watched as her long red fingernails teased her swollen nipples and felt my head starting to pound. I realized, I'd been holding my breath and exhaled as softly as I could. I doubt mom would have heard me above those hot little sounds she was making, and Dad's head was buried between her thighs so he wouldn't hear....I sat up straighter as it hit me, Dad knew damn well I was there, he'd wanted me to see this. But why? What...

I was jolted back to the show in front of me when Mom started groaning, "Oh, right there baby! Oh, yes, like that!" she paused to moan loudly then cried out, "Yes Kenny! Oh, suck that clit, harder! I.....Oh!"

Mom threw her head back and let out a loud wail I'm sure the people in the next cabins had to hear. And I whispered, "Goddamn" as I watched her clamp her thighs around dad's head and start squirming on the railing. He released another loud cry and I began breathing heavier as I saw the expression on her face, her mouth was open and her eyes were rolled back in her head as she moaned and thrust her hips into Dad's face. Her fingers were still busy on her nipples and to my dismay; I could feel my cock beginning to swell. Mom's groaning began to subside and as she released a soft sigh, I kept replaying her telling my father to suck her clit.

"Damn that felt good," Mom said, and smiling down at Dad whispered, "You want your dirty girl to make you feel good baby?"

"You know I do." Dad answered as he started playing with her tits again.

"Tell me what you want, baby."

"I want you to get down on your knees and wrap those pretty little lips around my cock." Dad told her.

Jesus, I thought. I was watching my parents act like they were in a porno. Mom giggled and whispered, "Hmmm, you know I love sucking cock."

She had spoken in a sultry purr that caused my cock to twitch in my shorts. Her next move, turned that twitch into a lot more as when Mom slid off the railing and slowly down to her knees I became fully hard. Again I could only see the back of dad and...I shook my head in disbelief as Dad turned the chair to the left a little bit. Mom angled herself to stay between his legs and as he lifted his hips, pulled his shorts down. Mom smiled up at him and then with no hesitation, lowered her head into his lap.

From the angle they were at, I couldn't see the actual act, but could see Mom's blonde head bobbing slowly. Dad let his head lean back on the chair and sighed as my mother knelt between his legs blowing him. Mom started bobbing her head faster and I became aware of my cock starting to throb painfully in my shorts. That throbbing increased when my father grabbed Mom's long hair in his hand and pulled it to the side. I caught a brief glimpse of her face and saw she was looking up at my father, her blue eyes wide as she had him completely engulfed in her mouth.

Mom lifted her head, but didn't go back down again, instead she seemed to be waiting. Dad grabbed some of her hair with his other hand and I muttered, "Holy shit," as holding her head still, dad began to fuck her mouth. Mom was making moaning noises around him loud enough for me to hear from where I was sitting. Dad stopped moving his hips and quickly standing up, Mom took a step back. Dad closed his legs and bracing her hands on his shoulders, Mom swung her leg over his, straddling him, and lowered herself down to his lap.

Mom let out a sexy purr as she settled down on my father and started slowly rocking back and forth. My hand had strayed down to my lap and I began to rub my cock through my shorts as I watched mom ride my father. She had begun to move faster, and lowering her head to his, started to kiss him. Dad's hands were on her hips, and he was guiding her back and forth on his lap. Mom tossed her head back and as dad started to kiss her neck, released another long sensual moan. Her eyes were closed and her lips parted and I had the thought that she really was beautiful.

Not just beautiful, but damn sexy. I'd recently been getting into watching milf porn and mom was as hot if not hotter than any of them. I tried to tell myself to knock that off, but it wasn't easy as I watched Dad begin to start sucking on her nipple. Mom put her feet down on the deck and started lifting herself up and down. This time it was Dad who moaned as Mom started driving down faster and harder. Mom was making little yelping noises that had my hand starting to move faster across my lap.

Mom wrapped her arms around dad's shoulders and started bucking wildly on him. She was slamming down on him so hard I could hear their skin slapping together. Mom lifted up, then seemed to hesitate before dropping down again. This time she stayed on dads lap and started to move much more slowly. Dad had stopped moving his hips and Mom was starting to wiggle side to side on him. I thought she was teasing until I heard my father say,"I...I can't finish, I..." he sighed disgustedly and I felt my erection beginning to fade. "Never mind Cynthia I..."

Mom stopped him with a finger to his lips and said, "No worries baby, this just gives me an excuse to be your dirty girl." She slid off dad's lap and immediately got to her knees. Looking up at him, she licked her lips, "This way I get to taste it," she said softly, and lowered her head to his lap.

Unlike before, Mom wasn't teasing and her head was bobbing rapidly as she worked Dad with her mouth. Mom was moaning around him again and I could hear her making wet sloppy sounds as she sucked his cock. Dad started moaning and bucking his hips and Mom started moving her head even faster. Dad gasped loudly and began thrusting his hips into mom's descending mouth. My cock was back on the rise as I watched my mother slobbering on his cock like a porn star. Dad gasped and released a long loud moan and stopped moving his hips.

Mom moaned softly and began to bob her head slowly. Dad groaned and slumped back into his chair gasping for breath. Mom sat back on her knees and throwing her head back made a show of swallowing. She opened her mouth and said, "All gone!"

"Goddamn Cyn," Dad panted, "You are a dirty little girl aren't you?"

"I'm your girl baby." Mom said and standing up sat on his lap and hugged him.

"I...I'm sorry I lost it," dad said softly, "I...I just..."

"No worries Kenny." Mom said, stroking his thinning hair. "You got your dirty little wife off nice and hard and you felt damn good." She giggled, "Tasted good too."

"You're a good woman Cynthia," dad said and kissed her softly.

"And you're the best man I know." Mom replied.

I put my head down and closed my eyes. I felt dirtier hearing them talk like this than I had watching them have sex.

"You tired baby?" Mom asked.

"Yeah, I think I need to lay down."

Mom helped him pull his shorts up, then closed her robe. When he stood, she took his hand and they made their way towards the door. I pushed myself as far back in the room as I could so Mom wouldn't see me. As they passed, dad looked over into the room. I doubted he could see me, but must have known I was there as he nodded in my direction. They passed my line of sight and just as the door closed I heard dad go into a long coughing jag.


I was laying on my bed staring at the ceiling and wondering when dad was going to talk to me. As it had been all day, the image of my parents having sex kept running though my mind. That image was always accompanied by a feeling of guilt. Sadly that feeling wasn't just over the fact that I'd watched, but because I had gone to my room afterwards and jerked off to the images of Mom's perfect tits and the way she eagerly sank to her knees. I'd tried not to, but I couldn't stop thinking about it and my cock was aching. I'd started stroking it thinking of some of the hot times I'd had with Jen, but her dark hair and eyes kept turning into Mom's long blonde hair and baby blues.

Finally succumbing to it, I came hard to the visual of Mom on the railing, her legs around my father and her hands busy on her tits as she came. This morning I'd been too embarrassed to even look at her, and for that matter wouldn't make eye contact with dad either. I could feel him staring at me several times, but pretended I didn't notice. I'd gone out for a swim and lied on the beach for awhile. I'd dozed off in the warm sun and awoke to the feeling of someone sitting next to me.

I opened my eyes to see Mom sitting there smiling at me. She was wearing a red bikini that was as revealing as the black one from yesterday and I immediately looked away and could feel myself blushing. Mom asked if I were okay and I said maybe I'd gotten a little too much sun. She had then lied down next to me and arching her back, put her arms over her head and stretched. My eyes locked onto her small tits being pushed out and then trailed down her flat stomach. When they made their way to the thin strip of red material between her thighs, I'd had that image of her opening her legs for my father. I started to wonder if her pussy were as pink as her nipples.

Tearing my gaze from her, I muttered that I didn't feel good and went back into the house. Mercifully dad was sleeping on the couch and I didn't have to face him. I knew it would be a matter of time before he talked to me about last night and I wasn't looking forward to it. For the life of me I didn't know what he was thinking, unless the meds and his exhausted state had finally gotten to his mind. As if that thought had summoned him, I jumped at the sound of a knock at my door.

"Come on in." I called out.

Dad came in, and closing the door behind him, made his way over to the bed.

"Got some time to talk?" he asked,

"Nah, can't you see I'm busy?" I gave him a forced smile as I sat up and leaned against the headboard.

Dad sat down next to me and turning to face me asked "Well?"

"Well what?"

"Go ahead and ask me."

"About what?" I asked, trying to pretend I didn't know what he meant.

"About last night." Dad pointed at me, "You have to be wondering why I had you watch Cynthia and I."

I sighed, "Dad that was pretty damn awkward," I put my hands out, "Why the hell would you want me to see that?"

"So you could see how hot Cynthia is, so you would think about her."

"What?" I shook my head, "I...I think I just heard you wrong."

Dad shook his head, "No, you heard me," he pursed his lips in thought, then sighed, "Think I got ahead of myself though. I need to talk to you about something very important."

"Go ahead, Dad."

"Look Jason, whether we're saying it out loud or not, we all know I don't have a lot of time left."

"You don't know that!" I said quickly, "They're coming up with new things all the time and..."

I stopped when he reached out and put his hand over mine.

"No Jason," he said softly, "I only have a few months tops and I want to talk about what happens after that."

"You already told me," I said, trying to keep my voice steady, "The insurance..."

"The financials are set," he nodded. "I want to talk about something more important."

"What's that?"

"Jason, I want you to take care of your mother for me."

"Of course!" I exclaimed. "I told you dad, I got one more year left in school and I'm going to look for a job here at home. I'm going to stay living with mom for as long as she needs me to."

"I know you will," he nodded, "But I need you to do more than that."

"Like what?"

Again dad paused as if her were trying to pick his words. After a long silence he shrugged and said quietly, "Jason, I want you be with Cynthia."

I shrugged back at him, "I think I just said I would stay with her, and why do you keep calling mom by her name?

"No, Jason, I mean..." he looked away "Be with her, as in..." he took a deep breath, "Jason I don't want you to be with Cynthia as her son, but as her...lover."

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