The Summer I Became Mom's Lover


"I'm sorry Mom," I started, "But...."

"I'm sorry too Jason." She nodded wiping at her eyes. "I...I came on too fast, too soon, but dad wants it to be this week, and I thought after last night you might want me right away."

"Mom, we can't do this."

"We can and will," she said softly, "We'll at least try Jason."

"I can't." I said almost whining in frustration.

"I can," she told me, sounding more confident than she usually did. "I can and I'll make sure you can too, but not tonight."

A surge of relief flowed through me, whether this was over or not at least I had some time to figure something out. In front of me, Mom beckoned me with her finger, "Come here Jason."

I hesitated, and then stepped up to her. Mom put her arms out to me and I leaned into her embrace. Her hand went around my shoulders and she held me tightly. I could feel myself relax into her and put my arms around her waist, hugging her back. Mom lifter her head and smiling said, "I never did get my kiss."

Before I could react, Mom's hands slid up to the back of my head and pulled my face towards hers. I started to protest as her lips pressed into mine, but when I opened my mouth, her tongue darted into it. I gasped and tried to draw back, but her hands were in my hair and she was surprisingly strong. I couldn't move without truly forcing her arms away and didn't want to do that. Instead I tried to keep my lips stiff and show no interest in the kiss. Mom didn't seem put out as she patiently began sliding her soft lips against mine.

Her lips weren't the only thing moving back and forth as I could feel her nipples rubbing across my chest as she rocked side to side. Mom's tongue had left my mouth and pulling her lips back, began teasing across the edge of my mouth. At that point I could have turned my head from her, but didn't. Instead a soft moan escaped me as her tongue worked its way playfully around my lips and slid in to play across my own. Mom moaned as well and shoved her tits hard against me. My arms tightened around her waist and I gasped when she started sucking on my tongue.

Her fingers were running through my hair and again my heart had started pounding in my chest. More disconcerting was the fact my cock was again at full attention and I could feel it pressing into her stomach, which meant could as well. As if of their own accord, my lips were now working against hers, sliding back and forth and pressing harder into her very soft lips. I had never had a problem with girls and had been with several, but no one, even Jen, had ever kissed me like this. I could feel my body trembling with nervous excitement as I continued to share the most passionate kiss of my life with the woman who raised me.

At that thought, my eyes popped open and I did start to pull away. Mom didn't fight me; instead she stepped back from me and whistled, "Wow, that was something, what the hell was Jen thinking?"

"I..." I stopped and shook my head, trying to catch my breath.

Mom laughed and gave me a huge smile, "Told you older women are a lot better," she giggled, "At everything." With that, she made a show of licking her lips and gave me a wink.

"Mom." I started, "We..."

"It's Cynthia," she said seriously. "Or its Mom when we're just talking, but when we're playing it's going to be Cynthia."

"Playing?" I asked, "No, we..."

"Enough for now." Mom said in a tone that caused me to stop, it was a very motherly tone, and I had the sick thought that it wasn't really right to fight your mother now was it?

Mom smiled again and said, "I'll see you tomorrow honey, and we'll go a little further. We'll work our way up to it, got it?"

Before I could answer, her smile turned into a smirk and reaching down she squeezed my cock through my shorts.

"Mom!" I gasped.

"Cynthia." She said, then giving another squeeze, before letting go, added, "I told you I could make you Jason, when are you going to learn to listen to your mother?"


I paced nervously back and forth in my room and for the hundredth time looked at the clock. It was almost eleven. I started to get my hopes up and think maybe Mom wouldn't show. As soon as I thought that, I rolled my eyes. She would be here; it was just a matter of when. I walked over to the window and leaning towards the screen took a deep breath of the cool summer air. The smell of the ocean had always soothed me, but tonight I doubted anything would calm me down. Anytime now my mother was going to come into my room and...spend the night.

I had learned this early this morning when I was sitting out on the beach. When I'd gotten up, I quickly threw my running shoes on and gone for a run along the beach. I pushed myself to do five miles instead of my usual three. I'd barely slept after Mom had left me hard as a rock and flushed with embarrassment. Again, making me feel worse was the fact that she hadn't been gone ten minutes, before I was lying on my bed stroking my cock.

This time there was no attempt to think of Jen or any other of my former girlfriends. From the second I started stroking to the time I blew my load; all thoughts were on my mother, picturing the things she had been whispering in my ear. I envisioned her on her knees, her blond head bobbing, then on her hands and knees, her firm ass pointing up at me. I had released my load to the image of her telling me to put it in her ass; after all, she had said anything.

Within seconds of cumming I felt terrible. Not only spanking it to my mother, but thinking of shoving it in every hole she had. After tossing and turning all night, wondering what the hell was going to happen, I'd decided to try to wear myself out while keeping busy and run. But even while jogging, my mind was spinning. Mom was dead set on this as was dad. I didn't want to, or at least left alone and in my own thoughts I didn't, but Mom was right. As my mother I didn't want this, but if she became Cynthia again, could I resist it? Last night she'd had me ready to pop with just a kiss. What if she tried for more?

I'd slowed my running to a walk and did another lap around the beach. Mom and dad were going to take a cruise on the Bay Queen for the day and I was hoping to just hang around the beach until they left. Apparently my father had figured that out and as I made to cut across the parking lot that separated the beach from the bike path I planned on following for a few miles, saw Dad sitting there in the red Mustang he'd bought himself when he was diagnosed. I knew he'd seen me, and with a resigned sigh, I walked up the car. Dad got out and pointing across the beach said, "It's absolutely beautiful here no?"

"Always," I nodded. "Someday I'd like to own a house up here."

"Someday you will." He nodded, "Architects make good money, and you'll be able to afford it." He sighed, "I hope you and Cynthia will still come here during the summer."

"Maybe." I shrugged, "It might be hard you know after..." I trailed off.

"Jason, these will be the best memories you'll have. This will never be a bad place, but a great one, no?" he smiled at me. "And the two of you will be making all new memories soon enough."

"Dad, about that."

"I know, it's a lot Jason, that's why you're trying to run yourself into a coma." He pointed at the hood of the car. "Pretty soon you'll have this to drive around."

"Rather have you around." I said quietly.

"Don't get that choice kid." He said, "But hey, you'll have something cool to remember me by."

"This won't be what I remember you for." I told him, feeling the emotions starting again.

"No, you'll have a much better ride to thank me for." He gave me a wink, then seeing the stricken look on my face, shook his head, "Okay, I'm sorry I won't joke about that."

"Dad, don't make us do this."

"I'm not making Cynthia and from what she said, you won't exactly be suffering when things get going."

"I..." I put my head down, unsure of what to say. My entire life dad was who I discussed everything with, now here I was with this weighing on me and he was behind it.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Dad I...I jerked off to mom last night." I blurted out.

He stared at me quietly for a moment, then nodded, "Then things are going fine."

"No, they're not!" I snapped, "I felt like an asshole afterwards and feel even worse now! I won't do this."

"The spirits willing, but the flesh Jason, is very weak." Dad said putting his arm around me. "Cynthia is more than you can resist so don't try." He shrugged, "Or try if a fight makes you feel better."

"Nothing will make this better."

"Not true. When the two of you are together you'll see, it will be better than anything you can imagine." I didn't answer and he sighed, "I know it's not easy to flip the switch Jason, I know I'm asking something that sounds like a story on some cheesy erotica site."

"We need to come up with something else with Mom." I started.

"No, this is the perfect solution. The two people dearest to me will take care of each other for the rest of their lives. I have to say, Cynthia is very excited about this, she is very focused on being with you Jason, I don't usually see her like that."

"Figures." I rolled my eyes. "This is where she would stand her ground."

Dad burst out laughing and I breathed a sigh of relief when it didn't turn to coughing.

"That's a good one. Anyway Jason, speaking of Cynthia, she's going to spend the night with you tonight."


"Tonight Cynthia is going to spend the night in your room," I started to protest, but he put his hand up, "She is going to sleep in your bed, if nothing happens, nothing happens, but she will spend the night with you."

"Dad, this is...."

"Not a discussion!" Dad snapped, taking me off guard. "Think this is easy for me? Think I like giving my wife away?"

"You don't have to dad!" I told him, in his anger I saw a glimmer of hope, "We don't have to do this, I don't..."

"Yes I do, don't you understand that?" He demanded, "Cynthia will lose it with me gone! She needs a man to be strong for her and she's afraid of them because of that animal! You're the only one who can take care of the love of my life and you'll do it."

He paused and closed his eyes, his breathing was becoming ragged and he leaned on the car.

"Dad, are you..."

"Fine, I'm fine." He said quietly, "This is a...unique situation Jason, meaning none of us have been here before and it's not easy, but we'll all be the better for it." He looked away as he spoke. "Once you and Cynthia are together, she'll still spend most of her time with me, but some nights with you as well. Don't feel guilty, and I told her that as well, I'm as okay with it as I can be and fact is, I won't be able to make her happy in that way too much longer."

"She doesn't love you for that." I pointed out.

"And she'll still love me just as much, she'll just be getting...." He shrugged, "That from you." He gave me a poor attempt at a smile, "You'll suffer nobly I'm sure."


"No more talking Jason, Cynthia and I are going out on the cruise and will enjoy the day, she'll come to you tonight," his eyes hardened, "You won't send her away, understood?"

I locked eyes with him and saw there was no way to change his mind, putting my head down, I whispered, "Yes sir."

"You're a good son and a hell of a man Jason," dad said clapping me on the shoulder.

Yeah, I thought as I looked out at the moon over the ocean, all good sons let their mothers seduce them while their father's dying. I had spent a good part of the day seriously considering running away. Hopping a ride from someone to downtown then taking the bus back to Providence. At one point I'd even caught myself walking down to where Tammy was staying, maybe do lunch with her, get her number and ask her for a ride. In the end I'd stayed, Dad would be upset and Mom would feel I didn't want her.

I shook my head at the thought that I may really have to go through with this. I jumped at a knock and looked longingly at the window, imagining jumping out and running across the beach, running away from this insanity. Instead, I turned away and walked over to the door. I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Normally I slept in just my underwear, but wasn't going to tonight. As I opened the door, I found myself dreading what Mom would be wearing, probably some kind of killer lingerie.

To my relief, Mom was wearing a white tank top with her long blonde hair in a pony tail. She wasn't wearing any make up, and when she entered the room, my relief grew when I saw she was wearing a pair of baggy plaid shorts. When she turned to face me, I had to admit that she looked damn cute like this. Cute was something I could deal with, I'd been expecting her to show up dressed to tease.

"Hi honey," she said softly as she gave me a peck on the cheek. "I'm sleepy, you ready to call it a night?"

I looked at her waiting for the other shoe to drop, was it really going to be this simple?

"You just want to go to bed?" I asked.

"Sure," she gave me a shy little smile, "Unless you have a better idea."

"No!" I said quickly, then feeling bad, tried again, "I mean, um...I'm tired too and...."

"It's okay Jason," she said, "I told you, we'll go slow, I'm just here to be your bed buddy tonight, that okay?"

"Uh, sure." I said as she walked over to the bed.

"But, I will tell you I like to cuddle," she gave me the big blue eyes along with another adorably shy smile, "You don't mind if I snuggle up to you do you?"

I nodded as I made my way over to the other side of the bed. Even though she'd said we weren't going to do anything and she wasn't pushing, I still felt that warm sensation retuning. Then it hit me, I'd always been more attracted to next door cute over hot and that was the look mom was sporting. At the moment she could be Jen or any cute little coed. I lifted the sheet and started to slide under it when Mom pointed and said, "You really sleep in clothes?"

"Well, uh...."

"I thought you slept in just your underwear."

'Usually," I told her, "But...."

"Then take your clothes off." She told me, "I told you, I'm not looking for that, but I want you to be comfortable."

Here we go, I thought. I considered arguing, but things seemed okay at the moment so I would play along. Besides, like she had said last night I had bathing suits that showed more. I slipped my shirt off, then unzipping my shorts began to pull them down. I looked up to see mom looking and turning around pushed my shorts down.

"Nice ass." Mom said, as I bent over.

"Thanks, I guess." I muttered, and looked down to make sure my cock wasn't bulging too much. Turning I lifted the sheet and slipped under it so quickly Mom laughed, "Aww you're so cute when you're shy."

"Anyway, guess I should practice what I preach." Reaching under her shirt behind her, Mom unhooked her bra and sliding the straps down, pulled it out along one side of her tank top and tossed it on the floor.

"Damn I needed that," she said as she rubbed her tits, "Things get uncomfortable at the end of the day."

Uncomfortable was one way to put how I felt, as when she moved her hands her hard nipples were poking through the thin white tank top. Mom turned away from me and as my eyes widened pulled down her shorts. Underneath she was wearing a pair of lace red boy shorts that hugged her tightly and left her tanned ass cheeks exposed. Oh, fuck me, I thought. Mom stayed bent over for a moment and made a show of wiggling out of her shorts. I told myself to look away, but couldn't. Her ass was small and damn firm looking, I swallowed hard at the thought of it bare and pointing up at me.

Mom kicked the shorts away and lifting her side of the sheet slipped in next to me. All the beds in the house were queen size and there was plenty of room, but Mom slid all the way over until I could feel her hip touching mine. She smiled at me and kissing my cheek said, "Good night honey."

"Night Mom." I said as I reached out and shut the lamp off.

"Cynthia." She said digging her elbow into my side.

"Good night Cynthia." I said softly.

I closed my eyes and started breathing slow and deep, hoping she would think I had fallen right to sleep. She obviously didn't buy it as she said, "The moon is beautiful tonight, you have a better view than we do."

"Yeah it is," I answered looking out the window at the moonlit ocean.

Mom sat up and started out at the ocean and as she did, I couldn't help but notice how good she looked in the moonlight, she really was a gorgeous woman. She sat there silently, a serious look on her face and I wondered if she were replaying some of her times here with dad in her mind. She confirmed that when she looked down at me and with a sad smile said, "So many memories here."

"That there are." I said quietly.

"Many more to come." She said and sliding back down turned on her side to face me.

"I guess." I answered, then lamely added, "I'm tired m...Cynthia."

"Okay." She nodded, then asked, "Put your arm out?"

I stretched my arm out along the pillow and mom slid close until her head was resting on my shoulder. She placed her hand on my chest and draping her leg over mine, sighed contentedly, "My favorite way to sleep."

"I always sleep on my back." I told her, "So uh...I guess this works out."

"Everything will work out honey, you'll see." She slid down a little further and snuggled her head against my chest. "You feel good Jason."

"So do you" I replied.

"Then put your arm around me." She giggled, "Cuddle me in like I'm your girlfriend."

I brought my arm up and put it around her shoulder. I had to admit, she felt damn good. Her skin was warm and her soft hair was against my skin. She closed her eyes and sighed sweetly and the sound made me pull her closer. She gave me a soft kiss just over my nipple, that caused me to jump, but she didn't repeat the gesture. A moment later, she began breathing deeply and I started to relax, this wasn't bad at all. Again the situation was far from ideal, but at least it seemed I had gotten somewhat of a reprieve.

That reprieve was short lived however as the longer I lay there, the more I became aware of exactly how good Mom felt. She had snuggled as close as possible to me and I could feel her nipples pressing into my side. Worse, the feeling f her long soft leg lying over my own was starting to get to me. She had her leg so far over me that I could feel her crotch against my thigh. I told myself it was my imagination and that I couldn't really feel the warmer flesh between her legs. I started idly caressing her, letting my fingers trace the curve of her shoulder.

Mom made a cute little cooing noise in her sleep and I continued the motion. She did feel good. Not just physically, but emotionally, it felt good to be close to her. To hold her and know she was enjoying it. The two of us had been through a lot lately and maybe it wasn't so bad to be close here and there. Feeling a wave of affection for her, I gently kissed the top of her head. Mom made that little noise again and I smiled and closed my eyes. They immediately popped open when Mom started moving her foot.

She was sliding it up and down, rubbing her soft skin against my leg. I had noticed her toe nails were the same deep red as her fingers and shook off the thought of seeing those feet on my shoulders. Speaking of nails, Mom's fingers were now moving, lightly rubbing my chest the way I was her shoulder. I looked down and in the moonlight, could see those red nails teasing my skin. I felt a wave of nervousness go through me as I noticed her hand was dipping lower each time she slid it back and forth. Within moments she was rubbing the lower part of my stomach. I groaned inwardly as I felt my cock stiffening.

I closed my eyes, trying to will my impending erection away. At that moment, Mom started rubbing her entire leg, up and down mine. The feeling of her warm soft skin was driving me crazy and I could feel my now completely hard cock, throbbing beneath the sheet. I could more than feel it, with a start I realized I was pitching a pretty obvious tent. I took a deep breath, hoping to hell Mom was just fidgeting in her sleep and wouldn't see...

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