tagErotic HorrorThe Summoning of Clara

The Summoning of Clara


"Seriously dude where did you think this up? Some B rated Halloween movie?"

Pete glanced up from the book, looking over the rim of his glasses to level his gaze at Freddy. "If you must know, the book came from the local warehouse bookstore," he stated matter-of-factly and returned to reading it over.

Freddy rolled his eyes and leaned back in the lawn chair, he still thought this was straight out of a bad horror flick. Here they were, seated in an old field in the local state park on Halloween night while Pete read some book he'd found and claimed it had magical properties. Hmph, they should be at a club where the girls were sure to be dressed as slutty as possible. Now that would be his idea of a good Halloween night, not freezing his butt off in this field.

Pete flicked through the pages of the book, yeah there was a pretty good chance this wasn't going to work but hey he just wanted the chance to say he'd attempted to cast a dark spell on All Hallow's Eve. Just the thought of doing it sent chills down his spine and the spell he'd chosen made his cock twitch, every teen boys dream a willing sexual slave for his beck and call. Freddy didn't seem to appreciate the idea so much but then again Freddy had better luck with the ladies, Pete's face was fairly scared from a bad case of acne and he'd never really developed a masculine build. Sure there had been a couple of women that had been willing bed partners but he wanted more, he craved a woman with a perfect body and to take out his frustrations of the world out on her. To him this book and the chance were a godsend and he was going to at least give it a chance.

Pete opened up the gym bag and pulled out the necessary materials, candles, salt, a cross, and a small bottle of holy water he'd filled at a nearby church. The salt was used to create a circle that in theory would protect them. Candles were placed and lit in the corners of a star and Pete sat cross legged in the middle of the circle with the book in his lap. Freddy just groaned at the preparations and cracked open another beer ignoring the chanting that Pete started.

Pete wasn't quite sure if he was pronouncing the words right, they appeared to be Latin and of course he hadn't studied that at all. It did feel like there was some form of energy going up his back, either that or a cold breeze, he wasn't entirely sure. Either way he was sort of enjoying himself, pretending to be a warlock and acting like he knew what he was doing. He'd gotten so involved in it that he hadn't even noticed that the temperature was beginning to drop rapidly.

Freddy had noticed though and grumbled about it as he walked over to the Samurai to get his jacket. For a few moments he even contemplated leaving the camping gear and Pete behind, there was still time to get back to Woody's for a few beers before last call. Maybe Sandy would be there, yeah she probably was and dressed in that witch costume he'd seen her get. Very tempting indeed, damn his conscience would be after him until he came back for Pete, as much as he'd deserved it for dragging Freddy out here. He blew into his hands and rubbed them together, damn he swore he could see his breath. No...no it was just getting foggy. Woody's would be warm and welcoming; Sandy would be rather tipsy by now, very temping indeed.

A harsh wind whipped through the woods, cutting through Freddy's jacket. Screw this, "Hey Pete, I'll pick you up in the morning!" He jumped into the Samurai, turned over the engine and tore out of the field about as fast as he felt comfortable with. Thoughts of Sandy and her witch costume danced in his head along with the thought of Sandy bent over a table and the skirt pulled up over her back. Perhaps that was why he failed to listen to the feeling in his gut telling him danger was approaching.

Clara rolled her eyes as she appeared in the human world, it figured that she would end up coming here tonight as fools often trifled with things they did not understand on this eve every year. Her mistress bade her to take care of this fool in order to prevent the balance from being disturbed and so she found herself walking down this road. A little grin crossed her face as the vehicle approached; no one said she couldn't have any fun during this visit now did they?

Shortly after turning onto the main road back to town Freddy spotted a woman walking down the road. When his headlights began to fully outline her, she turned and with a little grin stuck her thumb out. He took a long blink at the vision standing before him, she was fairly tall to start with but part of that was due to the heeled boots that went up to mid-thigh, a short amount of skin and then a black skirt that barely hid her rear. Upon her torso she had a long purple cloak that fastened over her chest, covering what he thought might be a purple halter top though it seemed to be more of a bra. Her hair was long, down to her shapely rear long and looked to have been colored purple, Sandy who?

As the vehicle pulled up pale lips curled into a soft smile and she turned towards the passenger door, lowering eyes demurely, "Excuse me sir, my car broke down a little ways back and these boots are killing my feet. Perhaps you would be so kind as to allow me to accompany you so far as the nearest town?" Lavender colored eyes darted to check his jeans and saw the outline of his member pressing against them, perfect he wouldn't be fully thinking with his brain.

Well now Pete was really going to regret staying in the forest after he heard this story and Freddy was going to relish rubbing it in every chance he got. Freddy reached over and opened the door for her and waited till she was seated in the car. By the interior light he could see that it was indeed a bra under the cloak, his eyes drinking in the pale flesh of her perfect breasts seemed to shimmer and he wondered if it was a glittered body spray. He just couldn't believe his luck, until he felt her hand come to rest upon his thigh and slide up to the zipper of his jeans. It was real, this was stuff boy's dreams were made of and he was getting to live it. Pete was really going to regret his choice to stay in that field.

Clara slid down to the floor of the vehicle, pressing her breasts against his thigh and unzipping his pants so slim fingers could slide in and wrap around the shaft. She guided his cock out into the air and looked up to him, "Please?" A grin as she watched his head nod lightly, almost disbelievingly and took the head of his cock into her mouth. She did enjoy giving head and so was going to partake of this pleasure, after all she had all night to tend to business.

Her tongue slipped out to lick up and down his shaft, watching it pulse with each beat of his heart. The power of having something so dear to a man, that can bring such pleasure or pain depending upon what the holder of it did was intoxicating to her. Slowly she stroked the shaft, watching as foreskin covered the head then allowed it to emerge, fascinated by the whole thing. Finally the temptation became too great and she took him in her mouth, letting it slide into her throat and feeling the Samurai jerk as the pleasure distracted him. She swallowed, feeling the muscles stroke his cock and the rush of blood through his veins, so close and yet so far. Tongue stroked the underside and slowly she began to bob her head, letting his cock penetrate her throat with each down stroke.

It wasn't long until she could feel his body tense and she lifted her head till just the tip was between her lips and allowed him to empty his load in her mouth. Dutifully she swallowed it down and began to lick his cock as if she were cleaning him while he straightened the vehicle back out from his orgasm. Well if that made him almost lose control she couldn't wait to see what would happen next. She approached his cock from the side, parting lips up around the side and allowed her fangs to sink into the blood swollen member. Instantly she was rewarded with blood filling her mouth and she began to drink her fill.

Freddy hadn't enjoyed road head that much in a long time, and it had been quite some time that anyone had caused him to almost lose control of his car. He was still in the fog of post orgasm when she bit into him and didn't quite notice it right away but after a few moments began to feel that something wasn't quite right. As they passed a street light he stole a glance downward and eyes went wide at the sight of his thigh and her chin covered in his blood while Clara fed. This time he really did lose control and the vehicle jerked towards the side of the road till a tire caught the sharp drop of a ditch and caused the Samurai to roll violently. It came to rest against a large maple tree, Clara appearing at the side of the road and taking a moment to admire her handiwork. Pity, he'd had a decent cock but humans were just food. She snapped her fingers and was rewarded with the vehicle going up in the flames. Now for that want to be warlock, she wondered if perhaps he would be nearly as much fun.

Pete was starting to get tired of this, the fog had started to soak his clothes and that was letting the wind in. The tent was very tempting, hell if Freddy was still there he'd even think of heading home but no the bastard had left him behind. He put out the candles that hadn't yet gone out from the wind or the heavy fog then made his way over to the pile of camping gear. The tent was pulled out and he started to try to put it together, but it was slow going thanks to his lack of experience and tents never really tending to co-operate. Not helping things was his body starting to really feel the chill, fingers shaking as poles were slid into the sleeves of the tent.

Clara strolled through the woods towards the field watching a beam of light bounce around. Well it looked like the would be warlock was facing reality and she half mused as to whether or not he'd even survive if left alone. Of course that wouldn't be any fun and she wasn't going to chance that somehow he'd survive, humans were remarkable in their ability to wiggle out of bad situations. And of course she couldn't have that now could she? Time to slip into character, this one seemed to crave a submissive play toy, ugh men.

Pete heard the crunching of leaves and the occasional snap of a small branch as something approached him from the road. He hurried with the tent, haphazardly throwing the rain cover over it and hoping the couple of tie downs would stay in the wet soil. Hands shivered as he fumbled with the zipper, trying to open the tent, fear of the unknown causing all sorts of images to flow through his mind. Once the door was open just enough he scrambled into the tent and curled up in a fetal position, his mind fooling him into thinking the flimsy tent material was shelter. As he lay there the footsteps came closer, then stopped and a few moments later a definitely female voice called out.

The demoness paused for a moment or two to work on her demeanor, he was expecting something she was not and she had to get into character. She adjusted her boots and cleaned a couple of blood droplets that had fallen to her bosom, the blood on her lips she left as if it were lipstick. Fortunately this would be primarily a one act play for her, she wasn't sure how well she could keep this role up if needed. Let the curtain open and enter stage right.

Pete blinked at the first muffled word he heard, a woman's voice caught him off-guard so he leaned towards the direction it seemed the voice came from and hoped he would hear it again. "Master, he who summoned me, where are you?" It couldn't be, it really worked? Suddenly the cold and wet didn't matter so much as blood flow was diverted elsewhere. He lifted the rain fly out of the way and stood in front of the tent, scanning around him till he caught the figure strolling into the field from the road. For a few moments he stared at her in disbelief, it had actually worked. It had ACTUALLY FUCKING WORKED!

A grin split Pete's face as reality sunk in and suddenly he couldn't feel the cold anymore, "Over here...slut! I am the one who summoned you!" He watched her turn towards him and make her way over then kneeling before him. Just watching her was a power trip to him and he was going to do everything to her that he'd ever dreamed of doing to one of those girls that had turned him down. Fingers wrapped in her hair, gripping it tightly before throwing her towards the tent. "Git in there and strip!" he snarled, watching with glee as she meekly obeyed.

Internally Clara groaned, for some reason the bulk of wannabe warlocks were always like this, of course that just made their punishments all the easier to enforce. As neatly as she could clothes were put aside, sure they could be replaced but it really was a pain to break in long boots like those. Unfortunately it was all part of the job and like every job there were things that one had to do that one didn't like to do. She turned when he entered and ordered her to remove his pants, oh the temptation to let nails rake his torso, but she remained meek and internally sighed when his white briefs came down, he was rather small. Damn, she wasn't even going to get pleasure out of this.

Once he was free of clothing Pete grabbed the back of her head and forced her mouth on him as if he were trying to choke her. Granted he wasn't long enough to have the hope of doing so but he paid no mind to that, the attempt was all that mattered to him. Time and time again he rammed himself in her mouth, laughing whenever he saw her wince from her nose being driven against him. In his mind he didn't even see her face anymore, it was Becky Tillman's face and he was getting her back for every time she turned him down for a date. Foolish girl he thought, she would have been much better off with him instead of her current beau.

Just as he was starting to get tired of ramming her face he could feel that edge coming on and drove his dick as hard as he could into her mouth, held her head there and let loose. He almost took more glee in listening to her choke on his load, he might have been undersized but he could cum quite a bit and it was hard for her to keep up with it. Once he was done cumming in her mouth, Pete threw her aside and took a swipe at her rear when it was exposed resulting in loud SMACK as skin met skin. He thought she winced at it and he hit her again and again till her ass turned pink and his dick was hard again, "Ride me bitch," came the growled command.

She'd taken a bit of delight at the spanking, the little bit of pain was a welcome surprise but once she heard his command Clara had to resist cackling, the end was near. "Facing you or facing away, Master?" she cooed, and was internally pleased when he instructed her to face him. One leg was thrown over his torso and she came to her knees, positioned right above his member. His hands came to her waist and pulled her down onto him, fingers digging into her sides as he guided her to bounce upon him. Clara remained careful to not go too far up, she wanted this to end shortly and having to fumble to replace him would delay that.

Watching her ride him, breasts swaying with each bounce, Pete felt that this was the life he deserved to have. He should have a gorgeous woman riding him, working to please all of his wants and demands; this was going to be just the start. She was going to be paraded around town as his girlfriend so that he could make all of his college classmates jealous. Then she would be made to give him further lessons in how to use that book and train him to be a real warlock then the real fun would begin. But for now he was enthralled with the idea of controlling this demoness, perhaps he would take her ass after this. Yes, that sounded like a good idea, he was going to sodomize her and degrade her further.

Clara could feel he was coming closer to orgasm again, each stroke upwards she'd been tightening her vaginal muscles with the intentions of drawing this to a close. She leaned forwards and put her hands alongside his chest, shame she could see the potential for a very muscular build had he made an effort, and began to ride him as fast as she dared.

His fingers clenched down even harder upon her sides, turning the skin around his fingers pure white, and pulled her down hard upon his cock. Thighs thrust hard upwards against hers and he began to pump his second load into her waiting pussy. "Yeah bitch, YEAH!" he screamed as he came, lost in the oblivion of orgasmic bliss. So lost that for a few moments he didn't notice that something didn't feel right, that it felt like he was losing energy as he came. It wasn't until the bliss began to wear off that he noticed she was still seated upon him, but that she had taken ahold of his wrists and pinned them against the floor of the tent. At that moment he realized that while he had stopped orgasming, it felt like something was still leaving through his member.

Clara oh so loved to watch the look on the face of a victim when it changed over from bliss to realizing something was dreadfully wrong. She licked her lips and followed it up with a throaty laugh, "Oh, did you just think that by lighting some candles and mumbling a few words you were going to gain a fuck toy? How pathetically human, arrogant and foolish beings you are." Thighs crushed down on his midsection to ensure he stayed in position, she really didn't need him moving now.

"Wha...What are you doing to me?" He whimpered as she held him in place, feeling his energy being sapped away. Fear crossed his face when he heard the cold reply.

"Why, I'm taking your soul dear, what else would you expect a demon to do?"

A screech pierced through the night then slowly died down to a gurgle as Pete's body began to lose the ability perform basic functions. His heart began to skip beats and then finally beat it's last as she took the final shred of his soul.

Clara rose up and used his shirt to clean herself off, then dressed all the while humming to herself. Ah the deed was done and the night not quite yet over, perhaps she could get to have a bit of fun after all. There was a town not too far from here and not too shortly the bars would be letting out with plenty of horny folk getting ready to go home alone. She laughed to herself and before leaving made it a point to throw Pete's book into the woods, let the next fool find it she would be waiting.

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