tagBDSMThe Sunshine Room: Valerie + Lucas

The Sunshine Room: Valerie + Lucas


Author's Note: This is a series of stories based on actual experiences and observations at a local sex club. It's not a series; the stories can be read individually, but there are some recurring characters.


Valerie was sick and tired of it. During foreplay and even while he was fucking the shit out of her, Lucas would talk about how much it would turn him on to see her get fucked by another man. But anytime she tried to talk about it outside the bedroom, he would just brush her off. It wasn't the right time, or they were both too busy to find someone. Still, Lucas's suggestion had bored its way into Valerie's mind, and the mind-blowing sex they had talking about only convinced her more. She would surprise him, and he would love it. They would both love it.


This is a really stupid idea, thought Lucas, as he slipped his shoes on. Stupid, stupid, but he didn't like his alternatives. When he had asked his girlfriend Valerie what she wanted for her birthday, he had been expecting her to say something like earrings, or a massage, or something normal like that. Instead, she'd looked him straight in the eye and said, "I'd like a spanking."

That really threw him for a loop. She had been hinting around, encouraging him when he occasionally slapped her ass during sex. But a real, full-on spanking, with, like, a belt or a cat o' nine tails, or whatever the crazy kids were using these days? He just couldn't see himself doing that. It wasn't him. He told her he would think about it.

In the days afterward, she hadn't mentioned it, but when a week had passed and neither of them had brought it up, she did again. She ambushed him in bed with her laptop and a list of spanking videos to watch with him. Sure enough, he was turned on watching them; or, at least, turned on by how turned on she got watching them. But those guys really had attitude. He was a pretty sensitive guy, sweet, soft-spoken.

When she reminded him that he should be glad she wasn't asking to have sex with another man - as she'd done in the past, and he had theoretically acquiesced to (okay, talked about incessantly during sex, when it actually turned him on), but never helped arrange - he was pissed off, but gave in. It was true. He was glad that she had picked something else, something a little safer. So he'd agreed to go with her to a local sex club - or dungeon, as she'd called it at one point - and let her arrange a spanking.

She pranced into the room, twirling around in her heels. She was wearing a mini-skirt and a floaty blouse, and she had topped them with a red trench coat, so that when she belted it, she looked as if she might be nude underneath.

"You're too excited," he muttered.

"Pssh, you're gonna love it!" she said excitedly.

That's what he was afraid of.


They had parked a few blocks away, and were making their way down the dark sidewalk. Most of the storefronts on these blocks looked deserted, and Lucas was already feeling a little bit uncomfortable. if Valerie was, it didn't show, as she strode confidently down the street. Almost as if she'd been here before.

"Are you sure this is your first time here?" he asked suspiciously.

"Wellllll," she hesitated, "I've driven by a few times to make sure I really knew where it was. But I've never been inside."

They walked up to a non-descript door with a little peep hatch, like one of the old speakeasies. He was expecting to have to knock; did they know the password? But Valerie just swung the door open and waltzed inside. It was dark, cozy, with pamphlets and signs and information sheets lining the little hallway. A desk at the end held a few clipboards, and a totally normal-looking woman was sitting at the desk, flipping through a binder and making notes.

She looked up, smiled warmly. "First-timers?" They nodded, approaching the desk, and she held out clipboards that had waivers and info sheets on them. "Fill these out, pay the entrance fee, and then you can head on back."

After they had handed the clipboards back, they peered around the corner. It was fairly well-lit, with comfortable-looking furniture arranged in little groupings. Nothing looked particularly out of the ordinary. It was like a neighborhood bar, but without the bar.

"This doesn't look so bad," Lucas muttered under his breath.

"I think all the action is, um, downstairs," Valerie replied. He nodded vaguely, then turning his attention to the other people in the room. Many of them were dressed in street clothes, as he was, but he was astonished to notice how many others were in various stages of undress. Lots of women - young and old - wandered about comfortably in lingerie or even completely topless. There was some leather, some leash-wearing, and two totally naked dudes sitting in the corner, deep in conversation.

"So, are we meeting someone? How will you know who they are?"

"Oh, I think we'll know," she said vaguely, her eyes all for the man striding directly toward them. He wasn't a particularly memorable gentleman, medium height, brown hair and eyes, nondescript face. Yet there was a rippling sense of confidence around him that Lucas automatically took notice of. The man stopped in front of Valerie, gave her a small smile, and held out his hand.

"Valerie, I believe?"

"Yes, you must be Mike. This is my boyfriend, Lucas," she said, taking his hand.

"Pleased to meet you, Lucas. Not often we get a lady's significant other coming along with her. Are you ready to go downstairs, you two?"

"Absolutely." Her eyes were sparkling, he thought. She hadn't been this excited for anything in a long time. He bet they would have some smoking hot sex when they got home that night, and he felt his dick swell a little just thinking about it.

He followed both of them downstairs, and what he saw took him right out of his element. Directly before them were a series of upright frames, which people were tied to, being whipped by their partners. Sex swings were in use, as well as a couple of different cages. There were couches, beds, tables, and some chairs where observers watched quietly. Who would have thought that behind the drab exterior, kinky sex acts were going on every night of the week?

Women were gasping in pain, moaning in orgasm all around him. It was almost like any man's dream come true... if he were interested in inflicting pain or humiliating his women. Lucas definitely found it arousing, but he still wasn't sure if it was something he could see himself participating in.

They followed Mike to the very back of the room, where a padded bench stood empty in front of a mirror. A couple of buff guys and a few half-naked women were milling around, apparently waiting for something to happen. As they approached, Mike pointed Valerie toward the bench, where she willingly bent over it. Lucas stood uncomfortably with his back against a pillar. Mike took hold of the straps hanging on the legs of the bench, which he attached to her arms and legs, holding her down to it. Lucas unconsciously stepped forward a bit in concern, but Mike held a hand up.

"Easy there, buddy, this is SOP."

"Lucas, it's okay," confirmed Valerie, so he stepped back again, but he wasn't thrilled about it. Mike flipped her skirt up to expose her panty-covered ass, smiling appreciatively at it. He gave it a test swat with his palm, nodding as it jiggled and Valerie gave a cute little moan. He lifted a paddle off the wall behind him and brought it down on Valerie's ass. She gasped.

"Wow, that's really something!" she exclaimed. She grinned up at Lucas. "It hurts, baby."

"Are you okay?" he asked, already starting to get hard.

"Yeah, it feels great. Give it to me, Mike!"

Mike swung the paddle down with a thick thunking sound, and Valerie moaned loudly. Lucas watched numbly as another man spanked his girlfriend. From the sounds she was making, he would say that she was actually getting close to an orgasm. He couldn't believe it! He should have been the one doing this, but again...looking at Mike, he just didn't think he could do it right.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she was chanting underneath the swinging paddle. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes," she screamed, and Lucas knew she was coming. He watched her hips squirm on the bench and he squeezed his cock through his jeans absently.

Mike hung the paddle back up, patting Valerie's bottom with a proprietary air. He leaned down to her, and she smiled and nodded back up at him. He walked around behind her again, and Lucas wondered what was going on. So, she'd been spanked, and she had an orgasm, so, weren't they done? Why wasn't Mike untying her? Wait, why was Mike unzipping his pants?

He had pulled out his cock, definitely one bigger and thicker than Lucas's, and he was stroking it over Valerie's ass. He reached out to pull her panties down her ass, and Lucas stepped away from the pillar again.

"Hey, what are you doing?" he asked indignantly. Immediately, the other two guys nearby - Lucas had completely forgotten about them - came over and pushed him up against the pillar again. One of them tied his hands together behind it, even as he struggled to get away. Then the man knelt and tied his ankles to it, too. "What the fuck?! Valerie!"

She looked up at him apologetically. "Sorry, Lucas," she said. Meanwhile, Mike had gotten her panties down, and was positioning himself at her entrance. With a firm thrust, he pushed it all the way into her. Valerie moaned, keeping eye contact with Lucas as Mike bottomed out in her pussy.

Lucas felt his cock swell up in his pants almost painfully as he watched this stranger fuck his girlfriend. Mike had one foot up on the bench to give himself better leverage as he fucked Valerie. Lucas groaned a little under his breath.

"Valerie, how could you?" he asked quietly.

"Hey Chels, this guy looks like he could use a little help, huh?" said Mike to one of the girls nearby. She was a tiny, mousy-looking girl, not at all like the brash Valerie. She approached Lucas tentatively and unzipped his pants, pulling his cock out and stroking it gently. He threw his head back as she took him into her mouth. He tingled all over and felt himself already too close to coming.

"No, no, don't do this," he begged. The girl ignored him, deep-throating him expertly. He opened his eyes and couldn't help looking down at her. Valerie's throaty moans drew his attention back to them, and he noticed that Mike was slowing down a little, really banging into her deeply with each thrust.

"Shit, fuck, you're going to make me come again, Mike!" Valerie screamed.

"Oh yeah," Mike grunted, pumping his hips forward once more. Lucas knew he was coming, spurting his seed into his girlfriend, and it was too much for him. He looked down again, feeling his cock growing even harder as he started to come in the girl's mouth. She swallowed and wiped her mouth, zipping his jeans back up and turning away disinterestedly.

Lucas felt himself being untied, and Mike came up to him, holding out the paddle. Lucas took it, confused. Mike clapped him on the shoulder, gestured toward Valerie.

"She's all yours, dude. Good luck." With a grin, he took his entourage and left, Lucas hefting the paddle, and looking down at Valerie.

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