tagLesbian SexThe Supermarket Ch. 05

The Supermarket Ch. 05


*** Thank you, Drenkara, for making my words (and story) better. ***

"There you are," Aimee said as she handed the plastic-wrapped cold cuts across the counter to her customer, "three quarters of a pound of honey ham, thinly sliced." The customer took the packet and thanked Aimee, who thanked her in return. She put the ham back into the case and cleaned the cutter before turning back to await her next customer.

Aimee felt a thrill when she looked ahead and down aisle seven. She was there again. Every day or two the woman would be there in the aisle, reading a magazine. Aimee squatted down and pretended to check the stock in the display counter secretly watching the girl flip idly through the pages. Aimee had noticed that sometimes she would concentrate on the words, but mostly she seemed to like looking at the pictures.

It had been three or four months since Aimee had first noticed the woman. She had been wearing a pair of short shorts with a t-shirt and sandals on that day. She was tall and slender, with long legs, tiny ankles and firm calves and thighs. Aimee's first visceral impulse upon seeing her was to press her face into the girl's full, toned ass and play motorboat.

The sidelong view gave Aimee a great view of the girl's tits, at least a C-cup Aimee guessed, with nipples that pointed slightly upward. Her arms were thin, and had muscle that hinted at tennis or another sport, but not any hard labor. Her neck was very slim with a slight curve, and her jaw was smooth and round. She had full lips that sometimes parted as she read the magazines, but didn't move as though she were reading aloud. She had a cute, little nose, high, delicate cheekbones and the cutest little ears. Best of all was her gorgeous mane of golden blonde hair that changed style constantly everytime Aimee saw her, but she liked best when it hung loosely down her back.

Today though, the girl was dressed in tight jeans, running shoes, and a loose green top that was belted at the waist. Aimee watched her read and felt her heart soar within her breast, and thought again how wonderful it would be if the girl walked over and swept her up into her arms. She put the magazine down and turned suddenly, walking down the aisle toward Aimee. Her small blue eyes met Aimee's from several yards away, through the glass of the display, and Aimee fell back onto the floor on her ass, blushing furiously.

When Aimee stood and brushed herself off she looked around, but the girl was gone. Aimee remembered the girl's beautiful blue eyes, her thick lashes, the perpetual smolder in her gaze, and she shivered inside and out. It occurred to her that the girl had seen her, caught her watching, and had...smiled?

* * * * *

Stars exploded behind Aimee's eyes as her orgasm hit her, rolling through her body and then returning to concentrate in her clit, now only softly rubbed by her wet fingers. She gasped and moaned, kicking the covers from her bed again. For more than a month, Aimee had masturbated nightly to her fantasy woman, the blonde with the amazing body and the smoky eyes; the most beautiful woman Aimee could ever imagine. The encounter a few days earlier, when their eyes had met, had signaled a strengthening of her response, and now Aimee would come so explosively that she could hardly stand for a few minutes after.

As soon as she could, Aimee got up from her bed and closed her robe, heading into the hall of the apartment she shared with Collette and Sarah. She went into the bathroom and started the shower, dropping her robe and turning to face the mirror. She looked at her pale, plain round face, her large dark brown eyes, her too thick eyebrows that seemed to defy plucking, and her shag cut, dark brown hair that hung barely to her shoulders.

She looked at her skinny neck and her too wide shoulders, her prominent collar bone, and her small, unimpressive breasts with small, plain nipples. The muscle of her belly was hidden behind a layer of baby fat, and while slim, she didn't have much of a waist to speak of. Her hips were too full, her ass flabby, and her legs plain and unattractive.

Even her pussy confounded her. She had tried shaving the dark curls a month before, but that had looked silly, so she was growing it back. So far, she had only a rough triangle of long, curled stubble. Overall, Aimee thought sadly, even she wouldn't fuck her. The water wasn't even hot when Aimee moved beneath the spray, but it was either that or watch herself start to cry.

* * * * *

Aimee had just finished cleaning the cutter when she turned and saw someone standing by her register. "How can I help you?" she said, stepping up to the counter, and she looked up into the smoky blue eyes of her fantasy.

The girl's voice was soft, sultry, and her soft, pink lips parted as she spoke, revealing perfect little teeth and a hint of pink tongue. Aimee's lips parted and her mouth went completely dry. She felt her throat tighten, and she fought to keep from trembling. It was then that she realized she hadn't heard a single word the girl had said.

"I-I'm sorry?" Aimee stammered, averting her eyes but finding herself now staring at the lovely breasts before her, sensuously caressed by the soft yellow fabric of a tank top, the soft curves creating shadows where the fabric hugged her beautiful... Aimee tore her eyes away and looked back into the girl's eyes, and she said, "I didn't hear you. I'm sorry."

The girl was smiling, her eyes locked with Aimee's, and Aimee felt herself drawn into them. "I said, I'd like a diet," the girl said, "please." Aimee reflected on how she had to look up into the girl's eyes, and how she must be about five-eight, to Aimee's five-four. The girl was so gorgeous, her skin was flawless, the little pout of her lips exciting, the promise of other things being soft and pink and pouty, and... "Medium," the girl said, and Aimee closed her eyes and shook her head.

Aimee turned and grabbed a paper cup and filled the bottom quarter with crushed ice. She filled the cup with diet soda and snapped the plastic lid over the top before turning back to the girl, catching her eyes jumping up to meet her own. Was she looking at my butt? Ohmygod! She was looking at my ass! Aimee felt herself becoming very excited, her nipples growing tender and sensitive, her pussy becoming creamy and wet. The girl was smiling softly at Aimee, and she raised her eyebrows and softly asked, "Is that for me?"

"Oh yeah," Aimee whispered hoarsely, and then realized she was talking about the cold cup of soda in her hands. Shit! "Yes," Aimee said quickly, holding the cup out to the girl, "Here you go."

She watched the girl push a straw into the cover of the cup, then lifted it up and put her lips around the straw and sucked softly, the straw darkening as the soda was drawn into her mouth. The girl was smiling at her again, her eyes sparkling, and Aimee was rapt, unable to tear her attention away from her delightful dream girl.

She heard a tap and looked down, and saw the girl was holding a debit card in her fingers. Shit! Shit! Shit! Aimee took the card and rang up the purchase. As she was about to hand the card back she looked at the face, at the picture there. The girl's picture looked like a professional modeling photo. Aimee sighed, thinking about how her own picture looked like a tweaker pirate. She also saw something else on the card, and her heart burst with excitement as she handed the card back, smiling broadly.

"Here's your card and your receipt," she said, beaming happily, "Angel."

"Thank you, Aimee," Angel Holliman said softly, not even glancing at Aimee's name tag. Aimee watched Angel walk away slowly, her hips swaying and causing her short, loose skirt to dance gently around her hips. As soon as she was out of sight, Aimee grabbed the phone and hit the button to connect with Joe, the manager.

When Joe picked up the phone Aimee told him she had a bathroom emergency, and he told her to go ahead. Slamming the receiver into the cradle, Aimee took off at a brisk walk through the store to the back and into the employee passage, past the break room and down the hall to the bathroom.

Aimee slammed the bathroom door and threw the lock, then leaned back against the door. Her hand slid under her waistband and her fingers found her excited clit, she was so wet. She rubbed softly and came hard, immediately, her knees buckling and her back sliding down the door until she sat on the floor, gasping and whining softly. She had it bad for that girl, and that wasn't good.

* * * * *

Aimee's cheek was pressed to her pillow, one arm reaching beneath her, rubbing her pussy softly, her sweet juices making her fingers and hand wet and sticky. Her other gripped her breast roughly, pinching her nipple, and Aimee gasped and whined as she brought herself closer to climax. "Oh, Angel!" Aimee moaned, and her orgasm took her, her ass wiggling and shaking in the air, her juices running down her arm.

A half hour later, Aimee stepped into the hallway, wearing her robe, and saw Collette standing there, her arms crossed, leaning her shoulder against the wall. "Who's Angel?" Collette asked, smiling broadly.

Aimee flushed with embarrassment, wondering how loudly and how many times she'd cried out Angel's name. "None of your business!" Aimee said, bustling past the tall brunette and slamming the bathroom door.

"Hey, Sweetheart," Collette said through the door, "It sounds like she's pretty special, that's all. I hope you bring her around sometime."

"Me too," Aimee whispered as she turned on the water for her shower.

* * * * *

Aimee had just finished the last of a seven customer rush and was cleaning up when she saw Angel reading a magazine on aisle 11. She had her hair combed over to one side so that it cascaded over her shoulder, and she wore a tight little camisole with pink spaghetti straps, a flouncy yellow miniskirt with a floral print, and little white strappy sandals with a kitten heel.

Aimee smiled and waved a little when Angel looked over and saw her, and Angel smiled, her mouth moving. Aimee couldn't hear her from so far away, but she was sure that Angel had said, "Hi Aimee." A few minutes later, Angel was at her counter, and Aimee went to her.

"Can I get you a diet," Aimee asked softly, "on me?"

Angel was gazing into Aimee's eyes, and she said, "In a cup would be fine." Aimee giggled when she got it, feeling her face flush. She turned and made the soda for Angel, then handed it to her, watching her take a sip, her lips surrounding the straw, so soft and pink and pouty.

Seeing the magazine on the counter, Aimee asked, "Do you want to pay for that here?"

"Sure," Angel said, getting out her wallet and handing Aimee her debit card. She picked up the magazine to run it over the scanner and stopped. Maxim? What kind of girl reads Maxim? She looked up at Angel, who was smiling shyly. "I like the pictures," she said quietly, and Aimee shivered, her panties getting moist.

She ran the card and handed it back to Angel, along with the receipt and the Maxim. Angel stood there, sipping from the lucky straw, looking at Aimee expectantly. "Can I get you something else?" Aimee asked, feeling breathless.

"I think it's really cute that you're all shy and everything," Angel said, "but if you're not going to ask, then I guess I'll have to." She paused to sip again from her soda, and couldn't have missed Aimee's trembling. "Can I have your phone number?"

"Why?" Aimee asked, feeling like someone was playing a joke on her.

"So I can call you later and ask you out." Angel looked uncertain for the first time. "I mean, I'm sorry I thought you were interested," Angel looked away, her face flushing.

"Oh I am!" Aimee said, too loudly. "But why would someone like you want to, I mean, I'm not even, I mean, It's just that, I mean, you're so beautiful!"

Angel was blushing deeply, and she bit her lower lip softly until her smile grew too big and her lip popped free of her teeth. "Thank you," she whispered, "I think you're totally cute."

"Me?" Aimee said, feeling her eyes tearing up. "I'm cute?"

"Totally cute," Angel said, and then giggled. "Look, can I get your number?"

Aimee snatched the Maxim out of Angel's hand and she scrawled her telephone number across the cover. "I'm home tonight at seven. Call me anytime! We can go out, maybe see a movie or something."

Angel smiled and she picked up the magazine, rolling it up, and then she impulsively darted her head forward and kissed Aimee's cheek before turning and striding away, a bounce in her step. Dear diary, Aimee thought, watching Angel's long legs and her swaying skirt as she walked away, today was the very very best day of my life.

* * * * *

It was nearly nine, and Aimee was perched on the couch in her apartment she shared with Collette and Sarah, staring at the telephone. The doubt had begun at seven-oh-one, and had become stronger and stronger, even the cheap red wine she'd been drinking hadn't helped. She was becoming convinced that everything that had happened had been a big joke. The gorgeous blonde was making fun of her. There was no way a girl like that thought that someone like Aimee was "totally cute". It should have been so obvious!

And then the phone rang. Aimee stared at it, her heart pounding. It rang again. It was ringing a third time when she snapped up the receiver and breathlessly said, "Hello?"

"Hi Aimee," she heard Angel's voice on the line.

"Hi Angel."

"I would have called earlier, but I thought you might be busy, just getting home from work and all."

"No problem," Aimee said, looking at the black screen of the television, "I was just watching some T.V."

"What are you watching?"

"Nothing. I lied. I've been sitting here going crazy waiting for you to call." Aimee winced, knowing how pathetic she sounded, how pathetic she was.

"That's sweet," Angel said. "I'm sorry I made you wait."

"It's worth it to hear your voice." The wine was buzzing in Aimee's head, making her blink slowly. Her whole body was alive, thrumming with energy.

"Do you want to maybe meet and get some coffee or something?" Angel sounded kind of nervous too.

"You could come over," Aimee said, and her eyes squeezed shut as she said, "We can have coffee and I'll make you breakfast."

"I like having breakfast at dinner time too," Angel said.

"That's not what I meant," Aimee said, her heart pounding. "I meant if you come over now, I'll make you breakfast tomorrow morning."

"Wow," Angel said, "Shy, but not into waiting, huh?"

"I've been waiting for you for all of my life, and I've been watching you, falling for you, for months. I don't want to wait anymore," Aimee said, a tear running down her cheek.

"I'll come over," Angel said softly, "but no promises about breakfast, okay?"

"Ya," Aimee said, and she told Angel her address and gave her directions. Amazingly, Angel lived only a few miles away.

As soon as she hung up the phone, Aimee jumped up and ran, squealing, to her bedroom and undressed as quickly as she could. She ran naked down the hall and jumped into a cold shower, scrubbing herself quickly, and then toweled herself as she ran back to her room.

Aimee stared at her open underwear drawer, and finally pulled out a pair of low-rise bikini panties with turquoise, sea foam, and white stripes. As she slipped them on she tried to imagine what she could wear that wouldn't be too slutty, but would get her point across. Not having decided yet on what skirt to wear, she pulled on a cap sleeved white blouse and had just buttoned it when the doorbell rang.

She ran to the front door and pulled it open, realizing at the very last moment that she hadn't put on a skirt yet. Angel saw Aimee and smiled, and she said, "If I had legs like yours I'd want to show them off too."

Aimee showed her in, noticing that her blouse hung down past her panties, and did show off her legs nicely, or as well as her chunky legs could be shown off. Angel still wore her cami top and little skirt. She walked into the apartment and sat on the couch, pulling her long legs up beneath her.

Aimee stared at her, sitting there like a jewel in the plain, drab surroundings of the apartment. After a moment, she regained her senses and went into the kitchen and started the coffee brewing. She came out and sat on the couch, on the other end from Angel.

"You look pretty," Angel said, "and kind of hot too." Aimee flushed and looked down at herself. She shrugged. After a moment of silence, Angel said, "So, you're only shy when I'm with you? You were pretty brave on the phone." Aimee shivered, wishing she could find the courage to even meet Angel's eyes after the things she'd said on the telephone. "Fine," Angel said, "then I'll do it."

Angel leaned toward Aimee and crawled closer, and her face was only inches from Aimee's, her lips parting, and Aimee leaned into her, pressing her lips to Angel's. Her arms were around the slender girl, pulling her close, and Angel settled into Aimee, her hand reaching up to tangle her fingers in Aimee's wet hair.

Both were breathing hard, breath exploding from their nostrils as they kissed, sucking one another's lips, tasting one another's tongues, and when they paused, their foreheads pressed together, their breath heating each other's face, both were shaking with passion. They continued to kiss, alternating between passion and softness, their bodies pressed together and held tightly in each other's arms, as the aroma of brewing coffee filled the apartment.

Aimee's body hummed with erotic energy, her nipples painfully hard and sensitive, her pussy wet and softly contracting onto itself, begging her to be filled, her every nerve ending singing. Angel's hand pulled from Aimee's hair and ran down to her neck, gripping her briefly, and then sliding down to cup and softly squeeze her breast.

Aimee's pussy tightened and she felt pleasure running out through her thighs, and then it happened again when Angel squeezed her breast softly but firmly, and Aimee couldn't help but moan her name. Angel was unbuttoning Aimee's blouse then, slowly, her fingers fumbling with the little white buttons. Her tongue teased Aimee's, and then she lightly bit Aimee's lip. Then Angel was kissing Aimee's neck, tingling pleasure running up and down her spine, through her breasts, and down through her belly to join the ripples of joy that were humming through her pussy and thighs, causing her feet to twist and her toes to curl.

Aimee was certain, without any question, that she had never felt such pleasure and excitement in her entire life.

Angel pushed Aimee's blouse open and she looked down at her breasts and smiled happily. "Oh, Aimee," she breathed, "they're so beautiful! Even nicer than I'd imagined."

Liar, Aimee thought, and then, Imagined? Angel had imagined Aimee's breasts? But all thoughts left her when Angel's lips closed around a nipple and she sucked softly, running her tongue over the tightly drawn and sensitive skin. Wave after wave of pure ecstasy flowed through her body from that nipple, setting off shockwaves that made her pussy contract hard on itself, almost painfully, and as she cried out she felt her ass convulse and wondered...

Angel pulled away from Aimee's breast slowly, rising to meet her eyes. It took Aimee a moment to focus, but then the smoky little blue eyes twinkled and Angel asked her, "Aimee, did you just come?" All Aimee could do was nod slightly, and then her head rolled back. "Oh," Angel whispered breathlessly, "that's so fucking hot." She put her lips to Aimee's breasts again, kissing softly until she found the other nipple and sucked on it softly while Aimee moaned and shook.

The door opened and Collette and Sarah walked into the living room, talking to one another about school. They attended night classes at the community school together. Angel leaped back to the other end of the couch, straightening her skirt, and Aimee clumsily tried to pull her blouse closed.

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