The Surprising Road Home


"I do. But, not often, and never too much. I got drunk once, learned a valuable lesson and haven't seen the need to repeat the lesson."

"What lesson?"

"Four of us went drinking from Keesler Air Base in Mississippi and got drunk. On the way back to the base I fell asleep in the back seat. The guy driving crashed the car and six people died. A boy in the other car survived and I survived. Drinking kills."

"Yup. It almost killed me, too."

"Diet Coke is good."

"And safer."

After dinner we sat outside and met some of our neighbors out for their walk. We were invited to walk, but declined. We didn't explain why. One couple stopped and sat a while. They were from Maine. They were headed for Phoenix Arizona for the winter. When they asked where we were headed I said, "Southern California. I've got family there."

The wife asked, "How long have you two been a couple?"

Kate answered, "Sometimes it seems like ten minutes and sometimes I think I've been married to him all my life." The other woman nodded in agreement. Her husband asked, "Is that a compliment or a slam?"

I answered, "Depends on if today is the ten minutes or the forever, I guess."

Kate looked at me and said, "Whichever it is, it hasn't been long enough for me."

I looked at the man and said, "Now that's a compliment." I looked back at Kate, winked and said, "Thanks Babe."

Our conversation continued for a while and then they moved along. After they were gone for a while Kate asked, "Why leave them believing we're married and on our way to Southern California?"

"I don't know Jack. I don't know how soon he might be on our trail, or if. If he's on our trail, I want to leave enough miscues that finding you will be nearly impossible. If he finds that couple he'll be led to believe it wasn't us and led towards Southern California. Either thing he believes helps keep you safe."


Inside the RV she asked for my help and together we got her undressed, through her bathroom ritual and ready for bed. I did my ritual and got into bed. We said good night and I shut off the light. In seconds I was asleep.

Some time in the night her voice woke me. "Nick? Nick?"

"Yeah. Need help?" I figured she needed help getting to the bathroom again.

"I don't need your help. I want to ask for something."

I turned on the small light by my bed. "What do you want?"

"Could I sleep with you?"

"Whoa. That isn't a simple question. There are implications."

"Can we save those for after we get past St. Louis and for tonight just have it mean I don't want to sleep alone? I'd like to be held."

"Yes." I got up and helped her get out of bed. When she was standing I opened the door to the bathroom and aimed her there.

"I don't really need to go." She said.

"Go anyway. You'll sleep longer."

She sat with my help and when she was done I helped her into the bed. Beds in RV's aren't like beds in houses. At least not in smaller RV's like mine. There was enough room for both of us, but not much extra room. She lay on her side and I spooned up behind her. We got comfortable and she said, "That's much better." She was right, it was.

The sun was up when we woke. My bladder communicated its need for relief and I responded by using the restroom. Then I helped Kate in and she used the facility. We dressed and had a quick cereal breakfast and got on the road. Five hours later we saw the arch and the bridge across the river into St. Louis. On the east side of the bridge I saw what I wanted, boat sales yards. I pulled in and spent an hour selling my boat and trailer. I had bought them used and sold them for almost as much as I had paid back in May before I retired.

As we drove away without the boat and trailer Kate asked, "Why'd you sell the boat?"

"It makes it harder for Jack to follow us. There are fewer RV's towing boats than there are RV's. Winnie's are pretty popular. We just blend into the crowd better without the boat."

"I had the feeling you really liked that boat."

"I love fishing. Boats make that possible. Wherever I go there will be boats for sale. Selling this one gives us better mileage, too."

"Ok." We crossed the bridge and when Kate saw the sign announcing that we were in St. Louis she said, "Now I've been in South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois and now Missouri! And, we've only been on the road three days."

We stopped for lunch and gas. We visited the arch. We drove around St. Louis and saw some of the sights. As it approached evening we found a campground and rented a space. The folks camped next to us were slightly older than us and towed a car behind their motor home. They offered to take us with them to a great restaurant they knew of. We went.

Kate looked over the menu for quite a while. She said, "I don't know what to get."

I ordered for both of us. For Kate, I ordered the Vitello Piccata, veal medallions in a nice sauce. I ordered Pollo Conti, chicken in a mild wine sauce. I figured we could swap or share if she didn't like the veal. I'd like either one.

Our dinner companions were from Minnesota. They were headed south for the winter. They told us they were called snow birds, people who live up north where it snows but migrate to warmer areas every winter. They shared with us about their kids, grandkids and what they would do in and around El Paso.

When they ask about us I told them we had retired from the Air Force and were just traveling. We had no destination in mind, really, but North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota and the like were not on our agenda until late spring. They gave us information about where they would be and said if we wanted to visit we would be welcome.

Our dinners arrived and Kate took a bite. It was apprehensive at best. She chewed and then smiled. She leaned to me and whispered, "What is this?"

"Veal. Young, tender cow." I whispered back.

"Yummie." Max and Joan shared bites from their dinners with each other without even asking. I asked Kate, "May I have a taste?"

She surprised me by answering, "Not here!" Then her brain caught up with her mouth and she said, "Of my veal? Sure." Jack must have asked for a taste of her wetness sometime in their past. I stored that information away for future use.

Max said, "See, I'm not the only horney old man." Joan slapped his shoulder and blushed.

Kate said, "Neither of you men are old." We all laughed. The implication was clear.

When we got in their car to go back to the campground Kate bumped her chest and winced. Joan asked, "What's wrong, Kate?"

I answered, "She was in a car accident a few days ago. Cracked a couple of ribs and broke her finger. She's still a bit tender."

Kate said, "You should see the car. It got more than bruises."

Max told us about an accident he had back in Minnesota. It had totaled his Toyota and he didn't even get a scratch. Joan said she missed that car. We invited them in for a while but they said it was already past their bed time and so they declined.

We iced Kate's bruises, cleaned up the RV and then got ready for bed ourselves. I started making the dining room bed and Kate asked, "Does that mean you don't want me to sleep with you?"

"No. That means it's your choice. I'm not into forcing or demanding. I liked having you in bed with me last night. I worried that I might bump and hurt you in our sleep, but we didn't. Would you like to share the bed with me again?"

"I thought you'd never ask. Yes, Nick, I'd love to share your bed." The timer went off, signaling that her fifteen minutes of ice were done. I took the ice packs and put them back in the freezer. When I turned back to face her she was slowly getting her blouse off. Instead of helping, I watched.

When the blouse was off she looked at me and asked, "Should I wear a t-shirt to hide the bruises?"

"What bruises?"

"Something else catch your eye?" She smiled as she asked.

"Your something elses have caught my eyes often. Even with bandages, you're good looking. I may not be old, but living with you like this has my attention on lots of things besides fishing."

"Thanks. At the beginning I wasn't sure what the signals were telling me."

"I remember. You asked if I was gay!"

"Would you help me get my pants off?"

"My pleasure." She stood and I knelt in front of her. The slacks she had on fit snug to her hips and butt, so they took a little effort to loosen and lower. When I started pulling them down I noticed she didn't have panties on. I looked up at her face.

"I didn't put panties on because I thought if I needed to pee at the restaurant it would be easier to get the pants down and back up without the panties. You wouldn't be able to help me there."

"I would have been willing to follow you into the ladies room and assist you."

"Right! Like I was going to ask!" Our banter was becoming more and more intimate and like close friends. Being in close proximity for twenty-four hours a day must be Ok in her mind, too.

I hung her slacks in the closet and put the blouse in our make shift laundry area, the shower stall. When I turned back Kate was in bed. "Could I have a couple pain pills, please?" She asked.

She took two. I undressed completely and got into bed. When the light went out she said, "That's even better. I don't like clothes in bed." We snuggled together and fell asleep.

It was light outside when I woke up. Two things were instantly evident to me, even without opening my eyes. The sun was up and Kate was holding my morning wood.

"Oh, now, you're awake." She said.

"Yes, and before I was asleep."

"Asleep and poking me with this thing!"

"Did I hurt you with it?"

"No, you woke me up with it and when I went to move it out of the way I found it felt good in my hand. Very warm and sort of exciting."

"Let's not start something that will hurt you. Don't get me wrong, I want to start something that will end with white stuff inside you, leaking out, but I don't want to hurt you by doing this too soon."

"It's Ok if it hurts a little as long as it feels good a lot."

My hand cupped her breast and she turned her face to mine. She kissed me. I gave as good as I got and what I got was wonderful. We took our time and enjoyed our morning together. When I progressed towards her pussy she realized where I was headed and said, "You're seriously headed there?"

"Unless you object. I love the taste and feel of woman for breakfast. Ok?"

"It will be another first. Five states and my first time being nibbled on."

Her thighs parted more and she repositioned her pillow so she could watch me. I held her hips in my hands and kissed the insides of her thighs, slowing approaching her forest of brown hair.

Kate said, "I can feel your breath. I can't believe you want to."

"Believe it!" I said. My face moved even closer and my tongue touched her slit. She moaned and her head dropped back onto the pillow. I interpreted that as enjoyment, so I licked her again, just with the tip of my tongue.

"That feels sooo good!" Her voice whispered as her hands grabbed my head, drawing me closer in. I shifted my hands and spread her hips wider. My tongue widened and painted from the bottom edge of her vagina up to and including her clit.

"Oh my God! More!"

I painted her with the same slow, wide tongue stroke six times. Her belly was quivering, her hands grasped my hair and she moaned with each stroke.

She was so close. I believed that one more stroke and she would lose all control and cum hard. So, I stopped. The tip of my tongue barely touched her at the bottom of her vaginal opening. Her sweet nectar flowed onto my tongue and she whimpered in frustration.

"Don't stop! Lick me again! Please, please, please, lick me again."

As slowly as I was able I moved my tongue upwards just enough for her to respond. She jammed my face into her slit and her hips bucked, rubbing herself against my face. It pushed her over the edge and she screamed!

Motor homes are barely insulated. An argument can be heard three camping spots away. It was ten o'clock on a Thursday morning in a campground where we had not seen children, in fact most of the people we saw were older than us. Kate screamed! Loud and long she screamed as the throes of her orgasm ripped through her.

I held on and rode her and her hips bucked and twisted. I worried that she was about to pull handfuls of my hair out by the roots, but it didn't happen.

When the scream ended she took a huge breath and collapsed. I lifted my face from her, relaxed my hands and waited for her blood pressure, heart rate and breathing to at least start back toward normal.

Her eyes opened and she softly said, "I hate Jack! I hate every man who wanted me to suck them off and refused to do that for me! What selfish bastards!"

"They didn't know what they were missing."

"Bless whoever taught you to eat pussy! Bless you for doing it, for liking it, and bless you for doing it to me!"

"Truly, my pleasure."

"Wait!" She sat up. "You aren't done!" She grabbed my arms and pulled. She pulled me up and helped me into the proper position for the Missionary Prayer of Thanksgiving. My cock touched her outer lips and she dropped back onto the pillow. "Please, be inside me."

I pushed slowly into her, watching as my cock slid into her forest of hair. When I bottomed and started back she said, "Even that feels different! Oh, Nick, what have you done to me?"

"Just so you know, this isn't fucking." I said.

"No! I've been fucked! This is something else."

We slid together, wrapped in each other, completely, for a long time. When my biological drive took over and demanded faster, harder and more intense to the finish she was right there with me. Her legs wrapped around my hips and drew me in deep. It was unnecessary, but I said, "Now!" as millions of sperm raced into her. Unnecessary because she felt them and felt the muscles pumping them into her. Her fingernails dug into my arms and she moaned, "Yessss!"

When I could, I fell to her right and landed beside her. She faced me and kissed my face. Another first. Her first taste of herself from someone else's face.

Some time later she covered us. As afternoon came my stomach demanded I have regular food. My bladder demanded I pee. Kate didn't demand anything, she was an invitation.

I took care of the bladder demand first. Then I made sandwiches and we ate in bed. Kate said, "How far did you plan to get today?"

"You mean on the highway or with you?" I took a drink from the one can of diet Coke we had opened.

"On the highway." She took the can from my hand and finished it off.

"I didn't make a plan."

"Good thing. We didn't get far."

"Shall we dress and go for a walk?" I asked.

"We haven't gone for a walk, ever."

"I know, but I'd like to. I'd get the chance to strut."

"Strut? No one knows what we did here, except us."

"Wanna bet? When you came, you screamed at the top of your lungs for twenty or thirty seconds. Everyone in this campground heard you. Every woman envies you and every man hates me."

"So you want to get us dressed and parade your conquest around?"

"That was not a conquest. That was partnership at it's best!"

"Well, whatever it was, I'm not going for a walk. I'm not going outside at all."

I laughed and said, "It would take me fifteen minutes to unplug and unhook us. We could be miles down the road before dark. Shall I?"

"Would you mind?" Her voice was begging me to do it. I pulled on clothes and went outside. Fifteen minutes later I was back inside. The bed was made, the RV clean and road ready. Kate was dressed and sitting in the shotgun seat, holding an ice pack to her chest. An open diet Coke in the drink holder for the driver let me know she appreciated me.

We drove the hundred miles to Columbia and pulled off the main road into a truck stop. We ate dinner in their restaurant and climbed back into the RV just about ten that evening. I handed her my cell phone. She looked at me and I said, "Call your brother at home. I'd like to know if Jack stayed in town or went looking for us."

She called. I went outside and looked at the other rigs around us. When I came back Kate was in bed. I undressed and joined her. She welcomed me gently, with touches and kisses.

"Jack is still in town. He brags that he threw me out and that I'm gone for good. My brother saw him at the Watering Hole last night and he was hitting on everything with tits."

"Good. You are gone for good."

We slept well. When morning came we were gassed up and back on the road. Kate cooked for the first time, making French toast for our breakfast. It was damn good. Just before I was thinking about lunch we got to Kansas City, Missouri. I smiled and went across the bridge into Kansas. We stopped at a shopping center.

"What are we looking for?" Kate asked.

"You have three suitcases of clothes, right?"

"Yes, well almost. I have cosmetics and stuff too."

"Who paid for those clothes?"

"Mostly, Jack."

"Well, I'd like you to wear clothes you like, not reminders of the past. So, let's see what we can find that you like."

"Did my brother give you money?"

"He did. Part of it was for new clothes."

Two hours later we were back in the RV. Kate was in a new skirt, blouse and shoes. Two other new outfits were in the closet. She liked how the new clothes looked and how she felt wearing them.

We headed north and late in the afternoon we were near Bellevue Nebraska. I got off the main road and headed for Offutt Air Force Base. At the main gate I showed my ID and was waved onto the base. We drove to the BX and commissary. Kate was surprised at the prices. We loaded up on food and supplies. I asked a few people if they knew a place where we could park for the night. One family offered to let us use their land. They were retired too and had twelve acres a few miles from the base. We followed them back to their home.

I think almost every woman has a picture in her mind of where she wants to live. She knows what the house should look like, the land, the feel and when Kate saw their farm she was seeing her dream. The house was white with blue-gray trim, two story, with a big wrap-around porch. Behind the house they had a huge garden filled with evidence of the bounty that summer had been. They even had a barn.

As we drove near the barn a dog came out of the barn. A chocolate lab who was excited to see all of us. He ran to the truck of the Logan's and then to us, back to the Logan's and back to us. His excitement was infectious. The instant I put us in Park, Kate was out and the dog was greeting her. It hurt, but she didn't care.

Mrs. Logan called the dog, "Max!" He instantly turned and ran from Kate to Mrs. Logan. She apologized for Max being so excited. We said we enjoyed Max welcoming us. The Logan's put together a big picnic dinner and three other families, neighbors, arrived to share time, food and conversation with us.

I was amazed. In less than an hour we had a huge table covered with food. A ham, baked chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, garden salad, corn on the cob, beans, lumpia, three kinds of dessert and two kinds of iced tea. A metal wash tub was filled with sodas, beers and bottles of water. A huge round picnic table was covered with a red and white checked table cloth, plates and matching napkins.

Kate and I did little except stand back and watch as it came together. The four families obviously had done this before. We discovered that the dinner had been planned for weeks. We were invited at the spur of the moment.

When everyone was seated Mr. Logan (USAF, CMSGT ret.) offered a blessing on the food and the people gathered. He thanked God for bringing us together and having us be a blessing to their family. I was touched.

The food was passed clockwise and I quickly realized that if I took some of everything I didn't have a big enough plate. Kate was nearly in overwhelm. We were included, not like guests, but like family. The banter around the table was light hearted, loving and included lots of laughter.

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