tagRomanceThe Swimming Hole

The Swimming Hole


Since the last encounter with Thomas, Kelli was impatiently waiting to find out the details of their next rendezvous. As she lay in bed, trying to drift off to sleep, her mind kept wondering to the old oak tree and the event that took place there. Her mind took her back to the feeling of having his powerful penis in her as she picked herself up and pushed herself down upon it. The feeling of his tongue rolling over her hard nipple and finally their combined orgasms flooded her mind. She couldn't take it anymore. She just had to have him.

She pulled her nightshirt over her naked body and crept out of her bedroom window, in search of the man she wanted the most. As she got closer and closer to his home, she could feel the wetness dripping from her pussy, and knew it wouldn't be long. She peeked into his open window and found him lying naked, asleep on his bed. Without noise, she crawled into his bedroom; thinking of the many things she could do next. Before she could act upon any of her thoughts, he moaned her name in his sleep and his penis grew harder. At that moment she knew what she wanted to do.

She crawled onto his bed, like a cat in the night. She licked her lips and in one slow motion, engulfed his penis with her mouth. She slowly encircled his penis with her tongue and began the slow up and down motion she knew he liked so well. Still fast asleep, he kept saying her name over and over and this only encouraged her to go faster. She could feel his penis throb and knew it wouldn't be much longer. She went faster and faster as she sucked him hard. Finally, he came like a dam bursting open. She kept sucking him into her mouth, taking every drop. Once he was done cumming, she swallowed hard and licked her lips clean. She slowed moved towards his mouth and gave him a soft, sweet kiss. Just as quietly as she crept into his room, she left. But not before leaving a message for him on his bedroom mirror. Three simply words, wrote in red paint, he had lying on his desk, "I love you."

The next day, Kelli took off for the swimming hole in nothing but her bathing suit and a button up shirt. She knew she would see Thomas today, and just that thought kept her wet. As she got to the swimming hole, she could hear the noise of splashing water. Someone was already there. As she came around the corner, she was greeted by Thomas and his big smile. She wanted to see if he would bring up last night, so she didn't dare ask him about it.

She dropped her shirt on the grass, near his, and jumped into the nice cool water. She swam into Thomas' arms and they embraced into another passionate kiss. When they broke she was surprised by water hitting her face. She knew it was a water fight and that he was going down. They play fought for awhile, and then the fight turned into who could get the other under the water. The wrestling was kind of sexually. It seemed like each of them was purposely grapping the other in spots where they knew would make the mind wonder.

They twisted their bodies in and out of each others arms, like dancers in a fast tango. Kelli knew what she was doing when she would press her breast into Thomas' chest, so he could feel her hard nipples; or rub her ass against his rock hard penis as she would slip from his grip. They both knew what was on the others mind. Thomas decided to end the games and grabbed Kelli in his arms and went in for another kiss. This kiss was full of sex, and Thomas didn't want to waste any time.

He led them over towards the rock wall and one end of the swimming hole. He slid his hands down her arms, taking the straps from her suit with him. She helped make this action easier by kicking it off and letting it float off, because she knew she wanted it as badly as he did. He lifted her up pressing her against the wall, and her legs wrapped around his body for balance. His right hand dipped into the water, headed for her wet pussy. As he slipped his fingers one by one, into the wetness, she pushed against him in a motion of desire.

She dropped her legs, and decided that he needed to match her in their attire for the next event. She glided her hands down his glistening back finding the band of his shorts. She tugged them down past his knees, and he lifted each leg to let them fall off. She found his penis under the water and gave it a slow tug, up and down the shaft. He kissed her like never before. The heat between them was more than either of them could take. He picked her up and took her to the bank wall, and turned her around, pressing her breast on the grass.

He entered her from behind, and she moaned in pleasure. He started off slowly, but then the urge was too powerful. He grabbed her shoulders and starting pounding into her. She was startled by the force he was fucking her with, but she didn't care. Her moans were the reassurance that he needed and he kept going. Her body was being stimulated in a new way and all she wanted him to do was go faster. She moaned in pleasure to go faster and to fuck her harder. She could feel his hands caress her breast, and pulling upon her hard nipple. She was getting closer and was hoping he was too.

She stopped the motion that she was enjoying so much, because she wanted to have a little control over the situation. She jumped up onto the shore and motioned for him to join her. He lay upon the warm grass letting his penis spring up into the air. She lowered herself upon his waiting penis and as she slid down a moan came from them both. Thomas sat up and sucked her nipple into his mouth. She rocked her body up and down, still slow at first. The feeling of climax was starting to boil from within and her tempo quickened, and Thomas bit her nipple hard. Faster and faster she moved, as she rode him to the edge of sanity. He gripped her ass as a wave washed over him as he came, and just at the right time. Kelli was bouncing up and down as her wave of pleasure exploded from deep inside of her. They both were exhausted, as they clasped into each others arms. The afternoon sun was beating down upon them, covering them like a warm blanket from the summer breeze.

Thomas listened to Kelli's breathing slow down, and as soon as he thought she was asleep, he rolled her to her back. He thought it was time to repay her for the dream like climax he had received last night. He kneeled between her legs and opened them wide. He lay on his stomach, face close enough to her pussy to smell the sex that was coming from within. He flicked her pussy to get a response from her and that he did; she moaned loud, unaware of what was about to happen, but still fast asleep.

Thomas followed her pussy lips from the bottom to the top, with his tongue. He retraced his path a few more times. By this time, Kelli's pussy was soaking wet. He darted his tongue in and out of her pussy and she started to moan louder. He quickened his pace, faster and faster. He decided to try something different and he entered his middle finger deep into her. After a few pumps, he added one more and then, finally, another. He was having fun licking and sucking her pussy; while he was pumping fast into her. And her moans proved that she liked it.

He could feel her pussy walls begin to contract, and he knew she was getting close. He went faster and faster and her breathing followed suit. He sucked her clit hard into his mouth and this drew her over the edge. She came harder than ever before as she arched her back in pleasure. He tried to drink up all of her juices, but there was just too much. After she stopped climaxing, he moved to hold her again. He whispered into her ear, "Thank you for my dream last night."

As she drifted back off to sleep she whispered, "You are welcome, and next time bring the rope."

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