tagGroup SexThe Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool


Our pool had always been clothing optional and we were so open about that that we told everyone we knew that we loved to skinny dip, especially at night. My girlfriend, Jessica, and I had a very beautiful relationship and we were pretty open to new and sexy things, including on-line chatting and cybering.

One friend in particular, Amy, was one that we both had our fun with. One evening she and I were chatting, when Jessica noticed that I was getting aroused. Most women would be jealous, but not Jess. She joined in on the fun. She sat right next to me and took over the keyboard. The next thing I knew she was sitting on top of me with my cock in her and she was cybering with Amy at the same time.

So we invited Amy to come down and visit with us. She's single and up to a lot of different things. After, that we cybered a lot and talked about the rules/guidelines we'd follow.

Needless to say we were excited when she took us up on our offer. We waited impatiently for the day to arrive, fortunately we were pretty busy, and so the time flew. We picked her up at the airport, drove her back to our place, a fabulous dinner, and some wine with dinner. After dinner, we moved to the pool area and sat around smoking and drinking more wine while talking. All of our inhibitions were released.

I thought it was now or never and stripped out of my shorts and jumped in the pool. Our friend, Amy, saw me, gave my girlfriend a wry smile and then did the same, followed almost immediately Jess. We all swam a while and then Amy and I came to the same spot. I kissed her deeply while my girlfriend watched from the other side of the pool. She had her hand on my cock and I felt her pussy while we kissed. We were definitely in the deep end.

I kept kissing her until I heard Jess popping out of the pool totally naked and we watched her approach us. She climbed back in the pool, took my place and began kissing Amy. As they kissed, they were feeling each other's tits in the pool. I was standing behind Amy, she had my cock in her hand and was stroking me slowly up and down. I couldn't believe how hard I had gotten. After a short time, I reached down to feel her pussy and felt my Jess's fingers there. She had two fingers in Amy's pussy and their lips were locked. I came up behind Jess to feel her pussy and found that our friend's fingers were there.

My sexy Jess had a hand on Amy's tit and one in her pussy and Amy was doing the same to her. I was hard as a rock as these two voluptuous women were playing with each other naked, in the pool outside. Anyone from the neighborhood could have walked by and they would have seen an eyeful.

I was standing next to them offering encouragement. Not much was needed. They were moaning as they were cumming all over each other's fingers. Amy kept stroking my cock as Jess finger fucked her. Amy's eyes were closed and she was enjoying it. Jess looked at me and winked. She pulled her fingers out of Amy's cunt. She whispered, "I want to see you two fuck." I moved directly behind Amy and slid my cock in between her now spread legs. She put it in her pussy and I slowly fucked her standing up in the pool. The girls were now kissing and they kept feeling each other's tits. I was fucking our friend, she was finger fucking my girlfriend, and Jess was sucking on Amy's nipples.

We did this for a little bit of time until we heard Jess cumming right there in the pool. The girls had both cum, but I hadn't. I got the feeling I was going to be the boy toy that weekend, and this was going to be all for them. Not that I minded, mind you!

So, we broke from each other. We all seemed to need a break and a drink and a cigarette. We sat on the patio; our towels barely covering us as we had a smoke and a glass of wine. The girls sat huddled together chatting. They were a few feet from me. For some reason -- maybe it was the two naked women with me, maybe it was the wine, or maybe it was just because, my cock was hard again. I stood up from my chair, walked over to the girls and put my cock in my Amy's mouth. Then in Jess's mouth. Then back. Again and again.

They shared my cock.

I kept switching back and forth. They'd watch intently as the other sucked me. I was so hard. I could barely stand it.

Neither could Jess. She pushed me onto the chair and climbed on top of me facing Amy. She slid her soaking wet pussy down my cock and started fucking me right in front of her. Amy stood up and kissed my girlfriend, deeply - slow tongue kisses. Then she bent down and started nibbling on my girlfriend's tits. One then the other - cupping them while nibbling. Next she grabbed her towel, folded it, put it on the ground in front of us and knelt down. She licked us together as my cock was going in and out of my Jess. Then she did something I had only seen in porn. She pulled my cock out of my girlfriend's cunt and sucked it. She licked up and down on my shaft, making sure she licked all of the pussy juices off my dick. It was absolutely breath taking -- cool air and hot lips on my cock. When she was done, she shoved my cock back into my gf's waiting pussy.

She fucked me for a couple of minutes or so. Then the girls switched places. They both fucked me for a total of about 5 minutes. Then they stopped. I was right, I was going to be their boy toy.

After a while, we moved the party into the bedroom. I really wanted to fuck Amy and she wanted to fuck me. She lay down on the bed and spread wide for me. I fucked her as hard as I could for as long as I could. My girlfriend was out on the patio sitting in a chair watching us through the bedroom window. Her hands were furiously masturbating her pussy as she watched me fuck Amy. We were watching her watch us.

I couldn't stand it any longer and I came in her. Just as my girlfriend was cumming. She got up from her chair and walked into the bedroom. Without saying a word, she replaced my cock with her tongue and began licking the cum out of our friend.

Amy's pussy was on fire and I could feel myself getting hard again as I watched my girlfriend eat her. Amy was pinching her nipples and I decided that I needed to suck on them, so I grabbed one of them with my hand and put my mouth on the other. I rubbed my cock against the bed to make it harder and I was inches away from my girlfriend's mouth and our friend's cunt. Jess was playing with her pussy and both girls were moaning. I removed my mouth from those big tits and got out of the bed. Jessica's cunt was at the edge of the bed and I just rammed my cock in her, while she continued licking the cunt in front of her.

Amy was cumming and she was watching me fuck my Jess from behind. Amy was kissing my girlfriend and licking her face, then feeling her tits and her pussy at the same time. She was lying next to my Jess, so began finger fucking her sensitive pussy. It was so fucking wet. I had my cock in Jess's pussy, two fingers inside Amy's cunt and the girls were necking with each other.

Jess said to me, "I want you to fuck me in the ass."

I pulled my fingers out of Amy and my cock out of Jess. I pulled her ass cheeks apart.

"Amy, take this condom, slide it on my cock and put that cock in her ass."

She put warming lube in her hands, lubed up my cock and Jess's ass.

Jess said, "do it..ram it in me. I want his hot cock in my ass."

Our friend did what she was told and slid my cock into the tight waiting ass.

As my cock went into her, Amy told me, "finger me in the cunt and the ass, Brad, while you're fucking that tight little ass...and when she's done, I want that cock in MY ass."

Both girls were moaning and Jess was screaming out: "Fuck me. Hard. Fuck me in the ass." "Finger fuck my ass. More. Harder."

She repeated those words over and over again.

I was sweating as I tried my best to keep up with them. Finally, my Jess's legs went taut, she was quivering and I knew she was finished.

Amy knew it, too. I pulled out of my girlfriend, took off the rubber, and put a new one on. I lubed my cock up and Amy's ass and shoved my cock into Amy's ass. It slid in easily. I was so fucking horny that I just wanted to fuck. I really didn't care if it was my friend or my girlfriend. I didn't care if it was pussy, ass or mouth. I needed to fuck, bad.

My girlfriend was lying there spent. She was watching as I fucked Amy. I was fucking has hard as I could, my hard cock was deep her ass. I wanted to cum. I needed to come. I kept thinking to myself, "I am fucking her ass and my girlfriend is watching. Oh my god, my cock is in her ass and I am fucking her hard"

I felt that familiar build up and I came very hard and thrust my cock one last time deep in her ass.

I was kind of tired and just wanted to rest, but I got the distinct impression that I wasn't done.

After a few minutes of recovery time we headed back outside. I turned on the outside shower, mainly so I could clean up. I went first, the cool water was rushing over me and the girls washed me from head to toe. They made sure my cock, balls and ass are especially clean. One of the girls had her fingers in my ass; the other was just rubbing my balls and cock with the soap. My cock was trying to revive, but after the huge cum that I had all of us know this was not going to happen. Not so soon.

When they were done with me, I rinsed off and jumped in the pool. I swam a lap or two and then came to the edge of the pool to watch. They were under the shower. The water was rushing over my girlfriend. Her head was back, eyes were closed and our friend, Amy, was cleaning her pussy with the large bar of soap. She was slowly rubbing the bar over Jess's clit and was staring at her face. She was intent on making her cum. With each moan from my girlfriend, our friend sped up a little bit with the bar of soap. The water was running over her tits, down her stomach and to her pussy. Our friend then dropped the bar of soap and used her fingers to finish the job. She was using both hands. One hand had her pussy lips spread and was rubbing the little love button. Her other hand had three or four fingers deep inside my girlfriend's cunt. She was holding on for dear life. She was cumming and I knew that she didn't want to stop.

She finally did and sat down in one of the patio chairs. Amy finished up her shower and in a sultry manner walked over to the pool and down the steps. She had a big smile on her face. She walked over to me at the edge of the pool.

Still smiling, she said to me, "I'm next. Take care of me."

Amy pulled herself out of the pool. She was sitting right in front of me with her legs spread. She put her legs on my shoulders and pulled me into her. The night air was cool; her pussy was hot. It was shaved with a little landing strip. I put two fingers in her. She was so wet.

She said, "I've been fucked in both holes, I've made her cum by playing with her, and I am ready for another big huge cum. I want you to eat me. I'm going to use your tongue. All you have to do is keep still and I'll make it work."

Jess was watching, and gently rubbing her nipples.

Amy had her legs around my neck and she pulled my head into her cunt. I thrust my tongue inside her and was astounded at how wet her little pussy was.

She demanded, "Lick me from top to bottom."

I started at her clit and went around the world. I put my tongue in the ass I had just fucked and she let out a little moan.

"Now go back."

I licked her the other way and stopped at her clit.

"Back," she said.


Her voice was husky and barely above a whisper. Her hands were gone from my head and she was holding herself up.

I kept doing this; she was dripping all over my face. I realized she is no longer in control. And the last time I went from her ass to her clit, I stopped there. And I sucked her small love bud into my mouth.

She groaned...UNGGGHHHH. I stayed there and sucked harder. She was pulling me into her with her legs and was groaning - irst lowly, then with a wild animal sound. I sucked her clit then I put my tongue in her cunt.

"No, suck me suck my clit."

And I went back to sucking her as hard as I can.

Her clit was rock hard in my mouth. She was pulling me with her legs because they started to stiffen with her impending orgasm. Jess slipped behind her for support and had her hands on her breasts and was pinching her nipples.

I heard her grunt then scream, "Oh my god, I am cumming. Suck me, Brad, make me cum. Eat me, suck me. This is so good. Pinch my nipples, baby, harder. HARDER. SUCK ME. OH FUCK OH FUCK."

She pulled back from me. She was shaking and my girlfriend started kissing her. Tears were streaming from Amy's face as she passionately kissed Jess.

I pulled her into the pool and she slid onto my throbbing cock.

Amy kissed me as she was slid on to me. We weren't doing much of anything but letting the buoyancy of the water do the work. I walked her across the pool with my cock buried in her. Her legs were wrapped around me. My hands were on her ass holding her. We were kissing and taking it slow. We had to after the time we had just had.

She stopped kissing me; her head was on my shoulder. I kept walking in the pool; my cock was enjoying itself buried in her cunt. I realized she was sound asleep. I walked up the steps; my girlfriend was there with a towel. She dried us off as best as she could with me where I was. I carried her into our bedroom and we gently put her under the covers and we kissed her good night.

My girlfriend said to me, "Now, put ME to sleep."

We walked out to the pool from our bedroom. I sat on the edge of the pool with my feet dangling in the pool, my cock dangling above it. Jess got in the pool, swam a few laps and I watched her ass as she swims. She had a sweet ass and I could feel myself getting hard just watching swimming naked. She swam up to me and without a word, put my cock in her mouth. She was an expert at sucking cock and within no time at all, I was hard again.

She slipped my cock out of her mouth, stroked it ever so gently and almost purring, said to me, "so, are you going to put me to sleep?. Like you did to Amy?"

I hopped into the pool, picked her up and put her on my cock. Sh slid onto me, her large breasts were rubbing against my chest. The pool was warm and her pussy was hot. My cock was in her all the way. She moaned as I hit the top of her womb. She put her head on my shoulder; with my hands on her tight little ass and my cock in her sweet wet little cunt, I started walking towards the deep end. She kissed my neck softly and I moaned my content.

We walked/swam like that for a few laps and she says to me, "I want to go to sleep. I want to join Amy in our bed."

All I can do is nod in acquiescence.

We climbed the steps of the pool entwined. I pulled out of her and grabbed the towels that were on the chair. We toweled off, focusing on our naughty bits and then hand-in-hand, totally naked, headed to our bedroom.

Our sleeping Amy was in peaceful sleep and waiting for us to join her in our bed.

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