tagErotic HorrorThe Switch

The Switch


She wanted them both, needed them for she, unlike they was switch, stuck between Mistress and pet. One she bowed to, the other she brought to heel. Her flesh was flushed and covered in sweat as her hips rolled against her pet's hungry mouth, the Master watching silently behind her. The Master being in the room while she played with her pet made shivers run down her spine as it had the few times he had joined them.

A low groan vibrated against her pussy from the pet beneath her. He had been such a good boy that day, never missing a beat as they had both done the chores assigned to them throughout the day. Raising up she pulled her pussy away from his mouth, a soft whimper coming from him as she rolled away, almost teasingly. Her pet had been cuffed to the bed when the fun had began, marks from paddles and crops plain against his skin as he struggled a little against his bonds.

"Come." The Master's deep voice whispered to her.

Going to her Master she knelt at his feet but then was guided between his legs. The robe he was wearing gaped to show his semi-hard cock hanging between his legs, making her mouth water and almost drool.

"Suck me."

The simple command made her shiver, which also made her hesitate causing her Master's eyes to go a little harsh. Leaning forward she kissed the head of her Master's cock in a very loving gesture. Her mouth opened slowly as she slid her tongue over the head of her Master's cock then down to the base. Lowering herself a little more she suckled his balls in her mouth, one at a time releasing them each with a loud pop. Her Master grunted with sounds of approval as she came back to his cock, sucking the head then about half of his nine inch cock into her mouth.

The switch's eyes and attention were all for her Master, barely paying any attention as the pet on the bed begged for her to come back and allow him release. As she continued to suck her Master's cock, the Master himself ran long pale fingers over the thick braided metal collar around her throat. He had ordered the collar specially made for her, no lock was on it and it could only be removed by a method only her Master knew. Hooking a finger in her collar her Master drew her mouth back from his cock though she whimpered.

"How does my cock taste to you pet?"

"Salty, and wonderful as always my Master."

Smiling wickedly her Master rose to his feet, shedding the robe he had been wearing. She silently watched him walk across the darkened room, everything only bathed in the light of a few candles. Once she saw her Master standing before the cabinet of tools she went wet between her legs, the bound pet's stare of desperation totally lost on her in that moment. Staying on the floor, as she had not been told to stand she shivered helplessly when her Master turned back to her, a thick wooden cane in his hands.

"Chest to chest, pet."

Almost jumping to her feet, she walked back to the bed, crawling over the pet on it until she lay on top of him, her chest pressed against his. The pet under her whimpered softly, trying to thrust his rock hard cock into her soaking pussy while she lay on top of him. Growling softly she slid up his body a little more, out of his cock's reach while she turned burning eyes on him, slapping his face hard just as the cane came down on the tender flesh of her ass. She cried out, but did not move to punish him again.

Blows rained down on her back, shoulders, and ass while she writhed on top of the bound pet, her cries, if there were any, muffled against the other's flesh. By the time her Master felt satisfied with the bright red color of her skin and the blood running over her back from a few wounds, her eyes were unfocused as though she had just had the greatest orgasm of her life. Moving over to the bed her Master stroked her long black hair so it did not rub over the wounds.

Leaning over her back the Master grinned, his black eyes roaming over her reddened flesh as some of his curly brown hair fell into his face. Opening his mouth just a little, her Master ran his tongue over the wounds on her back, licking away the blood that had run over her flesh. Shivering softly she moaned, gripping the bedding on either side of the pet below her, who, she could tell, was becoming even more excited. Moving up her body her Master licked the lobe of her left ear, the press of his hard cock against her ass making her take in a pained hiss of breath.

"Do you want this pet?"

"Yes... Yes Master please..."

"Where do you want it? Be specific."

"In this sub's pussy... Please Master, this one wants to be fucked in her pussy by you and in the ass by her pet."

"Then roll onto your back and show me how much you want it."

Pushing up a little she rolled until her back was pressed against the other pet's chest, a groan of pain coming from her but she stayed as she was. Slipping her legs open she ran two fingers over her sopping pussy, holding the glistening fingers up for her Master to see. Her Master smiled before taking her hand, rubbing the fingers against the entrance of her ass to make her nice and slick. Lifting her hips up her Master guided her so that her pet's cock pressed against her entrance. The pet beneath her groaned loudly as his cock thrust up into her body causing her to cry out.

Moving once again her Master settled between her spread legs, rubbing the head of his cock up and down her pussy lips, making her moan and tighten her ass around the other pet's cock. Smiling at her reactions her Master sank his cock to the hilt within her hot tight sheath in a single stroke. As she panted and moaned she felt her body twitch around his cock, trying to adjust to the invasion of it.

"Wrap your legs around my hips love. That's it. You pump when I do slave."

Her legs went around her Master's hips, a shiver coming from her at the cold sound of her Master's voice as he spoke to the one under her body. Just like that they both began to pump in a slow rhythm into her body, perhaps an inch of flesh separating them. The one below her grunted an whimpered as he was close to orgasm. However, the Master and she were not even close to orgasm when she felt the pet release a hot load into her ass.

Her Master released a growl of disappointment into the flesh of her neck as he turned her over so she could look into the unfocused eyes of her pet while her Master pounded fiercely into her soaking pussy. By the time her pet's eyes had refocused and he was getting hard again the pleasure in her body was almost making her skin glow. Sinking his fingers into her hair, her Master pulled her back so that she was pressed against his chest while he moaned, then whispered in her ear.

"He is not worthy of you pet, not worthy of us. Be rid of him for me."

"Master please... Not another one."

"Yes another, you need to find more worthy pets. These mortals you bring us disgust me."

The pounding continued and she moaned in both pleasure and extreme pain as fangs descended into her mouth, almost sinking into her lip. While massaging her right breast her Master nipped at her sensitive neck, showing her like he had every time over the last four hundred years what she would loose if she chose the mortal. Tears of blood ran down her face as she leaned over her pet, burying her face in his neck while her Master stayed pressed to her back, cock still pounding into her pussy.

Panting softly she licked at her pet's neck, drawing a moan from him as she felt herself, and her Master close to orgasm. Opening her mouth wide she felt her Master tense behind her, then she sunk her fangs into the pet's flesh as she and her Master came together, his molten hot seed filling up her pussy almost to overflowing. Though she had heard the pet's cry of pain she paid no mind as her Master thrust slowly into her pussy while she fed.

After a few moments of prolonging her orgasm her Master stilled inside her body, staying pressed against her back as she pulled back from the bite feeling the spark of life within the one beneath her fade until there was nothing. Petting her hair her Master drew her back from the corpse, turning her so that she straddled his lap, facing him.

"We will find you a proper pet someday my little vampire."

When her Master kissed her lips, using his tongue to taste the blood from her mouth she returned his passion equally, arms and legs wrapping around him. Though the body still tied to the bed would rot and turn to nothing but dust and bones, their undead passion would last forever with her kneeling by his feet.

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