tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Tables Turn On Adele Ch. 01

The Tables Turn On Adele Ch. 01


* This is the set up for a new three-parter, so hopefully you find it hot but it's the calm before the storm. Therefore, I will post chapter two shortly. Reading Jade's Weekend Away first makes sense, but is not essential.

In the fortnight after Jade's weekend as Paul and Adele's slave, we had enjoyed a perfect mixture of 'making love', mixed with sordid bouts of depravity, spurred on by our friend's treatment over that unforgettable weekend.

Now, with things settling back down, it was time to turn our attentions to Adele, the mastermind behind my girlfriend's slip into the dark reaches of her sexual fantasy. The question was, what were we going to do with the blonde minx?

All of us had been talking regularly, but we very much clicked back into 'everyday' mode in between our adventures, which was the beauty of the whole affair. Our friendships were stronger than ever, and our bond was truly deep. However, it was Paul and I who decided to move to the next chapter, during a quick beer after work, one Monday evening.

''Of course I know so much about her, but in terms of coming up with an idea that will push her limits, I'm not so sure. She spends most of her time in bed talking about her first taste of pussy with Jade or what she still wants to do to her, and when I point out to her that she could well be the centre of our next plans, instead of Jade, she just purrs and rips my clothes off.''

''Well,'' I replied, ''we need to outsmart her and find out some secrets.''

''Okay, well I know that she feels liberated by this whole thing, but I am not entirely... Ah! Let my refill our glasses. I have a plan.''

Beaming, he headed off to the bar, although Paul's ideas didn't usually match his enthusiasm so, as he sat back down, I wasn't holding my breath.

''Remember at the hotel when we made Adele do a secret webcam show for all those random strangers?''

''Go on.''

''Well, sometimes she likes to go into chat rooms on that same site and talk dirty with some random guy or randy woman. Sometimes I am taking care of her below the table or she'll suck me off in between messages.''

''And what's your point?''

''Well, I was away last week overnight with business. I checked the web history when I got home and she had spent four hours in there while I was away. If you could get in there under a false name, and personal chat with her, then maybe you can find out some stuff.''

Needless to say, I was taken aback by the brilliance of the idea.

''That might work, you know. What's her nickname?''


''But if you are there with your cock in her mouth she is hardly going to tell me much, is she?''

''I am away tomorrow night. She is home alone again. I bet you she is back in the chat room. I can play about with her for a while before I leave so she is horny.''

''Okay. Take her in there tonight so I can monitor and make sure I am in the right place.''

A ceremonial clink of our glasses and a new chapter had begun to be written.

That night, Jade at my side, we signed into the website under 'DarkKnight', after receiving a secret warning text from Paul.

We located her room and watched, no posts appearing from her at all. I had been told that she just observes, then PMs the person she wants to talk to. She chose 'RocketMan69' who had been posting about his wife being out with her friends tonight. Job done, we switched off the computer, knowing that tomorrow night I would have to be the one she selected to chat to online, or the plan would be foiled.

The following evening, Jade was downstairs with visiting family watching a movie, with my excuse being a heavy workload, as I sat at a table in our spare room, waiting for BlondeBitch to appear on my screen. My phone buzzed. A message from Paul.

''Leaving now. I have just fucked her quickly over the dining room table without making her cum, so she will be as hot as hell. Be ready.''

Sure enough, just fifteen minutes later and she was online, so I typed immediately...

'Girlfriend out tonight with her friends. She can sometimes be naughty.'

Some replies came, but none from Adele.

'Last weekend I had fun with her at the local club. Very naughty.'

Still nothing from the only person I needed to message me, so I pushed it a little.

'She is a good little slave at times.'

That did the trick! Seconds later a private window popped up.

BB: Hi. Left all alone?

DK: Yeah, but gives me time to do other things. You?

BB: Husband away with work.

DK: I hope he looked after you before he left :)

BB: Kinda. A quickie over the table... over too quickly.

DK: Yeah, my GF wouldn't let me touch her as she was getting ready, which is bizarre because I usually give her the orders.

BB: You like being in control, DarkKnight?

DK: Yeah, but not as much as she likes being told what to do.

I had her on the right track now. If I could connect with her, then maybe I could find out more about her deepest fantasies.

BB: I have a lady friend just like that. Her boyfriend lets her stay with myself and my boyfriend sometimes.

DK: Cool. My GF recently stayed with a female friend of mine for an entire weekend. Came back a little sore, but very happy.

BB: She likes pussy, too?

DK: She likes being forced to do stuff. You?

BB: What, eat pussy or be forced?

DK: Ha ha. Sorry, I didn't mean to pry too much. I did mean the former, though.

BB: Don't apologise. I am not in a sex chatroom to talk about the weather! Yes, I love it, but only found out recently. And as for being forced, I prefer to be in control.

DK: Me too, but sometimes that means your fantasies take a backseat.

BB: What do you mean?

DK: Well, I spend a lot of time indulging my GF. She likes to be made to feel like a proper whore. I enjoy it, but would be nice to think about other things for a change.

BB: Like what?

DK: Well, just things. I will tell you mine if you tell me yours?!

BB: Ha ha. Yeah, I know what you mean. I end up being the orchestrater of things in my sex life, but would be nice to be pushed myself I suppose. Go on...

So far, so good. She was moving closer to telling me secrets, thinking her identity was safe. Little did she know...

DK: Well, I would love to take her to a swingers weekend at an adult resort, and just let it all go. Fucking and sucking and wanking and fingering as we drank and soaked up the sun.

BB: Sounds fun. Do you like all women? What about men?

DK: I like all sorts of women... I prefer sexy to 'magazine' pretty. No men, but I wouldn't mind being next to a man's dick if I was squeezing it into my girlfriends ass as she was already being screwed. Too much?

BB: Mmm, not at all. That's hot. Keep going. You are turning me on.

DK: I would also like to go down on a hot girl who is going down on my GF at the same time, and try to make them cum together, then fuck them both until I cum all over them.

BB: I could film that, watch it back when I got horny, like now.

DK: I would also love to... this is rude.

BB: Don't worry, I won't be offended.

DK: I would also like to see her tits covered in piss. Mine, someone else's, I don't care.

BB: Fuck. I am touching my pussy now.

DK: Would you like to be that person to stand over my GF and cover her?

BB: That would be hot. I watched my BF do it to our little slave, but only on her clit and that area. Type while I touch, please.

I kept them coming, a message every thirty seconds.

DK: I would make her suck me hard first, maybe with a mate too for double the mess.

DK: I would make her lick every inch of our balls and cock and ass, as we drank beer and pulled her about a little.

DK: We would spunk all over her face, then drag to the bathroom still covered in cum.

DK: Then I would push her into the bath and we would both stand at the edge and lash her like a cheap piss whore.

DK: I would make her rub it in and beg for more, then at the end I would flick my cock up and catch her face with my last few seconds.

DK: Then I would make her suck both dicks dry, and return to us downstairs, cleaned, and we would fuck all her holes, then maybe take her back upstairs for more punishment.

That was enough to push her over the edge, and I was enjoying the bonus of getting her off in secret, to her a stranger she had just connected with online.

BB: Shit, that's super sexy. I needed that release after my BF left me high and dry. Your GF sounds like my kind of tramp. Thanks.

DK: What about you? You promised to tell me your secrets...

BB: Are you horny now?

DK: Yeah, I can type and stroke at same time though. Ha ha.

BB: Well, because I have only began experimenting lately, it has only been the last six months or so that I have properly allowed myself to explore my fantasies, and I love being in control. Still, it means I don't get all the attention as you said, and I want some.

DK: Well, you don't know me, and I don't know you, so why not get it off your chest? What would you like to do?

BB: Well, there is one thing. It's a little sordid, but it always pops into my head when I am touching myself, all alone.

DK: Tell me...

BB: A big dick. I have slept with about nine guys and none of them were that much above average. I would love to be stretched. Can't believe I am telling you this! You make me feel comfortable, like you know what I am thinking.

I knew a little more than that about Adele, but she remained none the wiser.

DK: Well, mine is eight inches and its very hard reading your words... what's big to you?

BB: Well, my BF has a lovely cock. Just over six inches I think, and the BF of the girl we get to have fun with is closer to eight, and I am sure I will get to fuck him soon, but I mean really thick and maybe ten inches. At least.

DK: Would your BF let you?

BB: I think so. He has a friend with a monster dick but he's an asshole.

Ha! She was talking about Jay.

DK: Would you like your BF to be there?

BB: Yeah, and maybe our slave too and her BF.

DK: What else have you not tried?

BB: All my partners have been white. I know its a cliche, but I am blonde and would love to watch a black cock disappear into me. I know it's all the same but I would love to see it.

DK: So, a big black cock. Is that what you think about?

BB: Not necessarily together, but I suppose that would take care of two problems in one go! I'm so horny these days. Naughty girl.

DK: You seem like a very clever woman, you must have more floating around in that head of yours...

BB: I love sucking dick. I once watched a porno with a glory hole scene. The bitch had no idea who she was sucking. Length after length, and she just guzzled them all up. I like the idea of not knowing who the dick belongs too. I have only given a handful of men blow jobs and that frustrates me, but I would never go out sucking dick without my BFs consent.

DK: Fuck, you are making me build up. Keep talking...

Although I was hard, I wasn't even touching myself, instead taking notes to present to Paul. I wonder what his thoughts will be so far! It seems that Adele has a few hidden secrets she hasn't exposed to anyone. Until now...

BB: There is one more thing...

DK: It will push me over the edge... tell me.

BB: It's my boss at my new work. We are always flirting, but no more. I often think about doing more...

DK: Fucking him?

BB: No. More teenage fantasy stuff. Wearing more slutty clothes, rubbing up against him. Maybe even wanking him off in the store room. Oh God. He drives me insane. It's just a fantasy but I know he must be sore jerking off over me. I have him in the palm of my hand.

I waited thirty seconds then messaged her, happy that I had conned enough information from her.

DK: Fuck, you made me cum so hard. Maybe you should talk to your BF about your fantasies. It seems everyone else is living them out apart from you.

BB: Maybe. I am very happy, but thoughts of massive cocks torment me a little too much. Thanks for talking with me. PM again some time?

DK: For sure. Bye for now, big dick lover ;)

BB: Laters DarkKnight.

And with that I felt like a Private Eye who had just found the vital clue. For once, it was Adele who was being outsmarted, and even I didn't expected her to reveal so much. Tut tut.

I texted Paul and told him that our scheme had been successful, and he demanded that I told him immediately, so I agreed to meet him at the same pub the following night as he returned home from business.

I whispered the results to Jade in bed that night. We had family staying over so no naughtiness this particular evening!

''Really?'' she said, eyes wide with enthusiasm and mischief. ''A big black dick inside her? That's brilliant. Fucking bitch has been holding out on us! Well, she knows I have been there and she never asked me about it.''

I then told her about the glory hole and her boss.

''I knew about her boss, that he flirted and she teased him a little but it's all very innocent, I know that. She would never cheat on Paul behind his back. And she's a dirty little cock sucker! That makes sense. She certainly loved blowing you! Whatever we do, I think you should fuck her. That's only fair after what Paul did to me.''

I couldn't agree more, but Jade was content to hold fire until I talked with Paul, as he may not see the funny side quite as much, although I am sure he would take it in his stride...

I arrived at the bar and he was already there, two bottles of beer set up, and an impatient look on his face. I milked it a little, asking him about his night away, and he just raised an eyebrow and told me to ''fucking get on with it''.

I was going to take my time and enjoy this. I had spent a weekend receiving emails from Jade, updating me on the depraved things Paul and Adele had made her do, so this was my turn to have all the knowledge. I started softly.

''Well, she flirts a little with her boss.''

''I know that. David. It that it?''

''No, Paul, not by a long chalk so shut the fuck up.''

Not a word.

''She says she would never cheat on her boyfriend. That's you.''

''Ha ha. Very funny, now spit it out.''

''But... she would like to indulge in more teenage antics with him, maybe even jerk him off in the store room, under her terms.''

''Wow. I get that. That's not a problem. We can do something with that. What else?''

''Well, she has a thing about strange dick. You know, not knowing who she is sucking, and I mean sucking. She says she loves the feel of meat in her mouth, and watched a porno with a glory hole scene and it blew her mind.''

''Fuck! We watched that together. I was going down on her and she came like a fucking train. She has picked that one out a few times since, but it's always on from the beginning so I never thought it was because of that part.''

We talked in a little more detail about how we got to this point and how I lured her into a private online chat, and I deliberately drank my beer fast so I would have to go to the bar before telling him the rest. As I stood up, I said over my shoulder, ''You haven't heard the best bit yet.''

On returning, I cleared my throat, and began to reveal the big secret.

''Now, you might not like this Paul, but I must tell you she said she would never, ever do anything without you.''

''Yes, I know that, now stop fucking putting me through this.''

We laughed, him a little more nervously than I!

''Do you know how many men she has slept with?''

''Of course. Eight guys.''

Funny how she counted him, but he didn't! I thought better than correcting him.

''Well, they have all been much of a muchness.''

''What do you mean? I please her more than enough. Especially these days with us four together.''

''No, not like that. All the dicks have roughly been the same. She has never been with a well endowed man. She loves your cock but wonders what a monster one would feel like. She said you had a mate but he as an asshole.''

''Ha! Fucking Jay. Jade knows all about him. So, okay, let me get this straight. She wants to experience a giant dong?''


''What exactly did she say?''

''She wants to be stretched, in her fantasies of course.''


He paused, his facial expression one of a man who was trying to digest some complex information.

''Fuck,'' he said again.

''Think about it Paul. We have got up to most things, and Jade has a bit of experience, but Adele had only unlocked this clever, dark side to her since we started with our fun and games. You have fucked all sorts. She hasn't.''

''I know. And we are pushing the limits all the time between us, and I know how devious she is, so I am not against seeing her get some extreme treatment. We would have to be there.''

''I know,'' I assured him, ''she even said she couldn't even do it without you there. In fact, she said she was very happy and this was all just fantasy, so we don't have to act on it.''

Paul found his inner strength.

''Fuck that. She is in charge too much. I want to fuck her up, just like the three of us have to Jade. Look what that's done to her. All four of us have never had it so good. Right, so what's the plan?''

''Well, I haven't finished yet.''

''Why does that not surprise me. Give me everything, Luke.''

''Well, as she hasn't had as much experience as us, she has also only ever slept with the same type of guy.''

''What do you mean?''

''Well, white,''

''Ha ha! No way! We talk about that and all sorts of stuff in bed, but she has properly been holding out. What did she say?''

''She wants to see black against her pale white skin and her blonde hair.''

''Well, if he has a big dick than that takes care of two problems.''

''That's what I said!''

He smiled, we looked at each other, and we began to laugh.

''Fucking hell, Luke, what are we like? From a silly dare to plotting all sorts of smut in a matter of months.''

Things relaxed, and we both decided to leave our cars and down a few beers together, all the while hatching our plan for Adele, based on our new, ill-gotten knowledge.

By the time we left, we had decided on a week that our blonde mastermind would never forget.


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