tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Take-Out Ch. 02

The Take-Out Ch. 02



I spent the entire night squirming in my bonds, unable to sleep despite the fact that I was dog-tired since I was unable to ignore the sensations from between my legs. Even now it still made me want to scream, which I was unable to do so because the man had gagged me before he left me last night. I could only moan and whimper, intently aware of how helpless I was. My pussy was so wet that I had soaked the sheets completely, and the wet bedsheets was cold underneath my butt. Thankfully, the blindfold had fallen off hours ago and I could at least see. Oh god, I thought to myself, anything would be better than having to endure a vibrating vibrator inside you for hours and especially when there was nothing you could do about it.

I heard my front door open and look at the clock on my dressing table. Seven AM. Did I really lie here for ten hours? I knew without a doubt that the stranger had return for me. My heartbeat began to speed up, and I wonder if it was from fear or excitement. I did not dare to examine the reason too closely because I was afraid of the truth. That if given a choice I would gladly have an affair with the stranger. At least now I had the excuse of being forced.

The man appeared at the doorway and smirked at me when he caught sight of me in the bed. I made frantic noises behind the gag, trying to tell him to get the vibrator out of me before my pussy begin to get numb from oversensitivity. Besides, my bladder was so full that I really really urgently need to go to the toilet.

He smiled in that knowing way of his, and walked over to the bed. He traced his fingers down from my neck through my stomach, down to my pussy where he found my clit and rubbed it vigorously. I screamed as loud as I could, arching my back off the bed trying to avoid his fingers. I could not take anymore stimulation. Neither my pussy nor my bladder could take it. I shook my head at him, attempting to convey my desperation. Oh please please please please please...

"That bad, my slut?" He said softly, his fingers rubbing in slow circles on my clit. I nodded my head furiously. "Want me to let you go?" I nodded my head again. "Beg for it then." He reached up and undo my gag.

"Please please please please let me go," I stuttered over my words in my eagerness to get out of the bonds. My arms and legs were already numb due to bad blood circulation and I wanted to regain use of them.

"Call me Master then," He said.

I froze, hesitating in obeying him, knowing that deep down what he wanted had always been what I wanted from you. We had discussed it many many times, but you were always not dominant enough to satisfy the submissive in me. Now a stranger had complete control over me, and was appealing to the sub within me. Still, I hesitated, because I did not want to betray you. Sensing my unwillingness, he pinched my clit with his fingers and the pain shocked me from my thoughts. I arched my back off the bed again.

"Please!" I pleaded. He pinched harder and I gasped for air, my body unable to take that much stimulation. "Please.. please.."

"You know what to do,"

"M-master!" I sobbed it out, not knowing what I had just agreed to. Thankfully he let go of my clit. I let myself relax a little.

"Do you want me to untie you?" He asked. I nodded my head cautiously, unsure of what he would do to me now. "Ask nicely then."

I closed my eyes for a second, taking in a deep breath. "Please untie me," I said softly. He did not move, just stare at me expectantly. And I knew. "Master," I added, lowering my eyelids in humiliation.

It seemed to satisfy him, for he reached up and untie me. First my hands were free, then my legs, then he undid the rope-belt around my waist, switched off the vibrator and slid it out of me. Immediately, I closed my legs, finally able to do this, instead of being spread open for his pleasure. Thus when a hard slap landed on my thighs I jumped.

"Don't you dare close your legs without my permission!" He roared at me, slapping my thigh again. I was so shocked that I did not think, scrambling away from him as fast as I could. It was the wrong thing to do. He let out an inhuman growl and leaped at me, pulling me back into the bed. He laid me across his thighs with my butt up and hit my ass. I froze again. Icy fire poured through my ass with every strike. I tried to lie as still as I could since my struggle made the beatings harder, but I simply could not take the pain without much movement. Furthermore, I could feel his cock grow bigger with every hit, and I squirmed uncomfortably, knowing that he could take me again. "Open your legs now!" He commanded. I spread my legs as far as I could in that position and yelped when he grabbed my thighs and pried them further apart. "You're soaking wet, slut!" He plunged in three fingers into me without warning, and I was so shocked that I clamped down on those fingers. I was intensely turned on by the spanking and could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter in accordance to his domination. He withdrew them and thrust them in again. I tensed.

"Beg me to fuck you, slut!" He demanded. I did not want to, but he twisted the fingers in me as a warning and I found myself obeying him. It turned me on, as much as I had not want to. I found myself wanting the feel of his cock inside my pussy, wanting him to pump into me furiously, to use me as his sex toy.

"Please Master! Please fuck me! Please put your big cock into my pussy!" I pleaded.

In a swift movement he flipped me onto my back and took out his cock, plunging it into me in one single thrust. I gasped as he bottomed out and stretched me completely. I moved with his every stroke, getting into the age-old rhythm of sex. Until he stopped. I looked up at him with wide eyes, afraid of what he wanted me to do next, what he would make me admit and submit to him.

"Tell me who you belong to!" He questioned aggressively, puncturing his question with a hard thrust. I knew what the answer that he wanted was.

"Yours!" I gasped. "I belong to you, Master."

"Will you do everything I ask?" He asked again. I thrusting my hips towards him in an effort to make him move again.

"Yes! Yes! I'll do anything you ask! Please, please move!" I begged again. He did not, just looked at me expectantly. "Please move, Master! I'll do anything you ask!"

The man thrust into me hard and fast and I groaned in pleasure. The fact that this stranger owned me now added to the kinkiness, and it aroused me to be owned so completely and without question. He pinched my nipples and mauled them roughly, but it only increased my desire. My pussy was only a tool for him to relieve his sexual thirst, and I made sure that I clenched on his cock frequently to ensure his pleasure. In no time, I began to feel him grow bigger again and I knew he was about to come. Just like last night I was struck with fears of getting pregnant. I began to struggle against him, bring my fists up to push against his chest.

"No! Don't come in me again! No!" I screamed at him.

He grew furious, slapping me across my face, managing to stun me from my protests. He grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled my head back, as if to prove that he could break my neck, that I was wholly in his control. "I'm your Master, you slut. You don't demand. You obey. Now, beg for my come." When I refused, he pulled my head back further, and slapped me again. Tears filled my eyes at the pain. Any arousal I felt had dissipated. Yet I was still reluctant to beg for his come. That would practically be begging to be impregnated!

But the man was not one to give me too. He slapped my face again, and again, until I finally broke down and did exactly what he wanted.

"Please! C-come in me, Master!" I cried.

He thrust into me a few more times until I felt him spurt into me, filling my womb up with his fertile seed. He released my hair and I coughed, lying in bed under him with my hands massaging my sore neck. He smiled at me humorlessly, as if enjoying my discomfort and my submission.

"Now thank me, slut,"

I looked away from him and caught sight of our photo taken on our honeymoon that you had framed and hung on the wall. "Thank you Master," I whispered softly.

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