tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Taking of Angel

The Taking of Angel


It had been a long day, starting at 6:30 a.m. Sending her husband and son off to school, then cleaning house all day, only to have to go to work that night.

Awww yes, work. Nothing seemed to go right that night. She usually enjoyed working outside at night. However, tonight was awful. It seemed like every time she went outside, it rained. No, rained was not the correct word. Poured!! That's it, it poured. Of course, she left her raincoat at home too. By the time her night was over, she was wet clean through. Now she knows what a drowned cat feels like.

She wearily dragged herself into the house. She strips down to her underwear and drops her clothes in the laundry room. As she heads to her bedroom, she stops to check on her son. Kissing him lightly, and tucking him in she walks through the house to her bedroom. On the way through to the master bath, she glances at the bed. Her husband is sound asleep, curled on his side away from her.

As quietly as possible, she strips off her soggy underthings and steps into a hot shower. Trying to chase the chill off, she turns the water as hot as she can stand, just letting it stream down her body.

Sighing, she takes her silk like sponge and starts gently rubbing in her favorite body wash. Her nipples have been wet and cold most of the night and are now very sensitive. "Mmmmmmmm, this feels wonderful," she thinks as she slowly runs the sponge down her body. "I'm so tired, but this is so relaxing."

She softly runs the sponge between her legs. Lightly scraping against her clit as she massages the soap into her pussy lips. Feeling the excess hair, she gently and quickly shaves herself smooth. Though her husband never touches her there with anything other than his cock, he likes her shaved. Yawning, she rinses off and steps out of the shower to wrap herself in a big soft fluffy towel.

"Damn," she says softly. Checking her closet she realizes her night shirts are still in the dryer from earlier. Not wanting to walk back through the house, she decides to just sleep in the nude tonight. She's up before everyone anyway, so her husband will never know. He wouldn't like to find her like this. He's very religious, and thinks to display her body is vulgar.

She quietly slips into her dark bedroom and into bed beside her husband. She's too tired tonight and doesn't want to disturb him.

As she settles back into her pillow, her husband rolls over on top of her. "No, dear," she says. "I'm too tired tonight."

Not saying anything, he kisses her hard, thrusting his tongue down her throat. He feels her body tense as she realizes --- THIS IS NOT HER HUSBAND!!!

He chuckles quietly as she starts to struggle. Her sweet smelling damp body rubbing against him. Using his body to pin her down, he grabs her wrists and forces them above her head. He slowly lifts his mouth from hers. She takes a deep breath, preparing to scream, as he holds her wrists in one hand and places the other over her mouth.

"No, no, no," he whispers harshly. "None of that now. You just be quiet and I won't hurt you. Understand?"

She thinks for a minute, then slowly nods her head.

"That's a good girl. You be nice, and I'll leave without anyone getting hurt."

"Where's my husband? What have you done with him?" she asks fearfully.

"Oh, he's tied up out in the shed out back. He's not hurt, just a bit uncomfortable. You do what I say and he'll stay healthy. Him and your son."

"Who are you? No, I don't care who you are. Leave now and I won't call the sheriff," she says angrily. She's trying to appear unafraid.

"Nope," he chuckles again as he runs his free hand down her side. "I'm not leaving until I have some of this luscious body."

"You do exactly what I say, and you just might enjoy yourself too."

Struggling again, "No.....leave me alone."

"Ok...I see you just have to do this the hard way," he says as he reaches down beside the bed. He anticipated this. He takes a length of rope and ties her wrists together, then attaches them to the rails of the headboard. "Perfect. Now I have both hands free."

She tries to raise her knee up into his groin. To no avail.

He lightly slaps her face. Just to get her attention. "Do that again, and I'll bring your son in here to watch."

"No...please don't....I won't do that again. But, please..just leave. I've never been with anyone other than my husband," she pleads.

She's thinking to herself, why did I have to come to bed naked tonight? What am I gonna do? She notices her nipples have started to get hard again, and her pussy is starting to get wet. No, I can't let this happen.

He places a mask over her eyes saying, "I'm gonna turn on some light now, and you don't want to see my face. I can't let you identify me. Understand that? If the mask comes off......" He let the sentence hang.

She slowly nods her head. He doesn't know she can see just under the edge of the mask. As he turns the light on she can see him clearly for the first time. He's well built...broad shoulders....dark hair in a crewcut. As he turns around, she catches her breath. He's handsome ..... Emerald green eyes, chiseled features. Very clean cut. She expected someone looking like a bum. Not someone with a smooth, well formed chest....down to tapered hips. She feels her body responding, even as she denies it to herself. --- OH....I KNOW HIM! but from where?

He looks at her laying there, arms above her head. Her shoulder length brown hair spread out on her pillow, like a cloud around her head. He can't see her eyes, but her lips are full, and trembling with fear. He watches as she worries her bottom lip with her teeth. She's laying stiff and unyielding, legs together. Her breasts are large, but firm. He smiles to see the nipples semi hard. He knows now, she'll respond whether she wants to or not.

As he continues to look his fill, he gently touches her lips with one finger. She jumps slightly. Chuckling, he slowly allows his finger to follow the path of his eyes....slowly down between the valley between her breasts.....to her belly button....lower....

Bending down close to her ear, so his breath tickles her as he speaks, "MMMMMM, you keep yourself trimmed nicely.....I bet your pussy is totally bald."

He smiles as he feels her shiver. Whether in pleasure or fear is yet to be seen.

She crosses her ankles, trying not to let him touch her. "Please," she begs, "Please stop"

"Oh no, baby. I'm not about to stop. I've been watching you," he says, smiling as she gasps. "Oh yes, I've been watching you for a while. Always so prim and proper. But not tonight, baby. Open your legs for me."

She doesn't respond. She thinks :::I'll just lay here....when he gets tired of this game, he'll leave.:::

"Open your legs, baby," he whispers as he draws little circles in her neatly trimmed bush. His finger dipping lower...urging her legs apart. He leans down and takes her right nipple in his mouth. Slowly circling his tongue around the hard little nub....his tongue matching the pattern his finger is drawing lower down.

Slowly releasing the nipple, his teeth gently tugging as he goes, he whispers, "Come on baby. You know you want to. Your nipples give you away. Oh so hard and getting harder. You can't resist me baby."

As his mouth finds the nipple again, his hand abandons it's quest for entrance and moves to the other nipple. Circling one finger around it softly. He watches it pucker and get harder, longer. Straining for his touch. He smiles against her breast and quickly pinches the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, while biting the other nipple.

"OH... ohh... nooooo," she struggles. All the struggles do is inflame him more. He feels her weakening.

Her body is betraying her. Her breasts are full and heavy.....her breathing coming in quick short gasps. She feels like she's suffocating. Her legs are shifting, rubbing together unconsciously. She's not sure what's happening. Her husband never touches her breasts. He usually just kisses her politely, gently climbs on top for a few minutes, then rolls off and goes to sleep.

His voice rough now, he whispers harshly, "That's it baby. Cum for me. You are so responsive, I'm going to enjoy fucking you."

She moans softly as her body responds to his words and his tongue. "Nooooo," she moans as she arches her back and pushes her breasts up harder into his mouth and hands. He can see her legs moving gently up and down....her hips catching the rythym of his sucking on her nipple.

"Oh yesssss, baby.... you want this.... go with it.... ride the crest high... cum for me baby. Cum for meeeee!!" He sucks harder, biting the nipple and pulling it out from her breast with his teeth. Twisting the other one in his fingers.

Her hips move faster....she's gasping for breath. Her legs move apart of their own will. Her hips are humping air, in time with his mouth. "Ohhh, ohhhhhhh," she moans louder. Her whole body tenses as she hits the top of her first ever orgasm. She cries out, "Oh pleaseeeee, pleaseeeee," not knowing what she's asking for.

Chuckling softly, "That's it baby....that's it. Cum for me baby. My Angel, cum for me." He's pleased to be the first to see this side to her. Her body flushed, nipples hard as pebbles as she arched her body off the bed.

As she gently comes down from her high, she realizes he's just sitting there gently stroking her body from her breasts to her pussy. Watching her. She blushes as she realizes her legs are spread wide, and he's sitting between them. She half heartedly tries to close them.

"Mmmmm, still fighting, Angel? No need for that now. See?" he says as he slowly takes one finger and runs it between her pussy lips. "You are so wet, so hot. Don't be frightened of your feelings, baby. Go with them."

She shudders as she watches him suck her juices off his finger. "Please," she whispers, "Please just let me go now. Haven't you done enough?"

"Oh no, Angel, I've just begun to show you what you are missing. And you are missing it, aren't you Angel? I know this has to be a first for you. I know your husband. There is no way he can satisfy you."

She stays silent. How can she answer him without either lying or betraying her husband.

As he moves his hand toward her pussy, she flinches. "Uh oh....can you see me, Angel?"

"No, no, I can't see you," she says, remembering he doesn't want her to know who he is.

"DON'T lie to me, Angel!!!," he says sternly. "How much of me can you see?"

"J-j-just your h-h-hands, and l-l-lower body," she confesses.

He adjusts the mask. Now she is totally blind. She lays there tense....waiting. She feels him shift between her legs. :::Now he'll take me....let it be quickly...I can't take much more. I'm trying so hard not to respond.:::::

He leans up and takes her lips with his. Softly, sweetly, his tongue licking her lips, asking for entrance. His hands roaming her body slowly....teasingly. His tongue slips inside her sweet lips as she softly moans. He's playing her body like an instrument...an instrument of pleasure.

Breaking the kiss, they are both breathing hard. His cock is hard and throbbing. He wants to just take her and ride her hard and fast. But he can't. He promised himself he'd awaken the passionate woman he has seen behind the facade she presents to the world. HE will be the one to teach her.

"This was your first orgasm, wasn't it Angel?"

No response.

"Answer me, Angel. Tell me how much you loved it. You are so responsive. You came just by me suckling your breasts and pinching your nipples, " he says as he continues his assault on her senses.

"That's ok...don't answer me yet. I'll make you not only answer me, but I'll make you beg me to make you cum," he laughs gently.

Sliding slowly down her body, he kisses and licks his way to her pussy. As his breath touches her pussy lips, she tenses and tries again to press her legs together, to keep him out.

"Oh baby, you are going to love this," he says just before he slowly licks her clit.

"NOOOO," she continues to struggle uselessly. He's so much stronger that she is. Though he easily subdues her, he doesn't hurt her.

"Yesssss, baby.....relax and enjoy this. You really have no choice." He is now kneeling between her legs, using his ankles crossed over hers to keep her still. Slowly, starting at the area between her pussy and her ass, he licks slowly up and around her lips.

"Mmmmmmm, you taste so sweet, baby." He teases her lips....licking around them, over them, but not through them. Gently licking her clit, his tongue circling it ever so slowly. He smiles as he listens to the mewling sounds from deep in her throat. She's his for the taking.

Her lips are getting thicker, fuller. Her hips start moving, trying to get him to lick her pussy itself. Her hands are clenched around the rope that's secured to the headboard.

"That's it, Angel. You want more, don't you? ... Now ..... Answer my question. This was your first orgasm, wasn't it? You've never felt so good, have you baby?" he chuckles as her body betrays her. He slowly enters her pussy with one finger, while licking her clit lightly.

"Oh...oh...nnnooo...oh...," she moans as her body responds. She can't help it. It's so wonderful, his voice so sexy. She feels her hips raising to meet his finger and his lips.

"That's it baby....let your body decide. Forget everything but the pleasure I can give you."


"Please what? Tell me Angel....tell me what you want, what you NEED," he whispers softly. His breathe tickling her pussy.....pushing her closer to her orgasm.

She shakes her head....not wanting to give in, but she knows it's just a matter of time. She's helpless and what he's doing feels sooooo good.

He slowly removes his finger and smiles as he hears her moan of protest. Oh yes, he has her. He slowly licks between her lips....his hot wet tongue tasting her sweet nectar straight from her love hole. "Mmmmmmm, baby..... so sweet....." He teases her pussy with his tongue, just the tip entering, then leaving to suck her clit.

He raises up and leans over her. "We taste good together. Taste yourself on my lips, Angel. Taste your sweetness," he says just before he takes her mouth in a long deep kiss. She initially resists, then suddenly starts sucking on his tongue. Sucking her juices off of him.

"That's it baby....give in to me, to the feeling," he whispers against her lips as he takes them again. He slowly slips a finger back into her hot, wet pussy. Her hips raise to meet him, matching his rythym. He teases her, just the tip of his finger in and out....then slowly slips two fingers in her tight hole.

"Mmmmmmm, baby.... soooo tight. I've got to get you ready to take me. You are going to feel soooo good."

Moaning, she gives in. Her legs spread wider....her hips move faster....closer to that feeling, that wonderful feeling. "Ohhhh...yesssss, please yes."

"Oh no baby.... tell me....tell me what I want to hear," he says as he slowly removes his fingers. Not letting her cum. She must give in totally....she must beg him.

"Noooo, don't leave me like this," she cries. "Please let me cum again...pleassssseee. I've never felt like this before. You were right, this is my first time...pleassssseeeee!!!!"

"Not good enough," he says roughly as he gently teases her clit with his fingers. She has to submit to him totally.

"Your husband never gives you pleasure like this, does he? SAY IT!!"

Sobbing, she replies, "No, he never makes me feel like this. Please, pleasssseee, let me cum?"

"Tell me how, Angel. Tell me exactly what you want me to do to make you cum." His body pressed to hers, his cock throbbing between them.

She whispers, "I want your fingers, your mouth. I NEED you to fuck me with them. Fuck me, pleasssse fuck me. Make me cum. PLEASE!!!"

"Oh yes, baby, that's what I wanted," he says as he slides down and quickly sucks her clit into his mouth. His tongue rubbing hard, while his thrusts 2 fingers into her pussy. He finger fucks her fast and hard as he sucks that clit. Her clit is hard and about a half inch long now. Sticking out, begging for his tongue.

"Yeessss, fuck me....fuck me hard....pleasssse make me cum, pleasssssseee."

He feels her pussy tighten around his fingers. As her orgasm builds, he adds a third finger. Building her orgasm......her hips begging, her juices soaking the sheet beneath her.

"Yesss, ohhh... pleasssseee yesss. I'm ccuuuummmmmiiiiiinnnnnnggggg," she cries.

As she cums, he thrusts his fingers in deep and hard, wiggling them around as her pussy clamps down hard on them. Her juices flowing, hot and thick. He places his mouth over her pussy as he takes his fingers out. He laps up all her juices. He doesn't want to miss a drop.

"Mmmmmmm sweet, sweet baby. That's it," he says gently. Her body shaking with spasm after spasm. "That's my sweet, Angel."

Her hips continue to move with his tongue, as she slowly comes down from her orgasm. She shudders every time his tongue gently moves between her lips. He smiles softly as he gently licking her clean.

He raises his head and slowly kisses the inside of her thighs, then her stomach, teasing her belly button with his tongue. He slowly, gently, kisses his way up her body to her lips. She's smiling softly.

"That's My Angel. So very responsive. I knew you would be," he says as he gently turns her to her side to snuggle up behind her. He continues to stroke her body lightly.

Sighing, Angel snuggles back into his embrace. "What did you do to me? What have I done?"

Kissing her neck and cheek, he replies, "I've shown you what you are missing. I've shown you a need you didn't even realize you had. You have just responded naturally, instinctively."

Angel snuggles back and feels his cock between them. "You're still hard," she whispers.

"Yes, baby. Tonight was just for you. I've wanted to feel your skin next to mine for so long, but I know you're not ready for me yet."

"Will you take the blindfold off now? And the ropes? Pleaseeee. I want to know who you are."

"Soon you'll know me for who I am. Not just yet. You have to be able to honestly tell your husband and the sheriff that you didn't know your attacker."

Suddenly there are noises from the back of the house.

Sighing, he kisses her one last time as he eases out of bed. "I've got to go, baby. I think your husband has finally found a way to get out of the shed. I didn't tie him too tightly. I'll see you soon, My Angel. Don't forget me."

He quickly gets dressed and glances around to see that he hasn't left anything that can be linked to him. As he turns out the light, he lingeringly kisses her one last time.

"Goodbye," she whispers as he slips out the bedroom window and into the night.

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