tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Taking of Betty

The Taking of Betty


I was 18 years old and loved to stay with my best friend Todd, the main reason was to get a look at his mom Betty! Betty was 39 years old and very attractive. She was not over weight at all but plump in the right spots. I had always fantasized about her and had jacked off many a time with her image in my heard.

One night I was staying at Todd's house and to my disappointment his mother was not there. He said she was out on a date with her new boyfriend. Hearing this made me extremely jealous. I did not like know that the women of my dreams was out with another man. I started thinking about what she was doing with this guy, were they fucking! I started getting hard thinking about it.

It was about 1am and me and Todd were in his room. Todd was fast asleep in his bed and I was lying on the floor in my sleeping back playing with my cock while I thought about Todd's mom. I suddenly heard the door in the living room close and decided to take a peep out. Betty was being helped through the door by her new boyfriend, it was very obvious to see that Betty was extremely drunk. I could not believe my eyes, I did not even know she drank.

The guy carried her into her room and closed the door, after about 10 minutes he came out of her bedroom and closed the door behind him. He walked to the living room door and quietly left. For some reason I felt a responsibility to check on Betty to make sure she was ok. I looked back at Todd and saw he was still asleep. I quietly walked to Betty's bed room door and was happy to see it was not locked. I slowly opened the door and had a good view since the lamp on her night stand was on. Betty was lying peacefully on the bed. She was lying on her stomach with her face to the side. Her boyfriend had undressed her and she had nothing on except a long t-shirt. I was getting so excited that I had to make a move. I walked in the door and went over to her bed. I placed my face just inches from her's and softly whispered her name to see if she would answer. She did not make a sound except for her breathing. I don't know what came over me but I leaned in and kissed her lips. The were soft and sweet.

My cock was about to explode. Then an idea hit me! I pulled my cock out which was about 7 inches long and pretty thick. The tip of my cock head was already wet with pre cum. I leaned my hips in and let the tip of my cock head touch her lips. I grabbed my shaft with my hand and started smearing the pre cum over her lips. I was in heaven, I thought my hear would jump out of my chest. She did not open her eyes but kept sticking her tongue out licking her lips as if she liked what she was tasting. With one hand I squeezed her cheeks gently so that her mouth opened and with the other hand I inserted my cock head. As if she was going off instinct she started to slowly suck my cock head. I had never been this far with a girl before and knew I could not take much more. When I felt myself starting to cum I quickly pulled out. Betty kept licking the cum from her lips with her eyes still closed.

I quietly climbed onto the bed and moved to the other end. I gently rolled the t-shirt up exposing her round thick ass cheeks. They were perfectly smooth and tanned. I was amazed. I had never seen a naked women in person before, only in movies and magazines. I placed both hands on her ass cheeks and started massaging them. I had never been this excited in my life. I spread her ass cheeks apart which gave me a perfect view of her pussy and ass hole. She had a light patch of light brown hair around both which I thought was so sexy. I inserted a middle finger into her pussy and was amazed how hot and wet it was. I guess the cock sucking while she was a sleep was making her horny too! I leaned in and pressed my face down so that my tongue was in her pussy and my nose was up against her asshole. The taste was strong but intoxicating! I loved it!

I could not take anymore of this! I quickly undressed until I was completely naked. I laid onto of Betty's warm soft body and had to concentrate just to keep from blowing my load. I reached down and grabbed my cock so I could guide it into her cunt. As soon as my now very sensitive cock head found her pussy lips I felt a shiver go up an down my body! I slowly moved my hips forward and pushed my cock all the way in. Betty let out a low moan which scared me a little but there was no way I could pull out now. As I started pumping away Betty's breathing increased. I started sucking on her ear and could hear her mumble the works YES and FUCK ME! It did not take long until I was shooting my load all in her hot tight pussy. I grabbed a rag from the bathroom and cleaned both of us up as best I could and returned to my bed room. I laid in my sleeping back thinking about how this was the best night of my life. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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