tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Taking of Cindy

The Taking of Cindy


Cindy was the kind of boss most men would love to put over their knee and give a good spanking to. She was an attractive woman in her mid-thirties. Tall with long sexy legs and a slender body. Her breast were smallish, but round and firm enough to catch the eye. She had medium length brown hair which was always styled back to give her the 'professional woman' look. She wore large, round frame glasses that gave her more of a schoolteacher look than a business executive. But her attitude and mannerisms were hard core business all the way.

Cindy had scratched and clawed her way up the ladder the hard way. She was now a corporate director, and a damn good one at that. She believed that in order to succeed in a man's world that she had to be tougher than most men. And she did her best to accomplish that. Cindy was a hard person to work for. Many of the men and women who worked with or under her thought of her as a heartless bitch. And some of those sentiments were indeed earned. Of course there were the usual 'rumors' that followed a powerful woman around. It was often said that she was a lesbian, despite the fact that he had been married for 8 years and had a four year old daughter.

Sam Watson had worked for Cindy for three years. He was thirty years old, divorced, and not easy to get along with himself. He was a rough looking fellow, standing 6'2" and heavyset. He was very unattractive and had a gruff personality. Sam had grown up poor and worked hard as a teenager. He managed to work his way through college by spending six mornings a week humping trash to pay his way. After graduating he worked a couple low-level jobs before catching on with the same company only a few months before Cindy came on board. She had never liked Sam, but he did a good job as long as he stayed away from people. But eventually Cindy came to the conclusion that she wanted him out of her department. And a few weeks ago Sam messed up a project and gave her the excuse she needed to fire him.

Sam was pissed at being terminated. He knew that the mistake he made would have resulted only in a reprimand to any of the others in his department. It was no secret that he had a quick temper, now Sam was angry and wanted to strike back at Cindy. He pondered for a week on how stuck up she was. And how she always acted so prim and proper in front of everyone. And that was how Sam came up with his idea.

Tuesday was the last day of the month. Cindy always scheduled an end-of-month review meeting with key staff at the end of the day to review how everything stood. Sam remembered these meetings well. He also remembered that they usually ran at least an hour after closing. He thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to get back at Cindy in a way that would humiliate her the most.

Sam had a friend named Brian who had a reputation for being a pervert. Brian had a fetish for dominating women so he was a natural candidate to help Sam. The other thing in his favor was that Brian worked with several underground webmasters so he had at his disposal a means of further denigrating Cindy. When Sam shared his idea with him the weasely-looking thirty-something year old agreed immediately.

It was after 5 on Tuesday when Sam and Brian pulled into the parking lot. The doors would all be locked, but Sam had secretly copied a key to the rear door and kept it after being fired. He unlocked the door then he and Brian crept down the hall, the smaller man carrying a dufflebag. Both men were armed, each with a small caliber handgun.

When they reached the large conference room Sam listened through the closed door. He could hear Cindy talking but was unable to make out the words. He signaled to Brian to get ready. Brian sat the dufflebag on the floor and pulled out his handgun.

Cindy was standing at the head of the table, wearing a knee length skirt and loose fitting blouse. She was addressing her key staff people. Around the table sat Mark Ross, a 45-year old married man with three children. Mark was mostly bald, an average looking man who wouldn't stand out in a crowd. He had been working there for 15 years and resented Cindy being hired over him. Seated next to Mark was Ben Sanders. He was an attractive divorced 34-year old. Going around the table were some of the younger assistants all in their mid-twenties. Kevin, James, Keith and Conrad. All four of them knew their job well and could not understand why they had to attend these gatherings. And finally there was Michael, the 40-year old accountant who kept the books for Cindy's department. He was the only person there who had a solid relationship with the director.

Cindy's message was stopped in mid-sentence as the door flew open. She gasped as Sam and Brian rushed into the room brandishing weapons. The first thought crossing everyone's mind was that Sam had come back to kill everyone.

"Everyone sit tight and you won't get hurt!" Sam insisted. Waiving his pistol back and forth.

"Wh-what do you want?" Cindy asked.

"I came back to punish you for what you've done to me." Sam replied.

"Mr. Watson," Michael interrupted. "You don't want to do this."

"Shut the fuck up, Michael." Sam demanded. "Get the bag." He instructed Brian.

Brian stepped back through the doorway and returned with the dufflebag.

"Get the ropes." Sam continued. As Brian pulled several cords of rope out of the bag Sam motioned for Keith, who was the closest to the door, to get out of his chair. "Take these ropes and tie everyone's hands behind their chairs. Everyone but Cindy that is."

The room sat still as Keith went behind one person at a time, securing their hands behind the back of their chairs. Then Sam followed, checking each one to make sure that Keith had done it right. When he was satisfied he ordered Keith to sit in his chair and then he tied Keith's hands behind his back.

"What are you planning to do?" Cindy asked.

Sam smiled, motioning for Brian to pull out the digital camcorder. "Why we're going to fuck the shit out of you, Cindy."

"Cindy screamed and started to run, but Sam pounced, grabbing her by the arm and spinning her back until she slammed against the wall. While Brian began taping the assault Sam started tearing Cindy's clothes off of her body.

Cindy struggled but was no match for Sam. In a matter of moments he had her stripped down to her bra, panties and high heeled shoes. He grabbed her bra and tore it from her body. Then he took Cindy and tossed her onto the table on her back before ripping her panties off of her. He called for Brian to help and the two of them began tying ropes around her wrists and ankles. Sam secured her feet to the bottom legs so that her ass hung off the edge of the table while her legs were spread apart on the floor. The ropes around her wrist were pulled back across the table and tied to the opposite legs. Leaving Cindy arched backwards in an uncomfortable position that left her pussy fully exposed and her breasts predominantly displayed.

"For gods sake, stop this!" Cindy yelled.

"Oh we're just getting started." Sam informed her as he began pinching her nipples. Cindy cried out with each cruel pinch and pull that he delivered. When she saw the camera in Brian's hands again she began pleading with him to stop even more. But Sam ignored her cries and slowly lowered his right hand until it was caressing her pubic hair. When he forced a finger between her slit Cindy jumped against the ropes. Then Sam dropped to his knees and buried his face between her legs.

Cindy was straining at her bonds. Her entire body was blushing as she felt Sam's tongue flicking across her clit. She could see all eyes of the other men in the room watching her torment. Cindy could feel her juices starting to flow and began cussing. Sam shoved his finger back into her twat and began fucking her with his stubby digit while munching on her pussy. Cindy's breaths were getting shallow as he continued. "Oh fuck," she thought to her self, "This son-of-a-bitch is going to make me have an orgasm in front of everyone."

That was indeed Sam's intentions. He licked away, enjoying the taste of her cunt. Cindy fought as hard as she could to resist, but she could feel her body beginning to respond. The feeling grew stronger and stronger, then her climax began. Cindy gasped as it started. Her legs quivered and her arms pulled harder at the ropes holding them. Her tits were rising and falling with her quick, deep breaths and it was evident to everyone in the room that their boss was having an orgasm.

Once finished Sam stood up before her. "Did you like that, Cindy?"

"Fuck you, asshole!" She replied.

Sam didn't saw a word. Her just began taking off his pants. Cindy saw his erect cock pointing her way and began to panic. Sam climbed up on the table and stood over her, bringing his dick closer to her face. "Time for you to suck me." He said.

Cindy stared at the throbbing cock before her. Sam rubbed her head and said, "You will suck me, Cindy. And if I feel any teeth you'll be really sorry."

Cindy didn't know what his threat involved, but she believed that he was serious. She slowly opened her mouth and let Sam slide his cock between her lips. Brian came closer with the camera, anxious to get the best angle possible of Cindy blowing her former employee. Sam enjoyed the view of Cindy taking him in her mouth. He was already excited from going down on her and was unable to hold his orgasm for long. Cindy gagged as his pecker erupted in her mouth. In her position she was forced to swallow it all as Sam began pumping her mouth.

Sam pulled out and jumped off the table. Taking the camera from Brian he stepped to the side while Brian undressed and climbed up on the table. He was both shorter and thinner than Sam. But his dick was somewhat longer. He took his turn over Cindy's face and the Corporate Director began sucking his cock as well.

Brian pumped her face as she sucked. He lasted much longer than Sam did, much to Cindy's despair. But soon she could tell that he was ready to cum. But just as he was ready Brian pulled out of her mouth and pumped his cock with his hand, sending blast after blast of sticky cum into her face. Cindy had never seen a man shoot so much before. Brian's cum coated her face and glasses. Sam came closer with the camera to get a good picture of her.

"Now it's time for you to get fucked." Sam told her.

"No, please don't." She begged. But Sam was quickly between her legs, his cock hard once again. Cindy cried out as he began pushing between her lips. Then Sam began pounding her cunt like a wild animal. Cindy was being banged back against the table by his vicious strokes. She continued to plead for him to stop. She promised to suck him off again if only he would pull out of her before cuming. But that only excited Sam more. He fucked her tight hole, all the while staring her straight in the eyes.

"Here I cum!" He called out.

"No!" Cindy cried once final time before feeling Sam's semen squirting inside her.

When Sam pulled out Brian was ready again. He shoved his long dick into her pussy and Cindy found herself being fucked for the second time. Brian went slower than Sam, enjoying every thrust to the max. Cindy hated the way he fucked her because he knew that he really knew what he was doing. His thrusts were masterful and deep, each once catching her clit at just the right moment, and connecting with her g-spot at just the right angle. She could feel her pussy grasping his tool and knew that her body was going to welcome another climax if he didn't finish soon. But Brian was able to take his time. He could sense Cindy's orgasm approaching and picked up his pace when he knew that she was about to cross the threshold. Cindy let a moan escape her lips as her body began to convulse with her second forced orgasm. Brian fucked her harder now, feeling her pussy spasm around his cock. As her orgasm subsided his began and he filled her pussy with his cum.

Sam looked around the room. "I'll bet there are a few other hard cocks in here." He said matter-of-factly.

He grabbed his pistol and told Brian to untie Mark Ross. When Mark's hands were free he was ordered to take off his pants. True to Sam's words Mark's cock stood ready. It wasn't that he found the scene before him exciting. But like the other men in the room, it was an involuntary reaction to seeing a pretty girl getting fucked.

"Your turn." Sam told him.

"I can't do that," Mark said. "I'm married."

"You get between her legs and fuck her or else." Sam said.

Mark wasn't sure what to do. But he more afraid of Sam than anything else at the moment. Then it struck him. Cindy was a pretty woman. And the thought of fucking her was very appealing. He realized that he could actually fuck the woman who took the job he was supposed to have and not get into trouble either at work or at home. Mark hesitantly stepped between Cindy's outstretched legs.

"No, Mark. Don't." Cindy pleaded.

"I'm sorry, Cindy." He lied. Then slowly pressed his dick into her wet pussy. Mark began fucking her, enjoying the first pussy he's had other than his wife since before he had got married. He loved his wife, but fucking Cindy was more exciting that he would have thought possible.

Cindy was looking at Mark in disbelief. She had just been raped by two men, now she was being forced to let her biggest rival in the department fuck her. It was then that Cindy realized that Sam was probably intent on making her fuck every man in the room.

Mark fucked his boss with pleasure. He tried to hide his true feelings but could not resist in pounding away at her. Cindy looked around the room at the other men, seeing everyone watching her. Knowing that many of them were just waiting for their chance to take Mark's place. And even the ones who weren't would be forced to do so anyway. She looked back to Mark, feeling her pussy on fire again. She cussed out loud as she realized that she was nearing a third climax. They were coming faster and stronger now. Cindy knew that at this pace she would probably cum with each fuck. While the thought was intriguing, she did not know if she would be able to handle so much release. Her thoughts were lost as her orgasm overtook her. She was now openly moaning as Mark slammed his cock into her.

Hearing Cindy's moans was all it took for Mark to cross over the edge. He thrust forward even harder as his cock began to spew into her hole.

Mark was led back to his chair and Ben Sanders was untied. Ben was pushed between Cindy's legs. She noticed that he didn't hesitate in dropping his pants and sinking his hard cock into her snatch. She began climaxing almost immediately as he started fucking her. Mark had gone a few months without any sex, and had often fantasized about Cindy in meetings. He could not believe that he had happened into the opportunity to be 'forced' to fuck her. He plowed her with pure lust, listening to her cry out in orgasm as he fucked her until his balls emptied into her.

Next came the younger men. Kevin began fucking her. She could tell that he enjoyed it even though he didn't want to be a part of it. He tried holding back but the sensation of her pussy was too much. He apologized like a schoolboy as his cock blasted its load into her cunt. James shocked Cindy with the size of his pecker. It was over 9-inches and pretty thick. He was hesitant about fucking her, and it was obvious that he wanted no part in her rape. But Cindy realized that she wanted his cock. She had to experience something that size once in her life. When James finally gave in and began fucking her she began thrusting her hips back and forth to meet his strokes. His cock filled her pussy and it wasn't long before she was orgasming all over it. As she finished James was still fucking her. It took two more of her own climaxes before he finally came.

Keith had no hesitation. His lust was running rampant after watching Cindy getting fucked so many times. Her orgasmic cries while fucking James threatened to cause him to cum in his pants. He plunged his rod into her sopping wet hole with ease. Fucking her fast and furious until he came.

Next came Conrad. He too was horny and had to admit to himself that he wanted to take his turn. But the thought of fucking her after so many men, and having everyone watch, was a bit much for him. Still, he took his turn in his boss's cunt. But his nerves made it such that it took the poor young man nearly twenty minutes to finally cum. Twenty minutes that drove Cindy to agonizing heights as she continued to climax over and over again.

Michael was the last to be brought forward. He did not want to fuck Cindy at all. But he took his turn and fucked her. He could not believe that she was practically begging for it by the time he was inside of her. Cindy couldn't believe it either. She still hated what was happening to her. But her body was alive with a passion she never would have dreamed possible. She was on the verge of another orgasm when Michael spilled his seed and pulled out of her.

Cindy remained secured to the table, her cunt dripping with cum and her own juices, both of which were draining down her thighs. She was so close to another climax that she couldn't stand it. Then Sam came back to her. He pressed his cock up against her pussy. Then slowly slid it inside her. Cindy was ready to release again but he pulled out.

"No, I want something a little more tighter." He said with a grin.

Cindy gasped. "No, please not that. I've never done that."

"Fantastic." Sam relied as he lowered his cock to meet her asshole. Cindy cried out as he began pushing forward into her bum. With all the wetness that had spread into the crack of her ass there was no way to resist him. Her ass was too lubricated to block his entry. Sam broke through her anal ring. Stopping only long enough to listen to Cindy's scream. And to make sure that Brian was still getting everything on tape. Then he began fucking her asshole with as much passion as he had taken her pussy. Cindy was on her toes trying to get away but there was no escaping the rod that was impaling her asshole. Sam pumped her rear harder and harder. Then with loud grunting sounds he came in her asshole.

When Sam pulled out Cindy was still stuck in place. Her pussy wanted to be satisfied now more than ever. Sam saw the emotion in her eyes and said. "You want another cock in your ass?"

"N-no." She replied.

"Then where do you want it?"

"In my pussy." She whispered.

"Where?" He asked again.

Cindy couldn't take it any longer. "In my pussy, goddamnit. I need it in my pussy!"

Sam wasted no time in fulfilling her wish. He drove his cock into her and fucked away, listening to her cries of delight as her most powerful orgasm wracked her body. When she was done he pulled out and climbed up on the table. Brian set the camcorder down at an angle to get the rest of the scene and rushed over to them. He plunged his prick into her pussy and began fucking her while Sam started fucking her mouth. Cindy was disgusted at having Sam's cock in her mouth after having it in both her pussy and ass. But she was so into being fucked again she willingly sucked it. She climaxed again just as both men spewed their loads into her.

Sam and Brian both dressed grabbed the camcorder and left the room without untying any of their captives. It took several minutes before any of them were able to work themselves free. Once done they called the police. With Sam's records already on file in the Human Resources it took no time to track him down at his house and arrest him. It took a while longer to find his friend Brian. Unfortunately for Cindy that was too long. For Brian had already loading the entire video of her rape onto one of his main underground website connections. From there video captures of her being fucked by Sam, Brian and the rest of her staff spread around the net becoming one of the most popular underground rape films on-line. Many of her friends and co-workers saw at least parts of the film and Cindy realized that it would stick with her always.

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