The Taking of Lena Ch. 04


She yelped in surprise when he flipped her over onto her stomach, and her back arched in pleasure when he deliberately ran his hands from her hips to her breasts, pushing up the shirt she wore.

She felt Renz moving behind her, and she blushed in embarrassment when he pushed the backs of her thighs apart, causing her to straddle the bench. Lena began feeling embarrassed as her lust paused, and she squirmed in discomfort at the knowledge of her indecent exposure.

"Don't move," she heard him whisper behind her. Lena swallowed hard, willing herself to stop moving. He was silent behind her for a few moments, but then she heard the familiar sound of his clothing...being removed.

She straddled the bench for what felt like hours, her entire backside, and pussy, completely exposed to his gaze. But finally, he joined her, and she felt his warm, hard body against hers.

His fingers lowered between her thighs, and he slipped one inside of her. Lena moaned in gratification, and she slightly lost her balance, falling forward and gripping the bench with strained palms.

She heard Renz chuckle behind her, but she found she didn't much care for his teasing. He rewarded her with a second finger inside of her, and she stretched around him delightedly.

"My, Lena, I don't think you've ever been this wet...this quickly," Renz muttered. Lena paid little attention to him, instead focusing on the feeling of his long, thick fingers stretching her pleasurably. She exhaled heavily as she shifted, beginning to move against his fingers. The hand on her hip quickly spanked her as he withdrew his fingers from her dripping channel, and she gasped in alarm and displeasure.

"Save those thrusts for my cock, Lena. Are you ready?" Renz asked. Lena was puzzled by his words, but dizzy with lust.

"Yes," Lena replied frantically, nearly desperate to feel him. She felt both of his hands on her hips then, and she felt the head of his cock probing at her dewy entrance. With a deep groan, she felt Renz slide himself up inside of her very slowly, and Lena released a silent scream at the familiar, missed feeling.

Renz withdrew from her, but then joined their bodies once more, pushing himself in, as well as pulling her onto him. Lena closed her eyes and lost herself in the feeling of his penetration, the delicious way he stretched her delicate inner body beyond its limits.

Lena balanced herself on the bench as she received him, gripping the edges until her knuckles turned white. He leaned forward with her, slipping his hands beneath her body, caressing her stomach and her breasts, as he thrust inside of her.

Lena felt like she was receiving him in a brand new way. She felt him within her, deeper than she had ever before experienced. She felt completely full with him, and in that moment, she relished his possession.

The new position certainly had its appeal as well. Lena couldn't see him, and she couldn't touch him with her own hands. She could only feel him all over her and inside of her, smell him, and listen to him. It felt wickedly primitive; the sound of his hips slamming against her bottom, the sound of his guttural moans, and the feeling of his hands on her body and his hard cock speared her. She was completely under his control, but she welcomed his dominance.

Lena arched her back and slightly wiggled her hips, and she felt his cock graze that one spot inside of her. Lena cried out at the powerful feeling, and stilled as he continued to thrust on. She found that if she didn't move, he'd touch it over and over.

Lena felt his nails digging into her hips, and she braced herself for the explosion that was about to come. She could feel it deep within her, slowly and steadily building up as Renz insistently shoved himself inside of her, touching that one sensitive place on her insides. Lena's lower lip began trembling, and she heard an almost pained crying noise.

Realizing she was making the sounds, Lena closed her eyes and tried to maintain at least a small degree of control of herself.

She felt Renz grip her hair, roughly, and he pulled her up and placed his teeth directly on her ear. He wrapped his arm around her stomach, locking her body against his.

"No, Lena, you will not close yourself to me now. Stay open and release," Renz whispered roughly. He shoved himself inside of her and stayed completely still, halting the movements of their bodies.

Lena's muscles instinctively clenched around his cock, lodged deep and snug within her body. Lena was completely surrounded and completely filled by Renz, so much that she felt like he had become a part of her.

The arm around her stomach tightened even further, and he slipped his hand below her belly and found her clit. Lena's head fell back against his shoulder, and she cried out at the overwhelming feeling of the overstimulation.

"That's right, Lena. Stay open," Renz urged.

Lena nearly fractured at the sound of his voice, but she found herself only rising higher and higher, the buildup to her orgasm boiling in her belly. She began rocking against him, gently moving on his hips as much as her position would allow. She needed more friction, more movement. She needed her release, desperately now.

"That's my good girl," Renz said. Lena continued rocking, her movements unskilled, untrained, but fully impassioned. She felt tension throughout every part of her body, coiling and tightening everything from her face to the muscles in her stomach to her toes.

Renz took her by surprise, and began meeting her desperate thrusts, rapidly burying himself and removing himself and burying himself again within her body. His movements were fast and hard, and Lena squeezed him as hard as she could while he was inside of her, to keep him there.

She was full, so full of him, overstuffed, her needy pussy completely satisfied. She felt him pinch her clit with his fingers, and there was a brief moment of complete stillness and silence. Then, little tears formed in her eyes as Lena shattered, her entire body convulsing as the pleasure whipped though her. She screamed until her voice went hoarse, paying little attention to the burning feeling on her hips from Renz's rough fingers as he erupted inside of her. Lena came, long and hard.

And she was fully awake.

"I thought I'd lost you," Renz mentioned. Lena shook her head.

"I have nowhere else to go," Lena replied.

They sat on the bench lazily, and Renz reached forward to pull her against his chest. Lena was physically worn out, and did not object.

"I was talking about your mind, Lena. Where have you been?" Renz asked. Lena shook her head again, not wanting to return to that dark, empty, desolate feeling.

"You could tell me what your thoughts are," Renz prompted, when she didn't speak. Lena sighed.

"What will my life be like? What do you expect me to do here?" Lena asked, looking up at him. Renz looked bemused momentarily, and he drifted into pensive thoughtfulness.

"I thought I made that obvious," Renz replied teasingly, slightly rubbing himself against her. Lena frowned.

"So I am to sit in that lavish suite, day after day, waiting for you to come to me and satisfy yourself?" Lena asked. She heard him inhale sharply, and Lena wondered if she'd said too much.

She turned around, and a hard, cold expression was on his face. Lena's blood ran frigid, and she knew she'd most definitely overstepped her bounds.

"I'm so sorry, sir," Lena said nervously. She began to inch away from him, but Renz tightened his grip around her waist, and pulled her right back against his chest.

"You can come to me if you need satisfaction as well, Lena. I've told you before, I care about your pleasure," Renz said suddenly. Lena chose her words carefully, not wanting to upset him.

"Surely I cannot spend my days doing this...constantly," Lena replied. Renz chuckled.

"Lena, I can't imagine a more pleasant way to spend my days than to ravish you every hour," Renz said, laughing harder. Lena's eyes widened in horror, and she prayed she heard him incorrectly. She stiffened in fear, but then Renz surprised her, and kissed the top of her head.

"Not even I have that kind of virility, Lena. You needn't worry about me having you more than either of us can realistically handle. I will endeavor to push those limits to your stamina, however," Renz replied. Lena sighed, accepting that as the fairest response he would give her.

Lena began feeling dread as she pictured her future with Renz, and the joyous feelings from the climax of the coupling she'd just experienced instantly vanished. Her entire life would revolve around satisfying him. Lena felt a pain deep in her chest, and mentally fought to keep it at bay. She strived to return to that place of blank emptiness and safety where she'd spent their travels, mentally distancing herself from him, and for a few moments, Lena felt at peace.

Renz stood up suddenly, causing Lena to fall over in surprise, breaking her from her mental security.

"You might want to...clean yourself up," Renz mentioned, looking down at her with disapproval in his eyes. Lena frowned, confused, and felt oddly hurt by his sudden dismissal. Her self-protection shattered the instant Renz returned to his cool, icy demeanor, and she felt cheapened once more.

"The doctor is here for you, just like you asked."

Lena sat in embarrassment and acute discomfort as the doctor examined her. They were in the privacy of the lounge of her suite, and she sat on the chaise while the doctor knelt in front of her, between her legs, examining her with strange probe-like objects.

He seemed to be on the floor for ages, and Lena exhaled in relief when he finally sat upright.

He felt around her abdomen, putting pressure on odd parts of her stomach. Lena watched him in interest as he studied her, and took notes in his journal of sorts.

"Have you experienced pain during or immediately after sexual activity?" the doctor asked. Lena's face instantly turned scarlet. She was surprised by the boldness of his question, wishing for the less offensive, circumlocutory speech of the doctor of Sterling Manor.

When she didn't answer, the doctor rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"I have neither the time nor the patience for euphemisms. Do you experience pain, or not?" he asked again. Lena swallowed hard.

"Yes, very first time was recently. And it is not as painful as that," Lena replied. The doctor nodded, writing something else down.

"But you still experience discomfort? Do you have any bleeding?" he asked. Lena continued to blush, and began feeling dizzy from her embarrassment.

"A little, yes," Lena replied eventually.

"Understandable. You have some tears that aren't quite finished healing. Apply this at night, and they will fully repair in a few days' time," the doctor said, handing her a small jar of cream. Lena accepted it, and observed the strange looking, filmy substance.

"As for the real reason why I am here," the doctor continued, reaching into his bag. He pulled out a medium-sized bottle containing a dark liquid with strange-shaped solids floating through it.

"What is this?" Lena asked, twisting it open. The smell was positively foul, and she wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"Drink a spoonful of this every morning and every night. This will keep unwanted babies unborn," the doctor replied. Lena suddenly began to panic.

"You mean...I'm already...?" she asked, nearly speechless. It was one thing to prevent pregnancy, but another thing entirely to terminate one if it already existed. Lena began feeling sick to her stomach at the thought.

The doctor interrupted her thoughts by clearing his throat and shaking his head.

"You're not pregnant. Your body is in no position to successfully conceive. If you follow the instructions I have given you, you will not need to worry about a babe," the doctor replied.

Lena exhaled heavily, overcome with a feeling of relief. She felt sore on the inside from the combination of Renz's rough coupling and the doctor's cold, hard tools, and she hoped she would be left alone for the rest of the day.

She watched as the doctor gathered his instruments and prepared to depart, and a question struck her.

"Doctor, what do you mean...I'm in no position to successfully conceive?" she asked. The doctor's face softened slightly, and he looked at her sympathetically.

"You look like you have lost a lot of weight recently. Your body clearly can't nourish itself, let alone a baby," the doctor answered. Lena shrank into the chaise, suddenly feeling deeply ashamed.

She jumped slightly when the door slammed shut, indicating his departure.

She wrapped her arms around her stomach, feeling very raw and sore on her insides. She didn't want to move too much, because the examination really had been rather painful, especially after Renz.

Lena closed her eyes and tried not to think about what Renz had reverted to, but the disgusted look on his face was now a permanent memory.

During his arousal, Lena knew he looked upon her with a certain level of desire. It frightened her, but it also excited her. In a strange way, she enjoyed the fact that she could arouse such feelings in him. It gave her a small amount of power.

But as soon as his lust was satisfied, he'd lost interest in her, icily dismissing her. She felt lower than a whore, and Lena realized the word "depository" was a more accurate description of how Renz saw her, and how she now saw herself. An empty, worthless vessel for his lusts.

Lena swallowed hard, fighting back the urge to cry. She'd lost control of herself during their sex. In her need for release, she'd made herself vulnerable.

Lena took deep breaths to calm herself, and realized that the only way she would survive is if she never opened herself to him that way again.

A knock on the lounge door interrupted her thoughts, and Lena straightened out the shirt she wore before the doors opened.

Lena was instantly calmed when Erich walked in.

"Fräulein...I mean, Lena," Erich said softly. Lena wasn't sure why, but the sight of his kind face made the tears she'd been fighting back spill from her eyes. She wiped her face furiously, but the tears continued to fall freely.

Erich tentatively approached her, a concerned look on his face.

"May I sit down, Lena?" he asked. His politeness made her cry harder, and Lena found all she could do to respond was nod.

Erich sat across from her, placing a tray on the table that separated the two chaises. Lena held her breath to stop the tears from falling, but her chest heaved and her shoulders shook violently, betraying her resolve to stop crying.

Erich extended a handkerchief to her, which Lena accepted gratefully. After a few moments, her sobs began to dissipate.

"I thought you might enjoy some lunch," Erich mentioned softly. Lena sniffled and smiled lightly.

"Thank you, Erich," she replied.

She watched him as he prepared the spread, and Lena's stomach growled when she took in the sight of the food. She saw a small smile appear on Erich's face, and she couldn't help but laugh at herself.

"You have gone through...many emotions in the few minutes I've been here," Erich said. Lena stopped laughing, and began to blush.

"I'm sorry. It has been a strange day," Lena replied. Erich nodded knowingly.

"I thought you might enjoy some of this flowering tea. The Master had it imported from Peking. Watch," Erich said.

Lena observed in curiosity as Erich poured hot water into the teacup. The dried tea flower instantly began to bloom, revealing more colorful petals as flower expanded, and the tea began to steep.

"That is lovely! And it smells delicious," Lena exclaimed in admiration. Erich smiled warmly at her.

"Is there anything else I can get for you?" Erich asked. Lena felt strangely sad at the thought of him leaving. His face was too kind, his words too gentle. In that moment, Lena desperately needed some kindness.

"Won't you join me, Erich?" Lena asked. Erich looked thoughtful for a moment, but then he smiled at her again.

"It would be my pleasure, Lena."

"So how is she, Karl?" Renz asked. Karl finished writing his bill before answering.

"For the most part, she is a healthy girl. Much too thin at the moment, but I'm sure you already know that," Karl replied. Renz sighed heavily.

"Something happened when I brought her back from Sterling's. She didn't eat anything, she didn't say anything. At first I thought it was just shock, but...I don't know. You're sure there's nothing wrong with her?" Renz asked. Karl chuckled.

"Are you having second thoughts about the maid you kidnapped?" he asked. Renz's eyes narrowed dangerously, and Karl immediately halted his mocking.

"Lena is fine. I realize that empathy is not your strongest attribute, but try to appreciate the fact that you've brought the biggest form of change this girl has ever experienced. She will need time to adjust," he replied. Renz considered Karl's words.

"Perhaps. But her life as a servant is over, and that is because of me. You'd think she would show me some gratitude," Renz mentioned. Karl laughed heartily then, irreverent to Renz's pride.

"And who's to say she didn't enjoy making beds and dusting tapestries? As far as she's aware, she's just a new kind of servant, for a man she doesn't trust no less," Karl explained.

Renz stopped pacing and sat down in his chair, and poured himself a small bit of Scotch whiskey to ease the headache he felt forming.

"So why did you do it?" Karl asked seriously. Renz ignored him, and took a sip of his drink.

"I'm not asking as your doctor or as your employee. I am asking as your closest friend for nearly thirty years. Why her?" Karl asked. Renz paused momentarily, unsure of how he could even begin to respond.

"I wanted her, Karl. I still do. You know what I do when I want something," Renz replied simply. Karl frowned.

"The difference is, she's a human being, not another schloss or an enterprise. Do you love her?" he asked. Renz snorted.

"You know as well as I that I don't love," Renz replied. Karl nodded.

"So she's just here for you to fuck then?" he asked. Renz shook his head.

"No, it's more than that...I wanted a better life for her. Sterling is hemorrhaging assets, his estate is collapsing. He won't able to sustain his staff for longer than a few more months. I've rescued her from that," Renz stated emphatically, defending himself. Karl raised his eyebrows.

"Does she know that?" Karl asked.

"I imagine she doesn't," Renz replied. Karl gathered his things and collected his payment from Renz's desk.

"I have other patients to see today. Call on me if her catatonia returns. And make sure she's eating regularly," Karl said, showing himself out.

Renz sat for a few moments, and did something he never did—he tried to be empathetic. He spent a few moments trying to mentally place himself where Lena was, and found himself in a very negative place.

Perhaps he had been much too forward in his desire for the girl. While Renz did feel a certain level of entitlement and self-interest, he was by no means a monster. Or at least, he hoped he wasn't a monster.

Renz left his office and started towards Lena's suite. He owed her a conversation, at the very least.

He opened the door, not bothering to knock, and was instantly filled with fury when he saw that she was with the servant Erich, alone, and...laughing.

Lena jumped in surprise at the sound of the doors slamming against the wall. She noticed Erich began to appear panicked, and his fear made her blood run cold.

"What is this?" Renz said coldly.

Erich rapidly stood up and gathered the emptied trays.

"I was just leaving, sir," Erich replied, stumbling to gather the spread.

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