tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Taking of Lena Ch. 05

The Taking of Lena Ch. 05


Don't. Move. Don't move, don't move, don't move, don't move....

Renz repeated the mantra in his head as Lena moved over him, her expressive face marked with curiosity and urgent arousal.

She rubbed the tip of his cock against the slippery lips of her pussy, and Renz balled his fists to keep from bucking his hips against hers like a wild animal.

She was teasing him. She had to know that she was teasing him. There was no way he would agree to anything like this ever again.

He watched her as she determinedly positioned herself above him, and began to slowly slide down onto his cock. Renz was nearly taken aback by the exquisite feeling of her small body stretching around him, welcoming him inside of her. He could feel her opening up around his hardness, blossoming like a flower. For the first time, he wasn't forcing his way in; she was taking him. Lena wanted him.

Renz brought his eyes to her face, and his excitement doubled. She'd never looked more beautiful to him.

Her head was thrown back, her eyes were halfway closed, and her cheeks were flushed with deep pink blush. Her brow was marred by the slight frown of a woman fiercely determined to find her pleasure.

She sank down onto him, and released a primal, full-bodied cry of satisfaction. And to his surprise, her mouth parted into a gentle smile.

Lena placed her hands on his shoulders, and he watched her intently as she began moving over him. Renz looked down at where their bodies combined, admiring Lena and her untrained, organic movements. Circling him, bouncing on him, grinding against him...Lena was more open than he'd ever seen her. A bewitching combination of selfish wantonness and innocent curiosity, Lena was using his body to please herself.

And he loved it.

He grunted when Lena sharply squeezed around him, and began pumping herself onto him forcibly.

"Christ, Lena," Renz groaned. Lena's big blue eyes flickered to his, and she looked at him sheepishly, like she'd been caught doing something naughty. He had half an impulse to tease her, or at least smile at her...to reassure her that what she was doing was very naughty, but in the best way possible.

She quickly dropped her gaze, however, and Renz felt her eyes on him, observing him. He began to wonder, for the first time, if Lena enjoyed what she saw.

His question was answered when he felt her move again, urgency increasing, and he squeezed his fists even harder to maintain control of himself. Her movements, her sounds, even her smell, were dangerously close to unhinging him.

Renz watched as Lena's pleasure frown became one of frustration. She was close, but couldn't find her release. He thought about helping her, but he'd promised to allow her to explore sex on her own.

Her nearly peaked expression, however, was too much for him to resist.

Before he could move, Lena reached down and grabbed his wrist, and yanked it between her thighs impatiently. Renz smiled, knowingly beginning to circle Lena's hot, engorged, slick clit with his fingertips.

She looked at him again, and Renz knew he'd reached his breaking point. Her eyes were so wild and penetrating, that he felt captive in her bright blue gaze. She was taking him. He was hers. In that moment, he would have done anything she asked.

"Thank you, Renz," she said softly. Lena closed her eyes, and screamed a loud and uncaring scream. Her cries traveled throughout the room as her body shuddered, rhythmically pulsing and throbbing around him. He felt her slick wetness spill out of her body, and his tenuous sense of control snapped.

He wrapped his arms around her, thrusting into her body roughly as she experienced her orgasm, and he sought his own.

He felt her delicate arms around his shoulders, and momentarily he froze. This was new. She was holding him.

The new sensation was more than he could process, and Renz violently erupted inside of her, biting down on her shoulder as he came.

Renz held onto her body tightly as wave after wave of pleasure overcame him. When they finally ended, he reclined on the chaise, satisfied and spent.

Lena stayed wrapped around him, a tangle of legs and arms, their bodies still connected. And he felt oddly contented by her proximity. He was completely surrounded by the woman that had unwittingly become the center of his every sexual desire.

He breathed in the faintly sweet scent of her skin as her breathing slowed, her shuddering subsided, and her body became weighted again.

Lena eventually rose, lazily supporting herself on her elbows as she gazed at him. It was only when he saw the puzzled expression on her face that Renz realized he was crying.

"Are you all right?" Lena asked. Renz didn't immediately move or speak, and Lena wondered whether or not he'd heard her.

"Sir?" she asked again. Renz blinked slowly, and Lena found herself oddly drawn to the vulnerable expression on his face.

She reached forward to touch his cheek, but he jerked away from her suddenly.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

Renz quickly removed Lena from his lap, and Lena winced as she felt his spent organ slip out of her inner walls.

She tumbled back onto the chaise as Renz stood up, rapidly pulling up his pants and re-buttoning his shirt.

"Sir?" she asked. Renz looked over to her, and his previous gentle expression was replaced by something distant and austere.

"Have you satisfied yourself, Lena?" Renz asked icily. Lena gasped in surprise at his harsh tone.

"You could have just said no," Lena said eventually, her voice quivering and small.

"It won't happen again," Renz said. And then he left her.

Lena sat stunned on the chaise for a few moments, ears ringing from the loud banging sound of the harsh slam Renz had left on the double doors to the suite. She felt so confused by Renz's behavior, and she had no idea how to handle it.

Lena was ashamed of how hurt she felt. She thought she'd seen another side to him after their sex, a part of him that she could tolerate, even like.

But she'd been horribly wrong.

There was no part of Renz that she could ever like, Lena reminded herself as she stood up from the chaise, weakly walking towards the bathing room. There was nothing likeable or good in him.

She drew herself a hot bath and wandered over to the mirror, staring at her reflection in bewilderment. She silently gasped, hardly recognizing herself, with her sunken-in cheekbones, baggy eyes, and disheveled hair. With her bruised lips, flushed cheeks, and thinning body loosely covered by a man's shirt, Lena felt like she looked like a perfect slattern.

Lena swallowed hard and dropped her gaze, to keep herself from crying. She reached for a gilded hairbrush that sat atop the counter space, and began to brush her dark brown hair, smoothing out the tangled mess.

When she finished, she brought her eyes back to the mirror again, satisfied that she looked somewhat like the self she wasn't ashamed of. She pulled off the shirt and observed her body in the mirror, and became instantly repulsed by how thin she looked.

Lena folded her arms in front of her, to protect her body from the chill of the bathroom, and entered the now full tub, slightly wincing as her sore body descended into the hot water.

Lena sank to her shoulders as she began to lather her body, washing off all of Renz. As she touched herself, her heart began to hurt, and her façade of strength shattered as she thought of the way Renz had touched her, the way she had touched him. She had truly thought something had been different about him this afternoon, but it was all a lie. She felt humiliated and used.

Lena's silent tears eventually became loud sobs, and the water splashed and spilled on the marble flooring as her body shook with painful tremors. Lena allowed herself to cry, a full-bodied, dramatic cry, for she resolved that this would be the last time she ever cried for Renz. He had stolen her innocence, taken her from the only family she'd known, violated her and desecrated her beyond what she recognized...but he would not take anything else from her. She wouldn't let him.

Lena sniffled and wiped her face, feeling strong again, after allowing herself to experience the sadness. She would let Renz use her body, but he would never access her mind or her heart again.

Renz paced around the manor late that evening. He'd tried sleeping, but had been tormented by strange nightmares that evaded his consciousness once he'd awakened. And now he fidgeted, anxious and tense, vainly hoping for some kind of serenity.

What he really wanted was Lena again, but Renz knew he needed to leave her alone for a while...for his sanity's sake. Lena had managed to fundamentally change something deep inside of him, and he wasn't yet sure if he liked it.

Lena had taken him inside of her, openly and freely, gracefully and frantically. He was encompassed by her desire to find pleasure. And she'd found it in him.

Renz couldn't remove the image of her face as she looked at him, right before she climaxed. Thank you, Renz, her voice repeated in his head.

When she threw her head back, the cords in her neck straining, the muscles in her abdomen clenching tightly...Renz was certain he'd never seen a more beautiful or erotic sight. Renz knew he could die a happy man watching Lena come for him over and over again.

Or watching Lena smile for him.

Renz shook his head in an attempt to banish the thought, but the image of Lena's sweet smile when he'd walked in on her with the servant penetrated his thoughts. She'd appeared so relaxed, and almost happy. Renz found himself desiring for her to look at him that way. He'd made her cry, had made her frown...but he'd never made her smile like that, and suddenly, Renz was filled with a strange feeling of remorse.

Renz's thoughts went back to the hurt, broken expression that had been on Lena's face after their sex that afternoon, and he began feeling guilt, an unfamiliar, and uncomfortable, feeling.

He was fully aware of how cold he'd been with her, but frankly...she'd terrified him with what she'd done. Some strange, enchanting spell she'd cast that had left him feeling vulnerable, wanting, and terrified.

He'd thought that by separating himself from her for the rest of the day the feeling would vanish. But Renz felt himself craving and missing her all the more.

But he was craving more than just her body. He wanted to see that smile again.

Finally growing tired, Renz returned back to his wing of the manor. Lena had arisen a peculiar curiosity within him, and he was determined to find out what it was.

Lena sat alone the following morning, chewing absently on the fruits and pastries that had been left for her in the lounge. She'd been brought another set of men's clothing, and found herself regretting her initial refusal of having clothes made for her.

She paced around the suite once she finished breakfast, wondering if Renz would come for his first servicing of the day. When lunch arrived, and Renz hadn't, Lena began feeling restless, wondering where he was.

Lena wandered over to the windows of the suite, interest piqued by the sun that faintly peaked through the clouds in the sky. The grounds really were very beautiful, and Lena momentarily forgot about Renz as she left her room, intent on enjoying the day.

Lena deeply inhaled the crisp clean scent of early afternoon, and closed her eyes in enjoyment of the slight warmth from the sun. She strolled throughout the gardens, and gasped in surprise when she found that she wasn't alone.

Sitting on the grass beside the lake was Erich.

Lena admired him for a few moments, enjoying how pastoral and serene the sight was. His trousers were rolled around his knees, and his shoes sat neatly beside him. Faint beads of sweat coated his tanned skin, and the sunlight caught his slightly ruffled blond hair. Lena liked the way he looked.

Erich turned his head with a start when he heard her approaching, and began inching away warily. Lena halted in her steps, suddenly crestfallen.

"Is something wrong, Erich?" Lena asked. Lena watched as Erich's gentle face began to calm. A faint smile appeared, and he shook his head.

"No, Lena. I just wasn't expecting you to be here. I assumed you left with Herr Wolfenbarger," Erich explained. Lena frowned.

"Left? You mean...he is gone?" Lena asked, voice rising. Erich chuckled.

"Only temporarily, Lena. The Master went into the city for a few days on business," he replied.

Lena sat beside Erich, feeling an odd combination of dread and relief at his revelation.

"Was he cruel with you...yesterday?" Lena asked tentatively. Erich's smile widened.

"You needn't worry about me, Lena. I am very happy we were able to share tea together," he replied.

Lena felt her spirits rise as she listened to Erich. Everything about him was so gentle, so safe, so inviting...so unlike Renz.

"He did tell me he does not want to see us alone together," Erich mentioned. Lena frowned, lowering her gaze.

"And you will abide by his rules, I imagine," Lena replied. Erich nodded.

"I am an obedient servant," he replied. Lena brought her knees into her chest, swallowing nervously.

"There are ways...to ensure he does not see us," Lena whispered. Erich's eyebrows rose curiously.

"You have been the only person to show me kindness, Erich. I can't let Renz...I mean, Herr Wolfenbarger, take that away from me too. I don't think I could survive it," Lena admitted softly.

Erich stared at Lena thoughtfully, and Lena took this as an opportunity to study him more carefully. A small smile steadily widened across his face, and Lena realized that Erich really was handsome.

"Then kindness you shall receive, Lena," Erich answered eventually.

Lena spent the entire afternoon with Erich, and found that being with him was the happiest and most relaxed she had felt since the night she'd met Renz. Her heart no longer palpitated in anxiety, and her stomach was no longer in knots. She felt calm, and genuinely content to be around him.

Erich gave her a full tour of Schloss Wolfenbarger, which turned out to be even bigger than Lena had originally thought. He entertained her with stories of the expansive castle's rich history, as well as the Wolfenbarger family's colorful scandals. Lena laughed hard when Erich told her of the escapades of Gabriella Wolfenbarger, Renz's Swedish great-grandmother who apparently used to gamble, host wild parties, and participated in sordid affairs with multiple noble married men and women.

"Does Renz ever have parties?" Lena asked. Erich frowned for a few moments, sifting through memories. They were in the downstairs library enjoying supper over a warm fire, and Lena wanted nothing more than to listen to Erich's voice some more.

"Not since his marriage," Erich replied eventually. "I was only a boy at the time, but I do remember that Herr Wolfenbarger and his wife used to regularly entertain guests quite fashionably."

"What happened to his wife?" Lena asked. Erich looked uncomfortable, and Lena leaned closer, curiosity blinding her manners.

"He hasn't told you?" Erich asked in return. Lena snorted.

"I think you can surmise that...that is not the kind of relationship the Master and I have. If we do talk, it's usually only about..."

Lena began to blush in embarrassment, unable to continue. Erich offered her more tea, but Lena shook her head. Erich sipped his wine and stared thoughtfully at the fireplace.

"The Master...he divorced his wife almost ten years ago," Erich replied.

Lena gasped in shock. She had heard of divorces, and knew that along with them came almost irreparable reputation damage. She couldn't believe Renz had actually obtained one.

"A divorce? But the shame of it!" Lena exclaimed. Erich nodded quickly, appearing embarrassed.

"Frau Wolfenbarger was unable to carry the child between them to birth, and was unable to conceive after that. It is my understanding that her inability to produce an heir...was the reason for the divorce. Breeding is very important in the Wolfenbarger family," Erich answered.

Lena began to feel sorry for Renz's former wife, wherever she was—damaged, shamed, and alone. Lena knew that Renz clearly had no problem disposing of women, and that could very well be her fate in the not too distant future. It was then that Lena realized she had to begin preparing for a life away from Renz, and save herself from utter ruin.

Lena looked over to Erich, at his honest, pale blue eyes, and she smiled in admiration and comfort at the sight of his gentle handsomeness. He had been so kind to her all day, and had made her feel safe and secure.

"Is something wrong, Lena?" Erich asked. Lena began to blush, not realizing she'd been staring at him. She smiled bashfully and reached for a warm roll.

"Tell me about your life before you began working for Renz," Lena asked.

She smiled and curled up on the lounge next to Erich as he began his stories of his early childhood in a Bavarian village, and she felt pleasurably lulled on inside at the sound of his soothing voice.

Lena curled her fingers in her hair as she stared at Erich. He was looking at her with lust in his eyes, his groin peaked and hardened, but Lena felt no fear, intimidation, or embarrassment. She felt utterly empowered by his arousal.

She approached him slowly, a teasing smile across her lips, as she began pulling at the loose men's shirt that covered her body. She felt it slip from her arms and fall to the floor, and she stood for a few moments as she felt Erich's appreciative eyes move over her naked body. She heard him softly groan, and Lena giggled in excitement, slowly swaying her body to give him a better view.

He looked directly into her eyes, and Lena was instantly drawn to him. She walked over to him and straddled him, placing one thigh on each side of his body where he sat.

She felt his arms around her waist, and Lena gasped and threw her head back when he brought his face directly to her chest.

Lena moaned in sweet delight as Erich left gentle, wet kisses across her sternum and around her breasts, cupping and massaging them exquisitely with his slightly rough hands. Lena squirmed against him, grinding her moistening pussy against his erection, covered by increasingly strained fabric.

"You're beautiful, Lena," Erich murmured softly, slowly tonguing her nipple. Lena reached for his hair and pulled him closer to her body, desiring to surround him with her naked skin.

She felt him slowly slide one of his hands from around her waist down her stomach, and between her spread thighs. Lena cried out in pleasure as Erich softly teased her, exploring her wet folds tentatively and gingerly.

"Erich, give me more," Lena begged softly.

"I'll give you anything you desire," Erich replied, slipping a finger inside of her. Lena opened around him, her body welcoming his finger deep inside. She began to rock back and forth on his lap as he continued kissing her breasts, steadily building to her peak.

Erich's hands felt wonderful, and she wanted to feel them all over her at once. Lena held onto him as another finger joined the one inside of her, and she brought her curious hand to Erich's stiffened lap to touch him.

He felt hard and urgent in her hands, and Lena impatiently began unbuttoning his pants, desiring to touch him directly. Erich smiled and reached for her searching hand, gently entwining her fingers with his.

"Just you right now, Lena. I want you to come for me," Erich said softly.

Lena bit her lower lip, for his words excited her deep in her gut. She was very close, and she grabbed his shoulders to keep herself from utterly convulsing.

Lena felt her excitement boil inside of her as she came closer and closer to climax, but before she reached the summit of her lusts for Erich, a low voice of rage cut through her pleasure like a blade.

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