tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Taking of Rebecca Ch. 05

The Taking of Rebecca Ch. 05


Rebecca wakes up from a good night's sleep. She rises slowly at first, then sits up suddenly, "Oh shit!" She exclaims as she sees by the clock that it's eight in the morning. "Lilith is up and I haven't made her morning coffee!" she mumbles to herself.

She jumps out of bed and runs to the kitchen, naked. Her Mistress is already gone. Then she remembers it's Sunday. Lilith doesn't normally work on Sunday. She feels badly about not getting up with her Mistress. She normally wakes up before Lilith. She finds a note on the kitchen table.

"Dearest, don't concern yourself with sleeping in this morning. You deserved it and earned it. I went to the store and gave Taisha a ride home. Be back in a bit. All my love, Lilith"

"Ah! That explains it," she says to herself.

She goes back to the bedroom and sees that Ruby is still on the bed sleeping. "How did I not wake her?" she wonders. "She must be a deep sleeper."

Rebecca playfully goes over to Ruby and licks her ear ever so lightly. Ruby stirs, wipes the sleep from her eyes, sees Rebecca and smiles sleepily. "What the fuck are you doing?" she asks.

Rebecca says, "Taisha is gone. She must have gotten up with Lilith. Lilith went to the store for something."

Ruby counters, "Good, it is just us then."

Rebecca says, "Whoa! Lilith will be..."

But before she can finish, Ruby kisses her full on the lips and Rebecca melts. She can feel her little cock straining against the fabric of her panties. Something is different down there. She is feeling extra sensitive today. Perhaps it is from cumming the night before. She doesn't normally squirt anymore. It is a fairly rare circumstance for that to happen, but she definitely squirted last night. She pulls down her panties to examine her cock for a moment.

She simply says, "Hmmm."

"What is wrong?" Ruby inquires, confused.

Rebecca replies, "Oh, it is nothing really. I am just feeling a little different today. My cock is more sensitive than normal."

Ruby, curious, looks closely at Rebecca's cock wondering if she might see something different. Rebecca's cock looks normal. It is small, but normal by all accounts. Just to test it out, Ruby licks Rebecca's cock and Rebecca quivers excitedly. Ruby decides this could be interesting. She takes Rebecca's cock into her mouth and flicks the head steadily. Rebecca quivers harder as she feels a sensation she has rarely felt. Ruby has Rebecca lay down on the bed and gets between her legs. She takes off Rebecca's panties and continues to flick and suck lightly on the little cock between her lips. Rebecca shudders and finds her reaction to be uncontrollable. Her little cock is hard, something that doesn't happen very often. Ruby reaches up and pinches a nipple, sending an electric current straight to Rebecca's cock. Ruby is having fun with this. Soon, Rebecca's breathing becomes labored and her hips are gyrating to the feeling of Ruby's tongue. Ruby is persistent in her attempt to make Rebecca cum and continues to flick the head of her cock. Her tongue is driving Rebecca wild. She can feel her body quaking from the sensations coming from her cock. Her whole body is shaking as she claws at the mattress, her nails digging in. It doesn't take long and Rebecca is cumming.

Rebecca lets out a squeal and then shouts, "Oh! Oh! OH! Ungh! OH GOD!"

She squirts a few drops of sweet cum onto Ruby's tongue.

Suddenly, they hear, "Ahem."

It is Lilith at the door. She doesn't appear to be mad. She asks, "Might I inquire as to what is going on here?"

The two of them jump up and try to explain, but it comes out garbled as they talk at the same time. Lilith holds up her hand to stop them, shaking her head. She says, "Rebecca, tell me what is going on." Her voice steady and calm.

Rebecca explains, "My cock has shrunk from last night and Ruby was looking at it to confirm what happened and one thing led to another and I came. It had to have been a female orgasm. I have never felt anything like it."

Laughing incredulously, Lilith comes over to the bed and looks at Rebecca's cock. Her suspicions are confirmed as the proof is right there in front of her. Rebecca's cock is fine and normal.

Lilith chuckles and says, "Now, let's start over, shall we?"

Ruby speaks up this time and confides, "Rebecca just commented that her cock is feeling more sensitive than normal. I took a moment to look at it to see if anything looked out of the ordinary. Well, one thing led to another and we ended up with her cock in my mouth. She did have an extremely female response."

Curious about this phenomena, Lilith tells Rebecca to lay back down as she decides to give this tiny cock a little licking and sucking herself. The feeling of Lilith's tongue on her sensitive cock is too much for Rebecca and she claws at the mattress cover and raises her hips in response to the sensations she is feeling. Faster than the first time, Rebecca screams out her orgasm. This time nothing comes from the tip, except pleasure. Lilith sits up momentarily, taking in the scene before her and she sheds her clothing. Ruby is way ahead of Lilith and is already naked, her fat cock sticking out hard. Ruby and Lilith look at each other, uncertain for a moment. Then Lilith flips Rebecca over on her tummy and has her get up on all fours in the middle of the bed. Lilith needs no encouragement or stimulation. She is hard as stone. She lubes up and places her cock against Rebecca's rosebud. She pushes her cock in slowly as the head pushes passed Rebecca's rosebud. There isn't any resistance as her cock glides smoothly into Rebecca. She pushes her cock in effortlessly and Rebecca pushes back onto Lilith's cock.

Meanwhile, Ruby gets on the bed in front of Rebecca. Rebecca knows just what Ruby wants and opens her mouth for Ruby's cock. Before Rebecca can get to Ruby's cock, Ruby sticks her fingers under Rebecca's chin, lifts her head and kisses her deeply. Rebecca is pleasantly surprised by this as Ruby is generally pretty rough in bed. When the kiss is done, Ruby lets go of Rebecca's chin and Rebecca takes Ruby's cock into her mouth. The thick cock fills her mouth, but Rebecca is not deterred. She struggles to swallow Ruby's six inch cock, but it is just too thick, thicker than Linda's. It is like trying to swallow a beer can, but Rebecca sucks the thick cock as if she were paid to do this. She gloats a little inside at the mastery she has acquired. After all, she had taken Lilith and Linda last night. Linda's cock was exceptionally long and thick and she had cum deep in Rebecca's throat. Rebecca felt a sense of pride at that accomplishment. Ruby sighs happily at the feeling of Rebecca's mouth around her cock. She can feel Rebecca's lips as they move over each vein and contour of her cock. Rebecca savors the taste of Ruby's cock and enthusiastically sucks her in as deep as possible. She isn't able to swallow the fat cock, but she is able to stimulate the head and take the first few inches of it into her mouth.

Meanwhile, Lilith is enjoying the feel of Rebecca's ass. Her rosebud is puffy, but otherwise, back to normal after last night and Lilith's cock feels amazing in her ass. Rebecca definitely has one sweet ass and Lilith loves it. Rebecca takes all eight inches of Lilith's cock as she pushes back against her pubic bone.

Rebecca is enjoying the good morning blowjob as she feels the fat cock in her mouth, the bulbous head filling the back of her throat. Ruby is luxuriating in the moment and begins to feel her orgasm building. She wants desperately to hold off on cumming, but Rebecca's efforts to deep-throat her are sending her over the edge. Ruby reaches down and squeezes Rebecca's breasts and pinches her nipples. She hopes that this will distract her to prolong the moment, but before long her hands are on Rebecca's head prompting her to pick up the pace. Rebecca understands and does just that. She gags several times as Ruby pushes her bulbous head against the back of her throat. Saliva is running freely from her mouth. Ruby moans loud, then louder. She starts cumming and Rebecca buries Ruby's cock as deep as she can and Ruby shoots her load into Rebecca's mouth. Her breathing is labored as she cums and she has to grab onto the headboard for support. Ruby looks down and smiles as Rebecca releases her cock and it slips out of her mouth. Rebecca milks the last of Ruby's cum from her cock and it openly drips onto her tongue. Normally, she would share the cum with Lilith, but Lilith is busy fucking her ass so she swallows and savors the taste. Rebecca has truly come to love cum.

Lilith is stroking her cock in and out of Rebecca's ass and revels in the feeling. She bends over and kisses the back of Rebecca's neck; something that sends a tingle down Rebecca's back and into her cheekbones. Rebecca loves it and Lilith knows it. It is one of her erogenous zones and Lilith takes advantage of it often. Rebecca feels every inch of Lilith's cock passing into her. It is such a smooth cock with a thick head. She wants Lilith's cum in her ass. She needs it. Lilith continues fucking Rebecca's ass deeply and feels her own orgasm building. Her head is on fire as her pulse quickens and her cock feels like it could explode as it throbs. Lilith's cock stiffens even further and Rebecca can feel Lilith is near to her orgasm. Lilith wishes she could make Rebecca orgasm with her cock the way Ruby and Linda do. Perhaps one day she will. Lilith feels her orgasm building further and she quickens the pace almost involuntarily. Lilith can feel the urgency as her balls fill with cum. She moans deeply and buries her cock into Rebecca's ass as her load splashes the inside of Rebecca's bowels. Rebecca purrs at the warmth of the cum in her ass. Lilith breathes hard as the sensation of her orgasm subsides.

Lilith says admiringly, "Rebecca is truly amazing, isn't she."

Ruby concurs, "She sure is."

Rebecca rolls over and lays on the bed with a smile on her face. She loves pleasuring others. She loves cum.

Ruby gets up, gives Rebecca a quick peck on the cheek and dresses. She kisses Lilith on the cheek as well and says goodbye. Lilith lays down beside Rebecca as they hear the front door close.

She asks Rebecca, "What are you thinking about?"

Rebecca replies, "Just how much I love this life and you."

Deep down she thinks about Ruby and Wednesday, but she isn't able to share that with Lilith, not yet. She can't think of a way to break it to her. She knows that eventually she will have to. The betrayal she already feels is almost more than she can bear. For now, she just wants to snuggle with Lilith and revel in the closeness they share.

Lilith tells Rebecca, "I brought home some bagels and cream cheese."

Rebecca smiles as this is one of her favorite things to eat. She says, "You are so thoughtful. I love you, Lilith!"

"I love you, too," Lilith replies honestly.

They get up a few minutes later and go to the kitchen to share the bagels. Rebecca is feeling cuddly and they lay in bed and watch TV absent-mindedly, basking in the feel of their bodies together.

Later on, Rebecca makes dinner and sets up candlelight to eat by. She has made chicken Alfredo serves it with some breadsticks and white wine. The evening is lovely as they nuzzle and cuddle together on the couch for hours, listening to some soft music.

Monday, Rebecca spends the day in a maid's uniform with five inch heels and thigh high stockings. She puts in a butt plug after rinsing. Then she dusts and cleans the stairs leisurely, almost in a daydream. She vacuums the hallway and Master bedroom. The day goes by uneventful. She makes dinner for Lilith and they get to bed early. Rebecca loves to snuggle and stays awake for quite a while feeling Lilith breathe before she finally drifts off. She hasn't thought about Wednesday all day.

Tuesday comes and Rebecca spends the day in another maid's uniform that is very short and shows a lot of cleavage. She wears fishnet stockings and six inch platform heels. At one point in the day she checks her e-mail and sees that Ruby has sent her a note. She opens it immediately.

It says:


Tomorrow is the big day. I want you to be prepared for an evening of excitement. I know Lilith's schedule and that she will be working late on a very important deal. So we will have plenty of time to fill, and it will be filled. You will be filled. Your cum-craving ass and mouth will be filled. I have a few requirements for you to fulfill.

First of all, you must be showered and freshly shaved, including your cock. Second, you must wear your pink babydoll with the pink five inch heels and thigh high stockings. You may not put anything on over it. You have to leave the house dressed that way. This is not negotiable. None of this is negotiable. Do as You are told or there will be consequences. Consequences, you wonder? Well, I will tell you this much, you won't be able to sit for a week. I know it sounds like an empty threat, but Saturday was child's play compared to what I can put you through.

Yes, you will be fucked. The who is up to me and you cannot complain about it. You must smile and take it like a big girl. Your a cum-loving slut now and you will get lots of it during our Wednesday night session.

The address is 6900 S. Exchange St., just across town from you.

Be here at six o'clock sharp, no excuses for tardiness will be accepted or tolerated. I have plenty of methods to make you see the error of pissing me off, so don't. While you are here, you are mine to control and mine to take as I see fit. Don't disappoint me.


The letter is both unnerving and thrilling at the same time. Rebecca's cock stiffened as she read it. She doesn't know how to feel. She is scared and exhilarated at the same time. She thinks, "What do I do?" She has to dispose of her connection with Ruby somehow. She is confused, acts impulsively and deletes the letter. She realizes the mistake moments after she does it. Without the letter, how would she prove to Lilith that this was all Ruby's scheme?

Rebecca ponders the letter for a while and thinks, "This won't be so bad. I will tell Lilith about it when the moment is right. She will understand and perhaps she will even encourage the participation or..." Her thoughts are interrupted by a knock at the door.

Rebecca goes to the door and opens it. Outside is a woman with a bouquet of flowers.

The woman is a little startled by the outfit Rebecca wears, "Wow! Are you going to a party?"

Rebecca just smiles and accepts the flowers. They must be from Lilith. She is sweet that way. There is a note attached. She opens the note and it simply reads:

"Don't be late"

Ruby! Rebecca's nerves are a little raw. She tears up the note and throws it into the wastebasket. She needs to pull herself together before Lilith comes home. In fact, it is getting to be that time. She goes to the kitchen and starts preparing dinner.

Lilith comes in the front door an hour later. Rebecca promptly comes to Lilith and kneels down. She kisses the toes of Lilith's pumps, leaving lipstick marks. Lilith taps her right foot as a signal for Rebecca to stand and she does as she has been trained.

Lilith asks, "Who are the flowers for?"

Rebecca replies, "I assumed you sent them for me."

Lilith shakes her head, "No, but I wish I had thought of it. You deserve a little doting after the weekend we had." She walks over to smell the flowers. "Wasn't there a note or card with them?"

Rebecca responds, "None that I saw." She trembles a little at her own words.

Lilith asks, "Are you alright?"

Rebecca answers, "Just a little chilled all of a sudden."

Rebecca turns and goes back to the kitchen, silent. Her attempts to hide from the situation is making her stomach churn. In her mind she is a liar, and her deception could cost her the one she loves.

Lilith goes after her, "Are you feeling well?"

Rebecca turns, wanting to tell Lilith what is happening, but counters with a forced smile, "Yes, I am fine. This outfit does leave a lot exposed, you know. I wore it just for you."

Lilith is successfully diverted now and smiles, "Yes, you look perfectly sweet."

She walks over to Rebecca and gives her a kiss on the cheek and a slap on the butt. Rebecca feigns a little shock and giggles. The rest of the evening is uneventful, but Rebecca is unable to summon the nerve to tell Lilith the truth about Ruby. They spend the evening together cuddling on the couch. They go to bed early as Lilith works long hours on Wednesday, but they make love before turning out the lights. They spend time kissing passionately and fondling each other, playing with nipples, squeezing buttcheeks and move their hands over each other's body. It is sensuous and loving.

They get into a sixty-nine position and take in the other's cock. Rebecca loves the taste of Lilith's cock. It is sweet, mildly musky and the feel of it in her mouth is smooth. It glides across her tongue effortlessly. Lilith enjoys sucking Rebecca's cock and, since Saturday night, Rebecca swears she has become more sensitive.

Rebecca is actually the first to cum. This is definitely a change and she squirts a little. The taste of it on Lilith's tongue is sweet. She continues to suck on Rebecca's cock and she cums again harder and she squirts a little cum again. This is a major turn on for Lilith and as Rebecca deep-throats her, she cums and fills Rebecca's throat with her seed. They kiss for several minutes afterward. Their tongues become as one as they kiss passionately.

Rebecca thinks to herself just before she falls asleep, "Nothing will change between her and Lilith because of Ruby. Their love will survive her."

The alarm clock goes off at 6:30 a.m. Rebecca gets up and immediately goes to the kitchen, naked, and makes eggs with ham steak, toast and juice for Lilith. Lilith takes a shower and applies her makeup. She comes into the kitchen a little later and is surprised by the breakfast, which is waiting for her on the table. She usually drinks a cup of coffee and gets a fast breakfast from Mickey D's.

She sits down and asks, "What's this?"

Rebecca smiles, "I thought it would be nice to have breakfast at home for a change."

Lilith giggles a little bit, "It smells wonderful, thank you. And the service is very nice!"

She gives Rebecca's buttcheek a nice squeeze with a smile. Rebecca bends down and kisses her cheek. Lilith eats her breakfast with minimal conversation. She doesn't want to be late. She finishes up and kisses Rebecca goodbye.

Rebecca heads to the shower and gets cleaned up. She has the whole day to think about Ruby and her plans. Her anxiety peaks in the afternoon, but she dresses in her pink babydoll and five inch high spiked pink pumps despite how she feels. She puts some pink heart earrings in and applies her makeup. She doesn't normally wear makeup, but something felt reassuring about it today. As if wearing it would make her feel hidden from whatever was coming her way at Ruby's. She wants to feel as detached from the events that are about to unfold as possible. She wishes she knew what Ruby had in store for her.

"Well," she thinks, "I will find out soon enough."

The clock reads 5:40. Time to go if she wants to be on time, so she goes to the garage and gets in her car. She takes a deep breath and starts the engine. She shakes as the garage door opens. She puts the address into her GPS so she won't get lost. She wills herself to calm down and puts the car in reverse. She backs out of the garage, closes the garage door and then puts the car in drive and leaves for Ruby's.

Rebecca arrives at her destination and parks the car. She checks her makeup in the vanity mirror, takes another deep breath and nervously gets out of the car. She knocks on the door and Ruby answers.

"Right on time. Good! I like that. Come in," Ruby says charmingly, charm not typically being one of her more endearing qualities.

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