tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Taking of Rebecca Ch. 06

The Taking of Rebecca Ch. 06


Lilith is dressed to the nines today. It is an outfit that Rebecca has only seen her wear when she has a hot date. Perhaps something exciting is happening today. The outfit is composed of a rather short form-fitting black skirt with a low-cut white blouse that barely covers her bra. She is wearing an exquisite pair of spike heeled platform pumps, and stockings with a garterbelt instead of pantyhose. The truth is that Lilith is closing a huge deal today and wants to dress special and have all eyes on her for the event.

By midday, Lilith has received the news that she has closed the big deal with her client, and spends the afternoon with her team making sure all the documents are signed and forwarded. This will secure her status in the company for a long long time. She decides to treat the closest of her team, her assistant Christine, and her intern, Deborah, and a handful of others to a little dinner celebration. Lilith takes a moment to call her boss, Samantha, to let her know that the three of them will not be in tomorrow. Samantha agrees that they have earned it and consents.

Lilith picks a very nice quiet little Italian restaurant for the occasion. The restaurant serves their meals family style, so the group decides on manicotti smothered in a rich vodka sauce, ravioli al forno, and a caesar salad. They order a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. Lilith offers a toast to a job well done. She is really proud of her girls. The wine is good and they drink it down liberally while they wait for their food. Then they order another bottle. They are getting a little light-headed from the wine and the group is getting more relaxed and talking about all sorts of things.

Lilith turns to Deborah and Christine and says, "I am giving you two tomorrow off for a job well done." They cheer and give another toast for the time off. Little do they know it is all part of a plan.

During the conversation, Lilith touches Deborah's leg with her foot and strokes it up and down slowly and deliberately. She has a real thing for Deborah. Deborah blushes a little, but makes no protest and this time does not move as Lilith explores with her foot and touches here and there. They eat their salad and Lilith places her hand on Deborah's thigh. The three of them polish off the second bottle of wine before the main course arrives. Lilith touches Deborah's hand and Deborah grasps hers in return and they sit in the booth holding hands until the main course shows up. Christine observes all of this and doesn't know what to think. It's out of character for Lilith to behave so brazenly. It must be the wine. Lilith orders a third bottle of wine. They split their main course and eat and drink. They are getting fairly tipsy, but they aren't disturbing anyone with their frivolity, incurring a glance or two from others, but nobody dares to say anything. Dinner is complete with dessert, a lovely tiramisu. It is quite an enjoyable time for the group. They sit and talk about what they do for fun and entertainment. They talk about life, love and lifestyles, but every time some brings up work, Lilith shushes them into submission. Lilith has forbidden it for tonight. Eventually, Lilith tells them about her open relationship with Rebecca and how well it works really for the two of them. Deborah rests her head in her hand, elbow slightly on the table and hangs on Lilith's every word. She could listen to Lilith talk for hours about anything, and often does. Tonight, with the wine, Deborah is nearly mesmerized.

Lilith likes to touch. It is one of her characteristics that makes her so endearing to people. She is nonthreatening and kind with it and it actually draws people to her. She also loves to be touched. She feels energized when others touch her. Whenever she directs her comments to Deborah, she reaches over and touches her on the arm or the shoulder with a sparkle in her eye. Deborah loves it. She is quite fond of Lilith, in fact, she crushes on her, but tries not to be obvious about it because she knows of Rebecca. She can't help how she reacts when Lilith touches her. It is electrical and exciting.

Deborah has always had a rough time with relationships with men. She has tried dating boys and men, but nothing seemed to click with them. She found men to be insensitive, especially in bed. She has always felt closer and more sexually energized with other women. Lilith is gorgeous and something about her, the way she looks at her and the way she touches her, sets her off. She knows Lilith is in an open relationship, but this is new ground for her and Deborah doesn't know how to approach Lilith with her feelings. Lilith is making her feel at ease and she really likes it, especially having worked so hard with her so many times and late into the night. What should she do?

Lilith mentions the sexuality as she gets loose from the alcohol. Even in her inebriated state she is careful not to expose too much information, not yet anyway, but tells the group about some of her sexual proclivities; the little orgies, her gay lifestyle. The others share their experiences and desires as well, which gives Lilith a little thrill. It is always nice to let your hair down and just be easy. They don't know about Lilith's secret. It isn't something she is ready to share with them. Lilith really likes Deborah and would like to make Deborah her own, but Lilith will have to share her not so little secret if she wants to have Deborah tonight; and she is determined to have Deborah before they say goodnight. Deborah wants more from Lilith desperately, but she is nervous to say anything to her. She is not used to being forward herself, and the more forward Lilith becomes, the more Deborah finds herself weakening.

By the time they finish, they have managed to polish off a third bottle of wine and are working on a fourth and feeling pretty good. Deborah's hand bumps a glass of water and it spills all over the table and floor. Lilith decides they have had too much to drink for driving. She dismisses everyone except Deborah and Christine and bids them all goodnight, ensuring everyone gets a ride home. She invites Deborah and Christine to come to her house where they can continue their celebration.

Deborah says, "No, we don't need to be an imposition. It is getting late and we ought to go home."

Lilith replies, "Imposition? Nonsense! We are out to have a good time and there is nothing wrong with continuing as late as we want. Remember all those long hours we've spent? We have earned this night out. Let's make the most of it. I will call a friend of mine and she will take us to my place."

Before the other two can object, Lilith picks up her phone, bringing a single finger to her lips and says, "Shh!"

Lilith calls Bobbi, her submissive who is a chauffeur with her own limousine business. She tells Bobbi they need a ride to Lilith's home and laughs a little with Bobbi as she tells her what has been going on. Bobbi is more than happy to pick them up.

Lilith hangs up and says, "Bobbi will be here in about 15 minutes, so let's have fun, okay?"

Deborah and Christine give in and the three continue to enjoy themselves, with one last round.

Lilith pays the bill, with a generous tip, and they leave the table and head for the door. The waitress catches up to them and offers Lilith change and Lilith tells her the rest is for her. The waitress expresses gratitude with tears in her eyes.

Bobbi is waiting outside of the restaurant with a limousine when they exit the restaurant. She is dressed in a feminine black suit and high heels with a chauffeur's cap, giving them the full limo experience. Bobbi is 5'7" with a fabulous 38-26-36 figure that is accentuated by her tailored uniform. She has lovely shoulder length black hair and blazing blue eyes. Lilith gives Bobbi a big smile and thanks her. Unbeknownst to Deborah and Christine, Bobbi is also transsexual. Deborah and Christine both admire her appearance, thinking she is amazing to look at. The moment the two of them are out of sight, Lilith pushes her hand between Bobbi's legs at the crotch, feeling the heat of Bobbi's tucked cock, lingering just long enough for Bobbi to react and teeter on her high heels.

The drive back to Lilith's place takes quite a long while and eventually Lilith steers the conversation back to sex. Lilith describes what she likes to do during sex, just to see how Deborah will respond. She talks about oral sex, anal sex, straight sex and even BDSM. She really wants to feel Deborah out to get a sense of how adventurous the petite young woman is. Lilith gets very forward with Deborah and whispers in Deborah's ear "I want you". Deborah kisses Lilith on the cheek and nuzzles her for a moment.

Lilith sneaks in a question for Deborah asking her, "So Deborah, have you ever had sex with a person who is gender nonconforming?"

Deborah pulls back a little bit and looks at Lilith with a confused look on her face and says, "What do You mean by gender nonconforming?"

Lilith corrects her, "Don't answer a question with a question, dear. I mean someone who is transsexual or transgender." Bobbi hears this from the front seat and becomes hard in her panties, causing a bit of pain since she is tucked, and making her squirm enough to push hard on the accelerator, causing the limo to lurch, and Deborah to land all over Lilith.

Deborah's curiosity is peaked and replies, "No I haven't, why?" She looks up and down Lilith's body, mesmerized, and there is a long pause while she looks deep into Lilith's eyes, so close to Lilith from her bit of a fall that she can taste Lilith's wine-soaked breath "Is there something I should know," she laughs.

Lilith says, "Oh, we'll get to that later. You never know what might be in store on a night like this."

Christine laughs at Lilith's comment.

Christine is a full-figured woman who stands at about 5'4" with lovely blue green eyes. She has a lovely chest, about a 38C. She has platinum blonde hair that is pulled up in a french twist. She wears a light blue skirt with a matching button-up blouse. She, too, likes to wear high heels. Her heels are four and a half inches tall and white with a black buckle on the toe. She is a bit of a cougar who is always on the prowl when she goes out. Tonight, her eyes are set on Lilith. She is definitely a "lipstick" lesbian and she likes it that way.

Lilith reaches over and gives Deborah a kiss on the lips. Deborah returns the kiss and they embrace, kissing even harder. Deborah is instantly wet and her pulse is rapid. Lilith's hands roam over the little A cup breasts on Deborah's chest and Deborah goes with it, enjoying the lusty feeling from the wine and her own desire. Lilith reaches down and slips her hand under the intern's skirt and feels the moistness of her panties. Deborah sighs at the feeling of Lilith's touch and her kiss becomes more ardent.

Christine is taken aback by this blatant, passionate, display of affection, knowing full well that Lilith has an open relationship with Rebecca. She is conflicted. She doesn't understand open relationships and believes in some ways it is just an excuse for people to fuck whoever they want with no consequences. Regardless, she also finds herself mesmerized and turned on by the behavior. It is very arousing and making her wet. She just wishes that Lilith was kissing her.

Before things can go too far, the limousine pulls up in front of the house and Bobbi opens the door for them to get out. As the door opens, Christine literally falls out of the car. She was leaning up against the door, entranced by Lilith and Deborah's play, but Bobbi catches her in time to prevent any harm. Lilith and Deborah stumble out of the car, but manage to keep their feet. Lilith gives Bobbi a quick kiss and says thank you, signaling that Bobbi isn't invited to join the festivities. Bobbi smiles and gives Lilith a wink. Lilith and Deborah continue to kiss and play with each other's tits and ass as Bobbi leads the way to the front door and opens it for them. Bobbi promises to come back later to take the guests home if they don't wish to spend the night. As Bobbi walks back to the limo, Lilith looks to see her walking slightly distressed from the straining in her panties.

Lilith walks through the front entrance in her five inch high heeled pumps and walks across the terrazzo floor with Deborah in her arm in arm to shut off the alarm. She caresses Deborah's ass and kisses her intensely as they make their way to the alarm keypad. They nuzzle for a moment and Lilith sucks and nibbles on Deborah's earlobe before Lilith shows them to the living room. Christine wonders if she will get some of that attention tonight.

Rebecca hears that her Mistress is not alone and begins to scramble through the closet to get out her skimpy little maid's uniform that she always wears for her Mistress around the house, so that she can greet the guests.

Lilith turns to her two guests and escorts them to the living room, flipping on the lights before they enter the room. She glances up at the second floor and sees the bedroom light is on. It is usual for Rebecca to wait up for her. She does it so that she can greet Lilith and so they will have no trouble coming up the stairs when they turn out the downstairs lights. Lilith is curious why Rebecca hasn't met her at the door though. She excuses herself and goes upstairs to find Rebecca scrambling about to get her sexy maid's uniform on.

Lilith stops her momentarily and the two kiss passionately without a word. Rebecca becomes excited, tasting the wine and Deborah's lipstick in her Mistress' mouth. She licks at Lilith's tongue, searching for the taste of another woman's cock but does not find it this time. Lilith says, "Get yourself together and come down immediately. I want you to be at your best. This is a celebration. We finally closed that deal today." Lilith smiles brightly at Rebecca, lightly diddling Rebecca's cock for a moment. "Searching in My mouth for a taste of something, Rebecca?" Rebecca blushes nearly crimson. She adores that her Mistress loves to suck cock too! Rebecca exclaims, "That is great news! Congratulations! I will hurry, Mistress. I heard you come in and I wasn't dressed for company or I would have come down." Lilith puts her right index finger to Rebecca's lips and says, "Shh! It's okay, just finish getting ready and come down."

Rebecca wants to be diligent and enjoys being servile. It has become her nature to be submissive. She picks out a pair of five inch black heels that her Mistress prefers her to wear. She quickly applies some makeup, puts her hair up into a ponytail and prepares to go downstairs to attend to the guests. She feels negligent that she hasn't already come down. She wants to make Lilith look good to her guests.

Meanwhile, Lilith has gone back downstairs and is playing hostess while Rebecca finishes getting ready.

Lilith asks the group, "Would anyone like some more wine?"

They both nod affirmatively. Lilith excuses herself, goes to the kitchen and grabs yet another bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and pulls the cork. She grabs three wine glasses and returns to the living room. She graciously pours the wine and they raise their glasses.

Lilith gives a toast, "Here's to a lucrative business deal sealed. It took some time, but we successfully brought it together." Glasses clink together and the group sips the wine. "...and not another word about that. How many cheers has that been now? Well, no matter. It is a night to celebrate."

They all sit down with their wine glasses in hand. Lilith sits next to Deborah on the sofa and Christine sits in a comfy chair adjacent to them.

Christine remarks, "This is a nice wine! Much better than the wine served at the restaurant. Where do you get your wine? It is exceptional."

Lilith replies, "It is a Napa Valley wine. I truly love the wines from California. There is a small vineyard there that I really like. They ship it to me direct."

Deborah states, "This is a such a lovely place! I don't mean to sound awful, but may I ask who does your decorating? You?"

Lilith laughs, "Thank you! You are anything but awful, dear! My slave, Rebecca, does most of the decorating. She has a real knack for color schemes and themes." Lilith realizes she has let something slip that she hadn't intended. Oh well, now it is out.

"A slave?" Christine asks, "Rebecca is your slave? I thought you had an interesting relationship, but this is a new tidbit. Isn't that a bit archaic?"

Deborah then laughs, "I suppose you have a servant boy, too? Maybe you have something a little more outlandish, like..."

Lilith breaks her comment by touching the girl's arm and strokes the back of her hand up and down it, "I am quite serious." She turns to Christine, "No, it isn't archaic at all. Many people today have someone in their life who takes care of the house and chores, etcetera. They are normally called homemakers, but our relationship goes much deeper."

Christine asks, "How do you mean?"

Lilith replies, "Quite simple, really. She has devoted herself to me in a very submissive and sincere way. She is my servant, my slave, my lover, my toy. I am her Mistress and Dominant. She has been with me now for two years. She sees to nearly my every need and we share a life together. It is appropriate to say that we love each other. We love each other very much, but we aren't exclusive. In fact, she has been out tonight and doesn't know that I know it. I don't know why she felt she had to keep it from me."

Christine queries, "How do you know?"

Lilith states, "I found the shreds of a note she got with some flowers. The note was laying in a wastebasket. She doesn't hide things very well. It didn't take much to add it up. I didn't send the flowers and she was very nervous and quiet when I saw them. It didn't take much detective work to figure it out. I am just waiting for her to break down and come out with it. I am not upset in any way about it. I think it is kinda cute and humorous that she may be fretting over it."

As if on cue, the group hears the clicking of heels coming downstairs and toward the living room.

Rebecca appears in the doorway, curtseys, then kneels and says, "Mistress, may I enter and greet the guests?"

Lilith says to her, "Yes Rebecca, you may enter."

Rebecca comes in and kneels at Deborah's feet and kisses the toe of each foot, leaving a lipstick mark. She says to Deborah, "My name is Rebecca. Lilith owns me and I serve Her. I am pleased to meet you, Miss, and hope you enjoy your time here. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you."

Deborah is a little shocked by the display and stumbles a little as she says, "Hi, pleased to meet you. My name is Deborah." Deborah looks down to see that Rebecca has a collar around her neck with a small tag and Lilith's name on it.

Rebecca then goes over to Christine, kneels at her feet and kisses the toe of each pump, leaving lipstick marks on each. She says to Christine, "My name is Rebecca. Lilith owns me and I serve Her. I am pleased to meet you, Miss, and hope you enjoy your time here. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you."

Christine smiles broadly at Rebecca, almost snickering, and says, "Hello Rebecca, it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Christine."

Rebecca turns to her Mistress, goes over to her, kneels and kisses the toes of her pumps, then says, "Mistress is there anything I can do for you and your guests?"

Lilith says, "Yes, Rebecca. Bring in another bottle of the Cabernet I opened, darling. Our glasses are almost empty."

Rebecca smiles, "Yes, Mistress," and turns toward the kitchen to retrieve the wine. She scurries along and once she gets to the wine rack, she pulls out two bottles, one for now and one just in case.

Lilith scoots closer to the little intern and reaches down, touching her arm. Deborah doesn't flinch, so Lilith runs her hand up and down the arm, gently brushing against her breast. Deborah gasps lightly, then sighs. Lilith then reaches up and runs the fingers of her other hand through the girl's auburn hair.

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