tagErotic CouplingsThe Tale of the Families Ch. 03

The Tale of the Families Ch. 03


Salma crept past the back door, closing it noiselessly behind her. Quickly, she looked around the backyard, and then, up at the building. Satisfied that no one was watching, she fitted a key to the lock of the garage door and entered inside.

It took her a minute to adjust her eyes to the relatively dark garage and then she walked over to the large SUV parked in it.

She opened the rear door and quickly slipped inside.

"You took your time, baby," Ashish said, pulling the girl towards him. When she opened her mouth to reply, he bent his head down and put his mouth over hers.

She moaned when he took her swollen lips into his mouth to suck on it. His put one arm around her neck and slid the other to her breast encased within the thin silk blouse she wore.

As her tongue fought his and eventually, overpowering it entered his mouth, she thrust one hand down to grip the front of his pants. As usual, she encountered the large lump there and she kneaded the bulge as he squeezed her tit.

It was always better in the SUV than the little hatchback he owned, though, there was a slight disadvantage of using the SUV: they couldn't possibly take it out and make it in the woods. Her father did not allow anyone to touch his precious big car. In fact, at this moment, her father, Saqlain, was probably driving his sedan to his office. He used the SUV only on the highways.

The advantage of using the big car was obvious. Unlike the hatchback, it wasn't cramped and there was plenty of space for them to explore each other and make it out. There was a danger of either her mother or her brother entering the garage; but Salma had taken care of that: she had hidden the spare keys to the garage in her room.

If they would ask her, she would simply say that she had forgotten to put the key back on the ring. So far, Salma and Ashish had been fortunate: none had missed the key.

Now, with their mouths fused, he slipped his hand inside her blouse and seized her firm breast while she hurriedly unbuckled his pants. He didn't bother to unhook her bra; instead, he simply pushed his hand through the top of it, desperate to have a feel of her naked, young breast.

She groaned when he kneaded her taut tit and slid her hand inside his shorts, having had unzipped his pants already. He grunted and his hips bucked up off the car seat when her fist wrapped around his hard cock.

She slipped down the seat and he pulled up her skirt with his other hand. This brought their heads at equal levels and since she was to his right side, he could slide his right hand around her back, and bring it up to her exposed left thigh.

She had to pull her hand away from his swollen cock because he wanted to play with her pussy. She draped her left leg over the back rest of the front seat and spread her other leg apart to allow him to push her panties down her hips.

"Oh god," she whimpered, raising her arm to encircle his neck when he rubbed his fingers over her wet pussy. Expertly, he unhooked her bra and then pushed her blouse down along with the bra to expose her ripe tits, grabbing one of them.

"Ah," she muttered when he let his finger manipulate her clit and at the same time knead her breast. She put her hands to her breasts and urged him to squeeze the one he had in his hand harder.

"Oh yes," she hissed when he rubbed her clit with one finger and her legs spread apart wider. They looked down at the sight of his finger manipulating her clit and the sight seemed to inflame them, for she twisted her head around and kissed his lips.

He accepted her tongue and began to suck on it. Her hand tightened on his hand that was kneading her breast and she thrust her hips upwards when he slid one finger inside her wet pussy.

When he began plunging his finger in and out of her hot opening, she threw her head back and growled. He ducked his head down and put his mouth over one exposed breast, sucking her nipple, and then directing his tongue all over the young breast.

"Ah, Ashish, you do that so well!" she whimpered, her hand reaching down between their bodies to grab his throbbing cock. When her fist closed around the shaft, he grunted, his mouth now trying to stuff as much of the tit flesh as he could, and that wasn't much judging by the amount of the pliant flesh still visible.

She began to jerk his hard on, but couldn't settle into a rhythm because she was squirming around the seat as his finger fucked her pussy rapidly.

"My clit, too," she gasped and he immediately let his thumb splay across her slit and rub the erect clitoris.

"Harder, honey, harder," she moaned.

He grunted some more and now began to pump his finger in and out of her savagely, almost biting off her stiff nipple when she too increased the speed of her pumping fist.

"I want you to fuck me," she wailed.

He slid down the seat till his feet were lying stretched out between the two front seats, almost touching the gear lever. He twisted his body to one side and effortlessly, she turned around so that her back was facing his chest.

He gripped the base of his cock and thrust upwards blindly, totally missing her opening. She giggled, slipping her hand down over her belly till it rested on her pussy. With her fingers, she spread her pussy lips apart.

"There, boy!" she murmured, "its wide open for your cock!"

He shoved his hips forward, ramming his cock into her ready pussy, all the way in, buried to the hilt and she exhaled the breath she had been holding, in a rush.

"Ah, god, yes, fuck my pussy," she muttered, her hands coming up again to grab his, guiding them to her heaving tits.

"You are so hot and tight," he rasped out, closing his hands over her tits and drawing back till his cock was almost outside her pussy. He paused, she wriggled her hips and he slammed forward again.

"Oh, yes, harder, now, harder!" she panted, "give that cock to me, Ashish, oh god, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me!"

The large car began to rock on its springs as he plunged his cock in and out of her pussy. She reached down and rubbed her clit with one hand, while urging his hand to squeeze her jiggling tit.

She turned her head and leaned down, offering him her lips and he kissed her on the mouth. He accepted her tongue, sucking on it, continuing to fuck her relentlessly.

"You like my cunt?" she breathed, pulling her lips away and sliding her tongue over his cheek.

"Oh yeah, baby, its so hot!"

"Is it tight enough for you, baby?"

"Oh my god, yes, you have the tightest pussy in the world, oh yeah," he muttered hoarsely, as he felt her hand cupping his balls and kneading them.

"Is it as wet as my mouth?" she insisted on asking him.

Ashish enjoyed the banter -- in fact, she had picked up the habit from him. He loved to talk when they were in this kind of a mood.

"You still haven't shown me how wet your mouth is," he replied.

She giggled, lifting her ass up to disengage her pussy from his cock. He shuffled backwards till he was resting on the door, his feet down on the floorboard. He spread his legs, knowing what was to follow. He raised one leg and rested it against the backrest of the seat, letting his other leg remain planted on the floorboard.

It was always like this. First would come the preliminary fuck where he would stroke his cock inside her pussy for perhaps two or three minutes. And then, she would always pull away...

She slid back on the seat till she was crouched on the seat between his legs. She grabbed his erect cock, lowering her mouth towards it.

"You want me to suck your cock?"

"Oh yeah, please," he responded by thrusting his hips up so that his cock head brushed her full, pouting lips.

"You like me to suck your cock?"

"Please, baby, please!"

"You want to know if my mouth is as wet as my cunt?" she asked, her voice hoarse as she slowly pumped his cock up and down.

"Oh yes, oh yes, hurry, baby, take me in your mouth!"

She grabbed his cock in one fist, caressing his heavy balls with the other and rubbed the tip across her lips. Her tongue crept out and she flicked the tip over his swollen cock head.

"I love the taste of your cock," she breathed, her eyes fixed on his as she made herself comfortable by crouching on her fours, her lovely buttocks rising off the seat.

He groaned, groping below him to find her pussy. He had to lean forward and though it was awkward for him, he was used to it. Besides, the size of the car allowed them the luxury of this position. She spread her legs wider and his hand was soon caressing her shaven pussy, sliding a finger up and down the slit before finally thrusting it inside her.

She grunted and quickly took the cock head in her mouth: just the cock head, allowing her lips to play across the top of the hot flesh.

"Please, baby, please, put my cock in your mouth!"

She opened her mouth wide and placed him inside, closing her lips around it only after half of his cock had disappeared inside. She bobbed her head up and down, sliding more and more of his cock inside her mouth even as he began to probe the insides of her pussy with the second finger.

She hummed around his shaft when he finally began fucking her with two fingers. Having already had his cock inside her, she was wide open and wet. He rolled her nipple with the fingers of his other hand as she spat his cock out after allowing it to completely disappear inside her mouth till it had lodged in her throat.

"Ah," she muttered, arching upwards to meet his plunging fingers. Saliva rolled down her lips and onto her body as she took deep breaths before leaning down again and beginning to lick his balls.

"I love the taste of your cock, I love its smell," she whispered.

"Lick it, then, baby," he panted.

She let her tongue slide up from the bottom of his balls till it reached his cock head and he shivered when she plunged her mouth down to take it back inside her mouth.

He watched her intently and she looked right back at him as she milked his cock with her throat.

Salma had amazing talent for cock sucking, he thought as he smiled at her now. She pulled back and directed the wet tip over her nose and over her cheeks.

"You like that?" she asked impishly.

"You bet your sweet ass I do," he muttered. "And you? You do like me to fuck your cunt with your fingers, right?"

"You bet your sweet ass I do," she shot back, moving her hips to meet his fingers and pulling them back when they slid outside.

He drew his hand out and offered his fingers for her to suck. She gobbled on it, jerking his cock furiously.

As she bent down to take his cock back into her mouth, he grabbed her tits and kneaded them. She let her tongue sweep over the hard flesh again, and then, pushing it back against his stomach, she began to lick the under side of his throbbing cock.

"Lick my balls, please," he gasped, now squeezing her tits till she was whimpering.

She bent further and took one testicle in her mouth, gently sucking on it, all the while, jerking his shaft up and down.

"Ah, that's so good, suck it like that! Make my cock wet too."

They both knew where exactly they were headed with this conversation. It was always like this.

She sucked the other testicle now, rapidly jerking the skin on his shaft back and forth in her fist. Her ass rotated form one side to the other.

"Make my cock wet, honey," he repeated.

She raised her head and his cock disappeared into her mouth again though not for a long time, because she pulled back and spat on it, coating it with her saliva. She spread the saliva over the shaft with her fist and spat some more.

She made a small pout of her lips and rubbed the hard cock over it. Her eyes were fixed on his and she now let her tongue move up and down across the front side of his cock. She slid it inside her mouth again and this time rolled it so that it was lying between the left side of her teeth and the inside of her cheek.

He looked down at her with wide eyes. He always loved to watch her face when she sucked him. This time, she looked like she had mumps, what with his cock at one side inside her mouth.

He slid his hand down her belly and caressed her mound before thrusting two fingers back inside her pussy when she shoved her hips forward to meet his fingers. As he fucked her with his fingers, he jammed his thumb against the erect clit and she moaned aloud, sucking his cock with increased fervor.

"Ah, baby, that's so nice, oh yes, I love it when you suck my cock! Oh god, oh yes, bob your pretty head like that and fuck my cock with your mouth, oh yes!"

She was allowing her saliva to flow freely over his throbbing cock till she could feel it's slickness increase.

And then, he pulled his hips backward, and along with that, his cock popped out of her mouth.

"Time for a tit fuck, baby," he muttered hoarsely, continuing to fuck her with his fingers.

She bent down at the same time arching her chest up at him. The tip of his cock slid down over her chin till it thumped against the soft pillows of her firm tits. This also brought her face close to his.

"You want me to fuck your cock with my tits?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, take that meat between your tits and move up and down baby, go ahead and fuck my cock with your tits!"

She slapped his hand away from her tits and grabbed them herself by the sides. Leaning over his hips, she adjusted her tits till they surrounded his cock. She looked up at him and smiled.


"Yes, now," he answered.

She pushed her young tits together, trapping his cock between them.

"Oh fuck," he whispered harshly when he felt the soft but firm orbs trapping him.

She began to move now, timing her movements with those that his fingers were making inside her pussy.

"Oh, Ashish, that is so good! I get all horny and hot when you fuck my tits, oh yes, fuck them, you too, yes, yes, faster baby, faster!"

So he began to pump his hips back and forth even as she bobbed her upper body up and down and the feeling was so good, that he had to slow down.

He concentrated on holding back, wishing this would go on forever as he thrust his fingers harder and deeper inside her pussy. The car rocked on its springs; they ignored it. They also ignored the sound of the leather seats pushing and pulling along with them, the rustle of the material crushed under them.

"Part those tits a bit honey, I want to watch my cock gliding there," he gasped.

She pulled her tits away from each other, without interrupting the rhythm of her movements.

"Ah, fuck, that looks so good," he sighed, his eyes widening at the sight of his cock gliding back and forth in her cleavage. She peered down and nodded, apparently agreeing with him. She sucked her cheeks in to collect more saliva and let it dribble out of her mouth, watching it land directly on his cock.

"That looks sexier," she said and groaning, he picked up the speed of his thrusts.

She raised her face to his and opened her mouth, poking her tongue out. He had to bend down slightly so he could lick her tongue with his and then his lips crushed hers.

She pushed her tongue inside his mouth and began to move her ass back and forth, up and down, urging his fingers to speed up.

As usual, he managed to hold out till she moaned, slamming her hips forward, her legs stiffening and her hands crushing her tits together around his cock, signaling her orgasm.

Tearing her mouth away from his, she gasped, "Oh my god, Ashish, I'm cumming, I am cumming, oh yes, fuck it harder, yes, yes, deep, deeper, oh yes, press my clit, oh my god, ugh..."

Her head snapped backwards as she climaxed powerfully. Her body was rigid and so he had to work his cock back and forth between her tits. Her hands had encircled his shoulders and that meant he had to grab her tits.

When she went limp, he went into overdrive.

He pulled his cock out from the warmth of the valley of her tits and effortlessly, pulled her up to him, shuffling forward and away from the door against which he had been resting. She parted her legs and raised them, her heels pushing against the glass window behind his body. His cock was now poised directly in front of her pussy.

"Yes, yes," she hissed, sidling closer to him. "Put your cock back in my cunt and fuck me!"

He did exactly that. Gripping her shoulders and pulling her against him till her tits were mashed against his chest, he pushed his hips forward, slamming his wet and erect cock into her pussy.

"Oh fuck, baby, you are so hot and tight," he grunted as he began to rock back and forth furiously.

Her hands clutched his shoulders as he pumped into her. His cock slid smoothly and effortlessly in and out of her wet pussy. She managed to lean back so that he could grip her tits and maul them as he continued to fuck her savagely,

"Ah, oh yes, yes, fuck me, Ashish, fuck that cock of yours into my cunt! Give it to me, baby, oh god, fuck me!"

"Take this, and this, and this..." he began to chant as he thrust in and out.

"Give me, give me, oh give me," she implored.

The heavy car rocked on its springs as they continued to fuck, their stomachs smacking against each other.

She began to speed up and he knew that she was on the verge of another orgasm, because that was the way she moved whenever she was about to come: fast, short and hard thrusts against his cock, her nails raking his back and her lips pulled back in a furious grimace.

"Ah, ah, ugh, oh god, yes, fuck me, yes, fuck, fuck oh yes, fuck me!" she wailed.

He thrust one hand down between their wriggling bodies and found her clit. It was erect and very hard and when he put the flat of one finger over it to rub it to and fro across her slit, she screamed.

"Oh my god, yes, yes, rub it faster, baby, ah yes! Fuck me harder, oh god, push it in deeper, oh god, yes, yes!"

He now pressed the thumb against her clit and gently pushed his middle finger inside her pussy, alongside his thrusting cock. It drove her right against the wall.

"OH GOD!" she gasped deliriously. "Fuck, Ashish, fuck harder, yes, put that finger deeper like your cock, oh yes, fuck, ah fuck!"

Even with their savage coupling, he bent his head down, not forgetting to suck on her jiggling tits. He licked around the whole melon and then slid the nipple inside his mouth.

Her right hand slipped down his back and came around their thrusting bodies and she managed to slide it in between them. He grunted when she cupped his balls, gently squeezing them.

"My god, baby," he groaned, aware of the sweat that was running down his brow and dripping onto her tits. "Oh shit, baby, you are so hot, so tight, so fucking good, ah, that feels so good, so hot, ah yes, baby, push your ass up, ah yes, fuck me back like that, ah yes, fuck, fuck that is so good, ah yes!"

A low animal-like sound began to emanate from the back of her throat and her eyes almost disappeared inside the sockets. Her mouth gaped wide open and she hissed.

That was the signal of the onset of her orgasm.

He decided it was time for him to come as well. He had been holding back for so long now he thought his balls would burst apart.

"Are you coming?" he asked, rather unnecessarily, plunging back and forth, back and forth.

"Oh god, yes, damn it, yes, yes, ah, ah, oh god, uhh, ahh, agh..."

What she was trying to say was incomprehensible anyway, so he quickly pumped his cock furiously and harder into her wet pussy. He gripped her tits, thumbing her nipples and pinching them just the way she liked it and smiled when she broke off in a series of small, but sharp cries accompanying her ragged breathing and involuntary spasms that shot through her body.

"Oh shit, baby, I'm going to cum too," he warned her.

Even though she was in the throes of her orgasm, she pushed him away and slipped back off the seat. His cock popped out of her and he watched her sink to her knees, holding her tits and pushing them against his straining cock.

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