tagErotic CouplingsThe Tales of Andrea & Dean Ch. 05

The Tales of Andrea & Dean Ch. 05


Ch. 05: Office Job

It was finally all out in the open. Andrea had revealed to Dean that she knew he was watching her nightly shows in her bedroom window, and since that time the two of them had had a wonderful time teasing each other. Ever since Andrea had sketched Dean in her studio as he masturbated, they had been playing a game of sexual cat and mouse. Andrea continued to strip in her bedroom window almost every night for the neighbourhood (and Dean in particular) to watch, and Dean had also begun doing the same in his bedroom, allowing Andrea to watch him change, or masturbate, or just walk around naked. They had also kept in touch over messenger, and had the occasional video chat session.

In person, however, they rarely mentioned their sexual escapades. Perhaps it was to maintain the illusion of civility, hiding their carnal desires for each other, or maybe they were waiting for the other person to take things to the next level. In any case, the teasing did not stop. Dean frequently saw Andrea outside either reading on her lounger in her tiny bikini, or gardening in extremely short shorts so that he could see the sweet curves of her ass cheeks offered up to him as she knelt down to weed or plant flowers. She often wore either her bikini top, which left little to the imagination, or wore snug-fitting tank tops with no bra, so that he could see her nipples poking through, and watch her 32 B breasts subtly jiggle as she walked. For his part, Dean was almost always shirtless when outside, and did work around his house in plain view of Andrea, sweating and displaying his lean body.

They often went jogging together, as they both liked to be active. Dean noticed that Andrea wore her most titillating clothing--short shorts, sports bras. She showed her fit, sexy body off at any occasion, and Dean noticed the frequent rubber-necking of male passers-by on their jogs, ogling Andrea and giving Dean jealous looks. Dean loved the way her ponytail bounced, and the small beads of sweat that collected between her breasts. He often found himself becoming heavy on their runs, his swelling cock bouncing comically in his loose shorts. He was sure Andrea noticed too.

They spoke often--cordial, polite, friendly conversation about their work, leisure activities, current events, the weather, music and art, neither of them breaching the subject of their sexual adventures. It was a game to them. The objective: to see who would crack first. As they became closer, it built an almost palpable tension between them, but neither would give in. And so the teasing continued.


Dean worked in an office in the city. It was typical in many ways for a small to medium sized company, and he enjoyed his work. He had his own private office and a nice view of the city from his floor. His colleagues were smart, and easy to get along with, for the most part.

Late one afternoon, as Dean was buried in his work, Natalie, the secretary, stepped into his office. It was her habit never to knock, but it didn't bother him. Natalie was an attractive girl in her mid 20's, with long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and a medium build. She had the notable feature of being rather well endowed in the way of breast size. Dean often found himself having to concentrate on not sneaking glances at her breasts, as she often wore tight fitting, low-cut tops. Today she wore a frilly blue skirt with a tight white scoop-neck top. Her bra held her breasts high, creating magnificent cleavage.

"Afternoon, Dean. Hope I'm not interrupting."

She always said that: 'I hope I'm not interrupting'. She said it whether she was interrupting or not. It was another of her quirks, and Dean always smiled when he heard it.

"Not at all Natalie. What can I help you with?" he replied, leaning back in his chair and doing his best not to stare at her bulging bust.

"There's a young lady here to see you. She says she doesn't have a meeting with you. Her name is Andrea. Should I see her in?"

"Oh, uh, yes please, Natalie."

Natalie turned to go, then stopped and looked back at Dean.

"A lady friend?" she said cheekily.

"You may see her in, please, Natalie," Dean replied, giving her a wry smile and refusing to take the bait.

Natalie giggled and left.

Dean wondered why Andrea was coming to see him at work. He had mentioned where he worked, but hadn't made lunch plans with her. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant surprise.

Putting his hands on the arms of his office chair, Dean made to stand up, but the vision in his office doorway stopped him mid-rise. Andrea's petite form stood before him. He saw her feet first, in black high heels. Her beautiful, lean, stocking-clad legs ran up into an extremely tight, extremely short black pencil skirt, with a white blouse tucked into it, opened far enough to give him a glimpse of her black bra underneath. She wore red lipstick and black-rimmed glasses, and her hair was pulled back into a bun.

After an uncomfortably long pause, Dean's eyes scanning the sexy vision before him, Andrea cleared her throat. This broke Dean's daze and he stood up quickly, striding toward Andrea.

"Hey there neighbour, this is a pleasant surprise!" he said cheerfully, opening his arms to her.

She hugged him tightly, and he smelled her sweet perfume. She always smelled so good.

"Please, come in, have a seat," he said, gesturing to the armchair by his desk. She strode confidently into the room as Dean shut his door and watched her perfect ass sway.

She sat slowly, deliberately, knowing Dean was watching her, curving her back to display her bottom perfectly in her tight skirt. The tease had begun. Dean loosened his tie and walked back behind his desk, sitting down and facing the beautiful woman in front of him. Her legs were crossed, her hands poised on top of her knees.

"I didn't know you wore glasses," he commented casually, settling back in his chair.

"Do you like them?" she asked, impassively.

"Very much indeed."

Her lips curved into a coy smile. "I don't need them, really. It's just to complete the look."

"A very nice look on you, Andrea. You'd fit right in here. So, to what do I owe the pleasure?" he asked, curious and intrigued.

"I just wanted to see where you worked. I was in the area and thought I'd pop in to say hello. You have a nice office," she added, surveying the room. "And a nice view."

"That I do. Many hours of thankless labour and shameless ass-kissing to get where I am today," he laughed.

"I was going to say, who did you have to sleep with to get this office?" she giggled.

They made conversation for a little while, casual banter, the usual polite chit-chat. All the while Dean wondered what she was up to. He suspected she had dressed as the 'sexy office girl' on purpose to tease him, and it was working. She played with the buttons on her open shirt, exposing more of her chest until he saw the modest swells of her breasts over the black cups of her bra. She un-crossed, and crossed her legs several times, showing off her stems. Her skirt was hiked up so high that he could see the lacy garters of her stockings. He squirmed in his chair, and felt his member begin to swell in his trousers.

After a pause in the conversation, Andrea stood and walked over to the window, putting her hands on the glass and tipping her ass up in the air.

"You sure have quite a nice view," she said, looking out over the city skyline.

Dean nearly drooled as he ogled her sexy bottom, her skirt now just barely covering the bottoms of her ass cheeks.

"Do I ever," he replied, nodding as if in a trance.

Andrea looked over her shoulder with a knowing smile. She wiggled her ass and laughed.

"I was talking about the view out the window," she chastised him playfully.

"I wasn't," he admitted, still admiring her firm, toned ass.

She turned to face him and gave him a scolding look.

"Tsk tsk. I expected a more professional attitude from you Dean," she smirked.

"Yes, well... I am still being relatively professional. You can't blame me for admiring your cute ass, can you?"

"I suppose not," she replied, and sauntered over to his desk, hopping up on the end and swinging her legs around towards him, crossing them.

She eyed him up and down, finally fixating on his groin, where a bulge was emerging. She slipped off one of her shoes and slowly trailed her toe along Dean's thigh, up to toward his groin. He shivered when her toes touched the tip of his cock through his trousers, and felt a rush of excitement when she rubbed them up along his shaft.

"Ooooh, look at that. Getting nice and hard for me, hmm?" she giggled.

Dean gripped the arms of his chair and watched her stocking foot stroke his length, becoming more aroused. Andrea leaned forward and put her hands on the desk beside her, giving him a lovely view down her top.

"Andrea... ah, someone might come in," he said quietly, still gazing down her shirt at her breasts.

"I know. Exciting, isn't it?" she relied without missing a beat and winking.

She let her other shoe fall onto the floor and put both feet on his shaft, applying pressure on his cock and stroking it as best she could through his trousers. At the same time, she sat up and began unbuttoning her blouse even further, pulling it open to fully expose her torso. Dean glanced nervously behind her at his office door and the frosted glass next to it to make sure no one was about to come in. Satisfied, he looked back at Andrea.

"Ooooh yeah hun, show me your breasts," he said quietly.

"Mmmm-mmm," she said, shaking her head, "not until you take that magnificent cock out of your pants."

Dean hesitated for a moment, wondering what he would be able to get away with, then decided he didn't care--Andrea looked so hot sitting on his desk and rubbing his dick with her feet that reason was beginning to give way to lust.

Cocking an eyebrow, Andrea leaned back and moved her feet so that they rested flat on the tops of his thighs. A long, cylindrical bulge was clearly visible along his trouser leg. Her breasts rose and fell as she waited. Looking Andrea in her pretty blue eyes, Dean slowly unzipped his fly. It was a bit of a struggle fishing his penis from his trousers, as she had gotten him very hard, but he eventually managed to extract his impressive manhood.

"Oooouu," Andrea cooed as her eyes widened behind her glasses.

Her feet moved, deftly caressing his exposed cock and stroking him off. He felt the soft stockings on his shaft and was amazed at how well she was stimulating him with only her feet.

"Wow, you're very good with your feet, Andrea," he complimented her.

"That's thanks to years of dancing, hun. You'd be surprised at all the things my body can do," she replied cheekily.

"I'm eager to find out."

She curled her toes over his cock head and squeezed it as she massaged his balls with the other foot. She was careful and delicate, but confident and 'sure-footed'. Dean moaned and clenched his teeth as she massaged his dick head and stroked his shaft along the arch of her other foot.

As she manipulated his member, her legs parted and he caught glimpses of her black, lacy panties under her skirt, which was now riding extremely high up her toned thighs. He stroked his hands along her shins and calves, moving up to her thighs, peeking up her skirt. She spread her legs wider, giving him a better look.

"You like my panties? I wore them especially for you."

"I do like them very much," he said, squeezing her thighs and pushing them further apart. "Why don't you take them off for me?"

She swung her legs to the side and hopped off the desk eagerly, aroused by Dean's request. She turned around so her ass was facing him and slid her thumbs up the outsides of her thighs. She picked up the hem of her skirt and slid it slowly up her sexy legs, exposing her garters, then the bottoms of her butt cheeks, then her crack, all the way up to her waist. Looking back at him, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her lacy panties and began to peel them down, the thin strip of material pulling out from between her buttocks. She bent at the waist as she pulled her panties down, exposing her asshole and bare pussy lips to him.

A hoarse growl escaped Dean's throat as he took hold of his cock and pumped it, feeling his face get hot as Andrea bent over to reveal her perfect, shapely ass and pussy. She stepped out of her panties and picked them up, turning around to face him. Her skirt was now bunched around her waist, her cute, bald slit glistened with her juices. She dangled her panties from her fingertips and grinned at him.

"Good girl. Now give them to me," he said softly, but firmly.

She took a step forward and held out her panties to him. He could already smell her musky scent in the air in front of him, and it drove him wild with desire. His mouth began to water. He took the panties from her and brought them to his nose and mouth, inhaling deeply. The heady scent caused goosebumps to break out on his arms and his head swam. Dean extended his tongue to taste Andrea's juices. She had soaked her panties. His balls tingled.

"Mmmm, you taste wonderful," he said.

"Thank you, boss," she responded, taking on the role of his naughty secretary.

"I think it's time you showed me those cute tits," said Dean, pointing with his index finger, the others still gripping her panties tightly.

Her smile widened and she pulled her blouse open, pushing her chest out. Starting with her right breast, she pulled the lacy cup down with one hand and lifted her tit out. She repeated the process with her left, then put her hands on her hips. Her perky tits stared at him invitingly, her nipples erect and pointing, the folded bra cups framing them from underneath. Her breasts were small, but perky and beautifully shaped, capped by rosy pink areolas.

"That's perfect, darling. God you are so fucking sexy," he growled, looking her up and down, still stroking his big dick.

"Now, if you hope to get anywhere in this company, you'll have to do me a few favours," he continued, matter-of-factly.

"Yes sir. I'll do whatever you ask in order to get ahead," she replied obediently.

"Good. Get on your knees and suck my cock," he commanded.

Her body visibly shook at his words, and her cheeks blushed bright pink. Dean had taken control, and it excited her. She grinned and descended slowly to her knees between his legs. She put her hands on his thighs and stared, mesmerised, at his long, thick meat. Her eyes consumed him first. She slowly moved a hand up his veined shaft, her fingers wrapping tentatively around it. He was so thick they did not touch on the other side. Her eyes widened and she sighed.

"God... it's so big..." she whispered in awe.

"It's so nice to have you finally touch it, Andrea. Mmmm, yes, that's it, stroke it for me."

Her other hand busied itself at his belt and button of his trousers. She wanted to free it. Soon the top of his pants were open and she was cupping his balls as she softly stroked his shaft.

"Fuck... I don't know how I'm going to get this thing in my mouth," she mused.

"You'll find a way, baby. I know you're a diligent worker, always keen to please," Dean said, touching her cheek affectionately.

After stroking his dick for a few minutes, Andrea pointed his swollen head at her face and looked up at him over her glasses.

"Ok boss, here I go."

She opened her mouth wide and guided his cock between her lips. Dean felt the sweet, wet warmth of her mouth on him and shuddered, gripping the arms of his chair. Andrea put her lips around his dick head and pushed him a little further in, her eyes looking almost worried. She sucked his head, her cheeks pulling inward. Her hand stroked him.

"Aaaahhhh..." he moaned.

His vocalisation gave her more confidence, and she began bobbing her head, taking a couple inches of him into her mouth. She drooled on his member and let the spit drip down his shaft, her hand distributing it along his thick column. As she sucked him off, she began to make short, soft moans, muffled by his dick head. She looked up at him as she bobbed her head.

"You look so beautiful, baby. You're doing so well. Your mouth feels incredible. This will definitely earn you some points," Dean complimented her.

Encouraged, Andrea ran her hand up Dean's shirt over his washboard stomach and forced more of his cock into her mouth. Her brow creased with the effort, and Dean moaned and tiled his head back, feeling the back of her throat push against the tip of his cock. He lifted his hips up off his chair as she took him deep, her hand gripping him firmly. He was impressed by her blowjob talents. Not many women had been able to properly suck him off without using their teeth. Andrea was doing an excellent job, and wave after wave of pleasure washed over Dean as he watched her mouth work.

"Aaaaah fuck yeah..." he groaned.

"Do you like it, boss? Have I earned a promotion yet?" she asked, looking up at him hopefully, playing her role perfectly.

"Mmmm, you're getting close, sweetheart. Suck on my balls while you jack me off," he instructed.

Giggling, Andrea tipped his cock back toward his stomach and licked slowly down his spit-shined shaft. He felt her warm tongue poke at his balls, tickling them playfully, before her lips enclosed around one. He watched her suck his nut into her mouth as she used both hands to stroke him. She alternated between his balls, coating them in her saliva, rolling them in her mouth, slurping at them as if they were juicy plums. Dean sniffed her panties again as she licked his balls.

She kissed up his shaft again and tickled the underside of his dick head with the tip of her tongue, fondling his balls with her fingers. She looked so sexy in her thick-rimmed glasses and her hair tied back from her pretty face, her blue eyes sparkling with excitement, her lips wet with the efforts of her blow job. She sat up and pushed her chest out, her perky tits sitting high and proud. She leaned in and, holding his cock firmly at the base, rotated her body to rub her hard nipples against his cock head. Dean jumped slightly as he felt her erect nubs bump his sensitive dick. He saw traces of spit and pre-cum coat her nipples as she giggled and stroked him, admiring his turgid column.

"I'm sorry my breasts aren't big enough to tit-fuck you, sir," she said.

"That's perfectly alright, sweetie, I love your breasts just he way they are. So high, and firm, and perky. Your nipples feel great on my dick head."

Andrea beamed at him, appreciating the compliment.

"Lie down on my desk, baby, on your back. I want to touch your body," Dean said, leaning forward and helping her to her feet, putting her panties near his keyboard.

He held her face and kissed her deeply, their tongues intertwining. He pushed his body against hers, his dick poking her stomach, but she backed away, sliding her ass onto his large desk and pushing his papers out of the way. She turned and lay sideways, her head near the edge of the desk. Dean dropped his trousers to the floor and approached her, pulling his shirt up so she would have access to his throbbing cock.

Andrea took his dick eagerly into her mouth and began sucking him off as his hands explored her neck and chest. He cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples, pulling them gently. She moaned, louder this time, as his hand traveled south, over her blouse and bunched up skirt. She spread her legs obligingly as he touched the soft skin on her abdomen. She bobbed her head on his dick as he touched the bare skin above her slit. It was so smooth, freshly shaved. Dean moaned as his fingertips touched her smooth pussy lips.

"Mmmmmm.... oh yes, touch me boss," she pleaded.

Her slit was moist with her excitement, and Dean's middle finger slipped easily between her labia as he stroked her hard clit. Andrea's body tensed and she sighed as he slid his finger up and down her pussy. He pushed his finger gently against her hole as she gobbled his cock, moaning loudly.

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